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Sign Up Twilight [PG-LV]

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[CENTER]4 Years Ago[/CENTER]
[COLOR=DarkGreen]It was a game known quite well around the world. Many loved the game and played it endlessly. So many were involved until six people mysteriously fell unconscious while playing the game. During this time was when the Dot Hackers made their first appearence and when a girl name Aura was spotted. They had no enemy, and without a quest to solve, they started an adventure without question. Despite that they created their own adventure, they enjoyed playing on their own, willingly shared difficult scenarios, and revealed the door to the core. They truly were incredible players. This door to the core was sealed and no one could enter it. Aura stayed there. The place and code were called [B]Twilight[/B]

[/COLOR]4 Years Later[COLOR=DarkOrange][CENTER]Welcome to The World[/CENTER]

[QUOTE][CENTER][COLOR=DarkOrange]Here you able to play the game just like the real world and level up as you defeat opponents and monsters. The avatars that you have chosen is what you look like to others. With the head display, you will be able to see, hear and chat to friends. You use the controller to move your character around and the keyboard to type so that you can talk and send messages. There are many events that you may participate in and get rare items. You may also battle others to a duel and you can win coins by defeating opponents. With the coins, you can get medicine and boosts to help you on your quest around the world. Remember, there are administraters that are watching you so don't do anything that will get you accound deleted. This game is fun and make is like The World it is supposed to be.[/COLOR][/CENTER][/QUOTE] *click*

Basic instructions right? No, there is something about to make a huge hit on The World and it's almost like the incident 4 years ago. Only this time it's different. Make sure that you are ready and that your group is strong and armed. This time, The World will be different than 4 years ago. Are you ready to see what happens this time around? You never know, you may get deleted.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=DarkRed]You are one of the six new Dot Hackers. Though you have heard of the legends of them you are very different. You act different and you have a different name. You meet new friends to help you on your way to become the best of the best. You also run into a small little girl that has blonde hair, blue eyes and a white dress. She says that you are her mother. Your job is to help her find her real mother. But you come across obstacles with the admins and Colbalt Brigade. [/COLOR]

[B]Admins[/B]- start events
[B]Colbalt Brigade[/B]- deletes unwanted players that cheat their way into the game
[B]Dot Hackers[/B]- Legendary players of The World that discovered a girl named Aura who lived in the core of The World.

1.Posts have to have good quality. No one paragraph thing.
2.Enjoy it! ^^

Sign Ups:
[B]Name[/B]- Not too hard but anything that we can remeber
[B]Age[/B]- from 4 years old to old man
[B]Gender[/B]- male or female
[B]Personality[/B]- something so we know what your character acts like
[B]Class-[/B] Like Twin Blade or Heavy Blade. It could be made up. But PM me first about the made up one. It has to be a really good one.
[B]Appearance[/B]- picture or description. But this is a game so something like an animated character
[B]Bio[/B]- who told you about the world. how your got hooked on it and how you met the team. At least one or two good paragraphs.
[B]Occupation[/B]- Something that you do in The World.
[B]Weapons[/B]- Anything even staffs with powers (but only one power for the staffs)
[B]Snippet-[/B]write a little about yourself in The World

Have fun with this. PM me if you have any quesitons. Sign Ups will be open until I am able to get 6 Dot Hackers.[/COLOR]
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[COLOR=Red][SIZE=1][FONT=Tahoma]Wow... I haven't seen or heard of a decent .HACK RPG since Nomura started one ages ago.

I do hope I'm not too late to sign up for it, but I'll have to do it later... Graduating and whatnot.

Just wanted to save me a spot. Oh, and I would suggest you put .Hack or something in the title so others know what they're signing up for upfront.

Just to make it easier for others to see the title maybe. :D[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[COLOR=Teal]sign Ups:

Name- Real World- Kredion Akima. In The World- Ryu Okimitu

Age- 17 years old

Gender- Male

Personality- Responsible, Curious, Caring and Slightly Agnorant.

