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[CENTER]Galian Nightsquall awoke in the middle of the night. Sweating from head to toe, he huffed and puffed. The reason being a nightmare had awoken him, a nightmare that's played like a TV show. A re-run of past nightmares rolled into a marathon. He couldn't remember a single one but he knew these dreams weren't normal. but he let them out of his mind.

He looked at the clock, 3 a.m. Galian turned his red eyes at the poster on his wall. A poster from his very lucky childhood. [B]"Be one with yourself"[/B] it read. A triumphant quote for Galian's fast moving mind. He went to the fridge and pulled out a pitcher of soda. He took a chug then put it away, leaving a faint smell from his belch. Nevertheless, he fell asleep again despite the intense amounts of canine and sugar flowing through his stomach.

He woke up again at 10 a.m. Luckily it was a Saturday, so he wasn't late. A knock was heard fro the door.[B] "What the hell do ya want?" [/B] Galian yelled, as he scratched his butt. [B]"Oh. It's me Adrian... I didn't want to disturb you but I have a message from Sakura."[/B] Adrian gulped down his spit as he quietly talked on. [B]"She wants to know if you'll go for a walk this afternoon. It's the end of week one here and she needs to talk to you." [/B] Adrian's voice had always been frail. He earned his grades from sheer luck. He is 20 years old and as pale as ever.[/CENTER]

[CENTER]Galian rose from his bed and put on his clothes.[B] "Okay tell here I'm there at 3. okay Adrian?"[/B] Adrian opened the door. [B]"Okay I will. Is it..alright...if..I have-" "Have what?" [/B] Galian asked. [B]"A glass of water?"[/B] Adrian ended. Galian simply gestured a yes using his head.

Like a bullet Adrian shot for the kitchen. he took a glass of water and took a big sip. [B]"Thanks. Well I'm going to go train some more. See you later!"[/B] Adrian stormed off. [B]"He means well. Never minded his attitude."[/B] Galian whispered to himself. He gently closed the door.[/CENTER]
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[SIZE=1][COLOR=DarkSlateBlue]A beam of sun light laid lazily across the buxum blonde's face. Half of her sheets were on the floor as was most of her bedding. The alarm had been buzzing for a good thirty minutes now and Dawn was still nodding in and out of sleep. Her eyes had yet to open but she was fully aware of her surroundings. She mummbled some random words as she streched about in her torn apart bed.Her grey-blue eyes fluttered open, this action was proceeded by her rolling onto her stomach to open the blinds of her window.

The sun greeted her harshly as its rays temporarily blinded Dawn's vision. Curling up in a ball in a very cat like manner, Dawn laid there for a few more moments before she stood to finally shut off her alarm. Rubbing her face in a downward motion Dawn stepped out of her cozy, yet cluttered bedroom into a small tidy living space, identical to all the other rooms of the students at the Academy.

Still in her sleepwear Dawn tenderly walked to fridge the retreive a bottle water. After draining the bottle, Dawn tossed it into the trashcan that was almost overflowing. She sighed and leaned up against the counter, attempting to remember what the day had in store for her. A note slide under Dawn's door causing her to huff. She walked over and picked up the folded paper onyl to find, instead one of the standard love notes, that always seemed to find her everyday, a note from Sakura. Opening the letter, she saw that Sakkura had requested a meeting with her for reasons unknown to her. She began to sigh, but instead shurged.

"Well, at least it gives me something to do today."[/COLOR][/SIZE]
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[COLOR=DarkRed]Domsu woke to the sound of his alarm. His sheats were wet with sweat. He had another nightmare about that fatefull night at home. He climbed out of bed and shut off his alarm. He went to the mirror and looked at himself. Beads of sweat on his forehead. He put on his clothes over his black sleeping shorts. "Satrday, time to train." He opened the door and walked to the stairs. He exited the dorms and walked to the training ground. He was the only one there, but more seniors were bound to show up. A glowing light appeared in both his hands as Alpha and Omega appeared. He started swing his sword with great skill. Being the only fighter in his senior class.[/COLOR]
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[size=1]Beep, beep, beep, beep, CRASH!! Kenso?s right hand came slamming down on the alarm clock to the right of his bed, nearly knocking off the nightstand, but managing to hit the button to shut it up. He glanced over, blinking away the blur. 7:00 A.M. He growled to himself. Seven in the freakin? morning, on a Saturday?! He really needed to start remembering to turn the alarm off on Friday nights, or maybe buy one of those ones with a Monday-Friday alarm, that would work nicely.

