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Project: True Destiny[RESURRECTION//] - [M-SLV]


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[size=4]Project: True Destiny[[ RESURRECTION//]][/size][/center]

[INDENT][size=1][b]What is this?![/b]

[i]Rusti looked around wildly, her wine red eyes widening in amazement. Her long black hair swished over her shoulders as she tried to figure out where she was. She was floating in mid air. There was blue sky above her as she looked up, and far below her, a landscape of red and gold sands ? a familiar-looking desert.[/i]

[b]Hang a sec. Isn?t that??I?m near the base.[/b]

[i]In the distance, to the west, Rusti could see the dark speck of what was the Syon Military Base. This was the place where she and many other new recruits to the army were stationed to complete their basic training. But why on earth was she floating in mid-air and how did she get out of the base? Last thing she remembered was getting into the training mech. Was this a dream?

Suddenly, a shrill bird?s cry pierced the sky, making it shatter like glass. The broken pieces all fell down around Rusti, tinkling onto the invisible floor. It sounded like sharp raindrops hitting a pane of glass. The sound died out and complete darkness now enveloped her. She looked around, hoping someone was around. It felt so lonely in this void ? a loneliness she had experienced once before.[/i]

[b]Hello? Anyone there?[/b]

[i]What was she calling out for? No one was going to answer her. That loneliness shuddered through her body again. Rusti shook herself mentally. That was in the past. It was a long time ago. If she had any chance to get into ANGEL Wire, the elite section of the military, she would have to push those memories out of her mind and focus on her training.

Another abrupt shrill pierced the darkness. Rusti heard the gentle swoops of gigantic wings approaching her. She turned around quickly, her hair swirling around with her body, to see a massive red and gold feathered eagle. It landed in front of her, kicking up a strong wind that almost knocked the young woman over. It leaned over and looked at Rusti in the eye as she lowered her arms down from protecting her face. Rusti froze, not knowing what to do. This was a phoenix ? a legendary bird of flame. Its orange eyes scanned over her. There was a feeling like it could see right through her, into her very soul.[/i]

[b]Who are you?[/b]

[i]Rusti couldn?t believe what she was seeing. She stretched forward a hand, feeling the softness of the feathers tickle her hand. It was so real. The bird gave a soft shrill, as if it liked her touch. It looked down at her kindly with its orange eyes. Rusti nuzzled into its soft down feathers, feeling a warmth she hadn?t felt for the longest time. It reminded her of her mother?s warmth. It comforted her.

Then, suddenly, she felt the warmth get hotter ? almost unbearably hot.[/i]

[b]Ow? it?s too hot?[/b]

[i]Rusti leant backwards and saw the phoenix burst into flame, also engulfing her in the licks of searing heat. She stumbled backwards, trying to put herself out. It was starting to sear her body, burning her skin into blackness. She looked in horror at the bird which screeched an ungodly cry. Rusti felt like her head would burst.[/i]

[b]It burns! IT BURNS![/size][/b][/INDENT]

[size=1][b]? CADET TITIAN!?[/b]

Rusti?s eyes flew open as she sat up abruptly, startling all of the medical staff that were fussing around her. Her commanding officer, Wing Commander Keiller, was bent over, inspecting her body that was sprawled across the floor.

[b]? Cadet Titian, are you feeling all right??[/b] he asked, concerned written plainly across his face.
Rusti looked up at her commanding officer. [b]? What happened??[/b]
[b]? You passed out in the training capsule. The medical staff said it looked like you were having a mild fit. They couldn?t rouse you from the state you were in with their skills so we had to wait if you come to. But, if you?re feeling all right, then I would like to finalise your module.?[/b]

Rusti stood slowly, aided by two of the medical staff. She wobbled a bit, but everything seemed like it worked normally.

[b]? Everything seems to be back to normal. Let?s continue,?[/b] Rusti said confidently. She clambered back up into the training module and sat in the cockpit seat. Taking out a small slither of disk, Rusti put it into a slot beside the main controls. The computer screen came up with instructions for her to enter her details via audio input.

[b]? Name, Rusti Ophelia. Rank, Cadet. Identification number, #002594. Age, 21. Speciality, flight. Initiate module SOUL.?[/b]

OOC: Her appearance is attached at the end of this post.[/size]


[size=1][b][u]Liberty Weekend[/u][/b]

The World Government designated this weekend in remembrance of the people whose lives were lost in the Valentine's Day attack as well as the brave pilots of the MechAnimas that fought off the oncoming invasion force of aliens.

The then President of the World Government was known to have said:

[INDENT]" And to those pilots, who were mere children when they first took up arms, we all thank you for sacrificing your childhood, your life and your sanity to protect the rest of us from experiencing what you, as people, went through."[/INDENT]

As irony would have it, the military organised for the ceremony for Liberty Weekend and the graduation of the year's cadets to be held simultaneously. This was where our story starts.[/size]


[font=Trebuchet MS]This is the third installment in the 'Project: True Destiny' series. Some of you may have not heard of the previous two RPGs since they were held about a year ago, but the first was successful and finished, while the second was somewhat successful.

Knuckle's Girl and I decided to make a third installment.

If you have ever seen the anime series Zoids, then you will have some idea of what I am about to talk about. In the this RPG world, most wars are fought with giant robotic animals, or MechAnimas. However, there are a select few that have the power of the old version of the MechAnimas. I'm not going to tell you what the secret to this power is because it's a surprise.

The characters of this RPG will be graduates of the military, having completed their basic training on Liberty Weekend. Knuckle's Girl and I have decided that, like my introduction above, we want people to write about the dreams in which a guardian beast appears before them.

Here is a list of guardian beasts you can choose from:

[u]Air Beasts:[/u]
[*]Phoenix [b](taken by Redemption)[/b]

[u]Ground Beasts:[/u]
[*]Fox [b](reserved for Knuckle's Girl)[/b]

Your sign-up is going to be the dream where you first meet your guardian beast (see the introduction above). Be creative about it and think of different ways you could incorporate these things:

[list][*]Your chacter's full name
[*]Your character's age
[*]What they look like
[*]What guardian beast you have chosen
[*]Something of the past (could be memories, feelings, anything)
[*]Your character's speciality (ground or air unit)
[*]And lasty, your character's identification number and rank (we're all cadets at the present)[/list]

NOTE: THIS IS NOT A FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE RPG. There are enough places for people to go for the ones they want without much competition, so don't be put off by this. We just want it to be fair to everyone.

I think that's about it for now. Enjoy. ^^

PS. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to PM Knuckle's Girl or myself.[/font]
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[FONT=Verdana][SIZE=1][B]OOC:[/B] Yay~ I?m glad this? being redone. ^__^ Let me know if I need to make any changes.

