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Art [GFX] Dragon Warrior vs. cancer


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[COLOR=Red]The following is a graphics battle between myself and the skillful Dragon Warrior. We will each be creating one graphic design and submitting them in this thread. To vote, simply state your likes and dislikes about each design, and then state who receives your vote. You will not be judging the idea behind the designs, but the artistic/design quality of the pieces. Thank you. [/COLOR]

[B]Graphic Requirements:[/B] [list]
[*][B]Dimensions: [/B] 400 x 600 pixels
[*][B]Theme: [/B] A book cover for the seventh Harry Potter book.
[*]Must include the title Harry Potter, a subtitle, and the author's name (J.K. Rowling).
[*][B]Due Date: [/B] June 11th, 2006. If both designs are submitted before this date, people may vote.

[COLOR=Purple]Good luck Dragon Warrior ^_-[/COLOR]
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Woot. Here's my entry... [b]Harry Potter: Harry Potter Dies. There, I Just Saved You Reading 748 Pages Of This Book.[/b] I love unnecessarily long subtitles :) I had fun with this.


Now for you, Mr. Cancer.
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Dragon Warriors entry -

Totally amusing XD It also has depth to it (background wise). Something about the font used for the subtitle bothers me a bit though... the highlight on the letters, perhaps? Cause it's like...wow, bright and the rest is dark...which makes it hard for me to get past the text. I'm also pretty sure the scarf is, in fact, the wrong colors XD;;;;;;;;;;;; but who really cares~ Voldemort kills me though. But with all the text and all the figures all together like that, it's like, kyaaa, busy


I totally heart how the figures in the back look (the figure on the left is love). The central figure is so blah in comparison T_T BG seems flat though... some color change to imply more depth would've been nice (and mayber a darker grey?)

Hard to decide, but Cancer gets my vote~
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[SIZE=1][COLOR=#333333]Ahhh..this will be a tough decision. Both pieces I find look great!

[b]Dragon Warrior[/b]: I know we're not suppose to focus on the words, but I love how you put the slogan on the side (like we can't see it happening, no one can say it's a spoiler), and the font on the top definately resembles the one used in the Harry Potter books. The image is a little wacky but that goes with the theme you seem to have about the next book and adds a bit of comedy to it (I also love the I'm Ron guy in the background). The only thing that I could say would need improvement is that the background doesn't give much away and is a bit blurry.

[b]Cancer[/b]: I love the colors, especially the top ones that are glowing. It gives it an eerie feeling and the wavy lines give it a dramatic effect. The harry potter character in the back also looks very realistic like the real harry potter, I love how he is just standing there with a blank expression on his face. However, I don't know if I like in particular the grass and main character, it seems to bland and plain for my style.

My vote goes to...[b]Dragon Warrior[/b], simply because the characters and background seemed a bit more detailed. [/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[COLOR=Red]I think we'll leave voting open for another week or so. So please, people, get your votes in soon. Also, if you would like to challenge me to a graphic battle, just PM me, I'd be glad for a challenge. [/COLOR]
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