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Sign Up The Enclave 2 [M-LVS]


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[color=darkred][size=2][font=book antiqua]Rath stared down at the enemy army camped outside the city of Haserth. Troops that were not asleep milled about lazily doing the duties waiting until the coming dawn before the battle started. Rath had watched them for several weeks now as they pillaged and plundered they way through several townships and now they had entered the kingdom of Mecki. The old king was no long gone and a much wiser one had entered his place and brought the city beyond its former glory.

But now this army seemed to be making its way towards Mecki for some reason that Rath did not know. They bore the arms of one he had never seen before and he had been around most of the kingdoms. Though Mecki was his home town and he had the power to stop this small army he would sit where he was. He longer bore the colors of Mecki but had become a merc for hire and made himself famous all of the land from the Black Mountains to the Crystal Sea. The city of Haserth could hold this force due to Mecki?s strong training techniques thanks to one paladin by the name of Dalanius, a very capable and unrelenting paladin commander in the army but more would soon come.

[b]?How long are you going to take to sneak up on me??[/b] He turned his head and saw a scout of the army he was watching. The scout was extremely confused as how he knew he was there. The man stuttered for a second then regained his composure. [b]??That does not matter you are coming with??[/b] Right before his eyes Rath disappeared. No smoke or cover just gone like that. The wind didn?t even blow. [b]?How the hell did he do that??[/b] Suddenly he heard a voice behind him before his head fell to the ground. [b]?you will never know?[/b]

King Tyran was enjoying his meal when one of his scouts came in. [b]?Sir the city of Haserth has been attacked. They repelled the unknown force but reports from the other kingdoms have been flying in saying the same thing. Even the elven cities are under attack as well. Not even the rogue cities are safe.?[/b] King Tyran leaned back keeping a calm demeanor. [b]?Do we know where they came from??[/b] The scout nodded. [b]?From the Black Mountains but we have no idea where after that since no one has bother to cross it. Shall I send the summons to the other leaders??[/b] Tyran nodded. [b]?Yes even the elves?[/b]
Peace has long prevailed in the five human kingdoms and the four elven forests for almost fifty years since King Samuel?s death at the hands of Vincent, Kacela, Dalanius, and Ceyla but a new evil has come around. A summons for the best fighters from each kingdom and forest though the elves and humans do not really get along. Are you up to the task at hand or will you let the free lands fall to darkness?

Before signup there are several things you must know and choose.
1. The rules are the same as always so don?t try to go around them. I will look over each profile and will pm if there need to be changes.
2. There is only a certain number of spots so make your profile as good as possible. Weakness in chars will improve your chances at making it because it gives better rps.

3. You must either by a Human, Elf, or Half Breed. No exceptions
4. After you choose with race you must now make the following choice as to what class you are.
Paladin-The backbone of every army. They are strong and loyal to their kings and expertly trained in the art of sword fighting but have no magic skill what so ever. Male only.
Mage Knight-A swordsmen skilled in basic defense magic but do not pack the punch like a paladin does but their defense magic is no joke. Male or Female.
Huntress/Hunter-A scout or rogue. Either they are under colors or prefer to be by themselves making their living as a merc. Skilled mainly in archery but are not limited to short swords. Male or Female
Assassins- Just as the name is they are quick, quiet and deadly up close but must get close to do their work. Male or Female.
Mage-Usually what the women go into. Though they have no melee combat skills they can deal very devastating magic attacks(elemental, summoning, black, light, life, or necromancery). Female only.
Guardian-This is only for two people in this rp and they have already been chosen. People who are worthy of this title have become legends. They are not limited by anything and can deal devastating magic attacks along with deadly melee skills. Only two have earned this title so far.
5. You must have a home city or forest. City is human, elf is forest.
The Kingdom of Mecki-King Tyran
The Forest of Callandor-High Elder Gran
The Kingdom of Visou-Lord William
The Forest of White Woods-High Elder Xion
The Kingdom of Astec-Prince Jacques
The Forest of the Ravens-High Elder Zenith (female)
The Kingdom of Fazen-High Priest Francis
The Forest of Killian-High Elder Sashana (female)
The Kingdom of Numaro-Queen Lilith (female)

Bio sheet
Name: be creative
Age: 21 and up
Gender: simple
[b]Race:[/b] human, elf, or half and half
City or Forest:
Race: One of the three please
Class: One of the above except Guardian unless you are the one that I have allowed to be it
Personality: Be creative. I want about one paragraph at the least
Weapons: Three if you are paladin everyone else is two unless you are a mage then it is one.
Magic: Magic users only if you don?t put n/a. Mages you have six different spells so be creative. Mage knights have three defense spells.
Bio: Be creative about your past at least two paragraphs.
Snippet: Be creative about it and please make it at least end with you getting a summons by your leader to join him to Mecki.

