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Sign Up Chaos and Conspiracy 2256


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[b][i]Warning: This RP may contain strong language, sexual references, and violence. It may also question ones existents and thereby question God and religion, both in negative and positive ways (that is up to the player). I ask that you simply let things play out as people are allowed their own opinions of religion.[/i][/b]


This is a little RPG I came up a while ago which I have been dying to try out on a forum. If it's successful I might try it on other forums to.
I presume that everyone has read the the guidelines for joining and posting in an RPG, otherwise here they are: [url]http://www.otakuboards.com/showthread.php?t=44317[/url]

[b]Back story:[/b]
The year is 2256. Man kind has populated almost all of our home solar system The Milky Way. Like computers once were mostly for governments and organizations and then became common household machines, so has also space travel become a common daily routine for most people. As predicted already in the 1950's, regular citizens travel by personal air craft which has replaced the now very uncommon sight of an automobile. However we have not yet expanded beyond our own solarsystem, nor found a faster means of travel (which means no Star Trek "beam me up Scotty")

Man has populated almost all of the planets in our solar system except the dwarf planets Eris and Pluto (mainly because of practical reason since they are relatively small and far away and would not serve a purpose worth investing in). Though other planets are considerably larger, Earth has remained the capital and most populated planet with well over 7.5 billion inhabitants. Though earth is also by far the most corrupt planet with 6 rival organizations that use gangster methods of achieving their goals in hope of taking control of the capital and spreading to other planets. These organizations have headquarters all over Earth and are only being held at bay by the main Earth government which remains the leading authority on all populated planets.
The inter-global economy has been maintained from Earth at the IGEC (Inter-Global Economy Center) stationed on the American continent at Seattle Washington. Though the government center for inter-global affairs has been stationed in Berlin, Germany.

Despite protest and much unappreciation some planets have been split into classes where planets such as Mars has been deemed a high profile place for celebrities and wealthy people, and Venus is considered something of a slum for the low class people who hardly get by on minimum wage. The dwarf planet Ceres has become something of a prison for criminals and gets very little attention from the capital and even less from other planets. Recently, documentary shows about life on Ceres have become popular on plasmavision (future version of television where the construct is made out of pure molded plasma).

On Earth date August 23rd, 2256 the main building headquarters of the IGEC was destroyed by bombing of an unknown terrorist group. Due to the nearly impenetrable defencess of the building, blame has been appointed to one of the rival gangster organizations since they would be the only ones capable of such an inside job. As this would lead to an internal as well as external investigation to uncover the true people responsible, the government is concerned that assigning any exciting agency would be a risk, and therefor assembles a new agency who's sole purpose will be to resolve this matter with any methods necessary. This agency is simply known as the [b]SS66[/b].

SS66 is stationed in Stockholm, Sweden and is a small and secret organization outside of public knowledge. It's headquarters serve to investigate and assist their agent's in the field via the intercom which all agents carry. It is a small earpiece with an optical attachment that looks like a small green piece of glass which is constant in front of the agents right eye as information is sent and displayed on it via headquarter. All agents also carry a standard SR750, a small military weapon which when contracted can fit in the palm of a hand, and upon extraction turns into a portable machinegun with implanted optical camera that feeds it's aim directly to the intercom visual display which provides vastly superior accuracy.

[i]Characters:[/i] You may create any characters you like. You are only allowed to create one character which you will be playing and controlling, but you are allowed to have associates as characters that are always with your main character. You may also instead create a team. Meaning you create several characters who always work together.
Create as much depth and information about your character(s) as possible. Give us a lot of information on their [b]appearance (this is the future with all the whacked out fashion styles of the 23rd century, so go wild), age, attitude, personality, hobbies, past, involvement in the plot (job, relation and so on)[/b], etc etc. Your character may be involved in the story in whatever way you wish. Good, bad, neutral, but have motivations for what they do. You may of course interact with other players characters, but you are not allowed to make changes to those characters. Changes will have to be discussed with the creator of that character, [b]BY PM[/b], and then the decision will be passed on to me BY PM so that i am aware of what has happened.

