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The Untold Story of Hate (PG- LV)

Guest NIKI12345

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Guest NIKI12345
[CENTER]The Untold story of Hate
In a world where nothing is perfect and everyone must fight to survive there was one little girl who would end it all. It?s the year 2086 and the world has lost total control. All the soldiers are at war and the human population has increased high in numbers that now the U.S is sent into famine. All this trouble began when a big explosion destroyed the White House and killed everyone in the 500 mile range from it. Now one lost little girl has a idea that might save the world and even create peace, but she needs a team to go over seas into the war zone and help her get the info she needs and the chance to speak her dream. This girl is Faith.

With her friend they will each have a task that could put their lives at risk. Even though she is a quiet girl she has over come her fear because of the thought of bringing her dad back from war. In her journey she learns more about a sister that she never knew she had and she understands the true meaning of faith.

With angels to protect her she is ready. Ready to show the world a hate free place. To show people what love and truth is. Nobody would ever think that one girl could make a big difference, but she can?t do it alone. Faith needs you. So are you willing to fight for a hate free world? Then this is the time to prove it. Join now and you to can make a difference.needed Characters
Nato/ male
Her father at war
Her long lost Sister Hope
Over sea soldiers going against the U.S
Latinda: Angel of life also Faith?s guardian angel
Her best friends Kris, Brittney, and David
Faith's master / teacher[/CENTER]

Needed info


Gender if not told or shown:



If you are a soldier which side do you fight on?

If you are an angel tell for whom and why:


Sorry soldiers do not have powers but list weapons:

Amount of angels 10

Soldiers on each side 20 or less to 12

My character
Name :Faith

Age: 12

Gender: Female

Past: She has been a little girl with only a father because her mom past away after the explosion. Her dad is one of the soldiers in the war. Has been very shy, but is not afraid to show her feelings and opinions.

Dreams: Her dream is to end this battle and finally bring peace to the world as many others have tried to do. Also to bring her father back home from war.

Power: She has none but she has a voice that can convince any one. She has the power to speak up like no one else can.

That is my character.
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[COLOR=Magenta]Name: Hope

Age: 14

Appearance: [URL=http://i56.photobucket.com/albums/g172/Just_Be_Yourself/1157753831640s.jpg]Hope[/URL]

Gender: Female

Past: Hope was separted from her sister before the war and even before Faith was born. When she heard about that she had a sister she had to know who she was. She was very determined to find her and now has a chance to meet her younger sister and tell her everything that has happened.

Dreams: She dreams of that she could find her power and help the world from destruction.

Power: She doesn't have any but she soons finds some that is like her name HOPE.
She finds hope that so anything good can come out of a bad situation.

Her she is.
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Name: Wynter Slagovich

Appearence: [url]http://www.animewallpapers.com/wallpapers/fushigi/fushigi_3_800.jpg.php[/url]


Past: He is of checkoslavakian decent, and in the war. Having lost everything, he knows only the fighting now. He fights for honor, and for his dying mother, whom the military promises to take care of as long as he fights. No longer does he wish for the senseless violence and bloodshed, he wanmts peace, and to go home to see his dying mother.

Dreams: His dreams are of future events, as well as a recuring dream of him standing in the middle of a busy street. His foot scrapes against the ground, destroying all that there is in that direction. Then, he steps forward, and all is wiped out. He is sudenly standing on water a blue a saphires, with a moon made of swirling blue clouds of various tint, with a back round of Orange clouds.

Side: he fights for Japan


Senbon Needles: rather like throwing needles, a target must be hit in a precice point, or the mortality rate is rather low.

Artificlial arm: this arm is more so an advanced prosthetic for military use. Within it is a small and compact shotgun, and it fires coins, not bullets.
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Name: Mithos Yggdrasill

Appearance: [URL=http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/2/2a/Mithos_Angelic_Form.jpg]Click Me[/URL]

Age: Human Form - 12
Angelic Form - 20

Gender: Male

Past: Mithos was born an Angel but isn't well liked in the angelic community mainly because of his mothers abandonment of him to live among the humans. The war has prompted Mithos to descend upon the world of humans to try and find someone who he believes can stop the war and protect them at all costs for the sake of his mother and his rumored half-sibling

Dreams: Mithos dreams to be accepted by his fellow angels and to be re-united with his mother.

If you are an angel tell for whom and why: No one yet

Powers: protective and healing abilities.
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