Have fun and pm me for questions[/font][/size][/color]
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[FONT=Franklin Gothic Medium][B]Name:[/B] Gale
[B]Age: [/B] 24
[B]Gender:[/B] male
[B]City or Forest:[/B] The Kingdom of Mecki
[B]Race[/B]: Human
[B]Class:[/B] Paladin
Gale is the perfect soldier. His thoughts and his actions are for justice and the safety of others. He has great leadership skills that impress even the highest ranking of an army. When it comes to life, he is always clever with his words to the women. Sometimes he though hi memories of his wife appears and stops himself. Gale has a habit on keeping his emotions bottled up. When he sees something that would make him outraged, he bottles it in and thinks it through on why he feels that way.


[B]Explosion "The Explosive Sword": [/B]
A sword with no proper cutting edge but creates a powerful explosion on contact with the enemy. This sword was made by his father who believed magic would save the world from the darkness. The side effect of the blade is the shock of the impact is powerful to the extent that if Gale uses it in succession too much, it could possibly hurt or kill him. It is not magic from within Gale but from the sword itself.

[B]Green Destiny:[/B]
Gale also uses a legendary Green Destiny in case of trouble times. The powerful sword has been passed down for almost 3,000 years. It has been protected and remade several times from old age, but it still keeps it's ancient ways.

The blade of the Green Destiny is thirty-three inches long and one-tenth of an inch wide, engraved with green-enameled dragons along the length of the blade on both sides. It has an eight-inch hilt (long enough for two-handed use if necessary) that is two-sixths inches wide and seven-tenths of an inch thick, with several rubies missing from the guard.

Like most swords from the old age, the blade is very flexible and light, but at the same time is strong enough to parry the blows from other weapons. It is forged of an unknown metal, which is far stronger and more durable than steel. Because it is so thin and light, the Green Destiny is very maneuverable and extremely sharp. A light tap from the blade is enough to cause deep wounds, shown to be able to cut a ceramic pot in half. More amazingly, the Green Destiny is able to cut or break through other steel weapons. No matter how strong, the sword will eventually destroy the weapon

[B]Magic:[/B] n/a

[B]Bio: [/B]
A mysteries man that was forged from the depths of the black. He appeared out of nowhere covered in injuries that would kill any average man. A lone king that ruled over a forgetton world. Everything in his life erased from memory. Gale explained to many crowds time and time again about what has happened to him, but failed. Now it seems he would neevr get his life back and will always feel deep saddness

He started anew, hiding in the kingdom of Mecki and working like a common man. He kept with his old ways of the sword. After settling down, he became a volenteer soldier and worked to protect people. Soon his skills and tactics shinned over the leaders as they found him a great warrior to forge into their army.

[B]Snippet: [/B] (edit)[/FONT]
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[B]Name:[/B] Dalanius Grey
[He shortened his last name after going through drastic changes in his personality.]

[B]Age:[/B] 47
[B]Gender: [/B] Male
[B]City or Forest:[/B] City- The Kingdom of Mecki: King Tyran
[B]Race:[/B] Human
[B]Class:[/B] Paladin [Soon to be Guardian]

Dal?s personality has changed significantly over the years. Once he was bitter, rude and cynical, never letting anyone become close to him, and succeeding in pushing everyone away. Past events in his life caused him to act as such, he couldn?t let go of them, nor could he let go of how much of a failure he was. He would drink, swear, and rudely berate people for doing the wrong thing. Dal was one to never ever ask for help, he was doomed to die a quick death alone.

However, all that was changed when he met a certain assassin named Ceyla. For want of a better description, she changed him. Ceyla gave him a reason to be different, to discard his old ways and start anew. Now many years later she still keeps him sane. Dal is now quite the opposite of what he once was. He is happy, kind and would do anything for his friends and family. He tends to keep away from the drink and when he is not with those he knows; he can be found practicing his techniques. Sometimes he can be a bit melancholy when he thinks of the past and of missing/deceased friends.

[URL=http://i37.photobucket.com/albums/e70/Illusion87/zomg.jpg][B][Dal][/B][/URL][Ignore the sword and replace with axe]

Dal has aged considerably over the years, the battles and his past taking their toll on his features. He is still handsome, he has kept his hair long but it has gone gray, streaks of brown and black still linger. Hs face is usually covered in stubble because of how quick it grows back after he shaves. His face and skin are pockmarked with small scars and such from the numerous battles he has fought in and has matured considerably. He usually wears the attire in the first picture and dons the black and gold armor for serious battles. When just relaxing he will simply wear a loose fitting shirt and pants. His eyes have changed and now are a bright green instead of a bright yellow. On his finger he wears a new gold wedding band, when in battle he removes it from his hand and wears in on a chain around his neck. Both of his ears are now pierced as well with small silver studs.

[B]Weapons: [/B]

[B]-Double-Bladed Axe[/B]
Dal has been in possession of this axe for a long time. It is worn in some places but its blade is still as sharp as ever. This particular axe as seen him through some difficult times, and is sure to see him through many more. The hilt of the axe is long, almost as tall as Dal is and wrapped in soft brown leather. Two large axe heads protrude from the top, chipped in places. The blades themselves are a darker metal then the sharpened edges; two pieces of long leather fall free from where the blades start.