Well, it couldn?t be helped. He was awake now, and wouldn?t be going back to sleep. With a yawn, he slowly crawled out of the bed, standing and stretching, various joints popping as he did so. He turned, quickly pulling his covers back up to the top of the bed and smoothing out the wrinkles before heading for the bathroom, leaving his pajamas behind him as he went.

After the wakening effects of a cold shower, Kenso dressed, heading out after grabbing two glazed donuts for breakfast. Since he was wake, he might as well start training for the day.[/size]

[size=1]?One, two, one, one, two, two, one, two, three, one, two, four,? a rhythmic count could be heard through the training gym as Kenso did some push-ups. His training attire was simple, a skin-tight dark grey muscle shirt and relatively loose black cargo shorts that fit his waist snugly enough that he could forgo a belt. His shoes were also black, with low-cut white socks. ?One, two, forty-eight, one, two, forty-nine, one, two, fifty.?

Kenso pushed himself up and stood, his stunningly bright eyes scanning the room. Off to his right was a girl about his age, steadily jogging along on a treadmill. Her eyes were closed, headphones firmly set around the back of her head. She was tall for a girl, nearly his height, with shoulder-length medium-brown hair and natural red highlights. She was wearing a red sports bra and matching sweatpants.

Kenso allowed his eyes to wander along the girl?s figure. Her name was Mira Helio, and Kenso had been watching her practically since she?d arrived at the academy. Of course, he never bothered approaching her, as he?d become fairly certain that Galian Nightsquall had caught her eye.

Unlike many people, Kenso didn?t hold that against Galian. He knew Galian was a good guy, an excellent keyblade user, and someone who would respect a girl as he should, so if that?s how it was, that?s how it was. Besides, Kenso couldn?t blame her. Galian was an impressive person, one Kenso admired and envied. While Kenso was hardly unskilled or weak, Galian?s pure physical strength put Kenso to shame, though Kenso was faster. As a fellow master of drive forms, Galian was a good sparring partner and someone to learn from. Many of the practicioners of drive battling in the academy trained together that they might learn new forms from their opponents. It was a give-and-take situation that oftentimes worked well, and many of them were fast friends or bitter rivals.

Kenso and Galian both had their share of bitter rivals. They were the top drivers in the school, and both had mastered many forms. Kenso lacked fast friends among drivers, though not on any fault of his or theirs. It was simply because he didn?t hang with them as often. Driving in all of its forms came naturally to Kenso, and he spread his time between everyone, watching those who used other methods of fighting, knowing such knowledge could help him drive better.

He looked away from Mira as her eyes opened, and headed for the door. He needed to run, and unlike many other members of the Academy, he didn?t like to warm-up on the treadmill with a jog, let alone do the full run on it. A smile came over his face as he ran. He loved running, loved the speed. There was nothing quite like the feel of the air rushing over your skin and through your hair. As he made his way around the track, he wondered if anyone would be up for a spar, though it appeared that most of the early risers today were younger students.[/size]
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[COLOR=DarkRed]Domsu punched the the training bag continuesly as he watched a man run by. ([B]He seems strong, I think I might ask him to spar later.[/B]) Domsu was really working up a sweat. His shirt was drenched with it, he took it off and the sophomor girls started blushing. He turned to walk away but then, just as fast, turned back around to deliver a powerful roundhouse kick to the training bag. The sound of the emense kick radiated throughout the training arena.

He walked over to the weights and put two 45 pound weights on each side of the bar and started lifting. Being in the fighter class, one must have good upper body strength. [B]"fourty-six, fourty-seven, fourty-eight, fourty-nine, fifty."[/B] He put the bar down and picked up his bottle of water and emptyed it in one go.

Domsu noticed a couple of freshmen boys who were fighters and decided to give them some pointers. He showed them motions that if practiced can improve sword skills. [B]"Alright, time to ask him."[/B] Domsu made his way across the arena to the man he saw running earlier. He seemed to have stoped running to get some water. [B]"Excuse me. Yes you, would you like to spar?"[/B] [/COLOR]
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[COLOR=Blue]Galian walked the halls. Sakura wasn?t going to spar yet. But Galian wanted a fight anyways. One person in particular. Out of all those he could pick, one caught his eye, Kenso. He was a skilled driver like Galian. He was always looking forward to the question of Kenso challenging him. He walked outside to the track. There he saw Kenso, sweating. He approached the track then he heard his name being called.

