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Psychotic Enigma [M-VLS]
This coontains Blood and violance

In the year 2100 a war ended the planets nature life. Leaving only the government and the people of Earth on the planet. The world is corrupt and the government is lying to the people of the world. He says that the world will be fine as long as we are here. In the end he caused his people to betray all govenrment facilites and bodies. The president sent his army to decimate the people of Earth. But his arny died due to a mysterious creature. Lying dormant after the war he finnaly arose. Gaarana. A furian.

Furians are mutant due to chemicles from the war. They live in secret. A furian is also a Psycho. They are easily angered and can unleash abilities that normal humans can't use. But soon they too will revolt. But saving the planet? Who knows. They live in the only place on earth with trees and plants. They call it "Grand Grounds. It stretches thousands of miles. But humans call it " Natural Hell" For any human that comes in the place is never seen again.

What let this natural resevoir of life live is unknown. But it is also the only place where technology is found. Other than Japan and U.S. cities such as New York or Los angelas. But only little spots have even small amounts of life left. But the people of "The Grand Grounds" don't even care. They never leave the ground. Unless of coarse, the government invades.

Our story begins with 2 people on the ground. They both live a good life unaware of the soon to be consaquences of living there.

Albireo lives in the groundwith no one but himself. He wonders what it would be like outside of the ground. He is unaware of what truly is out there. He was only 4 when his parents were killed. They were bruttaly murdered. Memories haunt Albireo's miond.

It was a cold night. He was to bed. But the government entered the ground. And as luck has it they entered his home. Albireo's parents got off of the couch and walked toword the man. The man brought out a knife and threw it at Albireo's father. His mother blocked the knife. The knife gored her and caused a hemridge in her brain. Albireo got up to get a drink when he saw what happened. Still it was going on. His father was also gored by a blade. Blood was everywhere. Albireo was shot as well. He fainted.

Now Albireo is still thinking about the person who did this. Furians are usually haunted a lot by memories due to the mutagens in their bodies. But that is also another cause of a psychotic fury.

One morning Albireo woke up to hear screams. Heat was beating on his face. When he steped out he saw the ground on fire. Army men were around walking. He then saw his friend Eidolon. A girl who knows Albireo quite well. He ran toword her. He picked her up and left the ground. Unable to return he left for a small oasis that is quite cherished at the grand ground. They slept for a couple of days.

The two now travel around trying to find information. But no luck. What will become of them? They don't know.




Good or bad:

Psychotic attack:



Other minor techniques:

other info:
For an example I will give you the information of Albireo
Name: Albireo Randonai
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Good or bad: Good

Psychotic attack: Flaming solid. Its an attack that can unleash massive damage to enemies. It raises attack power and burns object. even objects that can't burn. He takes his sword and flings it furiesly taking down all that he can. It also has psychic abilities. It can trace enemy movement. And destroy land masses in order to gain more power.

Malice of destruction: An attack that unleashes unperaleled power. When unleashed nothing is safe. This attack transforms Albireo into a monstrosaty. He shoots black rays everywhere. While in this form he can unleash Flail of malicious hell an attack that destroys the surronding land and somehow revises the nature that once stood

Apearence/image: Black hair. His eyes are red as most furians are. He is not easily angered like other furians. His pants are black. And his shirt is white. His shoes have spickes. His shoulders have armor. As well as his chest. To survive extreame weather conditions.

Personality: Upbeat and sometimes cuddly to the girls. He can be persistant to the point of annoyence. When he battles he battles greatly.

Other minor techniques: Grand cross, Destuction disk, and Tornado buster. Plus gravity Impulse.
other info: Loves to eat spicy foods. Is comediac. And loves a great fight.
This info must be submitted in order to join. Some info may be neglected such as other minor techniques or other info. I you want to keep some info secret just put unknown next to the sign up sections.

After 1 minute of thought I've decided that there can be a maximum of 2 psychotic attacks. If you havn't read this I will PM you about it.
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Name: Grusinskaya (Grew-shin-sky-a)

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Good or bad: good

Psychotic attack: White Tiger Lily. It sounds innocent, but this attack is deadly when used right. It simply conjures up white lilies that form the shape of a tiger. It's difficult to control this attack because the tiger is just like a real tiger, more powerful, but just as untamed. One has attach apart of one's own soul to control it, meaning if the tiger is destored, the caster feels it.

Apearence/image: see below image

Personality: She attracts lots of men, mainly older, with her looks, but she gets the younger ones with her attitude. She's the loner, powerful, hot, mysterious, and wild type of girl that men and boys fall head over heels in love with. She doesnt look like the loner type though, thats another attractive thing about her.