[COLOR=Navy]A young woman stood in front of the training module; her stormy blue-grey eyes evaluated the machine carefully. She flashed a smirk to Wing Commander Keiller as she easily climbed into the module as if she were made for it, falling simply into the seat of the cockpit. She flicked her long chocolate brown hair over her shoulders as she slipped the disk into the slot beside the controls. She started up the machine, watching as the screen displayed a series of projections while it booted before the instructions flashed up.

[B]?Name, Clyne Geiger. Rank, Cadet. Identification number, #150289. Age, 21. Speciality, flight. Initiate module SOUL.?[/B] She relayed the words clearly, pronouncing each syllable.

As she entered the information, it appeared across the screen. Clyne felt dizzy all of a sudden and her eyes drifted closed as she lost control of her body.

[I][B]So cold?Where am I?[/B]

She opened her eyes, blinking. She shivered and rubbed her arms, looking around to see that all around her was carpets of white, and snow fell serenely from the sky. Clyne sneezed and started running forward since her field of view was narrowed by her environment. She kept her eyes peeled though, running forward in long strides and watching her step in case there was an obstacle. She felt like she was running to no where, and fell to her knees.

A loud roar reverberated around the area she was in, making her head snap up, eyes searching for a source of the sound. It sounded again?longer this time?

[B]What [/i]is[i] that?[/B]

Clyne got to her feet, her body was turning numb from being out in the cold, and she could feel her core body temperature slowly dropping. If she didn?t find a place to shelter and get warm soon, she might die from the cold. Her teeth chattered and her body shivered violently as she trudged along, hands shifted from rubbing her arms to her chest, trying to stimulate more blood flow from her heart and generate more heat which in return would heat the rest of her body sufficiently. Energy was sapped with every step she took, eyes feeling heavy as the icy coldness made her want to lie down and sleep.

[B]No?I have to stay awake?[/B]

She was losing hope, and her legs buckled, she gasped for breath, looking ahead. Shining hope filled her body as she saw a cave not too far away. She prayed it wasn?t a dream as she stumbled toward it as fast as she could, feet crunching through the snow.

Clyne grinned broadly as she entered the cave, allowing her body to collapse as she got in a few metres. She just lay there, rubbing her body to try to get more heat. Suddenly a tremendous roar shook the cave, Clyne?s eyes widened; this had been the source of the roaring. Her first instinct was to run, but that was quickly dispelled, she didn?t have the energy, and there were no other shelters that she saw. Maybe her mind had been affected by the cold but she wanted to see what it was, and forced her muscles into motion, crawling on her hands and knees through the cave. The deeper she went in, the warmer it seemed to become, and there was light coming from within the tunnel.

She knew the final turn was in front of her, and bravely got to her feet; walking the last few metres to stop dead in her tracks. A hand covered her mouth as she looked upon the large creature curled in the centre of the room, a fire burning in front of it. Clyne steeled herself and took a few steps into the chamber, the creature?s emerald green eyes followed her every movement but did nothing. It even allowed her all the way up next to it. She looked into his eyes, watching it in case it suddenly attacked as she lifted a hand, resting it on the scaled back. She could hardly believe it, it was a Dragon! He felt so real, his navy blue scales shone in the flickering fire light. His body was warm, being basked in the warmth of the flame. His tail swished, eyes never leaving hers. Confidently she ran her hand up along, reaching his head, stroking it gently, a low sound gurgled in his throat.

[B]Who are you?[/B]

The dragon just growled, lifting his head and blew a spout of smoke at her. It enshrouded her and she was having trouble breathing. She started coughing and looked up; his eerie green eyes watched her through the fog as she felt herself falling?[/I]

[B]?Cadet Geiger!?[/B]

Clyne sat up abruptly; a hand went to her head as she looked around. She had been taken from the training module and had been lying on the ground.

[B]?What happened??[/B] she questioned, still dazed from the dream she?d just experienced.

[B]?You passed out after inputting your details, you weren?t moving so the medic staff removed you but we couldn't wake you. How do you feel now??[/B] Wing Commander Keiller asked gently.

[B]?I-I?m fine. I don?t know what happened to me but I?m alright now.?[/B] She nodded, getting to her feet easily, two medics stood by in case she fell.

[B]?Alright then, let?s continue then.?[/B] Keiller smiled.

Clyne agreed and jumped back into the training module, she felt strangely refreshed after the dream, even though it had been strange.[/SIZE][/FONT][/COLOR]
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[CENTER][COLOR=DarkGreen][FONT=Arial Narrow][SIZE=2]Soft echos of the beast's cry faded into the background. Heavy rain continued to drop from the sky endlessly. The ground was slick with running water and mud, not even the forest of trees around him could shelter his empressive form from the weather.

Late Hollow's Eve and his parents had already succum to the drink, loosing themselves in the world outside of the one he existed in. Suicide tainted his hands a blood rain and hidden tears streaked his handsome baby face. Fourteen years old and the world was already grey.

He remembered this walk all too well, a walk that he much rather forget. His sister of some seventeen years of age had followed him to the edge of the forest...the edge of their family's property. She screamed at him for him to return, but emotion had taken over his ability to reason. That's when the rain bega; in sheets of massive drops that soaked his whole body and the earth in a matter of seconds. His sneakers could barely keep their tracktion on the soft surface.

He would then travel deep into the forest and beyond all the points he recognized. He would step wrong, break his leg in three places and slide down a small ravine where he would then sit for three days before any one would find him.

But something was coming, something that had not been apart of the real memory. It came swiftly through the thick, slippery muck making hardly a sound except for the brief cry that broke loose from its lips.

Cassidy, with his six foot three inch frame swung around with great agility to meet the face of his would be attacker. Bold green-yellow eyes glared back at him with an intensity that almost frighten his younger self. The creature, the beast that had cried out the night of his disasterious turn around and in this nightmare was wolf whiter than anything he had ever seen.

This creature stood with his head low, glaring up at Cassidy with a powerful belonging in his eyes. Its ears were forward, twitching slightly with some audible noise Cassidy could not hear. Its four long, powerful legs square under his body and not a drop of blacken Earth stained this beautiful creatures coat.

Cassidy dropped to his knees in a rush of emotions and adrenaline, bringing the beast to eye level. The creature stared deep into his soul and licked its snout with careless pleasure. Cassidy brought his hand up with hesitation, feeling the pull to touch the silken coat now more than ever. His head grazed the creature's cheek at first until his hand was allowed to slid up behind its left ear.

A coat of silk was exactly what it was. He had never felt something so soft, or smooth in all his life.

Without warning, the creature turned its massive head and latched onto Cassidy's forearm. Pain surged up his arm. He fought to keep from pulling away.


Cassidy sat up in his bunk and looked about the room. He was the only one left in the bunker and the ceramony was going to start in a half hour.

"A white wolf made of silk..." Cassidy mumbled to himself as he rushed to get dressed.

"Report!" his commanding officer demanded as he approached his squide.

?Cassidy Stevens. Rank, Cadet. Identification number, #003478. Age, 22. Speciality, ground tatics. Reporting, SIR!?

