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Best Advertised Foods


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[B][COLOR=DarkRed]Every day we hear commercials about food. From the crazy Zataran?s jazz guy, to the menstruating women in the Lean Cuisine commercials. Hell, even fast food commercials are on TV! Ads in the news, and on the streets. Oh, and in magazines too. From Dairy products to ?healthy food substitutes.? But what turns on your taste buds and gets your stomach n gear the most?[/B]

[B]1.[/B] What advertised food do you like best?
[B]2.[/B] Why do you like that?
[B]3.[/B] Should there be other flavors?

[B]It has to be brand-name.
It can be any kind of food.[/B]

[B]1.[/B] As for me, I enjoy pop-tarts a lot!
[B]2. [/B] I love them because of the sweet flavors, and the tooth dissolving sugars inside. My favorite flavor is Wild Berry. The taste of the berry mixture is delectable, and satisfying at the same time.
[B]3. [/B] Maybe citrus flavors, like orange. Yeah, I?d eat that. Or they could go Bernie Botts on our *****, and make vomit, bacon, dirt, pepper, etc. It sounds disgusting I know. But hell, it?s worth a shot. As for the current flavors, they could make pop-tat-fusions. One pop-tart has two different flavors. Here?s an example. Say strawberry and blueberry. They could make on-half strawberry, and the other half blueberry. [/COLOR]

[B]So what's the best advertised (brand-name) food on the market?[/B]
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[COLOR=DarkOrange]>_< You will never cease to amaze me...

[B]1[/B]. Commercialized foods? Well, I guess since I don't really do all that much cooking, and neither do my parents - -well even when they do cook it has commercials. In fact, everything has commercials so... my favorite food is a 7-11 1/4 pound chili-cheese dog.

[B]WARNING[/B]! Yes, I'm going to go on a ranpage about this XD

Okay, so... the 7-11 chlli-cheese dog to me is not a food. It is true bliss on a bun. I am never as happy as I am with one of these and a Mountain Dew slurpee by my side (even better whenever they bring back pitch black -- I get one at least once a week when they do.) Over the past 3 years, this mean has come to mean more to me than some of my most prized possessions. Even the words 'chilli-cheese dog' make me salivate and think of beautiful times. The concept of going to get one has me leaping to my feet and out the door faster than eyes can move.

I think the place it truly started wasn't so much 7-11 though. I mean, I think I had tried them at 7-11 once or twice before, but it had yet to take on such a huge meaning. It was back in, i believe, the summer of 2004. At the time, my dad had a short period (I think like 2 weeks) where he wasn't working, and then when he got a job it was one that allowed a lot of free time. During that summer we went to the beach about 3 times a week. Now, we were living in Newport news Virginia -- the water there is unsanitary by a long shot and the whole place is not very great, but hey, i haven't brushed my teeth in 2 years so 'sanitation' ain't much of a concern for me XD

During that time there began a tradition. The beach we ended up 'settling' on was one we went to al the time, and on that beach there was this little beach vendor with a deck set up around it and tables. So it quickly became tradition for us to go to the vendor and my dad would always get me one or two chili dogs at points during the day. Well, it became a symbol to me of tranquility and happiness, since it was the most amazing chilli-cheese dog I'd ever tasted. (there's a story my dad always tells about how I was so desperate to eat the chili globs that I'd lick them off the table. Once a glob got on my brother's shoes and i made everyone watch as I licked it off XD I doubt I'd go that far these days... oh who knows, lol)

So anyway, that fall we moved out of that house so I never went to that beack again, but it's always been tradition that a visit to 7-11 for hot dogs and slurpees is the best thing ever. There were even times where my mom was taking us out to get them every Saturday when we went to spend our allowances -- those were some good times.

these days we usually get them when my brother and I go walk up to 7-11 now that we're old enough and we live right next to one. We go up there from time to time for a 'supply run' and it's always enjoyable. I think i'll do it tommorrow. Actually, i might go in the early morning and get a ham egg bacon cheese croisant...

[B]2[/B]. i think I covered that >_<

[B]3[/B]. i don't like to put other things on my hot dogs. Mind you, as a child, I was never a fan of chili. I always ate my hot dogs with mustard and cheese and nothing more. The one time I actually tried chilli though i instantly fell in love. I have no desire to put anything else on there - you can't get better than perfect.

Meh, the quesadillas my mom just made aren't gunna taste good when I've got chili-cheese dogs in my mind >_<

In any event, XD at super long post. I think you guys an guess I'm pretty passionate about food.[/COLOR]
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[COLOR=Orange]What do you mean? Ehh!!![/COLOR]

[COLOR=DarkRed]Well, leave it to DB to give us an essay style post, in a thread were you can answer in 3 sentences each. But hey, at least he's into it!

I myself, have never had a chili-dog, but DB's posts can really get you interested. (I?ll read it completely later. I just skimmed...) But it sounds good now. I've only heard about chili-dogs from crappy underrated TV shows. Eh what don't you hear on them anyways.

Another advertised food I love has to be... Hot Pockets! Yes I said hot pockets. Who doesn't love a good pizza in a pouch-like substance?[/COLOR]
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[FONT=Arial]The only food I can think of is Wendy's 4 Alarm Chicken Sandwich.

I saw the commercial for it, claiming that it was incredibly spicy or something. The ingredients on the sandwich made me want to try it; jalapenos, some kind of spicy cheese and sauce, and who knows what other hot stuff.

Anyway, I got a chance to try it one day, and I loved it. Wendy's and it's 4 Alarm Chicken Sandwich was going to replace Taco Bell and it's Crunchwrap Supreme.

Unfortunately, the next time I asked my mom to get me one, she told me they didn't sell it anymore.

Stupid Wendy's!

This is like the third time this has happened to me; I am addicted to Rice Krispy Treats Cereal but they aren't sold anywhere in this state, and there used to be some kind of Oreo flavored poptartish breakfast toaster pastries that I ate every morning in seventh grade that aren't even made anymore. I've pretty much given up breakfast. >:[[/FONT]
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This is like the third time this has happened to me; I am addicted to Rice Krispy Treats Cereal but they aren't sold anywhere in this state, and there used to be some kind of Oreo flavored poptartish breakfast toaster pastries that I ate every morning in seventh grade that aren't even made anymore. I've pretty much given up breakfast. >:[[/FONT][/QUOTE]

[COLOR=DarkRed]I feel so sorry for you. What you should do is go up to the cashier holdh im at gun-point and order him to buy rice crispy treats from E-bay. Believe me Clurr, your life depends on it![/COLOR]

[COLOR=DarkRed]But as for Wendy?s 4- alarm sandwich, I never had the chance to try it. But the spicy chicken sandwich is really good. I?ve had so many my tongue is immune to the spicy effects. the taste is truly remarkable. But for me nothing beats a good chicken sandwich, no matter the type of restaurant. They?re a runner up compared to Bacon Cheeseburgers.[/COLOR]
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