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Are "Rate My Team" topics allowed? Just wondering coz' I made a vow a while ago saying I would try not to spam! :D Anywayz, if it IS allowed, here's my stats:

[COLOR=red]PLAYER: Dbzman



TIME: 17:32


Nightwing (Noctowl) - L25

Electrode (Duh) - L25

Celebi (Duh) - L29

Rage (Red Gyarados) - L30

Hardass (Sudowoodo) - L30

Fireball (Typhlosion) - L37

Location: Ice Cave, training them all up to around L40 (Which is going to take me a looong time! :laugh:[/COLOR]

Pretty crap aren't they? :cross:
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It's a little cartride thingy which fits into the back of a GB/GB COLOR, and there's also a slot in the Xploder where you stick the game you want cheats for. It then finds cheats for it, select the cheats you want, then play the game and they'll be on! :D The Celebi cheat makes the next wild Pokèmon you run into be Celebi. It's usually between L10 - L15 but thats ok, because it levels up MEGA FAST! :lecture: I talk too much :D
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Guest Saiyaman
Dragonballzman : Good team. Ofcourse with my trusty gameshark I had around 195 pokemon,16 badges nad beat the game by 39 hours and has nothing to do with this topic so i'll shut up now. Also your doing good. Keep that up and you'll be a master in new time

MadMax : Basicly a gameshark just different

Gotenks : Be careful with those gamesharks. My game got deleted right after I caught my 2 something pokemon. One time sharking and your game has got the virus. I suggest wait till sometime next year and get the Gameshark Advanced foir Gameboy advanced. Has all the codes plus more codes as normal gameshark yet no virus!
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