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Sign Up Dragon Riders(Battle of Heoul) M-LVS

Akieen Cloud

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The sun was high and hot that day, just like everyday that week, looking down on the Earth from it's post in the sky. A lone figure walked along the dusty path, each step accented by a rise of the dry dirt. The figure was cloaked in black, the cloak was a thin, light material that resembled silk; The town down the path was bare and quiet, not normal for this part of the region. The figure stopped in the middle of a small road leading through to the center of the town, the hair on the back of the persons neck seemed to stand on end making it obvious that something was wrong. Pulling off the cloak a young women stood there, her silver eyes darting back and forth searching for the danger that she sensed. As if on cue a large beast lunged from the shadows of the building beside her, in a flash an arrow was planted between the monster's red eyes. It fell to the ground twitching form the swift death. Knocking another arrow she proceeded forward to the center of the town catuiously, upon reaching the center she stopped and stared hardly able to look at the sight before her, her fair skin turing pale. There in the center of the town square were the townspeople, all of them dead, charred from burning and piled as high as possible on the brick; men, women, children, even livestock. She continued to inspect the killing, her boots sounding as if she were walking through water, looking down she saw only blood. She looked back up as the screech of a hungry Raven caughty her attention, perched upon the body of a dead infant it bent down to peck at the boady when it exploded into a puff of feathers from her arrow. A loud growl made her spin around, her breath caught as the orange skin of a Mar'Krol showed beneath the thick armor it was wearing. She looked up as a giant shadow passed over her and smiled slightly as a voice filled her head, concern flooding her emotions.
'There is a Mar'Krol army attacking the town.'
She sent a mental reply back.
'But the town is already destroyed, I don't understand...what kind of madness has driven these beasts from the Dark Froests to kill humans?'
'There is a Tamer with them.'
she felt her blood run cold, Tamers were dangerous; they could tame nad control almost any beast other than a Dragon, and if powerful enough they could tame the spirts of the dead and begin to have necromantic powers. The young women began to run through the other half of the town, the shadow following above her. As she ran she heard the roars and clattering of the Mar'Krol behind her following what they were hopeing to bet heir next meal. She triped and landed on her belly, her bow slideing from her grasp.
She picked her-self up and tested her ankle, winceing in pain she she cursed again, twisted. Looking up she felt more terror wash over her as the shadow passed her. She tried a mental call and felt the fear double as a wall blocked her from calling for aid, she looked back as Mar'Krol emerged from between the two buildings and charged at her. As one detached it-self fromt he pack and lunged she threw out a gloved hand and spoke.
A tornado tore the monsters apart leaving clumps of flesh and bone on the grey stone, green blood soaking the dry dirt that rest there. Finally a mental call brole through.
'You used magic, why?'
'I'm in danger! Where are you?'
'On my way.'
She heard the anger in the deep voice and felt a shuder run through her body. Looking up from her metal connection she saw that the other MAr'Krol had finished their mean of their fallen commrades and were now adavanceing on her. She felt ice cold fear grip her chest and heart till a deafening roar bellowed through the streets the shadow fell ontop if the Mar'Krol. He turned to th e girl, green blood staining her pristine scales and claws.
'Are you harmed?'
'Not badly, nothing that I can't heal. Twisted ankel.'
His tail whipped across the alley sliceing an advanceing Mar'Krol in half.
'Can you walk?'
'Does hobble count as walking?'
He turned and in a flash of claw and fang killed two more Mar'Krol.
'It'll do, hobble as you say.'
She stood clumisly and hopped to the large White Dragon that was her partner. He bent his left foreleg and hoisted her onto his back infront of his large wings. He pulled back, arching his neck and let a burst of blue fire erupt from deep in his throat. The Mar'Krol screamed and ran past a tall young man with white hair and red eyes, the Tamer. His red eyes bored into her silver eytes challenging her and the dragon both. She tore her right glove off, throwing out her hand palm outward faceing the Tamer she yelled over the crackleing fires so her could hear her.
"The Dragon riders have returned! Whom do you serve?"
A feral grin spread across his features showing pointed teeth, his white hair blowing as the wind began to blow through the small valley. He turned on his heel and walked away, she linke dher mind to the dragons and useing his eyesight looked at the insignia on his cloak. A large castle, two swords, and a sheild were arranged in black against the red cloth. She went back to her own mind.
'The impire...What could have happened to make that foul king feel he can take over this land?'
'A Tamer ould do that, as well as a treaty with the Mar'Krol.'
'Good point Barcain, I think we should go to the high council with this.'
'I agree Aria, I think things are getting dangerous.'
She nodded as she put her black hair into a pony tail, her pointed ears now exsposed.
'I believe that if he can get a Tamer, and the Mar'Krol to join him, only the High Powers know what else the King has hidden in his black castle.'
The dragon nodded and turned heading for the Heoul Mountains, towards the reble adn dragon riders home, Aria leaned over Barcain's neck and spread a hand on his neck in a sign of affection, a hum came from deep in his throat that could have been considered a purr.
'Do you think he might have a Necromancer hidden in his ranks? Maybe even another Rider besides himself? He does have two stolen eggs from the Haven.'
'We may never know Aria.'
She nodded and leaned back against one of his giant back spikes and let her eyes close as she appriciated the cool wind created by Barcain's flight. She sat up as they neared the mountains and the entrace to the Haven of Heoul. She put her right glove back on once more to cover the white symbol on her palm. As Barcain landed she leaned froward, her black leather rideing outfit streching and molding to her lithe form. PLaceing bloth hands on her injured ankel she whispered a few words, she hopped from his back and began to walk unhindered by her ankle. BArcain followed close behind her, reaching the high council she bowed respectfully, Barcain inclined his large head behind her.
"Rise Aria, daughter of the elves. What brings you back from your quest of finding so soon? Have you discovered the cycle of the earth yet?"
"No high council, I bring disturbing news of the Impire."
the halls grew silent as all the members listened to the young elf and the elder excahnge words.
"What news Aria, speak."
"The Impire has aquried a Tamer, and the entire Mar'krol army."
Many gasps went through the halls. the elder looked for the first time in his long life, to be worried. He summoned a Dwarf to his side.
"Send message to the riders other than aria, we will see how many return to the Haven of Heoul and how many have betrayed us. Quickly, go."
The Dwarf bowed and went to send words as he was told. The elder turned back to Aria.
"I fear little one that the knowlage you have given us means that a war will crash upon us soon. Let us hope that other Riders like yourself heed the call of the Haven, and the call of the peope. Go to the Grand Council Room. the Riders will assemble there. And pray little one, to the higher powers, that we have Riders on our side. I fear that the King may have a sustansital amount of powerthis time. Possibly Necromancers and Riders himself."
She bowed and leftm Barcain following. The elder watched the go, worry and age etched into her features.
"I pray we have allies in wait, I feel we may need them befroe late."