[B]-Chain Whip[/B]
A newer weapon of Dalanius?, this weapon in effect is a long piece of chain with a sharp spike fastened to the end but with one difference. The pieces of chain have been beaten and sharpened by a skilled black smith until their edges resemble small blades. The chain-blades start a third of the way down the whip until its end. This allows for Dal to swing the whip and not be cut should he suffer back lash or happen to come into contact with the whip.
It can also be used as a rope or item for grabbing things.

[B]-Throwing Dagger[/B]
A simple dagger used for throwing, it?s remarkably sharp and Elvin in design.

[B]Magic: [/B] None as of yet.

[B]Bio: [/B]
Dalanius' parents, among many other people, were brutally murdered by a known hoard that ripped through the country side many, many years ago. He was only a child when the event occurred and can?t really remember the events that took place. He was adopted by his only other living relative, his uncle. His uncle was a great and revered Paladin in time past; Dalanius grew up aspiring to become as good as his uncle once was.

Going through many tough times Dalanius quickly went through the ranks of the Paladin class and was eventually summoned by the former king to help look for his missing daughter with a group of others. During that time Dal faced many though challenges, along with everyone else in the group. His toughest challenge was coming to terms with his undesirable past and awful memories that seemed to plague him at every turn. It was during this time that he found love once again with a lady assassin by the name of Ceyla. She completely changed him. She in fact saved his life.

After the defeat of the former king, Dal asked Ceyla for her hand in marriage. He asked her rather romantically, on a boat he had bought for them to relax on after the difficult battle. He accepted much to his utter delight and the two were married a few months later. The ceremony was small but beautiful. Since that day they have been married ever since. They were even lucky enough to have two children, both who have moved away from home to start their own lives. Dal and Ceyla now live happily together and he wouldn?t have it any other way.

[B]Snippet: [/B]
He had been training all afternoon; it was what he did now days, when he wasn?t teaching others to fight. Dal had been living a quite and peaceful life with his wife for quite some time now. He loved her dearly, he often found himself thinking what he did to deserve her. It didn?t matter however, they were together and that?s all that mattered. That and the thought that his children were happy forging their own destinies, living the lives they wanted.

Dal made complex movements with his arm, hacking at the air, his axe making a loud ?swoosh? sound as it was brought down with force. If anything Dalanius had decided to keep his fitness and strength in battle in tact. The other paladins and soldiers may call him an old geezer but the fact of the matter was he could still beat every one of them in combat and they knew it. He began to wonder when he should actually start to wind down, he was almost fifty, and considering everything that he had been through, he wasn?t so young anymore.

He suddenly heard footsteps approaching from the path down hill; it was quite a hike to get to where he liked to train. Something he liked to prove himself against every morning or whenever he felt like it. It was a smallish circular clearing of trees near the edge of a large cliff that looked down onto a magnificent lake. Dal stopped practicing his swings and stepped to the right of the small opening that led to his training clearing. A young solider stepped through the small gap in the thick tree line and looked around for something. Dalanius quickly came up behind the boy and tapped him on the shoulder with the hilt of his axe. The boy spun around, surprised at first and went for his sword. When he saw who it was his sword was sheathed again and a smile crept cross his stern face.

[B]?Paladin Dalanius.?[/B] The boy snapped into a salute. Dal returned the salute with a laid-back smile.

[B]?What brings you out here Talon??[/B] he asked with a raised eyebrow.

[B]?The king sir, he request your assistance with the impeding war.? [/B] The solider watched his superiors face closely and he was right to do so, because it changed dramatically from one of happy-go-lucky to quite serious.

[B]?I?ll be there as soon as I can.? [/B] Dal saluted the boy, gathered his things and left immediately. The first thing he would do was go home and discuss things with Ceyla. He had a feeling she might have been asked as well?

[strike][B][COLOR=Red]I have a speach due today so, I'll have my bio and snippet done after I get home this afternoon sometime, sorry for the wait.[/COLOR][/B][/strike][/SIZE]
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[color=darkred][size=2][font=book antiqua]Actually i went back and but that in once i saw it on yours so edit signups people and i put in race.

[b]Name:[/b] Vincent Sasfron "Is only known as Rath now. Noone knows his real name any more
[b]Age:[/b] 45
[b]Gender:[/b] Male
[b]Appearance:[/b] [url=http://s32.photobucket.com/albums/d41/whitewolf_fang/?action=view¤t=Demon_Knight.jpg]Armor[/url] [url=http://s32.photobucket.com/albums/d41/whitewolf_fang/?action=view¤t=wallpaper_devil_may_cry_2_02_1024.jpg]Face[/url]
[b]City or Forest:[/b] Kingdom of Mecki but has no place he calls his own at the moment
[b]Class:[/b] Guardian
[b]Personality:[/b] Once very outgoing and cheerful he has become completely silent, barely talking unless toying with his enemy. Always has that look in his eyes that makes other people turn away from him when he comes into town.