[i]Mechanics:[/i] The mechanics of the game are simple. You can make up any invention you like as long as it's fairly logical within the realm of this world. As mentioned the current state of technology is not infinite, so no transporter beams like in Star Trek. Long distance transportation will be taken care of with the personal air craft described in the back story, as they are the fastest and most common method in this realm. Action will be described in details. If it's a chase or a fight scene describe as much of it as you possibly can; Location, moves, visuals, actions and reactions and so on.

This game is an action mystery, and the goal is to solve the mystery as to whom is responsible for bombing on the IGEC. Obviously, the goal will most likely not be reached if this games becomes popular (which I hope it does) so the fun is simply in playing this game and evolving the story (think of it as the TV sow Lost. No chance in hell the ending will make sense or even come any time soon, but it's fun to watch how things turn out).

The first thing you must do is make a post regarding your character. In it you must describe everything from his or her Name to something more advance like what type of weapons he or she uses and what his or her involvement in the story is. Basically. Just give us as much info about your character as humanly possible. Don't be afraid to write a long post. You characters may be involved with any of the organizations mentioned or even ones you come up with yourself, but remember that you'll have to describe the organization as well.

The following information about your character(s) is mandatory:

[b]Planet of birth:[/b]
[b]Organization/Side:[/b] (SS66 being the good guy, and any of the gangster groups being Evil (name them as you please). The Government is Neutral as it is unknown who inside it is good or bad. And of course, as mention, you are allowed to make any individual groups and small organizations of your own).
[b]Involvement in the plot/with another character:[/b]
[b]BIO:[/b] (This can easily be entwined with the Involvement. Write as you please)
[b]Personality/Attitude:[/b] [i]Please pay extra much attention to this, both your own and OTHERS. Because a lot of people hate when someone makes their character do something out of character or that doesn't match the personality. So read your fellow players Personality/Attitude description carefully.[/i]

[b]Equipment:[/b] you can carry any kind of equipment you like within the technology parameters. SS66 agents will carry the equipment mentioned earlier.
[b]Description[/b] is optional, if you do not supply it it will be assumed you simply wear a suite as most working within the government and the mob usually wear suites (stereotype?). But of course, as I mentioned, you can Go Wild.

[b]For practical purposes the first character will have to be one who works for SS66. And who's job is to investigate the mystery. Everything else about the character will be left for the player to choose. I will also be in SS66 so that it is not only one person.[/b]

[i]The mood and setting in the game I thought would be best describe as a mix of Ghost in the Shell and Cowboy Bebop, which coincidently are my two favorite anime :P[/i]

When posting in the RPG I must ask everyone to put double line breaks to separate dialogs and storytelling and descriptions. Please put events, things that are happening in either * or mark them in italic font ([ i]remove the spaces to get italic text[/ i]). Finally [b]BOLD[/b] the name of any spoken lines, ending the line with a single line break. This may all seem like much, but it will make things so much easier, believe me.

Like This:
Finally Darth Vader and Obi-Wan meet after such a long time, and the battle begins.

*[i]Vader and Obi-Wan draw and activate their lightsabers[/i].*

[b]Darth Vader:[/b] We meet again, at last. The circle is now complete. When I left you, I was but the learner; now *I* am the master.
[b]Obi-Wan:[/b] Only a master of evil, Darth.

And they keep fighting until Obi-Wan surrenders his body to aid his companions.

This will serve to make it ease to know who said what and so on.

Enjoy the game, and feel free to ask questions.
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Name: Chance Rowland
Age: 25
Planet of Birth: Mercury
Organization/Side: SS66

Biography: Chance was the oldest in his trio of siblings, gaining high scores in school and sports alike he grew up normally with friends and neighbors. venturing off to college to study in Criminal Investigation to graduate with a Bachelor's Degree, Chance sought after more responsibilities and more adventure. He decided to join the government task force and stayed with them for a couple of years before being recruited by SS66. After trial and evaluation Chance was accepted into the organization as a weapons specialist and master the art of hacking into out dated and modern electronical locks. Over the years Chance has gained rank and respect from his fellow soldiers earning th title and rank of Captain, not to mention he now commands his own group of expert soldier in different fields of operations.

