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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Red XIII [/i]
[B][COLOR=green][I]OK since i live in Europe i wont be able to enjoy the Cube for 3 monthes but i want to know what are the best games on it so far and are there any good games coming out[/I][/COLOR] [/B][/QUOTE]

[size=1]Well here goes my list of GCN games that I've had enjoyed.

[b]Luigi's Mansion[/b]-Basically the main object in LM,was to suck many ghosts as you can,collect golds,money,etc,solve puzzels to get to the next room of ghosts.There are also Boos in the game around 50 of them its optional if you wanna catch the Boos if you caught them all you get a special prize.My thoughts on LM,its a very great game to play through I just love sucking the ghost and solving the puzzles.The only problem in LM it was a short game to complete.

[b]Super Smash Bro. Melee[/b]-The most hyped game on GCN if I am correct,and its the best GCN game I've played so far maybe because I can't get my hands off this game until I've unlocked all the secrets to the game.Its similar to the original Smash Bro. but with new moves,improves graphics,new characters,new modes to explore,etc.Well I really enjoy playing this game,unlocking all the secrets takes time and fighting with with a friend is the most fun I've had. And collecting trophies of classic Nintendo Characters along with there information from past games it just plain awsome!

[b]Super Monkey Ball[/b]-You get to play as a Monkey name Kiki(sp?) along with 3 other monkies rolling in a hamster-looking ball and beating courses to get to the next level as the farer you get the harder the level gets.You can earn points in 1-player game to unlock Mini games.To me you'll enjoy this game alot if you have friends to play with because there are some cool Mini games to play with your friend like Monkey Billiards,Bowling and Golf all three are great to play.

There's gonna be many great games coming out for GCN like Starfox Adventure: Dinosaur Planet,Mario Sunshine,Metroid Prime,Soul Calibur 2,Donkey Kong Racing,Mario Kart,Resident Evil series,Sonic Adventure 2,etc.:)[/size]
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[COLOR=darkred][SIZE=1]Hmmm. . honestly, almost every game I have played to date is tons of fun. So I will just post my listing ^_^ I will post a rating - one to five +'s Five being the best. I am having to give an honest opinion on these, or all of them would be five +'s ^_^ So here goes.

+++ Luigi's Mansion - (1 Player) Shorter game, but tons of fun, and some puzzles keep you guessing for a while. Slow to walk around, since I guess that vacuum weighs a lot. =P Not a ton of replay value in my opinion.

+++++ Star Wars Rogue Squadron: Rogue Leader 2 - (1 Player) Just a great game, tons of fun. Beautiful graphics, gameplay is a snap to learn. Levels can be very long and fun, game is not so tough that you get tired of it, but it is very challenging at times. Great replay value.

+++ Madden 2001 - (1 - 4 Player) If you are a football fan, you have to get this game. Tons of fun if you have the time. I have not really played this game too much, but the few times I have, I have to say the graphics are excellent, and the challenge, even on a five minute game - is extremelly challenging, even playing the best team vs. the worst team ^_^ Good replay value till you learn how to kick the crap out of the computer, like most sports games, LOL

++++ Extreme G3 - (1 - 4 Player) Awesome futuristic racing game. Graphics are excellent, and with good sound, the music playing throws you in a whole different world =P The races are nice and challenging, though you are not allotted too much freedom to do whatever you want. The ability to get weapons totally adds a great twist to this game, and I love it ^_^ Sweet 4-player ability on this game, special to the Nintendo GAMECUBE. Game is very fun till you get to the point where you can not beat the computer at all =P *cough*

+++++ Super Smash Brothers: Melee - (1 - 4 Player) WOW. . if you need any help in deciding to get this game. . *SMACK* . . sorry =) This game is probably the best fighting game to date, EVER! This is the most exciting game out there ever. It doesn't use story line or graphics (while it has GREAT graphics) or FMVs to sell this game. The gameplay and fun sells this game ten fold! Once you start playing multi-player with a room full of people, you will not come out for a few days. Replay value is beyond anything!

(no rating, yet) Pikmin - (1 Player) Just started playing this game, and it is nice! It is a very fun game (only like 4 days into it still. . but woah). There are some pretty challenging puzzles even in the first few boards, and I have to say that with the time limit on each board, you better be hussling to get everything ^_^

Ok, these next two are games my friend owns, so I will just put a short opinion on these. I will not post any rating on these.

Monkey Ball - (1 - 4 Player) Great multi-player games that you have to unlock. They have some really good ones. These are anyone's game really. I had a friend that just picked up the controller beat the guy who owned the game and myself (who had been playing for an hour). LOL, that was fun! The one player I only played for a bit, but the puzzles are pretty fun, and I have heard some of them are REALLY tough.

Batman: Vengance - (1 Player) This game is really awesome. They use the voices from the animated series, and the movies (while not cartoon) are really awesome. The gameplay looks easy enough, and you are given a lot of Batman's toys to play around with to make the game even more fun ^_^ The levels are pretty nice looking too, even if they are simple and plain looking. I will have to steal this game and give it more time =P

All in all, these are just a few of the games out there. I am sure most of the others are just as fun as these. Nintendo puts out great games, and I will most likely get the others when I get a chance ^_^

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[SIZE=3][FONT=century gothic][COLOR=crimson]SSBM is probably the best game out there... THPS3 is only for people who are into those types of games... i personally dont like sports games... one fighting and one racing game is enuff for me on any system, the rest i like to have stratagy and RPGs as u can see from my PSX, i had one of the Ehirgiz and the Nagano winter olymipics and then the rest were RPG/Stratagy games[/COLOR][/FONT][/SIZE]
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[SIZE=3][FONT=century gothic][COLOR=crimson]yes i will be getting the Zelda game... if only to play the new zelda game! lol... anyway i really dont care about how he looks (i prefer he looks better than what i have seen thou!) anyway it will still have the gameplay that is out of this world like the other ones so i guess i can block link out right?[/COLOR][/FONT][/SIZE]
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