When fighting he usually never loses his cool keeping the same face the entire fight never shwing emotion. If he does somehow get pushed past his point he loses touch with humanity.
[b]Weapons:[/b] [url=http://s32.photobucket.com/albums/d41/whitewolf_fang/?action=view¤t=AbyssalBlade.jpg]Abyssal Blade[/url] Forged from the pits of hell and cursed by the Devil himself, Rath obtained this sword after he choose to go to hell himself and trained under the guidance of demons in training and black magic. Just once scratch from this sword can kill you. The sword in the armor pick and two longswords attached to his back under the cape.
[b]Magic:[/b] Black magic attacks and several elemental ones
[b]Bio:[/b] The son of Zylon the first person to ever reach the title of Guardian. When the first king's princess was kidnapped Vincent and a group of other took off on a quest to find her. Mnay things happened on that journey kincluding the King's death at the end. Afterwards the group split up in half and each went the own ways but stayed in touch.

Vincent got married to a woman by the name of Kacela and lved a good marriage for 10 years before her dad tore them apart by saying false things. Vincent was devestated and set his once of fire then left letting everyone think he was dead. He stayed out in the wild training nonstop refuesing contact. He went through hell and back training then he went and became a merc and soon his flase name was heard, respected, and feared everywhere.
[b]Snippet:[/b] Rath ran his finger around the edge of the glass in the local bar in Dhar a fairly good sized sict close to the city of Fazen. He heard a small noise and thought of it as another customer just walking in until he heard the footsteps walking towards him and slid his hand to his sword. [b]"State you business"[/b] The man stopped and held out a sheet of paper.

[b]"The King of Mecki requests your skills against the army. Everyone knows you are a powerful fighter"[/b] Rath turned his head slightly at the sound of chairs moving and a small smile played at his lips. [b]"Bounty Hunters"[/b] Instenly the nearest fell to the ground from a slash across his stomach. Rath sidestepped and speared though one and catching another in the face with the point. He pulled out and flipped it bacwrads implaing the last one behind him. He sheated his sword and walked to the messenger. The paper suddenly fell in half. As rath walked by and opened the door. Before he disappeared in the darkness he looked over his shoulder once more. [b]"Tell your king to send a better offer next time"[/b][/font][/size][/color]
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[font=Book Antiqua][color=DarkSlateGray][B]Name:[/B] Ceyla Grey
[B]Age:[/B] 43
[B]Gender: [/B] Female
[B]Race:[/B] Human
[B]City:[/B] The Kingdom of Mecki--King Tyran
[B]Class:[/B] Assassin
[B]Personality:[/B] Ceyla has softened in her interactions with people as she has gotten older--at least, with the ones she's not set on killing. Her affinity for children is even stronger, as is her tendency to help those in need. Still, she never let go of her life as an assassin, and though her targets are those causing harm to other people, it doesn't change the fact that her profession is in slaughter. Kind in daylight, sharp in shadows. She has a special weakness in her heart for her husband, but, being prideful, tries to hide it.
[B]Appearance:[/B] Her hair is still about the same sandy blond, but her eyes are now almost pure gray, and there are telltale wrinkles at their edges. She is as strong and agile as ever, which is not too surprising considering assassination is excellent for keeping a good physique. She is on eye-level with most males. Her clothing, keeping with her class, is nondescript.
[B]Weapons:[/B] [url=http://i74.photobucket.com/albums/i258/silver_blade_clone/stiletto.jpg]Stiletto[/url], the same one she has had since Mecki, but is still the best of weapons, and a [url=http://i74.photobucket.com/albums/i258/silver_blade_clone/katar.jpg]katar[/url].
[b]Magic:[/b] None

[B]Bio:[/B] After a delightful childhood of escaping her would-be forced marriage, Ceyla grew into a contradictory assassin. Along with several other highly skilled warriors, Ceyla was eventually hired to rescue the Princess of Mecki. Of course, it is common knowledge that the group eventually rescued the princess and defeated the former corrupt ruler of the city.

Less commonly known is the fact that Ceyla fell in love with one of her comrades, the paladin Dalanius, whom she grew to love over their long journey. Once the tumultuous events involving king Samuel were finished, they married. Ceyla, having loved children all her life, had two of her own, although they are grown and gone off to seek their own fortunes. Ceyla considers herself blessed to have such a good life, especially since assassins are rarely known for having contented, peaceful lives.

[B]Snippet:[/B] The day was exceedingly pleasant, without a cloud to mar the blue of the sky. Mecki had settled into a peaceful lull in the years after the defeat of King Samuel, and Ceyla took some satisfaction in knowing that she and Dalanius had helped to make it so. Especially when she saw the children of the neighborhood, and thought of how her own children had been able to have a mostly tranquil childhood, she felt pride welling within her.

Some things never changed. For instance, she still had a soft spot for children. At her side, helping her line clothes, was a girl of eight, whom Ceyla was watching for a neighbor. Ceyla found domesticity a refreshing change from her earlier years. This did not mean, however, that all traces of her former career had left. Shadows are hard habits to break.

"So Sam took my doll, but I chased him and tripped him into the pond, and I got it back. Girls can too fight, can't they, Missus Ceyla?"

Mari continued her monologue without waiting for an answer. Ceyla smiled. The child had chattering down to an art. Mari's voice combined with the voices of others at work or play, and soft rush of wind through the trees. It was soft, everyday lull. It made Ceyla notice all the more acutely the softest clink of mail approaching. With one hand, she pinned a shirt to the line. With the other, she drew the stiletto strapped under the sleeve of her left arm and flicked it behind her. She held her finger gently to one side of the blade, making sure she did not actually cut into the neck of whoever it was behind her.