"You're late, Cadet."

"Yes, SIR, I know this SIR." Cassidy said commandingly.

"I'll let it slide this once, Stevens. It happens again and I will terminate you."


OOC: If you would like anything changed let me know.
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[SIZE=1][B]?Hmph?training time. My favorite part of the day.?[/B]

A young man walked casually over to his training module, grinning. If he wanted to join the elites, he would have to prove himself, and he was more than ready to do so. Granted, many of the Wing Commanders dislike him greatly for his casual, laid-back demeanor and lack of deference to the rules, especially his attire, but they respected him for his skills. That was the least of his concerns, though, he didn?t give a damn if they liked him. He had worked too hard to get here, made too many sacrifices, and he wasn?t about to let it all slip away. As he neared his module, a hand caught his shoulder and stopped him. He sighed and tilted his head back, his black hair falling over his square-rimmed glass that covered his crimson eyes and his light brown skin. Wing Commander Keiller stared at him sternly.

[B]?Your hat, Mr. Edge??[/B] Vermillion laughed and spun to face the Wing Commander, bowing in a mocking fashion.

[B]?Thank you ever so much sir, I had almost forgotten.?[/B] He took his green cadet hat and tilted it over his left eye so the skull and wing design was apparent. The Commander ground his teeth together and nodded to him, walking off in slight disgust, though a mild smile could be seen on his face. As he walked off, Vermillion straightened out, his dark green military shirt getting stiff, and saluted the commander, a smile stretching from ear to ear. He lowered his arms, tugged at his shoulder straps and brushed off his torn jeans, and turned to finally enter his module.

[B]?Now that there are no more interruptions??[/B] He reached his hand out and touched the module, and his massive pulsing feeling struck his heart. He fell to his knees and grabbed his chest all in one motion, his body racked in pain. Or was it? Feeling was rapidly draining from his body, and all Vermillion did know was that he was numb. As his eyes began to close, he stared at the ceiling, watching the lights begin to swirl together, and then, nothing.

[I]He was surrounded by a swirling vortex of oblivion, all alone. He wasn?t sure if he was floating, if he was still laying down, if he was sitting? He didn?t know anything at that moment. Then, suddenly, a flash of light, and Vermillion was home. Or at least, his childhood home. And there he was. Not as he was now, but as he had been what seemed like an eternity ago, before he had joined the military. Vermillion watched as a younger version of himself shouted at two figures. Closer examination revealed them to be his mother and father.

[B]?I?m going, and that?s final. You can?t stop me!? [/B] Tears streamed down his mother?s face as young Vermillion roared. His father yelled back, shaking the walls with his might. If the walls had actually shook was beyond Vermillion? But that was how he always remebered it.

[B]?You?re not going! I won?t let you throw away your life like th--?[/B] He couldn?t even finish his sentence before young Vermillion took up the offensive.

[B]?Don?t you dare tell me about throwing away your life. You did the same exact thing, you were never home, throwing your life away day after day! Well I?m tired of watching you go off. So now that you?re home, I?m leaving. I always looked up to the warrior you were, but now I se you?re nothing but a coward!?[/B] Vermillion?s father leaned forward and slapped young Vermillion violently across the face. Vermillion held his face and looked away slightly as he remembered the blow all to well. He looked back in just enough time to watch himself flee from the house, flee from his family. He took a step forward to trail himself, but the ground came out from underneath him, and he was falling again.

This time, however, he was not enshrouded in darkness, nor did the descent last an eternity. He quickly hit solid ground, kneeling on one knee. He lifted his head up and looked around. A mountain? Why? He tried to arise, but a massive gust and a mighty roar knocked him off balance, causing him to tumble down the mountain. He managed to quickly catch a jagged ledge, though he could feel it tear through his skin. He screamed, and apparently his cry attracted something, for soon the sun was out of sight and a massive creature was swooping down towards him. It grabbed his arm and took him to the very top of the tallest mountain around. Once there, it dropped him and walked around, almost as if deciding if it was a good spot or not. Vermillion stared in disbelief. A? a Gryphon? Unreal? It?s not possible? But I could feel it!

The Gryphon turned back to Vermillion and strode towards him. Vermillion quickly sprang to his feet and almost staggered over, half from fatigue, half from shock. The Gryphon moved with an unrealistic speed and caught Vermillion before he fell. Vermillion straightened out and turned to the creature, petting it slowly.

[B]?Th?thank you.?[/B] The Gryphon nodded at this comment, and leaned it?s head down. Vermillion smiled, but his look turned to one of fear when the Gryhon looked up to him, his eyes wide, golden, and evil, and Vermillion began to speak without his own control.

[B]?It is time.? [/B] The Gryphon?s eyes thinned, and it unleashed a blood curdling cry, and along with it, a mighty gust of wind. Vermillion was forced down to his knees by the creatures ferocity, and his heart began to pulse again, the same feeling as earlier. He looked up and watched helplessly as the creature reared back onto it?s hind legs and came down to strike.[/I]


[B]?Cadet Edge!!!?[/B] Vermillion?s eyes opened swiftly and he sprung up from bed. He looked around frantically, searching for the creature, searching for the mountains, but all that greeted him was the infirmary. He sighed and jumped out of bed, almost toppling Wing Commander Keiller. The Wing Commander looked him over and nodded.

[B]?Hmm? You passed out upon entry of the training module a fell into a series of fits. We took you back here, but nothing could be done. You appear fine though. Shall we contin? Mr. Edge??[/B] Vermillion turned to him and nodded.

[B]?Yes??[/B] The Wing Commander hesitated for a moment, almost as if not sure if he was imagining things or not. He shook his head and straightened out. Vermillion raised an eyebrow in confusion, cauing the bangs over his right eye to fall down. His eye opened wide in surprise to find that they were now a golden blonde color. Not unlike the eyes of the Gryphon? Not noticing the confusion in Vermillion?s face, the Wing Commander merely started walking off.

[B]?Nothing. Let us finish this.?[/B] Vermillion nodded and walked to his module, slipping in easily this time. He entered his disk and watched as the Audio Input screen came up. He cleared his throat, and entered his information, and odd feeling filling his heart. He felt like he could fly.