It was Mira. A girl Galian knew, but didn?t like. ?Who said my name?? Mira smiled at Galian. Kenso looked at her with doubtful eyes.? Galian do you want to spar for a little bit at the training grounds?? Mira asked cheerfully. Galian nodded. ?No, I?m looking forward to challenging someone else right now. Leave me alone.? Galian said coldly, he walked onto the track.

?Hey Kenso.? Galian said. Kenso came to a halt. ?Yeah?? Kenso asked. ?would you mind sparring with me?? Galian asked. Kenso was speechless. Kenso had someone next to him. It was another student that Galian hadn't seen.the kid loooked at kenso. Kenso had to make a decision who he would fight.

[B](OoC: evryone must check the underground thread for an update. it's at the botom of the first post.)[/B]
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[COLOR=DarkSlateBlue][SIZE=1]Dawn let the now cool water run over her body as she let the lather of her soap be sucked into the drain. The water felt good and Dawn wan't to keen on getting out into the cold air of her dorm. She sighed and twisted the knob to turn the steady stream of water off. Pushing open the shower door she reached out for her towel on the counter. Wrapping her shiving body into the warm, soft folds of the towel, that stuck to her curves from the water on her body.

After drying and spending a few minutes of fixing her hair up into a tight pony-tail and applying a lite amount of make-up Dawn bbegan to dress. She pulled on a pair of black short-shorts, that made her long, tanned legs appear endless. Pulling on a black sports bra with a white cami over it, Dawn headed for the door, her white coat resting at her elbows.

At the door she slid on a pair of worn sneakers and exited her dorm, heading for the track. She glanced at a clock on the wall and smiled. [I]Kenso should still be at the track, if I'm lucky.[/I] She had been targeting the dashing student for a while, now. He was cute, and had a wild streak that just screamed at her, and she liked it. Sighing she tucked a strand of blonde hair that had fallen out of her tight up-do and into her face, behind her ear.

Dawn paused for a few moments as she saw Mira near a group of guys, one of which was Kenso. She felt a little jealousy rise in her, but quickly dismissed it as Galian told her off. Mira, was one of Dawn's friends and she was full aware of her infatuaion with Galian. Dawn, never really understood the attraction, one sided as it was, but as long as Mira kept her long-lashes away from Kenso she would be fine. Yet what irriated Dawn was that she couldn't figure out why so many girls seemed stricken by Cupid's Arrow for Galian, he wasn't that attractive. Sure he had his points, but his personality seemed so distant and she just couldn't crack his code.

She shooked her head and began making a few steps towards the bleachers, till Mira caught sight of her and ran over towards her.

"Hey Dawn, your up rather early. What for?" Even though Mira was talking to her, Dawn could tell that her attentions were still on Galian.

"Oh, no particular reason. I mean I noramlly get up at this time and run the track, but it seems like its occupied. Not that I mind, seems like a spars gonna break out." Dawn had reached the bleachers and sat down on the cold steel.

Mira, nodded her head, "Oh yeah. Some guy walked up and challenged Kenso to a spar. Kenso, so weird I don't get why you like him. Oh, and then [I]Galian [/I] came up and challenged Kenso too, you think they'll three way?" Mira spoke Galian's name with much lust and looked over at him. Dawn had to laughed a bit, it was funny, Mira was just as confused as Dawn over the men that had taken intrest in.

She smiled and closed her big, blue eyes, "I'm not sure, Kenso's pretty decent at his drive abilities, but so is Galian and they spar all the time, since their such an even match. That other guy though. I have no idea about him, I guess he's just not that outstanding to get my attention."

Mira dropped her jaw, "Wow! You really know alot about Galian and Kenso. Are you really that into strategy and stuff?"

"Well they stand out and its hard to not notice their skills. But yes strageties important as for 'stuff' I don't know what you mean." Dawn opened her eyes and leaned forward on the bench, her eyes were locked on the kid she didn't know. What was his deal? Challenging Kenso like that, when she didn't even know anything about him. "I'm actually hoping the triple spar. It would be nice to see how that kid deals with two of the best drive users." [I]And good for me to get some info on him, as well as more on Galian and Kenso. [/I] The former was a more personal thought.