To his friends he is the friendliest soul anyone could ever meet, but when Chance is on duty he can be a real hard ***, even to his own team members. Through life he likes to have things done the right way, though he himself can slack off sometimes Chance tries not to show it to the civilians and his crew. Chance is known to be one to throw back the bottle at bars on occasion, but he never gets too drunk that he's start a fight with someone, a light hearted person with a serving of justice does Chance just fine.

Equipment: Light vest body armor underneath his hoodie, he likes to move around freely in his civilian attire when on duty. 2 9mm Baretta pistols holstered behind his back while 2 more are holstered on each side of his legs. Besides the SR750 given to all soldiers in the SS66, he likes to carry around a set of small daggers hidden in the cuffs of his sleeves.

Description: 6'2'' caucasian male. Chance has brown eyes and short spiky brown hair on the top of his head, shaves the sides and back of his head to match the SS66 regulation haircut. Has a type of bodybuilder body, likes to wear his yellow long sleeve hoodie with a blank tank-top underneath. Along with his long black sweat pants and his yellow and black running shoes. He also wears a blue bandanna on both his wrist and along his forearms when he has his hoodie off. On the back of his pants are a pair of pistol holsters with two pockets for extra clips, also a holster on each side of his leg for another pair of pistols he carries around on duty.
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  • 6 months later...
Bringing this one back after 6 months :P (I had to abruptly disappear back then due to personal problems. But I'm back now)
Ok, here my character, and I'll also kick the story of in a Theater thread.

[b]Name:[/b] Eugene "Gene" Payne
[b]Age:[/b] 22
[b]Planet of birth:[/b] Earth
[b]Organization/Side:[/b] SS66
[b]Biography:[/b] Born 2234 to Alexander and Marjorie Payne. His father was a big time mobster who practically owned the entire New York state. When Gene was only 5 he witnessed his father shoot and kill his mother because she was cheating on him at the time. Alexander Payne was never bad towards his son, even though he did kill his mother. He never paid much attention either, this made Gene hate his father for all the evil things he did.

When Gene was 15 he had escaped his fathers home and neglectful parenting and the whores he would have to call his step-mothers. He joined the junior police academy, and when he turned 18 became a police officer. After 2 years, his record was so astounding that he was promoted to detective at the age of 20. More than 2 years later his record was such a high merit that he was a prime candidate to join SS66 after the bombing in Seattle. He ended up getting the job and was partnered with Captain Chance Rowland.

[b]Personality/Attitude:[/b] A very withdrawn person. He often seems to be adrift in his own world, staring into space, thinking of his shameful heritage. He has a sense of humor and takes any chance he can to poke fun of people. But when push comes to shove he can just as easily become very serious.

[b]Skills:[/b] Highly trained in unarmed combat. He has well mastered 7 forms of martial arts, and also in survival techniques. Trained in armed combat as all other SS66 operatives, but remains a grade lower than his partner. He is also incredibly observant, to the point where he observes his surrounding's in great detail and can remember faces and objects in near perfect quality as he has photographic memory. This is partly why he so easily got the promotion to detective, and also his being accepted into SS66.

[b]Equipment:[/b] Carries a SS66 standard issue SR750 portable machine-gun rifle with the optional 3bullet stabilizer. He also carries a concealed combat knife strapped to his lower right leg, above his ankle. And also a utility pack in the form of a small cylinder, one side of which functions as a laser cutter and the other exudes a type of powerful gel -like glue.

[b]Description:[/b] Stands at about 6 feet 2 inches (187 cm), bright gray (whit-ish) hair to about his chin. Hair usually covers his right eye at which he has a scar left from a battle between his fathers gang and a rival gang, when he was a child. Wears an untucked, red and white polo shirt, denim jeans, and red and white sneakers. Occasionally also wears a dark blue sports jacket.
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Hmm... I got partway into my signup (a good 2 hours work) before I saw that this RPG has been open for six months. Is this still allowed even, to be revived after six months? I'm still concerned about that, but if mods don't close it or something, I'll DEFINITELY sign up. Nighty night for now.