[B]?Name, Vermillion Edge. Rank, Cadet. Identification number, #006249. Age, 23. Specialty, flight. Initiate module SOUL.?[/B]

[B][CENTER]? ♥ ?[/CENTER][/B]

[B]OOC:[/B] I hope everything is in order, Redemption. Good to see you around again. :-D[/SIZE]
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[COLOR=Purple][B]Yawning she made sure the ring her father had given her mother was around her neck and got out of bed and streched. Looking in the mirror she saw her reflection and raise a dark eyebrow. She pulled at a stray strand of her long black hair and blew her bangs out of her violet eyes and away from her face. She looked at her body turning this way and that in the mirror, thin, lean and built from her training, long black hair to her waist pulled back into an untidy braid from sleep, violet eyes and slightly tanned skin. Not one thay was followed by guys but she got her fair share of valintines. She walked to her closet and donned on the customary uniform and sighed as she looked agin, this did nothing for her looks. Oh well. She sighed again and grabbed her ID badge and waltzed out the door meeting no one she headed for the basic training arena ready to get her hands dirty. Her favorite thing in the world, yeah, right. She looked up at the big guy gaurding the door.
"Emerald Balde, Emi for short. Rank, cadet. Age, 22. Number, 00326."
She took a step forward when he looked at her expectedly.
"Specialty, ground force. Happy now?"
He let her pass and she walked in taking her place in the back it didnt take long for her to fall back to sleep. She blinked and stood, swearing she was awake...but this was to cool to be real.[/B]
[I][B]Walking, just walking, it's peaceful. Such a beautiful place, what is this place?'
She recognized it as the memorial that was built years ago when her great grandmother and great grandfather were young. She frowned and looked at it and then jumped as a long loud and shrill howl rose through the sand. She spun around in time to see a large sand storm swirling around behind her, bright green eyes flashing in it over and over but she didn't feel threatened. Instead she took a slow step forward and felt her breath catch and the storm dissappered and there stood and yellow and black fox. It was huge, standing well over the building behind her but still she felt no threat. It whined and lay down on the sand inching forwards till it nose touched her hand, it was cold and damp as if the thing were real. She let her hand run up the muzzle feeling the soft fur and seeing its large eyes close in contemtment she sratched right between the eyes, knowing her dog loved that back home. She suddenly felt a sharp pain and telped as she was jogged awake by a ruler smaking her on the head. [/B][/I]
[B]"Stay awake cadet or your never going to graduate."
She sighed and leaned back in her chair.
"So says you."
"What was that?!"
"Nothing. I yawned."
she looked out the window thinking abou the odd dream she had been so rudely pulled away from.[/B]
[I][B]'How odd.'[/B][/I][/COLOR]
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[SIZE=1][COLOR=Sienna] Fheng Lei was feeling alittle tired so he hopped into bed and slowly started to fall asleep in his bed. After having weird voices echoing through his head during the training. All of this made him feel alittle paranoid. He drifted off to sleep and found himself as a child looking at a picture of his dad and crying. He drops the picture and finds himself in a immediatly caught in a trance flowing through nothing but darkness. It had a very thick mist coarsing throughout the place. It made no sense for him to open his eyes because he couldn't even see his hand infront of his face. He was starting to wonder what was his purpose of being here and why this was triggered by looking at a picture of his father. Then suddenly he felt himself dropping as deadly speeds. He looked down and saw a bright purple light with an enigmatic figure there closely observing him. He was wearing a black tanktop, ragged black baggy jeans and a pair of exclusively made sneakers for sneaking and stealth situations.

There was a loud scream that came from the figure and slowed him down enough for him to get a clear and clean landing. "Who....scratch that, WHAT are you?" Fheng said alittle shaken. The figure stepped forward and it was a falcon with long elegant slate grey feathers with an indigo stomach and head. It's eyes glowed a jade green color as Fheng felt alittle weird inside. Something was pulsing through him that made him feel a little light headed and he soon collapsed.

Through telepathy falcon said" I am a falcon as you can see. It seems like you aren't very good at critical thinking eh....anyway you are the one who will be able to use me, you have to power to you me in battle." His voice echoed through out his head as if it were being beamed through speakers.

"I know all about you, you are 21 years old and you specialize in the air unit. You like to fly quickly yet efficiantly. You have strong feelings for what you do because on your fathers death bed he said he wanted you to be something special. I also know you want to follow in his footsteps."

A light so bright emmited from Fhengs chest that if you looked hard enough you could see his skeleton. With out notice he was thrown on his feet. The falcon left him with this thought " you have the power to use me. But will you......". Fheng thought about it for a second then he decided to hop on the falcons back. A big bright door opened up with a light overflowing from it. The falcon gave a look at him and right there Fheng was reminded of his dad. When next to the falcon he feels warm inside. A smiled cracked across his face as he screamed LETS GO, as they flew through the darkness guided by the light emitted from the Falcon.

He woke up from his nap in a good mood. He got out of bed and started walking down the hall into the close quarters combat simulation room to get his daily training. He stepped up to the door looked at the electronic device, voice controlled, to state his information.

" My number is #007984 and I my rank is Cadet and I specialize in the air unit." he said. "Information correct" the electronic device confirmed. He entered the arena to start his training. He found an instructor there waiting for him. "State your name!" he said. "Cadet Fheng Lei, Sir!".

"You seem like your in a good mood, you better get your mind right. This is time for training." The instructor said.

Occ: Good enough?
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[size=1][indent][i]Explosions, gun shots, screams? It was war. A boy, no older than nineteen, lay still next to a wall, his own blood surrounding him. His chest had been shot and cut several times, and his right arm lay limp by his side while his left reached for his gun. His brown hair continuously fell in front of his silver eyes, worsening his already blurry vision. He grunted as his left arm stretched too far and pain shot through his body. He pulled it back into his chest, breathing heavily for a few seconds before reaching out again.

[b]"Of all the times?"[/b]

The voice startled him, and he looked up to see another soldier standing above him. He could tell it was a woman, but he could not make out her face.

[b]"Switch? You sure are useless sometimes."[/b]

He recognized the woman's sarcastic tone and grinned, closing his left eye to make the blur less severe.

[b]"Just hand me my gun, Andi."[/b]

[b]"Why? Your legs are fine. Get up and grab it yourself,"[/b] she teased before pointing her gun and firing. The sound of the gunshot was followed by a loud thud as her target hit the floor. Despite her comment, she grabbed the young man's gun and handed it to him before lifting him up and slinging his arm around her neck.

[b]"Let's get you to a hospital. You're a bloody mess. Literally. We'll take the sewers."[/b]

With the woman's aid, the boy ran as fast as he could through the back allies until they came across a large hole in the ground. The woman counted to three before they jumped down together. He stumbled after landing, but remained on his feet. They knew where they were going, and that the things chasing them would easily get lost in the complex sewer systems they had chased each other through for years. They had the upper hand, and they were sure the trip to the hospital would be a cinch.

But after a while, the boy began breathing harder, and was starting to lose consciousness. The woman noticed and quickly sat him down along the pathway. She glanced out from behind the corner they had stopped near, but there was no one in sight. She took the opportunity to take off her over-shirt and began ripping it.

[b]"You've lost a lot of blood. If we don't get to the hospital soon?"[/b] the woman trailed off, wrapping the ripped parts of her shirt around his chest to cover his bleeding wounds. His eyes were barely open, and his vision had worsened. But he distinctly made out two silhouettes behind her, and he slowly lifted his working arm before mumbling.