Mira had quieted down and now was staring at Galian likea love-struck puppy and Dawn rolled her eyes. She wouldn't be caught dead looking at Kenso like that but, whatever, it wasn't her problem. [/SIZE] [/COLOR]
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Sorry it's a bit short, I need to practice getting 'in character'.

[COLOR=Navy][SIZE=1][I]Click, click, click?[/I]

Nephilim walked silently down the hallway under the shade of a lacy black parasol, wearing her usual attire. The day was unusually bright today, and she truly despised the light. The parasol got her a few interesting looks from other students, but she paid them no mind. It was no different from the looks she got from new freshman students who found it rather odd that such a young girl could be attending the Academy.

Those who didn?t know any better.

She made her way to the training area. Of course, she had no interest in training, but she took an especial interest in watching other people work themselves ragged just to get a bit stronger. As she watched all of the students running around, exercising, and sparring, that was all the training she needed. What better way is there to defeat your opponent, after all, then to examine how they work, break down what makes them tick, and know just the right way to crush them, even before a battle begins?

She frowned, a black image forming in her mind. A familiar evil. [I]Even so, I?m still not strong enough?[/I]she thought to herself. She knew her strengths would be tested here, as well as her weaknesses. She was a Senior now, and she didn?t have much time left until she would have to start getting serious about fighting with other people. She shuddered at the thought. She hated fighting, getting her hands dirty, preferring to combat her opponents using other means. She only hoped that if she ever did get into a situation where she had to fight for real, that she would be strong enough to defeat anyone that got in her way.

She turned her attention away from such bleak thoughts, focusing instead on a few boys. They seemed to be getting ready to spar. Silently, she stepped in a bit closer, taking a seat next to a few female Seniors, and looked on with interest.

[I]I wonder what will happen?[/I]she thought to herself, smiling.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[size=1][font=Verdana]Kenso had been running for a fairly decent period of time as he stopped to get some water, probably close to a half an hour. Of course, he hadn't really been running so much as jogging with intermittent sprints. He never understood the folks who just tried to all-out run for long periods of time. It was horribly draining on the body, and bad for the muscles. You were better off doing high-speed bursts, or a constant mid-speed somewhere between jogging and running.

He raised an eyebrow as a younger-looking brown-haired boy approaching him. He knew the manner of approach, could read the body language like an open book. He was looking for a spar. But who was he? Kenso tried to place his face with a name, but was unsuccessful. He decided that the young man approaching him had to be mid-tier in ability, not good enough to quite stick out, but not so bad that everyone knows it. Not necessarily a bad training partner, but not necessarily a good one.

[/font][/size][size=1][color=DarkRed][b]"Excuse me. Yes you, would you like to spar?"

[/b][i][color=Black]Yes, you? [/color][/i][color=Black]By the gods, the young man was rude. If you believed someone worthy enough to ask to spar, you generally at least made some sort of effort to learn their name, and address them by it. He supposed the challenger had missed fighter etiquette at some point in time.

"Kenso, if you please. And you are?"

[b][color=DarkRed]"Domsu. Domsu Fernalik."

[/color][/b][color=DarkRed][color=Black]Kenso just went to open his mouth to respond to the challenge when a familiar figure approached and spoke. [b]"Hey, Kenso," [/b]Galian said, his voice clear and unmistakeable.

Kenso turned, motioning to the other boy to give him a second. "Yeah?" The next question stunned him.

[b]"Would you mind sparring with me?"

[/b]Kenso couldn't respond at first. Galian was not known to issue challenges. He wasn't known to turn them down, hence the reason he and Kenso sparred fairly regularly, but he didn't usually issue them. Really, it was something of an honor. But the other kid had asked first. Kenso began to turn Galian's challenge down for another time when a thought came to his mind.

"Well, Domsu, this young warrior next to me, just asked the same thing right before you arrived. Normally, that would give him first dibs." He smiled. "However, I've got an idea. How about we make this a three-way spar, every man for himself? Seems fair to me, if you guys are up for it."

