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Spider-man 3


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[color=#007520]It's a good thing I have two computers right now, otherwise I wouldn't be able to post this. [b][URL=http://www.apple.com/trailers/sony_pictures/spider-man_3/]The teaser trailer[/URL][/b] for Spider-man 3 just came out.

The movie itself wont be coming out until May 4th 2007, but they've already revealed a few things that were "leaked" by Kirsten Dunst, apparently.

Here's a rundown of what the trailer confirms, including things that were confirmed pre-trailer release.

ENEMY 1 [spoiler]Spider-man will be in the symbiote suit.[/spoiler]
---[spoiler]He was doubled over in pain, and ripping off his costume by a church bell.[/spoiler]
---[spoiler]Topher Grace (I think) says "Parker" and doesn't seem very happy about it.[/spoiler]
---[spoiler]We can see a black ooze crawling up Spidey's arm.[/spoiler]
---[spoiler]Someone, (Grace? Maguire?), rips open his shirt to reveal a black spidey-suit.[/spoiler]

ENEMY 2 [spoiler]This was already confirmed, but Sandman.[/spoiler]
---[spoiler]A shot of a giant sand person coming out of a wall looks really cool.[/spoiler]

HARRY [spoiler]Harry don't look too happy with Peter in this one either.[/spoiler]
---[spoiler]We can see someone (presumably Harry) in a [b]partial[/b] Green Goblin suit fighting with Peter. Not Spidey, but Peter.[/spoiler]
---[spoiler]A shot of Mary Jane consoling Harry leads to a shot with Peter horrified/jealous.[/spoiler]
---[spoiler]A pumpkin bomb exploding mere inches from Harry's face.[/spoiler]

MJ [spoiler]Yes, Peter was jealous or so, but that was already mentioned.[/spoiler]
---[spoiler]MJ and Peter kissing on a giant web. Means it'll either be a happy ending, or an interesting opening.[/spoiler]
---[spoiler]Peter is chasing after a ring... a symbol for wedding in trouble?[/spoiler]

And finally...
Say it with me now... [spoiler]GWEN STACY BABY~[/spoiler]

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That's a nice rundown of the trailer. I just saw the trailer on Attack of the Show. I have to say it lookded pretty interesting.

[spoiler]I'm assuming Gwen Stacy is the lady that Parker was dancing with? (Assuming that she's also playing the role of Felicia Hardy?)[/spoiler]

I want to say that they're following the story of the cartoon, and just tossed in a few extra's. If the story is anything like the cartoon, I look forward to seeing the ending.
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[size=1]My grandmother was in NY recently (that's a big trip considering we live on the east coast of Australia) and she and her friend stumbled onto a location of Spiderman 3. It seemed like they were still filming.

I believe it was in front of a huge glass building. The glass had a sort of blueish-green tinge to it. They had cameras running up and down wires from the top to the bottom. The building was very tall (can't estimate stories) but yeah... seemed like something good was going to be filmed.[/size]
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I saw that clip on attack of the show as well man i can't wait to see spidey in the black suit. or the vennom costume. which ever you want to call it. the only problem i have the spiderman movies.is why do they have to play so heavy on the relationship between mary jane and peter. to me that's always been the most boring part about spiderman period. :animesigh
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Yeah they're still filming. A couple friends of mine just got to spend an evening on the set down in New York. I guess it was pretty cool. They got their pictures taken with Topher Grace and Sam Raimi then got to watch some filming. I'm hella jealous.
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