[b]"C-Cat? Behind?"[/b] he began, but he was soon cut off by her scream before she fell dead into his lap. He blinked for a moment before feeling a sudden force against the side of his head as he fell unconscious.[/i]


Two laughing men and a woman walked into a room with two bunks and desks in it, one vacant and the other occupied. The laughing subsided when the woman moved a chair closer to the lower bunk and sat in it, instructing the other two to observe what was in the bunk.

[b]"What's up with Morgan?"[/b] the shorter man asked.

[b]"Don't know. He's always still in his sleep. But look at him now. He's rolling around like crazy, and he's even grinding his teeth a little."[/b]

[b]"Relax, guys. It's probably just him having a nightmare about getting his arm,"[/b] the other man insisted, pointing to the discolored, robotically-modified limb that was visible until Morgan thrashed a bit and rolled over again. The others glared at him, as nobody ever spoke about that arm casually when he was awake. He always wore long-sleeves and a glove to cover up his hand, but that didn?t stop the rumors from getting out once he was seen without a shirt on.

[b]"I still think we should notify [i]someone[/i],"[/b] the woman sighed.

[b]"Go ahead. Don't know what good it'll do him, though. Well, we're out of here, right Stack?"[/b] the taller man yawned, walking out of the room, the other following close behind. The woman took one last look before leaving for the infirmary.


[i]The boy blinked his eyes open slowly, and when he looked around, he saw nothing but white. Looking down at himself, he realized he was no longer a boy, but a man of twenty four. He balled his right hand into a fist and it shook with anger for a moment before he released it and sighed.

[b]"That dream again?"[/b]

[b]"You aren't awake yet."[/b]

Looking up, he found himself staring into yellow eyes. He pulled his head back further to see the head the eyes belonged to was a large cat head, covered in black fur. He gawked at it before it coughed and inquired how long he would be staring at him. He instantly straightened up and shot a question back.

[b]"Wouldn't you be surprised if you found yourself talking to a cat?"[/b]

[b]"Panther. I am a panther. No need to be rude, Switch."[/b]

[b]"So you know my name? Well, it figures, seeing as you're in my dream. But why am I seeing a talking? panther?"[/b]

[b]"That will be explained later, when your ground unit expertise finally comes into play. But, unfortunately, I believe our time is up for now. Wake up, Switch, and see you soon."[/b][/i]


Switch bolted upright, but instantly fell back into his pillow, holding his hands to his forehead. He let out an angry cry of pain and annoyance, before realizing he wasn?t alone. He got out of bed, now wary of the low bottom belonging to the other bunk, and stood at attention.

[b]"Calm down. It's just the nurse,"[/b] he heard his roommate say. If her face had been visible, he was sure he would have seen her roll her eyes.

[b]"Ma'am,"[/b] he sighed, relaxing a bit.

[b]"Cadet #010062, Switch Morgan. Age, twenty-four, height, 185 centimeters, weight, sixty-four kilograms, hair, brown, eyes, silver. You passed all of your physicals, and the injuries you had sustained when you were younger have proven to be inconsequential in regards to your health and ability to perform in domestic and military duties. So, it basically says you're in perfect health. But I have been informed that you looked? discomforted in your sleep."[/b]

The nurse snapped her fingers, and the lights came on instantly. In front of Switch stood a grinning, slender woman, not much older than he was, holding a clipboard with some sheets on it that he realized must have been the information she was reading. He thought about it for a moment, and then remembered the lights had been off until a second ago. He stared at her curiously before waving the topic from his thoughts as he stretched. Thinking too much about what Nurse Addison did and how she did it would give anyone a horrible headache.

[b]"Care to talk about it?"[/b]

[b]"No thank you,"[/b] he mumbled, ruffling his brown hair.

[b]"Come, come now, Switch. We used to talk. Why not now? I never knew you could be this grumpy,"[/b] she pretended to pout, walking up to him and pressing her index finger into his muscular but bandaged chest. Switch glanced from her to his roommate standing in the doorway, a rather pleased look on her face. He knew she was loving this, and he gave her a wicked glare with his silver eyes to keep her from giggling out loud.

[b]"Look, I'm fine. I was just having a bad dream. Besides, as you said, I'm perfectly fine. Now if you don't mind, it's early, and unlike you two, it seems, I'd like to get some more sleep in before I have to do any work today,"[/b] he replied, practically shoving the woman out of the door, his roommate swiftly stepping out of the way.

[b]"Hmph!"[/b] she grunted rather loudly, flipping her hair and hugging her clipboard to her chest as she walked away, trying to hide the embarrassment of being shut down so quickly. Switch rubbed his nose as he glanced at the woman on the floor, almost completely debilitated with laughter. She had been worried at first, but it had been removed from her thoughts when she heard his conversation with the nurse. He ignored her, as he usually did when she was being annoying, and got back into bed, snapping his fingers to shut the lights off.

[b]"Besides, when my dreams are that bizarre, I must be sleep deprived,"[/b] he grumbled, burying his face deeper into his pillow.[/indent]

[b][color=#95D7FF]ooc ::[/color][/b] It was unclear (to me, at least) how long ago the Valentine?s Day attack was, so the ?war? in Switch?s memory/dream could be something else. PM/IM me if it needs changing. And in case my description of his appearance was unclear to some of you, [url= http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v332/PicKitty/RandomPicchus/hydelloon.jpg][u]here[/u][/url] is what he looks like. (without the spikes on his right arm, of course). ^_^;; And sorry it was so long. o3o; It was fun to write. x3 You only have to read the last part to get most of the information.[/size]
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[COLOR=DarkGreen][INDENT][SIZE=1]A nurse quickly ran over to a near by wall and pushed a large blue button signaling a serious medical emergency, medical personnel hastily filed into the room from all directions.

[B]?What happened?!?[/B] the doctor in charge shot questions at the nurse who had pushed the button, an obvious sense of urgency in his voice.

[B]?S-She came in complaining of a severe headache sir, I-I simply gave her a light sedative to help combat the pain, she was due for a scheduled run in one of the training modules and didn?t want to postpone it s-sir??[/B] the nurse was extremely nervous and stumbling over her words, the doctor shot a glance at her, she was clearly new and very inexperienced.

[B]?The Cadet here is violently allergic to the standard type of painkillers we use, if you had followed proper procedures you would have found that out and given her an alternative.? [/B] The doctor?s words may have sounded very harsh and condescending to those present but it was an important lesson she had to lean. If the nurse had looked up the cadets file and asked her the proper questions this could have been avoided.

The computer screen displaying the cadet?s vitals flashed and beeped numerous times in quick succession, clearly indicating something was very wrong. Medical staff passed needles and instruments backwards and forwards in an attempt to stabilize the cadet. The computer?s beeping suddenly became very rapid and then drawn together into one long continuous [B]?eeeeeeeee?[/B]. Every display became motionless.