His eyes traveled to the bleachers, spotting a familiar blonde head and a just as familiar, and moderately more preferred brunette. He smiled for a second. Why was it that Dawn always seemed to be at the track around the same time as him? Not Mira, no. She was a coincidental thing. She was more worried about Galian. But it hadn't really hit Kenso to just now that Dawn seemed to make a regular appearance at his training sessions, even if she was training herself a small distance away. He chuckled inwardly. That just meant he'd have to give them one heck of a show.
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[COLOR=DarkRed][B]"Three way huh? Thats cool. I needed a new training method anyway. Oh and when I said "yes you" I was pointing out you cause you didn't seem to know who I was talking to. Nex time don't judge so quickly."[/B] Domsu walked over to the sparing feild. His opponents following behind him. He over heard them talking, obviously some sort of strategy. He noticed his shirt but didn't pick it up, knowing it would restrict his arm movement. That was one of the things he learned in combat class. Even the simplist of things can slow your attack down leaving you open to a counter-attack. It was his favorite class due to the opportunity to learn new combat tactics.

The sight of the three men walking to the battlefeild was enough to spur the on-lookers. Three ways were always an interesting thing to watch. Domsu grinned. [B]"Heh, looks like we'll have some spectators."[/B] He stopped and turned around to face his opponents. He glanced at the bleachers and eyed the girl with the parasol. [B]"There she is again."[/B] He turned his head quickly as she turned her head around to face the feild were the spar was about to ensue. He started his usual streches, which he always does before fighting. His opponents did so as well.[/COLOR]
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[COLOR=Blue]Galian smiled a huge smile. Mira blushed at the sight of his teeth, she sat down and sighed a crushing sigh. "Okay, it's a deal. Domsu, since I've never seen you fight, why not be a practice fighter. After all fighting us two for a while would be good for you. I'm not saying your weak, but if you put up a good fight against us, I will aknowledge you as a great fighter. Something I only call a few people."

Domsu was strethcing, but he payed attention. Galian put out his hand. Kenso and Domsu shook his hand, it was a challenge for sure. Galian tooknout Oblivion oath from the air. it's darkness gleemed, as it's light tangled a web of truth and power. The air around the battlefield grew tighter for a while. Everyone was ready. And Kenso, waiting for this challenge, was the first to make a move...[/COLOR]
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[COLOR=DarkSlateBlue][SIZE=1]Dawn felt her body tense a bit from the sheer exictment in observing a duel, but not just any a duel a triple duel. She smiled to herself, her thought purely focused on the information she would be gathering. She rolled her eyes at Galian's smile, he was justing trying to give Mira false hopes. Though Mira would probely never catch on, which is what her such an wasy target.

Even though Dawn didn't approve much of Galian's charms and actions it didn't mean that she didn't respect him. He was actally quite an intresting person, soming from nothing and rising almost in a phoenix like way. He wasn't exactly a friend, she simply didn't know him well enough, but he certainly wasn't a stranger. She waved lighty at him, meeting his blazing eyes with her cold blue ones. She blinked away,for some reson she couldn't look him in the eyes for long, perhaps it was the fire that seemd to burn within him. She shook her head and sighed, waiting for Kanso to make the first move.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[COLOR=DarkRed][B]"Acknowledgement. Thanks but I don't need any, nor do I want it."[/B] Domsu finished stretching and stood shaking his arms. They twitched with the lust for battle. A feeling he has felt before. They day his parents were murdered, he wanted to fight and kill. He looked at Nephilim and caught her eye. His face turned red as he turned back to his opponent and thaught to himself, ([B]Great! She's watching. Hope I don't make a fool of myself.[/B])

Domsu extended his left arm as his Omega keyblade formed in his hand. He moved his red hair out of the way of his deep amber eyes with his right hand before extending it. The light reappeared and left just as fast. In its place it left the red keyblade Alpha. Everyone stared at him, a senior fighter was a rare thing. Most of them usually droped out by now. Being out-weighed by gunners and drivers. [B]"This is going to be fun. Hope you guys can put up a good fight." [/B] He knelt down and placed the keyblades at his sides on the ground. He folded his arms across his chest and waited for the first move.[/COLOR]
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[COLOR=Navy][SIZE=1][I]Mmm, so he?s a fighter?[/I]Nephilim thought to herself with a vague smile, looking at Domsu. An interesting choice, when there were so many drivers and gunners at the academy. His persistence in choosing the simple, elegant art of swordplay was admittedly admirable. If not impertinent.