Likes- Days Off, Girls, Getting that Next level, Hacking up a new costume and dying his hair a new color every month.

Dislikes- PK's (Player Killers) ,Admins , Newbies and Patches of The World.

Class:Twin Blade

[URL=http://www.animegalleries.net/albums/userpics/35507/normal_4daime9780078.jpg]Ryu [/URL]

Bio- This whole adventure began for me about 4 months ago when one of my co-workers invited me over to try this game she had bought. so after work i went over and i checked it out bringing along a small cd case of my best little viruses and "keys to the digital plane". we had a great time messing around with all the setting and trying the dungeons out even after she got her guy killed a few times. so later that week a bought my self a copy of the game and started to mess around with various apperance viruses that i had used on my friends computer.

Little did i know i had just started a whole new phase of my life. It wasn't until a few weeks after that i met some of the others and some of the stuff they pulled right in the cty blew my mind away after we swapped member Id's we kept in touch till that fateful day i heard this rumor on th emessage board about a little girl that used to be in one of the older dungoens and decided to check it out. it turnsed out that the admins had locked the gate againest the keyword so using a trick or two i managed to crack the seal on there lock and snunk into the level only to find it looked like a bunch of big digital worms had eaten parts of it away . Making my way to the dungoen i found it in even worse shape. down and down I went staying away from monsters as best i could and only fighting when I had too. I finally found the room i was looking for at the last floor and when i walked in i found a bunch of stuff that looked like it had gotten split in half but it was standing stright up strangest thing. well after recounting this to a couple of friends that had been around since the game began they slowly poured out a story about how a few kids had fallen into a coma and that this girl used to be seen alot more often but was being chased around. after hearing this it peaked my curiousity and i found my self thinking about it more and more finally i sent out a invite last week to meet at 11:30 Pm tonight at Delightful Jeweled Paradise (Keywords of course) i only hope they all show.

Occupation- Twin blade in the World. Also a Hacker of sorts tends to stick to simple things such as alteration of appearances.

Weapons- Shogunkon - With the power of La Repth or "group heal". The Shogunkon is a pair of short slender blades with red "barbing" marks on the flat of the blade.it is about 6.5" in length and 1.75" in wide by a mere 1/32 of an inch thick. Making it somewhat supectilible to breaking.

Snippet-In the world Ryu is contantingly looking for a new place to expolore so it ain't uncommon for him to be off on a dungeon raid for the next big item or patroling the boards for a snippet or two of info on a new place. It is to be noted that commonly Ryu's hair color in the world reflects the color of he player in RL.
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[COLOR=Magenta]Kredion_Akima you are accepted. I had also added the class to show me what you are like a Twin Blade or Heavy Blade or anything that you want to name yourself. It's mostly based on your weapon. So far I don't know what your weapon is so if you could describe it a little more then that would be great. Look back up at the sign ups and I described the Snippet part a little to make it easier. ^^

KW, you are not late to sign up and it would be great if you did. I could always use some more characters. ^^[/COLOR]
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Name- Joshua Gaston; in the game, Hiro
Age- 21
Gender- Male
Personality- Joshua is honest, caring, and a good friend, but is also EXTREMELY studious. He doesn't have much time in the real world to mess around, but when he does; he's ALWAYS on the World. He loves the game, and he plays his character's attitude like he WISHES his could be; kind, but with a carefree attitude, with a yearning to master swordmanship, and the ability to travel the World to do it.

Likes- Helping people; (noobs), Role Playing, wandering, gathering information, and his friends
Dislikes- An unfair advantage, people that take advantage of new players, girls in distress, nothing else too much....

Class- Blade master


Bio- Being a student in college, it was hard to do anything other than study for exams and go to class. However, when Joshua manages to find the time, he is almost entirely devoted to the World. He found out about it from his gaming magizines, and that it was the most massive mmorpg that anyone had EVER seen! He bided his time, until it came out in America, and was one of the first to get a copy of it. He had to skip out on a history test in order to do so, however, and now applies himself VERY STRICTLY, only playing in his free time.