[U]Sign Ups[/U]

Race(Dwarf, Elf, Human, ect.):
Specifaction(Rider, Necromancer, Tamer):

[U]This section os for Riders only[/U]

Dragon Name:
Dragon Color and apperacne:
Dragon fire(Color of fire):

Heres mine

Name: Aria Jakol
Age: 180
Race: Elf
Specifacation: Rider
Apperance:Tall and thin she has black hair and silver eyes. She wears a black leather outfit when rideing but when on the ground she wears dark slacks and a White shirt. Wears a pendant around her neck she wears black boots and black gloves. She wears a thin black cloak.
Personality: She is percived a s a cold women when first met but she is actually friendly and enjoys to have fun. Is very serious most of the time she is loyal to her friends and allies.
Bio: A a young elf she was chosen by Barcain egg and her training was started imediatlly. Not really given the chance to be a child she grew up quickly and learned to fight. She was sent on a mission of finding to find the cycle of the Earth she incounters a Tamer and reports to her elders. Now fears a war is close behind.
Weapons: Bow and arrow, a long thin sword as long as her own arm and a samll boot dagger.
Magic: Wind


Dragon Name: Barcain
Dragon Color and apperance: White. large back spikes, his claws look more like pearl.
Dragon Fire: Blue
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Name: Requiem
Specifaction: Rider
Bio: As a young child she lost her perants and was found and raised by Elves. They tought her to to fight and defend herself, when they thought she was good enough they took her to a place to see if a dragon egg would chose her, when one did she started the never ending training to be a rider.
Apperance: She has long blond that goes to her lower back and lavander colored eyes. Her body his Slender and Thin, she also has nice golden brown colored skin. When rider she wears a combat suit and when not she wears a blue dress with a crimson red sash.
Weapons: A long sword and a bow
Magic: Fire
Personality: A fun, energetic young woman. Likes to joke around, but when it comes to fighting she kicks into gear and is very serious.