It was so rare that she got to see a fighter?s sparring style that she took another step forward, earning her an odd glance from the Senior girls next to her. They weren?t what she was interested in, though. She had seen hundreds of drivers and gunners fight, had already found the common weaknesses in them. She already knew how she would go about defeating one, if the need ever arose. On the other hand, her knowledge of fighters? style was relatively limited, so she wanted to learn as much as she could from this spar.

She kept her eyes wide open in that haunting, vacant stare that so many people found more than a little upsetting.

Domsu seemed to notice her staring at him, and she saw him smile as he turned back to face his opponent, no doubt comforted by the fact that she was paying attention to him. Nephilim understood perfectly the concept of ?affection?, for it was among the easiest ways to manipulate people to do what you want them to. Didn?t make it any less funny.

Still, she had come here to study. [B]?Do your best, Domsu-kun,?[/B] she called, her voice so thin it seemed to die in the air. Nevertheless, everyone suddenly stopped to turn to her. These were Seniors after all, and had gotten somewhat used to her habits. Nephilim never spoke, but when she did, it usually meant something very important to her. Her cheer meant something important, at least to them.

To Domsu especially. His smile widened slightly as he turned back to face his opponents, all the more eager to impress her, his arms twitching with anticipation for the action.

Nephilim smiled self-satisfactorily. A half-motivated subject would not provide the study she needed to improve herself, after all. She needed Domsu to be at his best, pushing his hardest limits, if she wanted a worthwhile study. Her words of encouragement made him perfect for her needs. Grinning slyly, she looked on as the spar commenced.[/SIZE][/COLOR]

Sorry if I'm seeming like a heartless little you-know-what, everyone...but you know, that's what Nephilim [I]is[/I], after all. :animesmil
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[COLOR=Blue]"Well, well Domsu. Up and mighty aren't you? I like you for some reason." galian said smiling again. He looked at Nephilim, Dawn and Mira. teywere his spectators, as well as Domsu's and kenso's. If galian was to strong against these Domsu he wouldn't care if he was humiliated. but Domsu wouldn't be, he obviously seemed to have nerves of steel. Despite galian's thoughts, his heart knew deep down that Domsu could prove elegant and powerful. Galian's reputataion wouldn't be ruined though.

He looked at Domsu's keyblade. [I]Those are nice.[/I] galian thought looking at the blades. Galian turned around and placed the keyblade on his shoulder. he put his left hand in the air, as if he was blocking something. Then he twired around and his left hand was now behind him. he was slanted with his keyblade pointing directly at Domsu. "I'm ready if your ready"[/COLOR]
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[color=Navy][b][size=1]"Do your best, Domsu-kun."

[/size][/b][size=1][color=Black]Kenso glanced toward the bleachers, checking to see where the voice had come from. He raised an eyebrow. He vaguely recognized that girl. Nephilim, if he had the name right. She was a senior, but didn't exactly interact with people much. It was rather odd that she'd actually have an interest in someone like Domsu, who Kenso and Galian hadn't realized existed. As he noticed the sudden boost in Domsu's demeanor, he nearly laughed.

Then, who could blame the kid. After all, a spar was just that without some motivation. With a little motivation, it became a true battle. And with Mira sitting in the side lines, now was his chance to maybe draw a little of her attention towards him. Then again, perhaps Dawn could prove interesting too, if he couldn't catch Mira, though he definitely had his preferences. Blondes didn't generally make his list of possible relationship interests.

He looked at Galian, then at Domsu, and took one step back. His hands extended in front of him, fists together, and he slowly pulled them apart, his keyblade, Delkir, materializing as he did so, as though he'd merely formed it out of thin air rather than summoning it to him. He turned towards Galian, who was to his right, his blade held low and back, pointed at the ground, ready to strike. Then he smiled.

"Well, then, if we're all ready."

