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MobileSuit Gundam: Endless War (M-VL)


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[COLOR=DarkRed]It has been 100 years since the war between USD(United Space Directorate) and the Confederate Planets had started. Thousands have died and thousands more will if the war isn't stopped. But, both sides haven't lost ground and both show no signs of backing down.

They use Mobile Suits for their war. Mobile Suits are combat mechs that are the pinnacle of military technology. The smoldering and broken skeletons of many of these litter space. Most with their Pilots still inside.

The war is now at it's climax The USD have taken Mars and Venus Colony but, the Confederate Planets still have the upper hand. But, unknown to them both a group of pilots calling themselves the (going to be sued) The Sons of Liberty have made themselves known. The main armies do not see them as a threat but unknown to them SOL are ready to strike.

The radio inside Red's cockpit had the usual chatter before a battle. Red's cockpit was filled with blaring rock music from Earth's past (our music). "Red how can you listen to that ****?" asked one of the other pilots. Red laughed and replied, "The same way you drink your crap in the Bar back home." Both laughed which was usual for them. But, a few kilometers ahead was their target. A USD warship called the Judge Hammer that they were planning on taking over. It was hovering over the horizon of the Earth over the continent of Europe.

"Ok, Guys ready?" said Red. The other two suits yelled, "Yes, sir!" Red switched off his radio and they all rocketed in for the attack. The ship seemed vulnerable... Too vulnerable. Suddenly several other mobile suits started to attack Red and his team. "Take evasive maneuver!" The battle raged on and several enemy mobile suits were taken out by the SOL team, Red Star. Suddenly the warship fired its main cannon that was believe to be in operational. "Holy Hell!!!" yelled Red as one of his comrades were blown to bits. "No..." The other pilot was enraged and soon was struck down by a different mobile suit. Red knowing he had no chance made a break for it. The ships main cannon fired again catching Red's Mobile Suit on one side.

Red tried to keep his Suit under control but he started to plummet into the atmosphere and his suit started to break up."It was a set up... It had to be.. Come on hold together..." Luckly it held together long enough to fall into a forested area in France. Where Red's fate is soon to be discovered.

Whew! Longest Intro I have wrote so far. *Laughs* This Idea just sprung to mind and I wanted to make this work so... This is oviously not your normal gundam RP (It is but you know what I am talking about.) You may use other Gundam characters but this isn't gundam wing or anything like that so your characters wont auto maticly know each other. (Sorry I tend to ramble sometimes)


Here is the Sign up-





Nationality/Army- [United Space Directorate, Sons of Liberty, and The Confederate Planets]




Gundam: (if you want you can have a mobile armor but meh. Who knows)


Here is mine-

Name- Red Chus

Age- 28

Gender- Male

Rank- Sargent

Nationality/Army- Sons of Liberty (Probable Change)

Personality- Happy and nice and sometimes annoying outside of battle but in battle cold,calculating and very not nice.

Appearance-He usually wears a Mechanic's jumpsuit and wears a backwards baseball cap and can been seen in hangers carrying around a huge wrench.


Gundam:GAT/A-01E2 Buster Dagger(designing a new model called Chaos Gundam)


Special Equipment: laminated armor (improved type of heat-resistant ablative gel DPX-30)
Armament: 350 mm gun launcher x1, 94 mm high-energy beam rifle x1, 3-barrel 220 mm missile pod x2, ES01 beam saber x2
Armament docked modes: 94 mm hyper-impulse sniper rifle, 350 mm anti-armor shotgun
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Name- Virei Tanori

Age- 18

Gender- Male


Rank: Ensign

Appearence-Has a white complexion, a yellow spike hair and blue eyes. Wears a leather brown jacket a white undershirt and a pair of blue jeans.

Bio- At the age of 13 he was trained to pilot mobile suits. However his training stopped at the age of 15 due to family problems and he frequenlty wrecks the mobile suits he used. When he reached to age of 17, he learned that his father was a mobile suit engineer and was working on a new gundam. His father then gave him the gundam knowing that he will put it into good use.

Personality- he is very supportive on his teammates. He doesn't want anybody in his team to die during a sortie. He is kind and doesn't feel "above" than those who rank below him. His greatest desire is to end the war as soon as possible. He also doesn't give a damn about uniforms.

Gundam- (XM-1107 Nemesis),

Armor-phase shift armor.

A laser whip is equipped on the right arm and a beam shield is equipped on the left arm. A concealed short beam rifle is located on its right thigh. Two beam sabers are located on both ends on its booster pack.
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Name-Alaster Nash



Nationality-Confederate Planets

Rank-new recruite/has had extensive training studied under colenal nathaniel nash" A well known pilot"

appearence- about 6"2 185 lbs seemingly skinny, a semi spiky light brown harstyle much like a shag, has a longsleave t-shirt with a regular t-shirt on top and has a pair of blue cargo pants, never weres the uniform jacket unless in battle and even then not very often.

Biography/history-Alaster was born to the commander of an elite flight organization and was not allowed to enter a battle untill now because if he was to lose than their would be no heir to the nash corporation and fortune.

personality- Very outgoing and fun to be around mostly carefree but when a battle begins he becomes concentrated calm and collected

mobilesuit- much like the freedome in mobile suit gundam seed with a few custom variations

this gundam has two forms and the basic original form inwhich is rounded to the perfection,
the bombarder form which is great for distance fighting and is equiped with dozens of firearms
and the assailant form which is great for close range combat and consists of a plethera of beamswords and daggers hiden in many different places.

ooc: Ill definately want to edit this later.
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Here is mine-

Name- Hollan Roswa

Age- 24

Gender- Male

Rank- Special Forces

Nationality/Army- Confederate Planets

Personality- Spends most of his life looking for fun things to do it useually results in him risking his life for a thrill.