Turning, she found a soldier looking worriedly at the blade. Ceyla returned it to its hidden position at her arm. [i]Not bad,[/i] she thought, inwardly smirking. Her skills had not diminished.

"If you're one of the soldiers my husband trains, I advise that you not make him overly aware of this," Ceyla said. "It won't reflect too well upon your record to have been taken off guard. If you need to speak with Dalanius, he's training right now."

Her informality seemed to have shaken the soldier a bit, but he regained composure quickly. "King Tyran sent me for you, ma'am. He asks for you to go to the palace."


"I don't know much, but there have been attacks on other cities, human and elven, most recently Haserth."

Ceyla nodded to the soldier's salute as he left. She sent Mari, who had been watching open-mouthed, back to her mother's. Ceyla felt a chill run down her spine. Bloodshed was nothing she feared for herself, but it was certainly nothing she welcomed. It both relieved her and worried her more to see Dalanius hurrying towards her down the road.

OOC: Sorry this took so long. My virus is not cooperating.[/font][/color]
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[B]Bio sheet[/B]
[COLOR=Teal]Name[/COLOR]: Leies Gildedleaf
[COLOR=Teal]Age[/COLOR]: 27
[COLOR=Teal]Gender[/COLOR]: Male
[COLOR=Teal]Race[/COLOR]: half-elven
[COLOR=Teal]Appearance[/COLOR]: Shoulder-length blonde hair, with deep green eyes, no facial hair. Wears a green cloak and comfortable-yet-durable clothing, pants, shirt, boots, ect.

[COLOR=Teal]City or Forest[/COLOR]: The Forest of White Wood: High Elder Xion

[COLOR=Teal]Class[/COLOR]: Mage Knight

[COLOR=Teal]Personality[/COLOR]: Curious like the elves he was raised with, but with a slow, cautious nature, Leies is still young for a half-elf. He always speaks whats on his mind, not usually thinking about what the consequences will be. This kind of attitude has made him some bitter rivals, but Leies couldn't care less. He's never had many friends, but since he grew up without a father, he's used to it, and just keeps on moving forward. His mother's family accepts him as their own, though, and it is through them that he found his outlet; sword play. He hopes to one day be good enough to win reknown across the land, even if he won't admit it to himself. He has left his home, and now wanders in search of mercenary work, and a chance to prove himself.

[COLOR=Teal]Weapons[/COLOR]: A long sword that was made in past generations for his family, his mother gives it to him, so that he will be safe when he ventures out into the world. It is said to be blessed by an elven goddess, but no one has ever proved this. It is of very fine elven make nonetheless.

A long bow of his people, it was made for him when he was small, and he still prefers it to this day. It's good for hunting, and that's all that matters to him.

[COLOR=Teal]Magic[/COLOR]: [COLOR=DarkGreen]Barrier[/COLOR]- When Leies waves his hand, he can produce a magical barrier that is able to block most attacks. Can be held in place, or used in tandem with his sword fighting.
[COLOR=RoyalBlue]Wind shield[/COLOR]- Leies can use this by swinging his sword in fast patterns about him. Creates a ball of wind about him that will repell almost anything. (Hard to keep up though, as it wears on his stamina)
[COLOR=Magenta]Dome[/COLOR]-Creates an extremely strong dome of energy around the user and anyone around them that is almost impossible to break. The only drawback is the user cannot move while using this spell and causes serious stamina/energy drain on them.

[COLOR=Teal]Bio[/COLOR]: His father was a traveling human mercenary, wanting only to have his own way in the world. As his group passed through an elven village, he had his eye on an elf maiden. Let's just say he got what he wanted. After this, he left the place and never came back. This is where Leies comes in. He never asked for a good-for-nothing father; it just happened. He was born into the elven forest of WhiteWood, and has had to get along with the fact that he has no father. This, coupled with the fact that everyone his age called him a mixed blood, didn't help his troubled mind.

His mother didn't even tell him why she was so afraid of him going out into the world, until he suggested becoming a mercenary. She thought she might change his mind with the story, to make him stay there with her; but in truth, it only fueled the fire. Now, he had more than just a passing fancy to go off on an adventure; he had a PURPOSE, to find his father, and see the man who was cursed by his mother. Maybe he would have some answers that his elven world just couldn't give him.

[COLOR=Teal]Snippet[/COLOR]: Leaning the back of his chair against the tavern wall, Leies judged that now was the time to talk. The bandits had left, with most of the tavern's gold in tow. In his friendly and casual way, he got out of his chair, and made his way to the bar keeper. Still using his "nice voice" he asked the barkeep for a drink. The barkeeper, flabergasted that a man would ask him for liquor at a time like this, responded by dropping his jaw. Leies sighed, he was going to have to lead this the way he wanted it to go.

"So old man," said Leies, "just how much gold was stolen? I can tell by the way they staggered out of here that they must have gotten away handsomely ..." he broke off. The barkeeper just nodded, stupidly. "And..." continues Leies, "seeing as I'm the only one left here that hasn't run off, I'd like to be the first to offer my services to you." He bowed, his cloak sweeping the floor. Stammering, the barkeeper replied, "Yo..you...your not with them?!"