Dragon Name: Momitchi
Dragon Color and apperacne: Red with an orange stomach and spikes that look like flames.
Dragon fire: Silver and blue
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Name: Aaven Menen
Race: human/elf
Side: Rebel
Specifaction: Rider
Bio: no one knows were he came from he was just a varden orphan that a dragon egg picked for a partner
Apperance: 6'1 slender 180lbs short black hair and darkn blue eyes he normaly wears all black clothing
Weapons: a black dragon rider sword he named "silent fate" and a urgle bow.
Magic: darkness
Personality: he usualy keeps to himself and his eyes are ever searching for all routes of escape were ever he is he always voices his opinion though.

Dragon Name:Prowler
Dragon Color and apperacne: black and is only just big enough to carry him.
Dragon fire(Color of fire): white
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[B]Name:[/B] Alabaster Aslo (most, just call him Aslo)

[B]Age:[/B] 206

[B]Race:[/B] Elf

[B]Side:[/B] Rebels

[B]Specifaction:[/B] Dragon Rider

[B]Bio:[/B] From a veary young age he was taught how to ride a dragon.He began with a training dragon,the owner of wich was the riding instructor.When he was of age he was brought to the local dragon den to have an egg chose him, or not.Luckely for him he was picked by Rave an abnormally large red dragon.

[B]Appearence:[/B] [url]http://www.wizards.com/dnd/images/draco_gallery/75619.jpg[/url]

[B]Magic:[/B] Sound

[B]Weapons:[/B] He owns a large spear, a braod sword, and a shield as seen in the pic.

[B]Personality:[/B] Aslo is a rather serious fellow.He hates actually fighting, but with Rave at his side,or not. He can easly hold his own in a battle.Oddly, he does enjoy fighting for fun. Mainly with friends ,but he will attack someone he doesn't know, just to see if they can protect themselves.

[B]Dragon name:[/B] Rave

[B]Dragon color:[/B] Red, see --> [url]http://www.wizards.com/dnd/images/draco_gallery/75580.jpg[/url]

[B]Dragon fire:[/B] Bright red

OCC: I hope everything is ok,if you want something changed pm me and I'll change it
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Name: Aldohorn
Age: Unknown
Race: Unknown
Side: Impire
Specification: Tamer
Bio: Little is known about Aldohorn.. It is said that he has been around for centuries. Rumor has it that he was once a drow elf whom was injected with a highly concentrated dose of poison. He was somehow able to change the tamer power to keep himself alive, a true means of immortality. Aldohorn serves the Impire due to the fact that the king has somehow retrieved Aldohorn?s sword. Aldohorn fears the sword because it holds an ancient inscription in the hilt that will destroy him if it is chanted.
Appearance: [URL=http://img70.imageshack.us/my.php?image=aldohorn3bc.jpg]Aldohorn[/URL]
Weapons: Shadow Creature's
Personality: Aldohorn is dark hearted and insane and shows no mercy he would even kill a newborn baby if he wanted to.

Eh proboly wont get accepted but :p
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[COLOR=#35425E][b]Name:[/b] Sigil Trebec
[b]Age:[/b] 32
[b]Race:[/b] Human
[b]Side:[/b] Rebel
[b]Specification:[/b] Rider
[b]Appearance:[/b] [URL=http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v487/meoi/ff12_larsa_vayne.jpg]Sigil[/URL] (he's the guy at the back)

[b]Weapons:[/b] At 8 feet, the [i]Partisan[/i] towers above all other members of the spear and lance class. Its unmatched range makes it the perfect weapon for heavy-class dragoons but the sheer weight of its full-metal frame means that only the strongest warriors can wield it.

[b]Magic:[/b] [i]Support Magic[/i] - He cannot cast healing magic but he can provide temporary boosts in strength and effective damage barriers.

[b]Bio:[/b] Sigil hailed from the warrior city of Mai Orites and was a senior officer in their defense force up until he fell in love with the daughter of a high councilor in the Rebel faction. His marriage to Reis sealed the alliance between his city and Heoul, and was taken by allies and enemies alike as a direct challenge to the Empire's power.