Without warning or warmup, his right foot shoved off the ground, throwing him toward Domsu, as he pivoted on the ball of his left foot and darted forward, both hands on his blade as he brought it up, the shot clearly aimed to bring Domsu out of the fight quickly.
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[COLOR=DarkRed]Domsu yanked on his sword's keychains pulling them into the air. He caught them as he stood up. He raised the blades and crossed them into a X. He blocked Kenso's attack. Kenso tried pushing Domsu back, but he held his ground. He slowly opened his amber eyes to see Kenso struggling to push him back. [B]"I have been training in upper body strength. You really think you can push me back."[/B]

Domsu released the keyblade and spun around to Kenso's side. He fell forward, but Domsu disregarded him and went after Galian. He charged Galian with his arms crossed. As he approached he swung out his arms delivering two vertical slashes. Galian held his keyblade vertically straight out infront as Domsu's keyblades conneccted. The sound of the metal sounded throughout the building. Kenso was up and charged Domsu. He held Galians blade still with Alpha and he fliped Omega upside down to try to block Kenso's next attack.[/COLOR]
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[COLOR=Orange]Holding his ground galian smurked. Galian croutched onto the gorund then rolled through Domsu's legs. He rose quikly and spun, his keyblade hiting Domsu's. Kenso was also out of the block. Then Galian flipped into the air. He dug his keyblade into the ground he held a stance of the tip of the blade. He channeled all of his energy into Oblivion's Oath.

"Ready guys?" galian asked. He jumped off of the keyblade, he was holding in his hand. He positioned it towards the air. A white arua surrounded him. "Oath stricker!" he yelled. He was really high in the air. Then he tossed his keyblade randomly into the air. "Oblivion's Strike!"

Now the keyblade would fly towards any of them. it was lucks decision.[/COLOR]
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[COLOR=DarkSlateBlue][SIZE=1]Dawn was completly entranced by the duel that was going on beneath them, on the feild and track. It was amazing, seeing them twist and turn, dodge and strick, flip and roll. It was all a rough dance and that tiwisted art was what had drew Dawn into the world of Keyblades.

It wasn't as pretty as it seemed, but Dawn still loved every minute of the battle. Weither she was watching them, or fighting in them it was all beautiful to her. Yet her eyes widened with shock as she watched Gailian unlease his Oblivion's Strike.

The move seemed pointless and risky, something that Dawn would never do. Another mystrey was added to Gailian, why would he have an attack that could harm him? Sure, summoning was a drain on her body, more so since she wasn't all that great at the art of summoning. She had focused her current skills on her abilites as a Gunner, not really all that intrested in summoning.

Summoning was more of something that she hoped would come to her. Something that would fill her with an amazing power that she grow to love, just as much as gunning. She cursed, she had let herself get distracted by her own problems, when it was obvious that either Gailian or Kenso wouldget hurt, she really had no intrest in Domsu. Though one thing was for certain, she wouldn't want to get in a fight with Domsu, simply because he was a Fighter and that wasn't good for her as a Gunner.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[size=1][font=Verdana]((OOC: I am overriding a portion of Domsu's last post where it regarded Kenso's actions. Domsu took way too much control of Kenso in that post, and there's no way I'm going to be convinced otherwise.))

Kenso was slightly taken aback as Domsu's blades came up. The kid's eyes were closed! There was no way he could possibly block a shot without so much as looking in the first place. In his distraction, he stupidly pressed the attack, allowing Domsu to easily spin away, though he was not so dumb about it as to allow himself to stumble.

He almost laughed as Domsu went for Galian. The kid was still rash and reckless, and thereby stupid. He'd had an open shot at Kenso, one even the agile driver would've had a hard time fully dodging, and instead he'd gone for an entirely separate target. Not an intelligent fighter at all.

He turned to see Galian going up on his keyblade. Having dueled the fellow driver before, Kenso knew what was coming, although he was glad there was more than one target this time. But he wasn't allowing it to happen. As Galian went up, a second keyblade, Relkin, appeared in Kenso's hands, a near-exact copy of Delkir, its colors merely reversed. Though they were similar, their strengths were vastly different. They could also merge into a 'dual-barreled' single keyblade that was only good for a gunner form, but it was way too early for that.

"Shadow Speed." Kenso muttered quickly, then darted left as the blade went up. In his experience so far, the blade tended to go for whatever moved first, and Kenso planned on doing this his way. As the blade shot for him, he brought both keyblades up in front of him, leaping up and flipping backwards, putting just a little more distance. Mid-jump, he took aim and fired, the shot from Relkin aimed for Oblivion's Oath, a shot that would not miss. Delkir, the much more powerful but slower shot, was aimed for Galian, who would have a hard time dodging it on his descent from his leap.

