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Are there any Guilty Gear fans out there? For those who don't know, Guilty Gear is a crazy, kinky (yes, I said kinky XD) fighting game series with all sorts of unique characters. The games are 2-D and have expansive, fast paced fighting systems. The 2-D sprites are also amazing. The music, always rockin guitars with background organs, is awesome and the names of just about everything are taken from metal/rock titles. The story is great, and it's just plain fun.

My favorite character is Eddie.

Also, my friend is doing a big GG RP on this site, if anyone wants to check it out [URL=http://z7.invisionfree.com/Guilty_Gear_XXX/index.php?act=idx][B]GG RP[/B][/URL]
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[quote name='Azarath']The Guilty Gear games are pretty fun to me. Sometimes though they can get kinda' boring. No offense. But they are a pretty good game series! So yeah I am like a Guilty Gear game fanatic. So cout me in! :catgirl:[/quote]

[color=darkred]If a post is going to cut it in Play It, then I'm afraid it's going to need a bit more expansion than that. You can get the ball rolling by commenting on why Guilty Gear is fun to you, or why you find it boring, or even who your favourite character is -- it's not hard. I'm not asking for an essay here, or anything hugely elaborate, but just a little more insight on your behalf, because your post doesn't do much to generate any kind of discussion, which is pretty much the basis of Otakuboards.[/color]
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Guest Macha
i luv guilty gear XD i have got all the characters and i can even go Justices Gamma Ray attack so say bibi to 75% of the CPU's hp *evil grin* i have to say that its shocking how Bridget is a boy!!!!!!! *horror music in background* :animeblus and Bridget is my favourite character alone with May, Dizzy, Millia and lots of more characters
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after a long absance....i sesshomarufan have returned. .you may now persecute me to the fullest extent of the board law.

but more on topic...i'm an avid fighting game fan and this game just plain rocks. i've been playing in tournaments and i'm set to enter evo 2K7 this year. so i'm asking everyone else....

who is your favorite character and why?

who is your backup character when your favorite character doesn't work?

what is the best GG game in your opinion and why?

do you play on XBox Live or in tournaments?

here's mine

Favorite Character: Sol Badguy, because i can kill you with one simple dustloop combo. albeit it's very cheap, but you shouldn't have fell into it in the first place...so you can get over it. ^_^

Backup Character: Axl Low. Big beefy combos that are hard to predict and defend against because they are so slow.

Best GG game: GGXX Slash because it's easier to pull off dust loops and some of the stuff that made the game broken was taken out or refined. easily the best of the series

and yes i play on Xbox Live and tournaments. look for me to be in Evo 2K7![INDENT][SIZE=1][COLOR=Indigo]Welcome back [B]Sesshomarufan[/B], since it's been awhile I suggest you take a moment to go over the rules, FAQ and the stickies in each section before posting. For example as can be seen here in the [B]How to post Hardwired[/B] sticky: [I]We the staff have put together a special [thread=56766][u]Thread Directory[/u][/thread] which you can use to look over existing official game threads. If I take just a quick look there, I can see that there is already a Super Smash Bros. Brawl thread. So, instead of making a new thread, I'll just post there (no matter how old it is). [/I] So I have merged your thread with the already existing Guilty Gear thread. Next time be sure to check before creating a new thread. Thanks. ~indifference[/COLOR][/SIZE][/INDENT]
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[COLOR=DarkOrange]Ah! I realize I created this thread, but I was stupid then and not anymore so *flips off old profile*.

Anywho, [B]GG [/B] remains one of my alltime favorite fighting game series, sitting right next to[B] DOA 2 Ultimate[/B]. Now, the only games in the series I have played (and own) is [B]Guilty Gear X2 #Reload [/B] for the[B] X-box [/B] and [B]Guilty Gear Dust Strikers [/B] for the [B]DS[/B]. X2 is the one I love though.

The game's complicated systems and simply way the hell over-the-top action is what draws me in. This is one of my most returned-to games ever and i always have fun with it. I've only beaten a handfull of the sotry modes though - most of the final boss guys are complete bastards. Still, I can't help but love trying, and the experience is always grand.

The game really shines in multiplayer, though. I love sitting down with my brother and playing for hours on end. Once you get familiar with everything again it gets really good and then you don't want to put it down. i love listening to loud music with it - namely the CD [B]Bloody Kisses [/B] by [B]Type O Negative [/B] which i've sort of 'assigned' to it, lol.