[b]Personality:[/b] A quiet man who could spare only a few words, he often keeps to himself and prefers to mull over things rather than rush into them. Though he may seem withdrawn and introverted, he shows great concern over the welfare of the citizens of Mai Orites and its allies.

[COLOR=#656446][b]Dragon Name:[/b] Sierra

[b]Dragon Color and Appearance:[/b] According to "The Definitive Guide to Dragons", Sierra's serpentine body and mithrilgrey scales point to a Lunatic Silver lineage while her bronze whiskers and tailfin suggest ancestry from a Caramel Celebrynn.

[b]Dragon Fire:[/b] Generally bronze but she has been known to fire silver sparks too.[/COLOR]

[SIZE=1]Please PM me if I have to change anything in this sign-up. *bows*[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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Requiem Landed on her dragon Momitchi at the Haven of Heoul and jumped off him and looked around.
' Wonder where everyone is?' She asked her Dragon through her mind.
' I didn't see any other Dragons on the way.' he responded to her.
Requiem shrugged and walked up into the Haven of heoul.
" HELLO?!!" She called out looking around.
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Name: Aranide Xandria

Age: 14

Race :Human

Side(Impire/Reble): Neutral

Specifaction(Rider, Necromancer, Tamer): Rider

Bio: Living alone in his life he don't know what is happening around him. Unknown with the present situation he just lives to live and defend himself. Since birth Phoebe was given to him and both of them lived together till this day. Little information is only known about Aranide such as his name and what does he do other information like who were his parents who's side and his past is unknown.

Apperance:Aranide Xandria

Weapons: the sword on his back as seen in the picture is his weapon. Which is also called Sword of the Nine Fangs.


Personality:A Happy go lucky type of person. Always underestimated because of his attitude and appearance but deep inside he is a skilled rider, a determined and never giving up fighter. He's always optimistic about things and gullible.

This section os for Riders only

Dragon Name: Phoebe
Dragon Color and apperacne:Phoebe
Dragon fire(Color of fire): Yellow Red

OCC: The neutral thing is part of him, please understand, he may work for the rebels or for the impire. in other words he is a mercenary but not a successful one.
Is water Fine?
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Name: Noone knows, he is known as scar because of the wound across his face
Race(Dwarf, Elf, Human, ect.): he is thought to be half human half elf
Side(Impire/Reble):helps the rebles but cant speak properly to anyone apart from his dragon so unknown
Specifaction(Rider, Necromancer, Tamer): Rider
Bio: noone knows where he came from, not even him. one day he wandered out of the wasteland with no memories and bleeding from a sword blow to the face and was found by a sect of warriors. they trained him but he has never regained the ability to speak. he was granted a dragon by accident when he left the warriors who had saved him and was caaptured by the impire as a suspected spy. he escaped and found an egg which hatched.
Apperance: tall and thin with shoulder length brown hair. he has a scar from below his left eye to his right cheek. he usually wears black with a white sash but i battle wears chainmail and a helmet
Weapons: he carrys a sword which he was holding when he was found injured, it has inscribed letters on the blade but it is unclear as to what they mean. he has a shield with the same letters on it and occasionally uses a spear. he is also adept with a bow.
Maic(RIDERS ONLY): fire/ice
Personality: he seems cold and mysterious and has only one friend, his dragon. this may just be because he can only communicate through actions or by sending pictures using his mind.

This section os for Riders only

Dragon Name:Rasp
Dragon Color and apperacne:dark blue and not yet fully grown
Dragon fire(Color of fire): white
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Okay all are great, I need a couple of people to change minor things and we'll be alright. Fullmtal-Kyo, we haven't started yet, I'm starting it tonight so put your post in the adventure square when you see it come up, and mushrumluver do me a favor, my element is wind so if you coulld possibly change your element that would be great and you don't have to be on a specific side, I would rather you be on one or the other becasue it would make it go by smoother but you dont have to. Other then that everyone look for it tonight in Adventure Square! thanks for the sign ups I hope to have a few more impire before I close it but if not we can make due. Thanks again!
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[COLOR=DarkRed][SIZE=1]Hopefully I still get accepted