[B]?Hand me the adrenaline, now!? [/B]


[I]An endless sea of sand dunes lay before the motionless figure. The sun, perched high in the completely cloudless blue sky, burnt everything with its rays. The heat was almost unbearable. The figure took one step forwards looking as though they were ready to collapse at any moment. Behind them in the distance lay a burning MechAnima, wreckage lay strewn about, smoke billowed from the destroyed machine.

Blood dripped down the face of the pilot, pain shot throughout their body with every step. They attempted to climb a sand dune but their footing was lost and they tumbled down, landing in a heap at the bottom. The pilot lay there for a long time, un-moving, summoning the strength to get up and move forwards. If they stayed there, they would die.

Willing her self to get up, the pilot stumbled to her feet, the wreck was no longer visible and the desert seemed never ending. If the heat did not claim her life then hunger or loss of blood would. The situation seemed hopeless. For what seemed like hours the pilot walked before the heat finally claimed her, with her last ounce of strength she fell into the shadow of a large dune. There would be no rescue.

Suddenly, like some strange dream, the ground began to shake, grains of sand danced as the vibrations became stronger. A mound grew in front of the pilot, increasing in size with every passing second, it grew enormous. Just when she thought she would be totally enveloped, the mound stoped growing and a large black claw burst forth from the sand. The claw was followed by another, then a head, legs and a barbed tail followed. A giant scorpion now stood before her. She raised her head in disbelief, no part of her body would move, she had neither the strength nor will to even think about running away.

The scorpion extended one of its massive claws and scooped up the pilots blood stained body. She laid there in the creatures claws, staring into its massive black eyes. The scorpion lifted its tail and made ready to strike, its stinger pointing forwards, surely this was the end. With lighting fast speed it struck the pilot in the chest causing her whole body to jolt with a searing pain, it struck her again and again, each time more violent than the last.

[B]?Wake up.? [/B] [/I]


[B]?Cadet? Cadet? Can you hear me?? [/B]

The cadet?s bright green eyes popped open, she hesitantly brought a hand up to her face and ran it thought her pitch black shoulder length hair.

[B]?Can you state your information for me??[/B]

[B]?Axl Logan. Cadet. Id number #010110. Age 21. Speciality ground combat.?[/B] Axl let go of a heavy sigh, she had no idea what had happened, last things she knew she had been siting in a medical chair waiting on some pain killers so she could get on with her training. Axl looked up at the doctor between her fingers through her long fringe.

[B]?It?s ok Axl you were accidentally given the wrong medication and had a severe allergic reaction. We were able to stabilise you, I?m strongly recommending you postpone your training for today and stay here for observation.?[/B]

[B]?Talk about one heck of a morning??[/B] [/SIZE][/INDENT]


[SIZE=1][B]ooc:[/B] Let me know if something needs changing, picture [URL=http://img172.imageshack.us/img172/4577/chickinbkackaz5.png]here[/URL] of what Axl looks like. [/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[COLOR=DarkSlateBlue][SIZE=1][I]A young boy, around the age of seven laid still on the dusty ground of the desert. He kept as still as he could, trying hard not to breath. It was only a few moments ago that he had been chasing a lizard under and around rocks. He had slipped and landed square in the middle of a snake nest. Now his chin was only inches above the delicate eggs of the reptile and the beady black eyes of the mother stared at him. This was not a good spot to be in and death was staring him in the eye.

?Chase!? A rusty male voice yelled from a distance.

How he wished he hadn?t run off ahead of his father, because of that chain of events Chase was now stuck in a death or death sitution and he couldn?t even answer his father,


His eyes darted around, this time the voice was closer and a woman?s. He shut his eyes tightly thinking he was close to the gates of death and that the voice was his mother?s come to lead him to the afterlife with her.

?Chase open your eyes.?

Doing as he was told, Chase was shocked as to what he saw. It was not the light at the end of a tunnel but, the snake, no not just any snake it was a cobra. The cobra had the tip of its head pressed against his nose. Sweat began to pour from his brow.

?Don?t? be afraid Chase. I won?t hurt you.?

Confusion flooded Chase?s mind, was this cobra really talking to him or had the heat from the desert gotten to him. He opened his mouth a bit, wanting to ask a question of the cobra but, he felt his body being snatched up by strong shaking arms. He was turned and saw the terrified look on his father?s face. He couldn?t stand that look and turned back looking for the cobra. It was clearly upset, hissing as it sank into the shade of a nearby rock.[/I]

[CENTER]+ + + +[/CENTER]

?Chase!? A young man, 21 years of age, was shaken awake by his commanding officer. Grabbing his arm Commander Ingmen halted.

?Chill, I?m fine.?

Releasing the Commander?s arm her ran his hand through his own hair as he fell back onto the rocky terrain, wincing as a rock jabbed him, he prepared himself for another scolding and one more accident report to add to his already large file.

?Cadet Revelin, now that I am certain that you are not dead, yet, I would like to ask you what gave you the notion to just take a trainer and go on a joy ride??

?Hm.....what will my excuse by today?,? Tapping his chin Chase drummed his fingers on the ground. ?Have I used the one were I was trying to save a hot chick??
?Yes, yesterday?, The commander sighed with frustration.

?What if she was really hot? Like super model hot??

?A super model all the way out here??

?Hey, you never know it could be for a photo shot or something.?

?The perimeter of this entire base if off limits to civilians.?

Chase shot up, growing restless, ?Okay fine I was bored, can you just take the information now??

?Yes, it?s best to get this out of the way. I?ve already had the nurses run a scan on you and your fine just a few scratches. Wish I could say the same for the Trainer.?

Looking over at the crash site he winced, boy was he gonna get it. There was no way anyone was gonna be in that thing for about a month, maybe more. Shaking his head he shut his eyes only yo open them shortly after. As soon as his lids had closed the memory of his dream had come back.


?Hm, what??

?I need your I.D. and, lets see, your still a ground unit right??

?That I am, as for my I.D., it would be 773403.?

?Alright, good. You?ll report to kitchen duty tonight and clean up the dishes and Dining Hall. ?

?Seem?s like a pretty light load for practically destroying a Ground Unit Trainer.?

?Well considering tonight is the Graduation of you Cadets, you?ll have your work cut out for you, and since you think it?s suck a light load you can clean up the hanger as well. I wanna be able to eat off that floor, Cadet Revelin.?
?Yeah, yeah whatever. If that?s your life long dream then I will make it happen.?
?Well then, I?m going to turn this report in and I?ll be sending a clean-up crew for the Trainer.?

Flashing Commander Ingmen a thumbs up Chase leaned back on his palms, looking up at the sky. He had always wanted to be an Air Unit, but his father had told him that in the Ground Unit he would get more hand to hand combat and had hoped that would calm his rebellious streak. To bad, it only gave him bigger toys to break the rules with. But, at this moment he didn?t care the sky was at a calm and since he had learned to pilot both he thought about skipping kitchen duty and going for another ?joy ride?. Maybe taking one of the female cadet?s with him.

