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Now, Im sure most of us have at least seen Trigun to some extent, and ive heard about a couple of other cowboy/western/shootum up on a horse type of magna/anime. But from what i understand, they arent all that realistic/good. i wanna know 2 things from my favorite people in the world (the OB gang).

1) what good, more realitic/slightly historically accurate western/cowboy anime/manga are out there.

2) Do you think the idea of a slightly histoically accurate western/cowboy anime/manga is a good idea?
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There's a manga called No Man's Land that, design wise, is more accurate. But it's got demons and stuff XD so it's not realistic in that sense *laughs* but it's all kinds of cool~ But there are some things that are realistic/historically based about it... [spoiler] I mean, they even worked in Lincoln's assassination~ How cool is that? Not to mention accurate uniforms for the time period and other random things like that~ and one of the characters is sort of based on an actual outlaw. Fun stuff[/spoiler]

Simular to Trigun in the futuristic sense, there's Riot (also RIOT against the World) by Satoshi Shiki. Only two volumes were released here (I've found up to three in Japanese. I can't figure out if it was ever finished though ~_~)

Priest is western too... but I've only read one volume so I can't really describe it ^^; but it looks fun XD and I totally heart the art style~ [spoiler] plus robbing trains amuses me XD;; and that's how it starts out *laughs* [/spoiler] Again with the demons though ^^; No Man's Land is still slightly more realistic.

I'm a sucker for anything slightly western XD regardless of how accurate it is *laughs* though I think, so far, No Man's Land has been my fave ^___^
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I've yet to come across a western themed anime that I really liked. I love the genre in old movies (spaghetti westerns and more gently paced - not so much John Wayne type - films). I probably won't see an anime like that though - it probably wouldn't be very popular.

So 1) No, I haven't. I [I]wish[/I]. And 2) I, personally, would love it so long as the story was also good.

Then again, maybe I'm not looking hard enough for good westerns. ^^
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