He loved the fact that everyone on the American server was knew, (except for the visiting Japanese players), and wanted to set an example for the World. He began to train when he could, and eventually became a decently-high level. He had been visiting a dungeons alot at the time, when he met up with the rumor of the Legend of Dot Hackers. He was impressed by the sounds of it, and sought out any and all information regarding them. What he found, was a group of people who had nearly the same intention as he did; to find out more about the legendary Dot Hackers. The group was actually supposed to meet at a certain place, probably to decide what to do next. He just whistled a tune as he typed in the keywords; he was going to inspect the area they were going to meet in.

Occupation- Wandering do-gooder

Weapons- One katana that he takes care of meticuously. It gives him better reflexes and speed, and also a quick-draw and jumping slice attack. He recieved it as part of an event, (which he won, of course).

Snippet- Leave for class at 10 in the morning, be there by 10:30.
Fly through english and foreign language, (Japanese), and eat lunch at 2.
Go back to class for History, and a writing course, heading home at 6.
Study for 3 hours, and eat dinner by 10.
Then, after all of the days studying is done, he signs on to the World for at least 2 hours. After intense training or just relaxed information gathering, he signs of anywhere from 12 (midnight) to 2 in the morning. This is Joshua's typical day. Sometimes, he doesn't have TOO MUCH to study for, so he can play for awhile. Most times though, he has to buckle down, and can't even TOUCH the game until the weekend.

(OoC: Hope the snippet's ok... And here's my character as promised! Also, if I need a name for my weapon, tell me. Thanks! :) )
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age- 21
Personality-mostly quiet, has a very short temper, gets along well with non-hyper people, she will try to kill you friend or not if you get in her way off her ultimate goal.
Likes-peace, quiet, onigiri, sake, anyone that's not hyper.
Dislikes-hyperness, loud noise, anything sudden.
Class- time class, can do anything to time except it only changes it for the minute
Appearance- red neko! red fur completly covering body.her face looks sorta like a cats(just that she has a cat nose and whiskers) she wear a green and brown mid-driff shirt, and tiny short blue jean shorts. her tail is big anf fluffy...she likes to use it as a pillow, she can also change into a "werecat" aka. werewolf.
Bio- i discoverd the world on accident, i was just fooling around and stumbled upon it, i got hooked on it by the utter desire to be something i'm not. it's fun for me so playing the world gave me something to do and a place to finally make friends.(it's very hard for me in the real world)
Occupation-werewolf(is that right? i forget what they called it)
Weapons- claws, her time staff(for time spell) and teeth when in wolf form.

wake up at 6am and get to school by 7
go to my first two classes then have lunch at noon
finish my last two classes(on a special learning plan) then go home at 3pm
go onto the world at 4pm and play till 9pm
log of at 9pm and goes to sleep.

on weekends i get up at 9am and go onto the world 9:30am and play for twelve straight hours.

(ooc: i hope the snippet's ok!)
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[COLOR=DarkSlateBlue][SIZE=1]Name- Midori
Real Life- Jessica Lower
Age- 17
Gender- Female
Personality- Jessica has a very strong personality and acts a leader, yet in the World she tries to tone down this dominate nature since it normally results in her getting into trouble. Not that Jessica tries to get in trouble, its just her nature to rebel and follow her heart. In the World she still follows her gut feeling.
Likes- Boys, spicy food, limes, boys, exictement, new places, cute boys, nice people, learning new things, and boys
Dislikes- Rude people, people who don't say what they mean, being confined, helpless people, PKs
Class- Heavy Blade
Bio- Jessica first wa introuduced to the World as a freshmen in highschool by her college-bound brother. Apparently the game was a big hit on campus and since her brother was going out of state she felt the need to somehow stay in touch with him. However, as he got more wrapped up in college the siblings began losing touch until one day he just stopped logging in. Jessica was upset that her brother had abandoned her but, she still plays the game, more seriously this time though.