Other minor techniques: Naturely seducing powers that aren't really techniques, just powers and the control over plants.

other info: She doesn't know she's a furian. She just wasn't born with the rest of them. Her mother was being hunted when she had her so they were way of in northern russia. Grusinskya's mother died after her birth and she was raised in a small village away from the wars.Then she devolped her powers and was banished. She's on a jourany to find out who she is when she meets albireo.

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Wow, neat idea! And here's one of my classic sibling combinations:
[u]Name:[/u] Ari Monokai
[u]Age:[/u] 16
[u]Gender:[/u] Female
[u]Side:[/u] Good
[u]Attack:[/u] Psychic Storm--This looks like a blue hurricane whose eye is located where Ari is. It can go through anything that is not electrical because it is made of psychokinetic energy. It usually isn't very big, but anyone who gets hit by it has the potential to be anything from dazed to knocked out due to mental shock.
[u]Appearance:[/u] Ari is about 5 feet tall. She has long black hair and dark gray eyes, and she wears glasses as well. She normally wears a long dark blue jacket, pants that match her eyes in colour, black boots, black gloves, and a black hat.
[u]Personality:[/u] Normally Ari doesn't show very extreme emotion, anger included. When she does get angry for some reason, she doesn't really lose control of herself too much, and she tends to calm down after using her Psychic Storm Attack. But the above doesn't mean that she never shows any emotion at all--with the war and her occasional psychotic moments she takes on a rather saddened attitude, especially right after those moments.
[u]Minor Attacks:[/u]
Dark Mind Attack--This can have one of two effects: it can make the target do a certain thing, kind of like a suggestion, or it can confuse the target into having some sort of hallucination.
Plasma Spiral--Your basic beam of psychic energy--except this one takes a spiraling form and the behavior of a thunderbolt.
**Ari can use telekinesis as well--in fact this is the base of her Plasma Spiral attack.
[u]Other:[/u] Ari can't use any of her powers/attacks that well in a psychotic state (except Psychic Storm).

[u]Name:[/u] Gon Monokai
[u]Age:[/u] 20
[u]Gender:[/u] Male
[u]Side:[/u] Good
[u]Attack:[/u] Phoenix Spirit--Gon basically turns into a phoenix. While in this form, he's completely wild and doesn't recognize anyone. He attacks people or things by charging at them, but if he does this too hard, he'll turn into ashes from which he'll emerge, human again. It takes a lot of rage to use this attack.
[u]Appearance:[/u] Gon is only a few inches taller than Ari. He has black hair that is almost long enough to touch his shoulders, plus dark gray eyes that match Ari's. He also wears glasses like Ari. Also, he wears a black T-shirt with a phoenix on it (surprise surprise), baggy jeans that are torn at the knees, and black sandals.
[u]Personality:[/u] At the sign of danger, Gon just sits by and watches it happen. He's not really a man of action, and he doesn't like to be involved in other people's business. In most cases he's a loner, and he rarely follows anyone else's orders. The only person he ever really pays attention to is Ari--everyone else he just avoids or ignores. He's not really a mean person though--he only gets mad at those who offend him; otherwise he tends to be polite and calm.
[u]Minor Attacks:[/u] No more actual damaging attacks. But he does have a sort of ability: he's unaffected by any kind of mental control. This means that he can't be hypnotized, his mind can't be read, etc. etc. Thus, he's unaffected by Ari's Psychic Storm and Dark Mind Attacks.
[u]Other:[/u] He can't use his Phoenix Spirit attack if he shows no signs of frustration.

**Gon and Ari are sister/brother. They have a family that lives in Japan, but it sure wasn't a happy one. Gon and Ari often wandered through the cities in the hopes of finding happiness in these rough times with the war. However, by the time Ari was four something tragic had happened. They were caught in a sort of electric field that was emitted by a faraway nuclear bomb. This is what sparked their powers, but that's beside the point. The point is that Ari was then kidnapped by a group of men that was probably on one of the fighting sides of the war. Gon had to return home and explain everything in tears. So it stayed until Gon's sixteenth birthday. For his birthday, he wished he could escape the hell that was going on where he lived, that he could move to a more peaceful place. Well, the rest is a long story, but let's say that Gon found himself in the Grand Grounds--the place where people had said no one ever returned from. As it turns out, Gon was nearly killed by a psychotic attack, but at the last minute Ari came and saved his life--it turns out that she was there ever since she managed to escape the place she was taken upon kidnapping.
OOC: It's kind of weird... Ari is currently in the Pokemon: Age of Darkness RPG!
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OOC: Okay, Alpha gave the go-ahead for my idea. Just let me know if you want something adjusted, Alpha.

