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Sign Up 44 POSTS: Grindsaw [PG-LV]

Dragon Warrior

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[SIZE=4][b][FONT=Trebuchet MS]This is not your ordinary RPG.

Four are selected.

They are given a story.

They have 44 Posts to tell it.[/b][/FONT][/SIZE][/center]

[indent][size=1]Welcome to [b]44 POSTS[/b]. This unique RPG experiment has been spinning around my brain for ages and now it's time to finally crack it out. Just as you read above, if you are one of the selected four people to play this, you and the three others have 44 posts to tell a generated story (in this case, "Grindsaw"). You will all take turns and work together like any other RPG to bring this to a successful close. You might do it or you might not.

If all goes well, more [b]44 POSTS[/b] RPGs will be created. If such cases occur, there may even be more challenges to it, such as the number "44" having some significance to the plot. (EXAMPLE: The players have forty-four hours to find the antidote or they die... ergo, each post is an hour that passes). But for now, we'll concentrate on this one. This will be a Make-The-Cut sign up to start us off. I will select three others to join in this journey to complete 44 posts (11 posts each). But I'm sure you're eager to know what our first story will be. Introducing, [i]Grindsaw[/i]...[/size][/indent]

[FONT=Arial][b]Quick Story Outline:::[/b]
A complete city has been overrun by zombies due to a curse from the Necronomicon's texts [the book of the dead]. Go figure, right? Every man, woman, and child have become one of them... except three individuals. Before this spreads, they must safely scale the streets of the deserted city to make it to civilization. Only then, they may inform the rest of the world of this dire threat. Not to mention, saving their own lives is probably a top priority as well. Things are a bit too dangerous for only a couple humans and a few arms with limited shells.

Taking the only remaining page ripped from the Necronomicon they can find, they ressurrect a zombie by the name of Jaggernail. Being the only renegade zombie in the city, Jaggernail helps lead the three humans to the city's exit with as much of them intact as possible while trying to stem the dark tide of zombie infestation.

Then again... it's one goddamn big city.[/FONT]

[size=1]Interested? Sign up! Remember, I select three of you to join, so make your characters are cool as possible (under guidelines, of course)!
[indent][b]Name:[/b] You're a human. Have a human name.
[b]Age:[/b] Any age is fine.
[b]Ethnicity:[/b] Mmm... yes, even this.
[b]Personality/Style:[/b] Give us any facts you'd like about your character.
[b]Weapons:[/b] Remember, these humans are limited on weapons. They may eventually resort to using things not normally considered items of self-defense. But for here, put any guns or whatever you'd like that are [i]actually[/i] considered weapons. And yeah, it's possible they have guns. Maybe there's a gun shop just down the street from the office they worked at. Hah![/indent]

That's about that! Now we play the waiting game. I'll keep this sign up open for a week and a half or so. Then it's zombie-munchin' time! Good luck, mates :][/size]
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[font=times][COLOR=DarkOrchid]Name: Lynn Weaver

Age: 23

Ethnicity: German/Chinese

Personality/Style: Lynn's personality is surprisingly bubbly and cheerful. She's happy to the point of blind optomism, and she never thinks any situation is hopeless. Of course, she's also a fierce survivalist, and never puts herself into unecessary danger. She'll avoid any route that might be possibly dangerous, and thinks that taking risks is stupid. Her style? To finish off the day with a smile, no matter how awful it might have been.

Weapons: Bear Repellent, the strongest mace on the market, as it isn't intended for use on humans. Lady's Smith and Wesson, the cute girly gun that puts holes in people. Survival knife, with ragged edge and slashing blade. All of these items are stored in a hefty purse that's really more the size of a carry-on item. The purse itself has been a useful bludgeoning tool in its day.[/color][/font]
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Name: Jake Jet
Age: 18
Ethnicity: White; mixture of German, Italian, Scottish, Flemish, your basic genetic mutt
Personality/Style: A loner, he's never had many friends. Those he does have have lied to him and betrayed him many times over. He doesn't trust anyone; he's learned that it's the best way to make it through life. He is dark, and doesn't usually have a 'good' outlook on things. He will say what he thinks, he's not afraid to offend any one, since he has no friends to lose anyway. He is tall, at around 6'2'', but lanky, with a mop of brown hair on his head. For all his dark personality, his eyes are extremely deep blue, and to those who know him well enough (not many!) they betray his true feelings.

