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Alright, this is the post we will use to play this game. If you want to join, please use the sign-up post.

*Rockafelar Center, New York City.*

*Jon stands in the entrance of the Rockafelar Center subway station, looking on in horror as a visious mob ransacks the square, destroying everything. Jon had come to shop for some Christmas Presents for his friends and family, but he now has more pressing matter to take care of.*

Jon - Oh man, gotta find somewhere to change.

*He sneeks into one of the ransacked stores, enters a fitting room in the back, and changes into his Shockwave costume. As soon as he slides on his speciallized Dragon sunglasses and zips up his suit, he blasts out of the story, moving at incredible speeds.*

Shockwave - Gotta find a way to stop these ppl without hurting them.....

*A bottle flys from a rioters hands and hits Shockwave in the head.*

Shockwave - .........Atleast not too badly. I've got it!

*Shockwave moves into the center of the Square and runs in circles, building up speed. After a short while, he is going so fast that he breaks the spped barrier, sending out a Sonic Boom which send 100s of riots to the floor, but severily injures very few of them.*
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[COLOR=royalblue][i]Iris checked her speed, and slowed down so she would land on the building top quietly. Touching down, she slipped on her cloak and quietly glided down to the rioters. Summoning a huge burst of wind, several of the people were blown away.......[/i]

Raika: Still cradle robbing Dark man?

Akira: Dark who?

Raika: Don't play stupid with me.[/COLOR]
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[I]Warlock floated high above the riot, mentally holding himself up (That's how he flys). He watched as a man sped rught through the rioters, throwing several around with the sonic boom. Around the corner of the square he also watched as a superhero 'secretly' turned back to normal, and then to be met by a teenager.[/I]

Warlock: "Guess I better stop the rest..."

[I]Closing his eyes, Warlock began to access more of his power. Down below, many of the rioters were lifted up into the air, and then thrown a small distance. As Warlock watched them lie around the square, slightly hurt, the police cars started to surround the square.[/I]

Warlock: "Well, my job is done..."

[I]'Flying' over to a dark alley, Warlock changed back into his alias, Scott Reilly. Exiting the alleyway, he began his christmas shopping, all thw while wondering what had made those people to riot...[/I]
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*Kool (AKA Samantha) arrived on the scene. She saw that the police had everything under control.*

Kool-It seems like they have everything under control. If it wasn't for my mom, I could've been here several minutes earlier. (she's only 13) To make it worse, I couldn't find an excuse to leave from my homework! I had to come up with "I need to take out the trash." That must be the lamest excuse I EVER came up with! I really need to come up w/some way of leaving w/out her knowing it.
*Kool turns around and flies back to her house. Kool quietly creeps over to her shed and changes into her normal clothes.*

Samantha's mom-It took ten minutes to take out the garbage?!

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[COLOR=blue]Raika: I don't have time for this.

[i]She turned and stalked away silently. Akira scratched his head....then shrugged.

Raika: I can't believe they rioted over nothing.....

Turning into a local bookstore, she went straight to the Science Fiction section and pulled out a book. Sittind down in one of the big fluffly chairs, she opened it and imersed herself in the world of Star Trek.....obilvious to everything around her.[/i]

Scott: Excuse me.

Raika: Yes?

Scott: Are you Iris?

Raika: Who wants to know?[/COLOR]
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Scott: "Me of course."

Rakia: "...Well?"

Scott: "You're a superhero, right?"

Rakia: "What makes you think that?"

Scott: "I saw you at the riot...from high above..."

Rakia: "High above?"

Scott: "Wonder what made all those rioters lift into the air and then crash back down again?"

Rakia: "Is this going where I think it's going..."

Scott: "You bet. It was me. Scott Reilly, superhero. But I go by Warlock..."
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[COLOR=royalblue]Raika: *holds out hand* Iris Chastain. But sometimes, I go by Raika.

Warlock: Pleasure. *shakes hand*

Raika: Why is it that other superheros seek out their counterparts?

Warlock: Common interests?

Raika: I suppose saving the world is common.

Warlock: Clever.

Raika: Call it what you like.[/COLOR]
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[I]Taking a seat opposite Rakia, Warlock looked around before continuing.[/I]

Warlock: "So, what do you think caused those people to riot?"

Rakia: "I don't really know. But I guess they'll be something on the news..."

Warlock: "Let me check..."

[I]A small portable T.V. floated into Warlock's hands from behind the main counter. Turning it on, Warlock got up and kneeled beside Rakia so she too could see the T.V.[/I]

[I]"-vestigations into the riot have turned up no evidence, and all rioters have refused to tell why they rioted. Next up-"[/I]

Rakia: "That wasn't much..."

Warlock: "I guess we've missed most of the report...but atleast we know that nobody knows why they did it..."

[I]The T.V. then flew back put of Warlock's hands, back into it's original resting spot.[/I]

Rakia: "Is your power moving objects with you mind?"

Warlock: "Pretty much. But I also have a slight power with fire...But enough about me. What about you?"
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[COLOR=royalblue]Raika: Wind. I can change it into energy, or ride the wind itself, surely you noticed.

Warlock: I wasn't really paying that much attention.

Raika: Watch...

[i]She points her finger at a book, and it flies off the shelf, and comes to her lap. Waving one hand over it, the cover opens and it's pages flip until they come to rest at page 100.[/i]

Raika: See?