((OOC: Right now, I'm assuming there's no real outfit changes for drivers, and that was a very specific affect of the clothing Sora was wearing. If otherwise, let me know, so I can add a description.))
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[COLOR=DarkRed]Galian's smiling face soon turned sour. He saw kenso's attack. His first instict was to move, but it was too late. The blade hit Galian so hard he flew back at least 10 years. The impact wasn't much too love either! He got up holding his arm. "Nice one Kenso, but look behind you!"

Kenso tuned around to galian's keyblade hovering behind him. [I]Great! [/I] galinan thought. [I]Thank god that attack can be changed . It may shoot at random, but with my ability, I just used I can control how long my keyblade waits for it's opponent! [/I]

It was like the blade was waiting for kenso to look behind him. But it was a distractoion. The blade turned around and flew towards Domsu. Galian had croutched below and walked towards Kenso. He put the blades under the ground while trying not to raise the earth on top of the keyblade.

Galian pushed with enough force to break thorugh. If kenso couldn't dodge this he would be flipped in the air.[/COLOR]
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[COLOR=Navy][SIZE=1]She had been growing somewhat irate as Galien had thrown his keyblade up into the air for a seemingly random attack, but her bored expression quickly changed as she gazed at Kenso's bold counter. It was a small victory, and much to hard-won to be worth the effort Kenso had put forth, but as Galien was tossed back through the air by the blast from one of Kenso's blades, Nephilim couldn't help but give an appreciative clap. The boy had style and a sense of bravado, if nothing else.

The vague smile that had settled onto her lips widened just a bit as Galien retaliated by using his remote-control abilities to send his keyblade off behind Kenso in a feigned attack, giving just enough time to cause distraction before hurtling off towards Domsu as he charged Kenso himself.

It was an immensly entertaining battle, but one key element was lacking. Her empty eyes shifted back to Domsu, who was baring his blade as if trying to anticipate the next attack. It was almost a pity, really; one fighter caught between two keyblade wielders capable of long-range combat. Not a particularly fair fight. Yet still, he had managed up to this point.

But that wasn't enough. He had to win, if he was to be worth examining.

[B]"You can do it, Domsu-kun."[/B][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[COLOR=DarkRed][B]"A crap!"[/B] Domsu watched as the keyblade shot towards him. But he smiled and said loudly enough for Galian and Kenso to hear, [B]"Look, I might be a fighter, but I know when to go on the defensive."[/B] Domsu stuck his blades in the gound. He knelt between the blades as the chains pulsed with energy as he spoke.

The energy that came from the blades merged together to form a shield. A dragon scale patern appeared as the attack conected with the shield. A crack appeared and it grew as the attack continued. [B]"That can't be good."[/B] He spoke and not even twenty seconds after he finished the shield shatterted and Domsu was hit.

He fell to the ground, several cuts became visible. [B]"I would have been out of this fighter for sure if my shield hadn't taken most of the damage." [/B] His keyblades were far away from him. He felt the side of his belt for his knife. It was still their. A light appeared in his hands as his blades disappeared from their location on the ground and into his hands.[/COLOR]
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Ryoku stretched a bit and yawned as he walked towards the bleachers. He had overslept on accident and had just woken up a few minutes ago. Hearing a big rucus outside, he had hastily threw on his clothes and walked outside.

Once outside, his ears caught the sounds of a fight. He had wandered over in the direction of the noise and was greated with the sight of a three way spar between Kenso, Domsu, and Galien. He knew all three of them, but didn't talk too much to any of them. Actually, he didn't talk too much to anyone.

Ryoku sat down on the bleachers a little ways from Dawn, watching the fight. Hopefully it would be a good one.
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[I][COLOR=Navy]Kenso had just realized that galian had summonded a second keyblade while he was distracted. Galian lunged forward, his blade almost hit Kenso. just then an alarm went off. "Attention all students. Report to the audotorium for some anouncments on this years activities."

All three of them stoped. they put their keyblades away and ran towards the bullding.

"Damnit!" Dawn swore. "Well guess that's over!"

Galian walked in, but somehow the whole bulding looked empty. Soon galian realized that he had just entered a strange realm. Visions passed him fast. Soon he came back to reality. People were walking towards the gym for assembly. "weird.." he said as he went forward.[/COLOR][/I]
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