[B]Name: [/B] Vincent Ashcraft
[B]Age: [/B] 36
[B]Race:[/B] Human
[B]Side:[/B] Impire
[B]Specification:[/B] Rider
[B]Appearance:[/B] [url=http://s32.photobucket.com/albums/d41/whitewolf_fang/?action=view¤t=TyranT.jpg]Link[/url]
[B]Personality:[/B] Shy and doesn't really talk unless someone speaks to him first. Once he knows the person and trusts them he carries on normal conversations. Tends to make jokes in the middle of a fight.
[B]Bio:[/B] For most of his life, Vincent hated dragons and everything to do with them after one killed his father. Several years went by and soon he recieved an egg in the male. The letter that came with it stated that it was his fathers and was left in the will for him. He was told to take good care of it. This is what turend Vincent around and soon after the egg hatched they trained wherever they had the chance and soon a strong bond formed between them. Since then he has helped with destroying towns and its population. He has already bested several riders in combat and hopes to add more to his list.
[B]Weapon:[/B] A long diakatanna (extremely long katanna) a double bladed axe (used for killing dragons) and a crossbow.
[B]Magic:[/B] Electric

[B]Dragon Name:[/B] Maelstrom
[B]Dragon Appearance: [/B] [url=http://s32.photobucket.com/albums/d41/whitewolf_fang/?action=view¤t=Maelstrom.jpg]Link[/url]
[B]Color of Fire:[/B]Yellow with black[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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Name : Aoki Jakol
Age: 185
Race: Elven
Side: Rebel
Specification: Rider

Elder brother to Arya by 5 years, he lived as much of a childhood as he could untill his dragon's egg chose him. After the choosing, he underwent rigorous training, becoming the top rider in his class and one of the best swordsman in the village. His magical skills were still average though, a trait his sister loves to rub in his face. He enjoys mischeif and mayhem just like any other freespirited adventurer, but when times get tough he adapts just as swiftly.

About average height for an elven, with slightly tanned skin. Deep green eyes with short, spiked blue hair, and a small scar just under his left eye. Prefers to wear his usual garb, a leather tunic with no undershirt and brown commoner pants with leather boots and metal buckles. Has a ring that was handed down to him from his father as a gift for graduating the rider's training.

Elven crafted mithril longsword, with the engraving of his favorite spell into the blade. Prefers to get into the fight, so he knows a fair amount of hand to hand, and he keeps a small dagger hidden in his boot, a trick his little sister taught him

Fire for attack, but knows some self buff magic as well, including speed, flight, and strength.

Very free spirited, and almost never in a bad mood. Only gets serious when the times call for it, but then, even thats not serious to him.

Dragon Name: Scorch
Color and Appearance: Red with small back spines and a whip-like tail, with a black underbelly, his eyes the color of rubies.
Fire: Black
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[COLOR=DarkGreen][SIZE=1][B]Name: [/B]Doesn?t like to give it out, so everyone just calls him ?The Stranger?.

[B]Age:[/B] Unknown

[B]Race:[/B] Unknown
Side:[/B] Neutral
Specifaction:[/B] Tamer

[B]Bio:[/B] Little to nothing is known about the Stranger, he just appeared one day out of the blue. He keeps to himself unless he talks to others to get what he needs out of them, the time he has spent in all the local areas has revealed a rather forceful and intimidating creature which would suggest he has lived in a rather harsh environment, before coming to the Impire and Rebel door steps.
Appearance: [/B][url=http://i16.photobucket.com/albums/b18/Sagethefiend/Stranger-hero.jpg] The Stranger. [/URL]

[B]Weapons:[/B] The crossbow on his right arm,his keen sense and his sheer power and speed. Running on two legs he can achieve a speed of 15 mph, but his arms and legs are the same length and the shape of his bone structure allows him to run like a four legged animal. And in that stance he can achieve a speed of 45 mph.

[B] Personality:[/B] The Strangers personality is unique but also common in his mind. He is aggressive but can also be gentle and is very observant, noticing things that most would miss if they weren?t looking for it. He keeps to himself unless he wants something, and he only response about 25% of the time when someone talks to him.

He is an emotionless and logical being, he looks at things from a cold point of view. Always doing what is necessary of him and nothing more. When he does talk, he gets straight to the point, doesn?t play games with peoples minds or manipulate his words to confuse others. He says exactly what he is going to say and nothing more.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[size=1][B]Name:[/B] Mira Arcrith

[B]Age:[/B] 26

[B]Race:[/B] Human

[B]Side:[/B] Impire

[B]Specification:[/B] Necromancer

[B]Bio:[/B] Mira was raised in seclusion as an apprentice to the magic of necromancy by her parents. At age ten the Impire found her and took her from her childhood home to receive more advanced training. Her excellence in what some would consider dark arts was second to none; by age ten she could summon an army of skeletons. Mira has no real opinion on the Impire or Rebels, but has no problem doing whatever the Impire tells her.