Warlock: Interesting.

Raika: Thank you.[/COLOR]
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Erika, in her Shadowstar getup, muttered under her breath. She was on a rooftop, watching the police clean up the mess. "Pointless." she said softly. "This riot was pointless...why won't they tell? There has to be a point." she rubbed her chin. "Maybe I can find someone..." a devious glint in her eye, she nimbly climbed down from the building, hoping to find a rioter who hadn't gotten caught.
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*As he helps the police to clean up the rioters, Shockwave spots a figure out of the corner of his eye up on the roof tops.*

Shockwave - *To himself* One more......

*Shockwave streaks towards the building the figure was atop of. He jumps onto the wall and runs straight up it untill he reaches the roof. H gets there just in time to see a women in a superhero getup jumping down into a nearby alleyway.*

Shockwave - Another hero.......? Man, this city is full of them. And I wonder what the heck that riot was all ab..........AAAAAAHHHHHHHH!

*Shockwave is sent flying into a large radiator atop the building by an unknown force. He pulls himself from the ruble slowly.*

Shockwave - What the heck?

*Shockwave turns to see a man dressed totally in black with a closed black trench coat and black sunglasses.*

Man - You have ruined my master's chaos. I will have kill you for your incolence.
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Warlock: "Well, I need to get some Christmas shopping done. Are you going to stay here?"

Rakia: "For a while yes."

Warlock: "Then I'll come back. But if you're not there, we'll see each other again."

Rakia: "Bye."

Warlock: "See ya..."

[I]Turning around, Warlock made his way out of the store.[/I]

Warlock: "Let's make this easier..."

[I]Dissapearing into an alleyway, Warlock flew up to the tops of the skyscrapers, now in his superhero 'costume'.[/I]

Warlock: "Now, where first..."

[I]Drifting above the rooftops, Warlock notices a man dressed completly in black, standing a few metres in front of another man in a superhero getup.[/I]

Warlock: [I]"Thinking about it, that guy looks alot like me. Except for the trenchcoat bit..."[/I]

[I]Quickly putting on his black sunglasses, Warlock slowly floated closer, watching, and waiting if he needed to help...[/I]
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"HIYAH!" The Man threatening Shockwave was suddenly slammed into a headlock. Spiing around, trying to get a glimspe of his opressor and possibly strike back, he was then thrown right next to Shockwave.

Shadowstar grinned rogushly, wagging a finger. "We do not hurt other people for no good reason!" she scolded, not noticing Warlock. She knew she was taking a chance mocking him, but she hoped that by staying alert, she could lower it some. The ninja-like hero then lunged at the man, trying to pin him down so Shockwave could get up.
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Amber: hmmm.... *runs into a back ally and transforms into Amiba, jumps up onto the emprie state buiklding wall and climbs up swiftly like a spider person, flips and lands behind DarkMan* hmm....well who do we have here? *standing partly in the shadows*
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[color=darkred][i][b]Hell Storm is soaring amongst the clouds, lost in his own thoughts[/b]...*I should have bee here the other day, duing the riots...*[b]Hell Storm flies over the Empire State building but stops, seeing two figures on the roof. He goes in lower, but the illumination of his flames gives him away....[/b][/i][/color]
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A thug mugs an old lady in the street. He prepares to make his get away, when he notices the strangest thing. The lampost infront of him starts dividing. Some liquid metal is crawling off it. The substance slithers along the floor, and stops infront of the thug. It suddenly starts growing upwards, and takes human form, though still metallic.

Craig: Now that wasn't very nice was it?

Craig points his finger at the thugs leg, and his finger extends to a spike, and pierces the thugs leg. The thug falls to the floor, screaming in pain. He takes out a gun and shoots at the metallic figure. The bullet passes through him, making a small hole, which quickly closes up.

Craig: Enough!

Craig turns his hand into a knife, and cuts the gun in half. He then returns the money to the old lady, and walks off, still metallic. He looks above, and notices few people standing on a rooftop. He turns into his liquid state, and starts slithering up the wall of the building.
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*Shockwave slowly rises to his feet, watching as is attacker is thrown to the ground.*

Shockwave - Thanks, uhhhh, ma'm.

Shadowstar - Thats Shadowstar actually.

Shockwave - Well Shadowstar. Thank you. Now whta do you say we finish this mook off.

*The "mook" stands up, recovering from Shadowstar's attack.*

Man - Your going to regret that girl!

*The man's eyes begin to glow bright blue. A than fires a blinding beam of blue energy directly at Shadowstar. She barely has time to dodge the attack. The beam continues on and hits a nearby Chimney, causing it to explode, and sending brickes everywhere.*

Shockwave - Geez, he could really hurt someone with those eye beams.

Shadowstar - I know, like us.

Shockwave - Maybe you, but he wont hit me again. :angry3:

*Shockwave rockets himself towards the man at over 200 mph, punching him in the stomach with all his might. The man keals over in pain and Shockwave continues his attack, letting loose a fury of punches which leave the man beaten and bloody.*
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[I]Warlock, watching all this, lands behind everyone, and watches from behind a staircase building (didn't know what it's called).[/I]

Warlock: [I]More of them...Better just watch for a moment...they may be against me...[/I]

[I]Warlock continues to watch...[/I]
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