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Art [HB!] Ezekiel vs. Boo


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[COLOR=DarkSlateGray][SIZE=1][FONT=Comic Sans MS][center]Yes, you all know it was comming, this is the round that was never ment to be, this is the...

Pre-Finals Round.[/centER]

Participants: Ezekiel, Boo

Date Due: June 10th. 2006

-Limited palette [/strike]
[COLOR=Black]-[NEW!] [/COLOR] 125 px (width) by 500px (length)
[COLOR=Black]-[NEW!][/COLOR] Font set: Century Gothic and Arial Narrow.
[COLOR=Black]-[NEW!][/COLOR] Ban on transparent pixels
[COLOR=Black]-[NEW!][/COLOR] Limited palette: white, black, 50% gray(#888888) only. Colors in between are not allowed.

Note: I know how much you [i]loved[/i] the last round handicaps. So it was decided that because you [i]love[/i] them so much, We are making you do them once again, Only in a different piece. Hope you have fun.


-The [COLOR=Black][B][U]final day [/U] [/B] [/COLOR] to modify/change/edit/or do whatever you would like to your picture is three days from today.

-After the deadline, voters will be given [COLOR=Black][B][U]five days[/U][/B][/COLOR] to vote. Other than the two participants, all Members are able to give their votes on the works of art.

-Remember you [COLOR=Black][B][U]must[/U] [/B][/COLOR] post at least [COLOR=Black][B][U]three[/U][/B] [/COLOR] sentences about the entry they are voting for,and at least [COLOR=Black][B][U]one[/U][/B][/COLOR] sentence of constructive criticism about the other. If a member fails to meet this criteria they will be sent a PM from a Tournament Presider and will be able to change their vote for the rest of the voting time. If they still do not meet the criteria after being sent a Pm their vote won't be counted.

-Finally, good luck and may the best artist win.[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[size=1]Are you kidding?... You can't expect me to seriously make an entry again.

- Do you have epilepsy.lite


There. Stupid round, even worse than the last one. I was hoping for some more fun handicaps for this one, but they're still a pain in the ***.[/size]
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[SIZE=1]I have to agree with Boo. I was hoping to do something fun for this round if it was going to be my last. Now I'm just dissapointed and don't really care if I go on. =/ I wish you guys could have made some effort and come up with something original.[/SIZE]

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[COLOR=DarkSlateGray][SIZE=1][FONT=Comic Sans MS]Well besides my obvious issues with the dating system of a calander. To any who actually Wish to do so voting is now actually open, I could have done it yesterday but yeah, Didn't want it to get to complicated.

Yet remember the final day for dating is the 14th of this month, so there is no confusion unlike last time...[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[B]Ezekiel[/B] is up first. The words in the picture express the piece exactly. You used the space well, not leaving too much blank and not crowding everything. The bear is cute and slightly sad looking to me, which fits well with the text. The period after innocent bothers me, I think because the other phrases have no punctuation. Just a little thing, but it sticks out in my mind. The tilted heart in between the words and the bear is a nice touch, with the black making it cute and dark.

[B]Boo[/B], I like the fact that you utilized the ability to use animation and all your colors, but the overall feel was too busy in my opinion. The constant flashing does go with "Flashy," obviously, but I think it is a bit much. Looking at it for an extended period of time strains my eyes just a little because of the quick and constant motion of the black and white circles. Apart from that, there is nothing I dislike about it, except maybe the fact that the circles are grainy on the edges.

Both of you did well using almost the same handicaps as last time. In the end, I give my vote to [B]Ezekiel[/B].
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