Laughing, Leies shook his shoulder length hair. The sunlight shone through a broken window, and it made his hair shine. "Of course not, it would ruin my reputation to be seen with such low-lifes as themselves. I'm a mercenary for-hire, and right now, it looks as though my services are required." He bowed low again, this time his hair touched the floor. Then he looked up, "For a modest fee, of course."

The barkeeper nodded his head vigourously, wanting nothing more than his precious money back in his arms. With that being said, Leies swept out the door and went to ask which way the men went. He smiled, it had been his first real job in weeks.

Hours later, just as it was getting dark, a triumphant Leies returned to the tavern, all the gold with him in bags. The innkeeper was jubilant, and jumped up and down with glee. After a few rounds of ale, and the story of his feat told many times over, the innkeeper pulled Leies aside. Motioning to a paper he held in his hand, he said to Leies, "While you were gone, a messenger arrived in town with tidings." He cleared his throat. "The King of Mecki is asking all the best fighters in all the lands to gather to his kingdom, and by jove, I think you ought to go!" He smiled at Leies, while he examined the paper.

"Sounds interesting," said Leies. "I might have to check up on it," he said almost to himself. After a few more complimants from the innkeeper, he walked slowly up to his free room, lost in thought. "Maybe, I'll be able to find my father." He thought. But soon, he was in his room, sleeping and dreaming of the journey he would undertake the next day.
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alright people finsih up your posts and we will get this going i want to have it up in the next couple days.

Silent sword for your third spell.
Dome-Creates a extremely strong dome around the user and anyone around them that is almost impossible to break. The only drawback is the user cannot move while using thsi spell and casue serious drain on them
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[SIZE=1][B]Name:[/B] Makhaira Draisun

[B]Age:[/B] 35

[B]Gender:[/B] Male

[B]Race:[/B] Human

[B]Appearance:[/B] Makhaira is a different sort of breed, he is roughly 6?0? to 6?1?and he has a dark skin tone about his body, a tan color that could blend in nicely with the ground. He has one green eye and the other is blue, his hair is a pitch black color. His face is clean of any mark or blemish even though he is an, experienced worker. His attire is simple but very effective for his line of work. He wears a simple black vest over his bare chest that has holes where laces should go, but are not there.

His pants are slightly baggy, but only enough for his legs to maneuver quickly, they constrict around his ankles, just above his ankle high shoes. He has an armguard on his right arm, starting from his wrist and going up to about his elbow. The arm guard only covers the front part of his forearm, leaving the back exposed. On his left wrist, there is a cord wrapped around it once, the cord then goes up and ties around his neck. The other end of the cord attaches itself to Makhaira?s sword, which is his primary means of killing any person that is presented before him

[B]City or Forest:[/B] The Kingdom of Fazen-High Priest Francis
Class:[/B] Paladin

[B]Personality:[/B] Makhaira is very honorable in the field of battle and in all aspects of his life. He lives by a strict warrior?s code that heavily dictates what he does in his life and how he acts among the public. He does enjoy his life, but in a different way. Since he is, as they say, the back bone of the army he is dedicated to his sword skills and treats every movement he does, regardless of being in combat or not. He calculates every step, every glance and every hand motion he makes at all time. He takes his life seriously while still enjoying with his own hint of fun.

But, being a product of war, he is not left without his sadism and merciless side. This side becomes evident when he becomes caught up in his battle, when nothing around him matters to him, only simply focusing on his enemy. In this state of mind, he is heartless machine, virtually no one can bring him back from this unless he so wishes it.

Even though Makhaira lives with a spiritual leader, he still tries to perfect his technique, always remembering what the Baka Tau Mana Blademasters always told him, ?No technique is absolutely perfect, it must be refined every day.? And every night, he deals with the horrible images of the foreign forces sweeping through his village, it puts a heavy toll on his heart and mind. Leaving him vulnerable to the only sword that cannot be stopped by any man. The sword of pain, the pain of memory that is powerful enough to bring a man down to his knees. Makhaira is not exception.


[I]Callandor:[/I] This is Makhaira?s only weapon, and he is extremely proficient with it. Its black handled and wrapped in black leather that slides easily from hand to hand but remains in place when held firmly. The blade itself it as a bit of a convex curve to it with a two pronged tip, the slight curve in his blade has an edge to it that is as black as the blade itself, along with the outward edge. The blade is about 3 ½ feet long, enough for good swing, but short enough so that it can be with drawn and used again.

Makhaira?s sword skills are unprecedented which makes him very effective with any bladed weapon handed to him. The cord that is attached to the hilt end of his sword is tied to his neck so that he never can lose his sword in combat, even though the chances are immensely low, it is better to be prepared, rather then dead. As Makhaira says to all.