Acting as a defender for the weak, Jessica AKA Midori hunts the blacklist of player killers. She's fought most of them and come out the victor. She began making friends who had a common intrest evening going as far to join a bounty hunter's guild. Most of her friends list of the world is composed of information gathers and other hunters. Through her valent actions against PKs she, strangly enough, has received an invite to join the Colbat Brigade.
Occupation- Bounty Hunter
Weapons- The sword in the picture, has +10% critical hit.
Jessica makes sure to have at least five hours set aside each day to play the World. On the weekends she can play for an entire day, not needing to go to the bathroom if she doesn't eat or drink. This manner makes her parent's worry and they've restricted her play time by dropping her off at the mall to hang out with some friends. Jessica spends her time in the World gathering information about Pkers, tracking them down, and going to dungeons with her guild members as well as other players.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[COLOR=Magenta]Thanks you two for signing up. I still need at least 3 more Dot Hackers then this thing can get started. Here's my character.

Name: Shino

Age: 21

Gender: Female

Personality: she is a very hyper girl that loves to hunt for rare items. She's gets along with people fine and can be helpful with her rare items that she finds. Over all this girl is one to support friends.

Likes: Rare items, events, new people

Dislikes: can't get her items, Colbalt Brigade, Selfish players

Class: Hunter

Appearance: [URL=http://s56.photobucket.com/albums/g172/Just_Be_Yourself/Angels/?action=view¤t=littleangel.jpg]Shino[/URL]

Bio: Shino was very fond of The World and all of its treasures. Her mother had given her a chance to see what it was like to see The World and helped her understand some of the basics of The World. She played endless hours when it first came out and now since she's olders she doesn't have much of a chance to be on. Whenever she is on, she looks in dungeons and events that are going on to get new treasures. She had heard about The World from one of her classmates and decided that may The World would be a place to escape to and have fun with. Shino's mother used to play in The World too but the incident that happened 4 years ago stopped her from playing.

Shino met the gang when they had came to The World. Shino was surprised about all of them and soon became friends with them and they began their search which had been started 4 years ago.

Weapons: In pic and a blade that is similar to a sword but only smaller

Occupation: Rare Treasure Hunter and one of the Good Hackers of The World

Snippet: Shino was walking around The World for new events that were happening. It was about noon time in reality and she had the day off from work and decided to find some really good treasures. She had heard about the dungeon that everyone has gone to and yet they can't seem to get the treasure. She had gone to the dungeon and looked at the outside. "Seems like a really toughy there. Oh well, I hope that they have really goof treasures!" Shino walked into the cave of the dungeon and saw the monster that was infront of her. It was a soldier of some type. It was huge and very powerful. Shino held her staff and hit the monster with a beam of light. She then went in and slashed it with ther blade. The monster died and she moved on.

Shino kept doing this until she got to the very end. But something was different, there was a really tiny monster out of all the bigger monsters that Shino had destroyed. "This is gonna be a piece of cake." Shino held out her blade and went in to kill it. She had sliced the monster and it died. "See? I knew that monster was too weak." As she walked forward, there was and earthquake in the dungeon and a huge monster appeared. "So this is what they mean by that no one can get the treasure. This monster is HUGE!!" Shino stood ready and attacked the monster. It didn't seem to effect it as much. "Great! I guess that means I'll have to use that attack." She brought out both of her sword and staff. She then recited some words and the weapons forged into one. She then attacked the monster and it was destroyed. The chest appeared and Shino went and got it. "Wow! I really did it!! Yeah for me!! This item sure looks rare. I wonder what it is."[/COLOR]