[B]Appearance:[/B] Mira does not look like someone who dabbles in death. Her complexion is darkly tan, her hair is sandy brown and kept in a braid reaching her waist, and her eyes are dark green. She stands taller than the average woman and has fine, sharp features. Her normal choice of clothing is dark blue robes, usually with long pants underneath and black boots. Around her neck is a tight silver chain with several rune-ingraved charms.

[B]Weapons:[/B] Aside from her necromantic skills, Mira fights with a blue lance with a wide black blade with silver filigre decorating the blade.

[B]Personality:[/B] Mira is intelligent with a straightforward air. She thinks very little of moral problems, mainly categorizing things as "likes" and "dislikes." If she likes something, then she protects it, and if she dislikes something, she gets rid of it, simple as that. She appears to be very cheerful on the ouside, but that is irrelevant as most emotions feel the same to her. A smile is the outward response you will usually receive whether she likes or dislikes something.[/size]
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Guest Turenn
Name: Cean Radrith
Race(Dwarf, Elf, Human, ect.):Human
Specifaction(Rider, Necromancer, Tamer):Necromancer
Bio: Radrith was born into a dark family. A family that thought power was everything. They did care how they got that power they just wanted it.

As Cean grew so did his reasonabilities. He really never had a childhood. At 5 years old he started his training to be a necromancer. At first it was easy chores like getting water. Eventually he learned how to control beasts. As he got better at that he tried spirits and now here he is in the imperial army.

Apperance:Radrith has a slim build, long brown hair, hazel eyes, and a pale fair complexion
Weapons: His only weapon is a staff.
Radrith is a quiet man. He stays to himself and trusts very few. The one or two friends he has (If you can call them friends.) he controls heart and soul.

He is a hard worker and enjoys reveling in power and intrigue. He might even cause some intrigue if he gets bored. Just to see the reactions of people.
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[COLOR=DarkSlateBlue][size=1][B]Name:[/B] Maura Trepas
[B]Age:[/B] 24
[B]Race:[/B] Human
[B]Side:[/B] Impire, but willing to change
[B]Specifaction:[/B] Tamer
Maura, though young, is a quite skilled in her Tamer abilities. Trained from a very young age, as she was spotted as a worthy canadate as an apprenatice for a traveling Tamer who served under the Impire. Her family supported the Impire as the wealthly who did where given lower taxes and a promise to be kept safe from the war. While they were uneasy about their only daughter being taken away from them, they decieded it for the best and agread to the Tamer's conditaions.

Leaving in the early morning, Maura and her new teacher traveled far and wide learning all that needed to be learned. Throughout the entire time it seemed to Maura as though her teacher was looking for someone, or something. It wasn't long before she met the King and was deammed worthy as being one of his personal Tamers. Her teacher quickly agreed to the King's request.

Maura wasn't to happy about this occupation yet, followed her orders. However, when she was visiting a town on the King's orders, Maura found her true calling. After witnessing a a funeral she watched as the spirit of the departed left. This sadness upset her and she went to the family and offered them a chance to have an oppertunity to say anything they wanted to their lost loved one.

They agreed and she summened up the departed spirit. The family was very grateful for her kindness and their minds seemed at peace. This made Maura happy and she wanted to makes more people happy. So it was decieded in her mind, Maura set out on her own and worked for whoever needed her skills. She only has on request, a place to sleep(and a small amount of cash) because whenever she calls the spirits she is knocked out from the drain(and everyone needs some cash).
[B]Apperance:[/B] [URL=http://i81.photobucket.com/albums/j229/ddspeed2000/Anime%20Girls/1136412746_tuffferret.jpg]{CLICK}[/URL]
[B]Weapons:[/B] Her magic
[B]Magic:[/B] Lightning
[B]Personality:[/B] Maura is a people pleaser and almost nothing can get her down. In her line of work her cheerful attiude is rare, so rare that people don't belilve that she is a Tamer who deals with death. She appears to be a ditzy female, but she actually knows more than she lets on. Maura likes to use that to her advantage, she'll play the ditz card as long as she can.
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