[B]Magic:[/B] N/A

[B]Bio:[/B] Makhaira didn?t have a normal childhood in the least bit, it consisted of traumatic events that shaped the part of his being that takes joy from murdering any who challenge him. When he was young, maybe only about 6 or 7, he witnessed his world being turned upside down. He saw an expeditionary force from some foreign land invade his town; they were ruthless, murderous, and full of human need. He watched in sheer horror as the force swept through his town, slaying all men that didn?t have a profession useful to there need. And all the women they encountered, they looked them over quickly and then stuck a ring through there lower lip to classify who they would go to. They had three different colors: white, black, and gold.

White meant they were only decent at best and would be used in the men?s camps; black meant that they were far more attractive then white and were more welcomed by the men and there savage needs. And gold meant they were the highest of beauty and were only for the ruler to enjoy fulltime, unless he passed them down to his soldiers, who were more then willing to take them. Makhaira?s mother was branded with a gold ring through her lip; she was raped by as many men as possibly could take her. His father was murdered brutally; they slit his throat so deeply it looked like his head would roll off at any moment. They were about to so the same to him, when an outsider interfered, slaughtering the officer and the few men that had been with him to rape Makhaira?s mother.

The outsider stole away Makhaira, saving him in actuality from a fate of death or slavery; he was forced to leave his mother behind and the corpse of his father. The outsider that had taken him what part of a little bit more primitive village, which resided in a marsh land that was laced with dangers. Here, in the village of the Baka Tau Mana, he was treated like a son to the man that had taken him. His name was Hinsai, and he was many of the Blademasters in the village. These were warriors who were so skilled with there blades that none could dare to beat them unless they were wielding heavy magic.

To Makhaira?s luck, they started teaching him this fighting style, teaching as soon as he entered the village and putting a blade in his hand. He spent almost ten years learning to just get the basics down; the sword style itself was extremely complex and difficult for anyone not born in these lands to learn. But, when he finally mastered the basics of the technique his technique flourished. Picking it up quickly and becoming very talented and was fighting elder Blademasters at the age of 25. At about that age they were still trying to refine there technique. After he had fought his first elder blademaster, he was crafted a special sword to fit his person and his specific quirks. Callandor was created then, and had never left his side.

Makhaira left he village when he had turned 28, the village didn?t want him to leave due to the fact he had lived with them so long and became family. He told them to consider him as the walking dead; this is a ritual among the Blademasters that is initiated when the Baka Tau Mana leaves the village on an important mission to him. The whole village wept from him as if he had passed away moments ago as he left the village and its sight. Makhaira spent a year wandering the lands, trying to find the place his heart was drawing him to. He found the Kingdom of Fazen when his year long journey had ended. When he had entered the city he had been met with hostility and was forced to defend himself.

He slew seven guards before he was confronted by the ruler of the land, High Priest Francis. He was asked by Priest if he would lower his weapon and talk to them. Makhaira complied with his wishes, throwing the blade of his shoulder and letting it hand as he puffed out his chest, letting them know they could strike him down at anytime if they thought it just in cause. This was Blademaster etiquette when confronted by someone willing to talk. Francis treated Makhaira with a respect and kindness he had only received from the Baka Tau Mana, and the family he had before they were taken from him.

He was taken to the High Priests meeting place, which was a very elaborate and large estate that served as just the mere meeting place for dignitaries and important people in the city. His true home was almost like a palace in the heart of the city, mostly since this Kingdom was a based on religious devotion and many followed it to the teeth. Makhaira was treated by the rest of the people in this land as nothing better then filth, do to his savage looks and his clear disregard for these people?s customs, only due to the fact he knew nothing of them. But, since the High Priest took the time to talk to Makhaira and let him explain his history, he became a favorite personal guard for Francis. While at the same time, leading an elite unit of sword carrying specialists, He still serves the High Priest faithfully and giving him the same respect and kindness he showed Makhaira.

[B]Snippet:[/B] The sun showed brightly down on the Palace of the High Priest, giving it an ominous and spiritual look. One that gave the impression to all that it was made for none other then the one closes to the one who created them all and gave them life. Makhaira idly walked through the Palace hallways, checking the rooms all along the hall. He had ordered his unit to check every room, mostly as a safety precaution, but also due to the feast that would take place in the Palace tonight. This was extremely rare at all, usually feasts were held at the estate, where Makhaira and his unit could keep a closer eye on them and not have to travel around the large Palace.

He checked another room, opening the door enough for him to see within the room. He could see two bodies on a bed, he closed the door slowly and moved on. He shook his head as he replayed the image for the moment of the two naked couple on the bed. He opened another door and checked the room, he continued this circuit the entire way down the hallway. Checking a total of seventy-two doors, he sighed to himself as he headed down another corridor, meeting eyes with one of his men. Giving him the nod to continue his search as the soldier saluted him. He walked into and past several large rooms, all of them decorated different for different tastes.

One such room was coated in blue, blue drapes, carpet, bedding, fabrics in every shade of blue was present in this room. Covering everything in the different shades to make it flow nicely and give it a soothing effect of the ocean. Others were of different colors, giving off different effects. Makhaira?s personal choice in room was one that lay on the outside of the Palace. One that usually held servants and other such people who didn?t live close enough to the Palace, he liked its feeling of the village he lived in for so long. The cord around his neck reminded him constantly of where he had learned his technique, and how he paid tribute to them on a daily bases.