Appearance- [url]http://www.everyeye.it/public/immagini/12302005/eureka7_Eureka7.jpg[/url]

Bio- A fairly energitic thrill seeker. Who enjoys risking his life as long as he gains some kind of fun from it. He does have a careing side but it is useually kept silenced because of a some what macho attitude he tends to exhibit.

Gundam: RGM-79SR GM Sniper III Cannon Pack Test Type

Weapons- High powered beam sniper rifle, Sheild, Two replaceable barrels, 2 60mm vulcan guns mounted on the head (stronger then the normal but only used for last resort) 240mm cannon mounted on its back.

Equipment and design features: sensors, Normal system, High speed ability, and stealthing ability (if it exsists?)
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Ok. Sign ups are fine but I want to add some Guideline/Rules-


-You may make the first move, but only describe what you do. EXAMPLE: Rather than : "Buster Gundam struck out with his beamsaber, leaving a huge gast in a Zaku's sode", you would say, "Buster charged forth with his sword at the Zaku."

-Let your opponent react to each of your attacks/actions. What you might mean as a finishing or fatal move could be dodged, blocked, or ineffective. This doesn't make your character invincable, however; you still must adhere to a realistic assesment of your abilities.

(In less words Don't make any other character do something to fit your character.)

Gundam Design- I don't mind you making your own variations of Real Mobile Suits but ALL mobile suits have Weaknesses. For Example, My Suit , Buster Gundam(I plan on changing but it is a good Example), Is incredably slow being a Support Gundam. And stuff like that You can't have a perfect gundam it is impossilbe. And make the designs believe able. Like fast gundams would have less armor. But, Custom Designs are exceptable just make um believeable. Ok?
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[color=darkred][size=1][b]Name:[/b] Dustin Schiender
[b]Age:[/b] 29
[b]Gender:[/b] Male
[b]Rank: [/b] Seargant
[b]Nationatlity/Army:[/b] Confederate Renegade for the moment
[b]Personality:[/b] Laid back until you piss him off then he takes everything seriously and is not fun to be around. Loves to mess with peoples heads why he fights and always keeps a second comm link open to whoever he is fighting
[b]Appearance:[/b][url=http://s32.photobucket.com/albums/d41/whitewolf_fang/?action=view¤t=trigun_vash_angelarm_colors.jpg&refPage=&imgAnch=imgAnch7]Dustin[/url]wears a tight black sleeveless shirt that outlines his muscles, semi tight demin jeans, black boots, a chain around his neck with a silver cross. He has a black belt with a large silver belt buckle that has Son of Liberty engraved in it in the color red. He also has a cowbot hat that is black which he wears everywhere.
[b]Bio:[/b] After the war started several famlies moved from America into the German and French boundry. There the families supported themselves by farming and became a small refuge camp. As time went by troops and armor units were shipped back and forth through the pass that ran near the camp. Reports of small villages being forced into the Confederate army reached their ears so the camp took action and began mmaking small raids on the convoys stealing tanks, guns, and other supplies. Soon trucks transporting mobile suits came through. The army began wondering when the morning came and all of the suits were gone and soon the convoys stopped forcing them to raid supply depots giving them the proper equipment to make a thriving underground community as familes grew and more people joined.

Later one night a report of a heavily armored and guarded truck was moving through the area. Dustin had been waiting for his time to shine and went AWAL and snuck into the truck in the dead of night. His mouth dropped when the suit lay in front of him. He climbed into the cockpit and started in up just as the opposing army struck the convoy. He blewopen the truck and mamanged to kill both sides. He soon became the best pilot of the camp and led every attack when the Confederates or the Union tried to come through the forest to attack the others.

He was on duty one night when one of the GM Sniper suits spotted a falling ball of fire that crashed within the French boundry. He, two regualer GM's, a Zaku with a bazooka, a Rick Dom, the GM Sniper and a GM Cannon 3 set out to invistigate. When they neared the crash site they noticed it was a badly damaged suit with SOL on it. Not knowing what the suits intentions were, Dustin ordered all guns on the suit and waited to see what he would do knowing he would never detect him after that fall until his sensors readjusted

[b]Gundam:[/b] [url=http://s32.photobucket.com/albums/d41/whitewolf_fang/?action=view¤t=MS-1720AEGIS20GUNDAM.jpg&refPage=20&imgAnch=imgAnch22]GAT-X303 Aegis Gundam[/url]


[b]Equipment and Design Features:[/b]sensors and Phase shift armor

[b]Fixed Armanments:[/b]2 Igelstullung 75mm multi-barrel CIWS mounted in head. 4 beam sabers 1 mounted in each leg and each arm, shield mounted on left arm, 60mm beam rifle stored on right hip, Scylla 580mm energy cannon operable only in mobile suit armor attack mode. Two 50mm repeating beam cannon mounted in each forearms.

Optional Armaments: forearm mounted beam whip replamcent for mounted beam cannons Striker pack(booster pack with four wings sticking out that are actually razor sharp metal swords[/size][/color]
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