[CENTER]+ + + +[/CENTER]

OOC: Hope that works for ya'll. Here's what [URL=http://i40.photobucket.com/albums/e244/BlackRose164/Anime%20Guys/Guy1.jpg][COLOR=DarkSlateBlue]Chase[/COLOR][/URL] looks like.
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OOC: Redemption, I decieded to sign up for the Bat guardian, I like Kitty's sign up and I'm not that paritial to cats :p , though I do have a fondness for panthers, a little black pride I suppose you could say :D. I really didn't change the sign up at all, put I decided to repost it.

[size=1][color=dimgray]The steady footfalls of boots echoed throught the halls. Every once in awhile there would be another passing cadet, and sometimes the seldom officer, but Trysten was alone. He was on his way to the Training Modules, as per orders. This would be one of the last times he would have to step into that chamber before he graduated. Sliding his ID pass into the door he stepped into the Observation Deck for the modules.[/color][/size]

[size=1][color=dimgray][b]"Cadet Charon your late..."[/b] A rough voice said before the door could close. "You know better than to try my patience, never the mind though you know what to do." Wing Commander Keiller added turning back to the staff.[/color][/size]

[size=1][color=dimgray][b]"Yes, Sir"[/b] Trysten replied giving a quick salute before turning and walking towards the module. Taking a deep breath he stepped into the module, not quite a confidently as he wished, but swiftly enough for a cadet. [/color][/size]

[size=1][color=dimgray]Entering his information disk, he took a moment to brush back his brown bangs revealing his redish eye, his original hair and eye, staring at the reflection on his screen.[b][i] "It's been awhile since it happened, it seems even longer since I hated it though"[/i][/b] The left side Trysten's face had partial reconstructive surgery after an explosion. The blast stripped away the skin on his left arm and a slight amount around his left eye. They decided to try a new form of skin grafting for his face, which worked amazingly well, though his appearance was dramaticly altered, due to lack of donors and sufficient time to find more. [/color][/size]

[size=1][color=dimgray]He recieved a new eye, blue contrasting his unusual redish. The section of his hair recieved was white, as well as strait unlike his wavy brown. The process left minimal scaring mainly being a blueish white patch of skin around his eyebrow, and an H shaped scar above his jawline from removing shrapnel. The rest of his body was cared for conventionally, leaving several more scars including a large one covering his left shoulder, and some laceration scars on his left forearm and right arm. At first Trysten was self conscious about his appearance, then he slipped into a state of depression, hating the way he looked, lashing out at everything, though he soon began to accept it, even like it, now he doesn't think twice about it, it's just him.[/color][/size]

[size=1][color=dimgray][b]"Can you hear me, enter your information cadet"[/b] A voice hummed over the intercom bringing his attention back on the module. [/color][/size]

[size=1][color=dimgray][b]"Sorry, Name: Trysten Charon, Rank: Cadet, Age: 24, Number: 001324, Specialty: Air Combat[/b][/color][/size][size=1][color=dimgray][b]"[/b] [/color][/size]

[size=1][color=dimgray][b]"Confirmed"[/b] A robotic voice said as the screen began flashing numbers rapidly.[/color][/size]

[size=1][color=dimgray][b]"Let's start this"[/b] Trysten whispered placing his hands on the controls.[/color][/size]

[i][size=1][color=dimgray]A dense jungle surrounded Trysten as he spun around. Light came down in scattered beams through the canopy, illuminating lush vegitation, brilliantly colored flowers in ever shape and size. Fruit hanging juicily from trees that all seem connected by a web of vines, some hanging to the forest floor. Though nothing moved, there was no sound, no life.[/color][/size][/i]

[size=1][color=dimgray][b][i]"What the hell kind of Sim is this?"[/i][/b] [i]Trysten growled slowly backing up scanning every place in sight, trying to put it in proportion with everything. As he continued backwards surverying a root caught his foot tripping him to the ground, and thats when he saw it. It was like a shadow within the shadows, no something darker than the shadows, Trysten wouldn't have seen it, if it wasn't for it's eyes. Green eyes, brighter and more lucid than a hot coal, staring down at him, passing judgement. Trysten couldn't move, he couldn't speak, his eyes were locked with it's, overwhelmed by it's unspoken power, suddenly it dissapeared. Trysten blinked and swiveled his head looking around, still lying from where he fell, nothing.[/i][/color][/size]

[i][size=1][color=dimgray]As he started to get up something crashed down on his chest, laying him flat as the air rushed out his lungs. Coughing his eyes were once again locked, as if intertwined with the green eyes, though he wasn't in the jungle anymore, he was on a hard floor, stone, a cave. Strangely now he could make out the rest of the animal, it's fur really was blacker than anything he had ever seen, as if light had never existed, it's lean powerful frame, bearing muscular legs and even stronger winged arms, but most of all he noticed the jade green eyes staring down at him. Though they seemed almost as if they weren't looking through him. The creatures ears were constantly twitching to unheard noises, it was a bat, though unlike any he had ever seen. He could only widen his eyes with shock as he felt ti's vampire like fangs sink into his neck.[/color][/size][/i]

[size=1][color=dimgray]A sharp sting in his cheek awoke him as he brought his head up to see Wing Commander Keiller standing with his arm raised as if to strike again, though his eyes showed concern not any hint of wanting to envoke pain.[/color][/size]

[size=1][color=dimgray][b]"He's coming to, son how do you feel?"[/b] He said, his usually rough voice smoothed out as he talked in a quieter tone.[/color][/size]

[size=1][color=dimgray][b]"Fine sir, what happened, what kind of training sim was that?"[/b] Trysten asked rubbing a hand across his still stinging cheek.[/color][/size]

[size=1][color=dimgray][b]"What are you talking about Cadet, there was no sim, there was a malfunction during start up and you blacked out, you sure you're ok?"[/b] Keiller said his eyes showing even more concern.[/color][/size]

[size=1][color=dimgray][b]"I'm fine sir, must have been a dream"[/b] Trysten replied cooly standing and walking away from the module as techs began to examine it.[/color][/size]

[size=1][color=dimgray]OOC: I hope thats ok Redemption, let me know if I need to change anything. [/color][/size][size=1][color=#696969]Here's what Trysten lookes like, [url="http://www.otakuboards.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=24474"]Click.[/url][/color][/size]
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[B][I]The open plains on either side faded in sight as Ajack's body began to be pulled forward...faster and faster with each passing heart beat.[/I][/B]

[B]Bringing his attention ahead of him, the savannah could be seen in the distance coming to it's end...a mountainside soon began to come into focus.[/B]

[I][B]In a rush of panic Ajack breath stuck in his throat as he anticipated the collision up against the rock...only to be surprised by his entire world shattering like a sheet of glass...his body bursting into what looked like to be space.[/B][/I]

[I][B]For a moment he hung airbourne...the stars and planets glowing with beauty and aura as he envied such light...then without warning he began to freefall downward ; further into the black abyss. His world began to spin and brought a sickening feeling to his stomach.[/B][/I]

[I][B]A swelling or nausia and dizziness invaded his mind as his innards began to twist and turn with his motion of fall. Small glimpses of solid ground beneath him could be seen coming closer. Ajack finally just let the inevitable go and closed his eyes and prepared for death.[/B][/I]


[B][I]To his surprise...Ajack opened his eyes...[I]alive?[/I]...he hadn't felt anything. No pain, no impact on the ground. In amazement he found himself in the savannah once again. It was now night; the cool air blew through his golden red hair and he inhaled it slowly through his nostrils...embracing its refreshing application.