Soon, he came across a room with two large double doors made of a thick white oak that was engraved and painted to the High Priests liking. Covered in the white and blue of the High Priests traditional colors, this had been the colors of the religious leader ever since this position was created. Makhaira pushed through one of the doors, passing the guards that watched him carefully. Walking down the long stripe of blue fabric that laid on the ground, it leads from the door to the High Priests throne chair. The walls to each side of Makhaira either had an elaborate painting of a past High Priest, or had a stained glass window that depicted some event in the history of Fazen. He ignored all of these images as he approached the High Priest, he walked up the steps leading up to the throne and then bowed his head to Francis.
?High Priest, every room has been checked in the Palace for tonight?s feast. I have my men checking every room over again to make sure we didn?t miss anything.? [/B]Makhaira raised his head to look at the High Priest in the eye. The High Priest had light brown hair and a bit pale skin, his robes consisted of the classic white and blue that was required of him to wear. He had soft hazel eyes, which could be inviting and pleasant and suddenly shift to piercing and deadly. Makhaira had seen that look, and knew the look always meant. It was the look he always gave when ever the High Priest was going to send his unit out to do there job.

The High Priest held out his hand, revealing that Francis was a bit more built then his robes showed. He gestured for Makhaira to come closer to him. Makhaira complied and stepped closer, standing by his side as the High Priest spoke to him in his powerful voice that held every ounce of kindness and decency that was within the man and constantly shown to the public and private parties.
?You have done well, Makhaira. You have kept me safe for several years and done an excellent job of training other men. Even if you have been holding back a great amount of your technique to kept it within your people?s hands, and not strangers.?[/B] Makhaira kept his face straight, not revealing the surprise behind his blank expression. He had been out in the court yard training soldiers only the bare minimum of his technique, only wanting them to learn enough to keep them alive and give them an edge in battle that other nations wouldn?t have. But, other nations didn?t have a Baka Tau Mana in their midst. He never was aware that Francis would watch as Makhaira practiced with these men. Only Francis had seen the full extent of Makhaira?s skill, and it had frightened him to see such fluidity and sheer power and force behind each swift swipe. Makhaira cleared his throat cleared his throat before speaking.
?Yes, well, I try to give them enough of an advantage to remain strong. But, my full technique can only be shared with someone who I believe is truly worthy of it. Your men don?t seem to want to learn it, or care if they only know a bit of it. But, regardless, they are better fighters now. And I will be at your side tonight, so there will be no concerns.?

?No you won?t. You are going to leave tonight.?[/B] Makhaira cocked his head and looked at the High Priest with an odd look.
?What do you mean? There?s nowhere else they need me, I am the personal guard of the High Priest. No duty is greater then that in your Kingdom.?[/B] Francis straightened himself out as he stood up from his throne and took a step forward, standing right on the first step leading down. He spoke again as he placed his hands behind his back.
?There has been a call from Mecki. They are calling for the strongest warriors from all over the land. And, you are one of the only people from the Baka Tau Mana village that could prove to be a great fighter.?[/B] Makhaira step towards him, holding up the hand with the cord around it, protecting his order to leave and speaking his mind to the High Priest.
?I refuse to leave. Mecki can survive without my help, my duty is here. This is where my mission lies.?[/B] Francis turned around.

[B]?No, it doesn?t. Your mission, your destiny lies in Mecki, on the battlefield. Makhaira, the enemy they fight, is from a foreign nation. One that none of us know of, one that swept through countless towns, murdering many without mercy. And, if I remember correctly, they have women with them, all of them ringed through there lip.?[/B] Makhaira?s fits tightened, his face was creased with the anger and rage from the painful memories. His neck was pushing against the cord around his neck as it expanded a bit. Francis didn?t honestly know if there were women in the camps of this foreign army, but he knew it would get Makhaira?s blood to boil. Makhaira lowered his hand and bowed at the waist before straightening himself out.
?I will leave immediately. I will find a horse quickly and be off to the Kingdom of Mecki.?[/B] Makhaira started walking until he reached the side of the High Priest, he spoke in a dead tone.

[B]?I am the walking dead. If I am slain in battle, then the cord around my neck will be delivered to you, along with my sword. It will be proof that I have passed on, if my blade makes it to you.?[/B] Makhaira paused for a moment as he saw flashes of his town burning and his mother being raped repeatedly, her horrible screams echoing through his head.
?Bring it to the Baka Tau Mana, they will know what to do with it.?[/B] Francis waited a moment before answering, he could hardly think of his personal guard, and his friend, dieing in combat. Especially with his amazing technique that was impossible for most armies to match. He nodded before he answered.
?I will make sure they get it, old friend.?[/B] Makhaira then stepped down the stairs, walking out the door and down to the stable, dead set on riding to Mecki to face the forces that threatened the lands freedom. And to gain his vengeance that had so long eluded him. He settled up his horse, and rode off through the open gates, changing his direction slightly to head to Mecki.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=1]OOC: Hope this is just fine with you Sazabi, if positions are full, then hope your Rp goes well[/SIZE]
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