As for my favorite character, it remains to be [B]Eddie [/B] *shoots bird at old profile once more*. I love his zany moves and of course his almighty power of flight. If you know what you're doing he can be insanely cheap and brilliant to use. Plus he just emmanates of badass and he TALKS IN ALL CAPS!!!!!

Aside from him, though, I'm pretty kickass with [B]Jam Kuradoberi[/B], [B]Axl Low[/B], and I'm pretty good with several other guys. [/COLOR]
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[color=deeppink][b]Favorite Character[/b]: As in, favorite character, or favorite character to play as? I'll do both.

My favorite is Faust, because he is made of win and god. He's just so crazy, he's impossible not to love.

My favorite to play as is Potemkin, because he's a freaking [i]monster.[/i] I love playing as the big, hulking types, and I've got the uppercut-flying grab thing combo down pat.

[b]Backup Character:[/b] I don't have one. I don't [i]need[/i] one. I've never been beaten when I use Potemkin, with the exception of that time I was playing on an arcade machine. The joystick threw me off, and I couldn't get him to do anything.

Also, I can be beaten when somebody uses certain gold characters against me, like Sol. Barely, though; it often comes down to a "both will die if hit once" scenario.

If I want the same kind of dominance I have using all gold characters, there's a variety I'm so far unbeatable as. Sol Badguy, Zappa, Slayer, maybe a couple more.

[b]Best game[/b]: Guilty Gear XX. Looks better than the original, sounds better, and I enjoy the movesets more. All the successive games have felt like they lost something.

[b]do I play online?[/b]: No. I play the PS2 version of XX. I also don't have X-Box live.[/color]
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Guest gaurdiandevil34
Favorite Character: Sol Badguy, his combos are relatively easy and powerful.
His supers kick mega-butt. And his OHK attack has decent range.

Backup Character: Robo Ky, He is just about as unstoppable as Sol, sure he may overheat, but thats avoidable if your good with him....
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Oh yes, Gulty Gear X and more so, X 2, eat up good portions of my life when I go to a friend's house that always invites lots of people over to play GGX2.

Favorite character, huh? I'm going to go with...Baiken. Her defensive, super-fast moves are tense and satisfying to pull off, and the look of horror on my opponent's face when his offense is viciously cut short is gold. Plus the poisoning is sublime to pull out on somebody.

Runner-ups/backups: Jam (insane speed on the ground), Ky (that nearly-unblockable air combo he does is just so broken it's hilarious), Zappa (too weird not to love, and the ultra-summoning is note-worthy too), and Dizzy (just love her combos).
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I've played Guilty gear X2 #reload. Currently waiting for the DS game to get released here. I have to say favourite character is [B]Chipp Zanuff[/B], fast character making it easy to break other characters combo's as well as to counterattack. He's probably the main character I use for competitive play. However for fun I usually use [B]Faust[/B] because i love pulling off his one hit KO. That has to have one of the best animations out of any 1 hit KO I've ever seen. First time I pulled it off I couldn't stop laughing.
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I've actually played in a couple of tournaments in this game. I got 5th and since then I've never played in another GG tournament. I'm not too good.

I play Ki (for the sake of it. Would be better if I played Sol). Once again, I'm not too good. I don't actually play any 2D games besides a little bit of Street Fighter Third Strike. So, I ended up travling eight hours and playing this game (it was only $15 and I won more than that in a different game anyway :p).
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Guest XxricexX
[color=#E05860][size=3][font=verdana]Wheeeeee! GG! I love it! However, the arcade here hasn't fixed it in like forever and I'm really hating them for it. They know how much I like to play it. . .¬¬''

Um, moving on. I guess my favourite character would have to be Ky Kiske.(sp?) I think he was the first character I ever played with and since I've gotten the hand on how to do his combos, I love him more now. 8] I love his lightning attacks. So flashy and powerful. . .and he's also the hotness, so, yar.

For a while, I played with Millia, but hate that spamming move where she just strikes you over and over w/ her hair. I try not to do it as much when I do choose her. Ah, Chip. He's just awesome. I agree with everything you said, Meggido. He's pretty much the fastest character, right?

Augh, Sol. I'm seriously tired of every person that "challenges" me picking him. I'm just. . .annoyed by it already. There are more characters, experiment! >.<[/color][/font][/size]
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Anji is usually the first person I play as, just as a warm up. His butterfly mix-ups are pretty decent. Other than that, I play Venom. Venom is by far the hardest person in the game to learn. His ball formations are key to victory, and no two venoms play alike, so his style is so unique as to force it on the player. I love him despite his homosexual-ness
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