Looking around his surroundings, he suddenly was started by the sight of a long, slendered beast lying beside him. It began to pure in its sleep as Ajack looked upon the beast. It was a Cheetah...long and sleak...and yet full of power and muscle as it lay curled up in a ball.

Ajack gracefully brushed his hand across its fur, making every attemt not to wake the beast. Without any movement, not even a stir, the beast opened it's deep black eyes and locked with Ajacks gaze. At first he felt at peace in the beasts sights...till his world suddenly began to drawn into the darkness. [/I][/B]

[B][I]"huuuuuuu"[/I][/B] Ajack opened his eyelids to darkness as he slowly raised his head off the pillow. Flicking on the night lamp next to him, he quickly put on his sunglasses and jumped out bed. For being blind man, Ajack was extremely graceful and agile in his movements.

Landing perfectly on one foot, he moved his way towards his closet pulled out one of many uniforms that he had. His roommate occupied the other side of the quarters, but didn't seem to be around. Each uniform was the same, there wasn't a need for having attire, so Ajack didn't have to worry about what he chose.

This wasn't the first dream that he's had that's given him the gift of sight...seeing his natural emerald green eyes once again. He often loved his dreams...but this latest one was different from the rest...he felt like dying.

Walking out of his quarters...Ajack could see in his mind the layout and dimensions of the hallway. Senses training from the military trained Ajack to anticipate and feel out the environment around him, however never again being able to see detail, faces...or any kind of art.

Despite his prideful nature, the military also insisted on him learning Braille. A lot of the other cadet's made fun of him for it.
State your rank and age, name and identification number for entrance...awaiting voice recognition.[/B][/I] Ajack stood in from of the administrative office for his appointment with his superior. The camera beside the steel door was motion activated.

Ajack cleared his throat and spoke with his usual deep, confident voice.

[I][B]"Ajack Masters: age 22, Ground Unit: Cadet. Identification Number #0005003"[/B]

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[size=1]Hey guys. An update of the who is wanting what:

[b]Phoenix -[/b] Redemption
[b]Dragon -[/b] Sakura
[b]Wolf -[/b] demonchild781
[b]Gryphon -[/b] Omega
[b]Fox -[/b] Knuckle's Girl
[b]Falcon -[/b] naota
[b]Panther -[/b] Kitty
[b]Scorpion -[/b] Eclipse
[b]Cobra -[/b] Tempest
[b]Bat -[/b] shadowofdeath13
[b]Cheetah -[/b] Kairi

These places are not set yet. I have to discuss with Knuckle's Girl who will be accepted.


Thanks to all who signed up. I'll let you guys know what's happening via PM soon.

[b]- Redemption[/b][/size]
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[color=teal][i][b][u][size=1]"So you wanna be a hero, huh, Blackfeather? With smarts like yours...."[/b]

His eye narrowed as he toggled his HUD's altimeter. He was getting too close to the ground. He made a slight adjustment, his eyes never leaving the radar. That red blip had been following him for a while....

[b]"Artek 'Raven' Blackfeather, reporting for duty, sir!"[/b]

The blip moved closer. He hailed the craft, received no answer. He shrugged. It wasn't like he expected one, anyway.

[b]"You're an idiot, Artek! Get the hell down from there! Artek! ARTEK!!!"[/b]

He rubbed his one good eye, sweat beginning to bead on his brow. His fingers grew tense on the joystick, waiting... waiting.

[b]"You damned fool! Why the hell are you worrying about Cadet Titian?! You're the one who needs help! Now get to the med bay!"[/b]

His lip curled as his comm chirped with the order to break and attack. He immediately slammed into an Immelmann, hoping to swing over his target and take them from behind. His eye widened when he saw the target coming right for him.

[b]"His left eye's suffered a great deal of damage; we believe the optic nerve may have come loose."[/b]

He winced as a single missile impacted his left wing. Another hit like that... suddenly, the world went silent.

[b]"Cadet #254002, Artek Blackfeather... put him back in the cockpit."[/b]

The eerie silence seemed to come from the enemy craft. His eyes narrowed as another missile ejected from the enemy's launch tubes. He entered a barrel roll, hoping to evade...

[b]"You're sending that... that.... he's a kid, Colonel! He's only eighteen! And he's just lost his left eye! How can you put him back in?!"[/b]

The missile was closing. 500 yards. 400 yards. 300 yards. 200 yards. He braced for impact, his 6' 2" frame pressing into his flight seat...

[b]"His compensation for his vision loss is perfect. In fact, I'd say, minus the obvious disorientation, he can see even better than before."[/b]

The impact never came. He opened his eyes, looking around, and found himself flying in the wind. His helmet, his suit, even his plane.... gone. He looked around and found himself in the talons of a great golden eagle. He blinked, slowly, and then...[/i][/u]

[b]"Artek! Wake up, boy!"[/b]

His eyes snapped open as he leapt out of bed. His spiky hair instantly snapped into its usual mess, his left eye staring unfocused from its socket. His sapphire right eye gleamed with irritation as he snapped to attention, barking out his identification reflexively.

[b]"Cadet #254002, Artek Blackfeather, sir!"[/b]


He looked at his instructor hatefully when he noticed his instructor glaring back at him, expecting something more.

[b]"My specialty is air combat, sir. My callsign is... Raven."[/b]

His hands clenched into fists as he stared at his instructor, the scream of an eagle ringing in his ears....[/color][/size]
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[B][COLOR=Purple]Okay everyone, we're working on it as I speak..or tyep. anyway, here's whoes in and what spots you got..as if it's not obvious...

[SIZE=3][COLOR=Black]Redemption: Phoenix

Sakura: Dragon

Demonchild781: Wolf

Omega: Gryphon

Knuckles' Girl: Fox

Naota: Falcon

Kitty: Panther

Eclipse: Scorpion

Tempest: Cobra

Shoadowofdeath13: Bat

Kairi: Cheeta

Talon: Eagle[/COLOR][/SIZE]

Okay, we're working as fast and as hard as we can on this to get it up so keep an eye out. Thanks for all the great sign ups![/COLOR][/B]
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