Weapons: Uses a two-handed sword that he bought and hid from his parents, who died when the first wave of zombies hit. He's been on his own, and he knows how to survive on the street. This is why he has a few knives stashed on different parts of him. He scavenged what he could after the attack, and has a small backpack with some food stuffed in it. He's also got a lighter; he had (unitl recently) taken up smoking. He likes to stay light and be able to fight while carrying his share of supplies.
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Name: Patrick "Montreal" Desbiens

Age: 35

Ethnicity: French Canadian

Personality/Style: Being a carpenter from [i]La Belle Province[/i], Montreal (despite being from Trois-Rivières, [i]mon câlique[/i]) is prone to speaking quickly and sometimes speaking in "Franglais", combining French and English colloquialisms. Other symptoms of his heritage include improper verb conjugation from time to time, as well as the tendency to add soft "h" sounds to words starting with "o" or "a". He is not patient by any means, and despite the protests of others is prone to charge off and do his own thing unless he's absolutely certain he can't do what he sets out to accomplish. Montreal is also never absolutely certain of anything, usually not giving himself or anyone else much time to think before acting. In an almost ironic twist, Montreal also exhibits signs of Ganzer syndrome, reacting to violence or the presence of death with the tendency to laugh or crack jokes, often with more frequency as the situation becomes more grotesque.

Weapon of Choice: Being a carpenter, Montreal never goes anywhere without his trusty hammer and an ample supply of nails, which he, in a moment of inspiration, decided to drive through a baseball bat to carry around with him as a primary weapon. Though he has a preference for the melee weapon, Montreal does also have an old .280 Ross rifle, borrowed from a friend back home that he never returned. The thing is meant for taking down charging animals, and is said to be able to punch a hole through a straight line of people (or zombies), but ammunition is scarce, and Montreal won his last box of rounds off an Internet auction. According to Montreal, the only reason he has lived up to now is so he can get his hands on a circular saw, a weed-cutter, a gas-powered auger or a rock drill so that he can have "du vrai fun" (some real fun).
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[size=1][b]Name:[/b] Auroré Allenby
[b]Age:[/b] 16
[b]Ethnicity:[/b] English/French

[b]Personality/Style:[/b] Having always been waited on, pampered and treated to anything she desired, Auroré has grown up to be a very materialistic, somewhat oblivious and lazy individual. Prideful and brash, Auroré is unlikely to [i]ever[/i] admit that she was wrong about [i]anything[/i], probably because she's quite often very, very wrong. It has long seemed that she has bad luck when it comes down to decision making, but it hasn't stopped her from trying. She is a fan of pointing out the faults in others so they don't focus on her errors, but all it really does is get others mad at her. She, of course, hasn't realized this yet.

She is also an expert at ignoring things and acting as if they never happened, and has been doing just that ever since she saw her family's entire property go from a bustling, upperclass settlement to a barren, zombie-ridden ghost building. But denial can't help her much longer.

[b]Weapons:[/b] Auroré is partial to her father's Winchester Model 70, which she grabbed from his study before vacating her family's townhouse. Despite her prissy attitude and lifestyle, she has her tomboyish aspects. She's been a fan of shooting games for as long as she can remember, and her parents let her visit shooting ranges as she got older. She's a surprisingly good shot, and makes sure to let everyone know. She usually carries it strapped over her right shoulder, and all the bullets she could grab at the time are stuffed into her favorite black and white, tote bag. She also carries around her old chef's largest cutting knife in her bag, should she not have the time to load her rifle or not feel like using her bullets.[/size]
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