OOC: Well this is my character and I hope that I get more people to sign up. ^^
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[FONT=Tahoma][COLOR=DarkSlateGray][SIZE=1]Name- Mizuki Tsujimoto (In The World: Moon)
Age- 16
Gender- Female
Personality- A hyperactive tomboy, understanding, friendly, can be quite rough in all her actions
Likes- Chocolates, dressing up and acting like a guy, hanging out and likes to smile...^^
Dislikes- Cooking, dresses, the Colbalt Brigade and mostly anything to do with feminine tasks
Class- Heavy Blade
Appearance- [URL=http://i47.photobucket.com/albums/f151/Aki_Hakkai_/Anime%20Ninja/anime_girl_fav222.jpg]Moon[/URL]

Bio- Started playing The World with a bunch of her friends at the age of 13. At first, they were really enjoying the game but as years passed by; her friends began to grow out of it. Mizuki's best friend, Sho still played alongside her and together they were almost unstoppable. They've began hunting for treasures in dangerous dungeons.
One day, a group of Cobalt Brigade surrounded them and demanded that Sho should be erased and from The World. Confused and curious at the same time, she refused to turn him in. The Cobalt Brigade explained that Sho had committed a serious crime and should be punished severely. Knowing that they've lost this battle, Sho was eventually erased from The World.
Since that day, Mizuki continues Sho's unfading dream, dodging everything the Cobalt Brigade did to her.

Occupation- An unofficial treasure hunter...^^

Weapons- Lucifer (can be seen in the picture)

Snippet- Since Sho got erased from The World, Mizuki still hunts for treasures, just not as recent as last time. If she isn?t hunting for treasures, she would raise her grunty (I wonder do we use grunties in this RP...).[/FONT][/COLOR][/SIZE]
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[COLOR=Purple][B]Name[/B]:Tsukasa [Sinclair in World]

[B]Age[/B]: 18

[B]Gender[/B]: female

[B]Personality[/B]: very twisted. She can be serious when it comes to important matters, carefree when it comes to adventures and hunting for treasure, and pissed off when she doesn't get her way on a particular matter

[B]Likes[/B]: adventures, events, meeting friends and joining parties with them, hacking, dodging the colbalt birgade, and surpassing the rules

[B]Dislikes[/B]: admins, colbalt birgade, player killers

[B]Class[/B]: wave master

[B]Appearance[/B]: [URL=http://i100.photobucket.com/albums/m5/key_of_darkness/Sinclair.jpg]Sinclair[/URL] [the picture might be a little faded so sorry for the inconvinence]

[B]Bio[/B]: She had always loved The World when she was little but never had a computer. When she finally got one, she created an avatar and started on her way. She had lived alone most of her life due to an accident that took both her parents lives. In The World, she is a great hacker like Helba. She has worked alongside Helba for various reasons and they became good friends.

It has been her 6th year since she started playing and she has lots of fun dogding the Colbalt Birgade, going into dungens with other players, making new friends and searching for items in events. She had met the gang one day after she finished a dungeon with lots of monsters.

[B]Occupation[/B]: a great hacker. She can surpass all the rules without being caught, well, maybe on what she's hacking.

[B]Weapons[/B]: a staff [if you've seen a wave master in .hack, you'll know what I mean]

One day while Sinclair was just feeding a gruntie that was left in her care, it soon became sick. She had to go and find some purple cherries for it since the original owner didn't give it a vaccine for the disease. She then went to a sector that was all snow and very cold. She searched high and low for a purple cherry but it was very hard. Just when she was about to give up, she found them! She was so excited and picked the cherries and went back. She gave the cherries to the gruntie and it was better.
The owner of the gruntie had come back from where ever he left and asked," Did he give you any trouble?"
"No, but you should have told me if you gave him a vaccine for a deadly disease among young grunties. I had to search forever to find purple cherries! Anyway, he's better now so he's been taken care of. Well, gotta run, see ya!" said Sinclair as she ran out the door in a hurry to go to a dungen that was sure to have lots of powerful monsters.[/COLOR]
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