Name: Wesley Halpern

Age: 20

Gender: Male

Good or bad: Indifferent (fights for his own beliefs, let me know if this is a problem)

Psychotic attack: Feather Dance. This attack?s name is as deceptive as it is deadly. By focusing his mind, Wesley can create a torrent of high-velocity projectiles in the air around a diameter of about 20ft. Normally he carries a set of metal spheres for this task, but lacking those he can create projectiles from surrounding objects.

Appearance: Wesley is approximately 5? 10? tall, and has a rather thin build. His eyes are dark green, and his hair is raven black. Slight muscle tone hints at years of surviving on his own. His arms and legs are long for someone of his height. Wesley?s normal attire is a ragged black T-shirt and light blue jeans. He also dons heavy boots and a light tan cloak, with a high collar, to survive the harsh environment. On his right leg is a pouch used to carry his metal projectiles, and other small items he may need.

Personality: Calm, patient, and rather quiet. He normally keeps to himself, but has a strong bond with a human name Ariel. This girl is also his weak point, as his temper will flare if anyone threatens her. He prefers not to use his psychotic attack, but shows a cold, emotionless side when he is forced to.

Other minor techniques: Longbow (single-shot projectile at long range) and Shield (small protective barrier formed of small objects, can be stationary or moving like Feather Dance)

other info: Accompanied by a young human named Ariel. Wesley killed her parents, believing they were soldiers after his life. He took Ariel and began to raise her as his daughter in atonement for his act.

Name: Ariel (real name unknown, named by Wesley)

Age: 5

Gender: Female

Good or bad: Good (though too young to pick any side)

Psychotic attack: None

Appearance: Ariel stands about normal height for a 5 year old child (not sure how tall that is). Her hair is a very light blonde, and her eyes are almost grey in color. She wears a white dress that is discolored by dirt, and showing signs of wear and tear. Unlike Wesley, she wears regular walking shoes that are still in decent shape. When outside she dons a cloak, similar to Wesley?s, which has an added hood to protect her young face from the sun and weather.

Personality: Very cheerful and playful. It seems that nothing puts her in a bad mood or makes her sad. She is also quite shy, and will stay behind Wesley when around new people. Ariel is strictly obedient to Wesley, and will follow his instructions without hesitation.

Other minor techniques: None

other info: As mentioned, Ariel is completely human. One unusual aspect about her is her lack of speech. It is unknown if she cannot speak, or chooses not to, but regardless, Wesley seems to understand her well enough. She knows of her parents? murder at Wesley?s hands, but this does not seem to stop her from behaving as his daughter.
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sign-ups are doing swell. Just a cuople. more. About 3 or 5. And we will start up.

Mushrumlover has an evil furian. We could use more villians.
They first part of the RP is a fight against Torch. An evil furian that is also the guardian of the president. More about him later.
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Name: Yosuke Yamimoto

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Good or Bad: Bad

Appearance: Yosuke

Psychotic attack: Yami Raikiri this technique releases black high voltage electricity from Yosuke's hand and gives him tremendous speed. With that great speed he can't see anything that's in front him but this also enables him to cut anything it comes into contact. This technique can only be used twice a day. if forced to use the third time, it only tire him out rendering him unabled to move for a day.

Personality:Always pretending to be kind, friendly and good. Learning how things go in the upperworld he believes that everyone lives for themselves. Despite that attitude deep inside him lies a very good heart.

Other minor techniques: Surge (This technique wraps him with the same electrical voltage as Yami Raikiri. it acts like a shield however he can't move and this technique only lasts 1 sec.)
Purge (This technique paralyzes the opponent rendering them immobilized. This technique can be combined with his sword.)

other info: Born as a Furian but was captured by the government while witnessing the murder of his parents at a very young age. He was raised by them and also was taught of various things. He is now ordered to go to the "Grand Grounds" and give back whatever information necessary for the Furion's downfall.
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Gender: Male

Good or bad: Good

Psychotic attack: It doesn't have a name. He never thought it important to name it. He grows four giant raven wings and uses them to fly into the air. From there he charges at the ground killing all enemies in his way. He then flys back into to the air and starts again.(sorry that's the best I can come up with)


Personality: Laid back and very relaxed.

Other minor techniques: Unknown

other info: Unknown
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