If the RPG remains open, I plan to sign up as a small team (5 members is small, right?) that is kind of on the border of good and evil. They don't exactly support the government or the SS66, but they are loosely involved in a plan to disintegrate the larger gangs. More detail will be provided in my signup.

But I sincerely hope this RPG stays open. I just love this RPG so far, and it would be so sad to see it close... (Might I suggest re-starting it and removing the rating from the title?) :worried: :bawl:
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I am truly sorry that it turned out like this and i also hope it will not be closed. I really had to go away six months ago right after I posted it due to personal and family issues that arose, at which point RPing was the last thing on my mind.but I am back now and plan on continuing this. If the mods will be willing to let it run, I would really appreciate it and hope that maybe they will change the title as I noticed that the rules for RPing has changed in the last six months. No more ratings and stuff.
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Of course the RPG can stay open, why would we have anything against that? ;D

I just think you have to find new players for this game, Gecko, since to this day, no-one has been able to do an RPG on their own. Maybe it was too early to create the actual game thread yet, though?

But I hope you'll get enough people to play with you!
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Well Mage17 is actually a buddy of mine. We chat om AIM, I talked to him the other day and we're actually working on a new RPG together. Looks like it might be pretty good so far, more on that later. So I'm pretty sure he's still in on this one, plus Nefertimon just expressed interest, so I'm just getting the ball rolling, no harm in that. I just hope there are more members to come :)
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OOC: *gasp* *points to the short RP sample featuring Star Wars characters* Wow--how long as it been since dialogue was popular in RPG's here? Talk about a blast from the past! We share the same goal of reviving the good old OB, mate. (Okay, maybe that's going a little too far...)

Hmm... I think I'll do a classic Nefertimon signup by creating a team of characters that are in-depth and fun and stray slightly from the main plot. So I'll put a description of the team as a whole, and incorporate each member's signup into it. And of course, as I always do, I'll go wild!
[color=indigo]The Black Cat Bandits are a fun little group to be in. They really go by their logo, a cute and comical-looking black cat holding a holden star with a happy face on it. (Remind you of a particular Super Mario item?) ...Or at least the group as a whole does. Its individual members may lead different lives, some of which may be very serious and miserable, and occasionally the group may break up for short periods at a time, but so what? One becomes insane if one spends his/her entire life in such a group, so this is much like a fun little gathering or cult. As a group, the Black Cat Bandits love to travel and explore, and just to have a good time. However, they have been known to cause quite a bit of trouble, thanks to one particular member's skill as a thief, and the group's tendency to be involved with random gang activities. The good thing, though, is that no crime report has ever mentioned this group--that lucky spirit of the black cat has kept them undetected for so long.

But perhaps the most interesting characteristic of the Black Cat Bandits is its individuality. Ah yes, Halberd, Warren, Merlin, Lupin, Yamiko... Even though they work as a team most of the time, each member has separate lives and personalities that are worth mentioning. Even the nicknames they gave themselves reflect their individual values more than their connection to the team.

To sum up all the Black Cat Bandits' roles in the team:
Halberd: Unofficial leader; main pilot of the Sky Pirate and occasional pilot of the Nightcraft; plans out ideas that Warren or Yamiko come up with
Warren: Comes up with ideas of what to do next; brightens the hopes of the group and helps with safety issues
Merlin: Co-pilot of the Sky Pirate; also there for persuasion or distraction purposes
Lupin: Usual pilot of the Nightcraft; helps with planning; usually does most of the work (and goes away from the group) when plans are put into action
Yamiko: Provides spontaneous tips and important information; occasionally accompanies Lupin on his individual ventures

Hee hee hee, what deep and exciting Black Cat Bandits indeed. But it's time to compare them a bit:
Most likely to be leader of the Black Cat Bandits: Halberd, then Lupin, then Warren, then Merlin, then Yamiko. Warren and Merlin are more followers but can take the initiative if they really had to. Yamiko is obviously not a leader while Halberd obviously is (look at their Personalities). And Lupin's in a very close second place because, well... you'll see in the RPG.
Best with computers: Hmm, Merlin sure seems like it--after all, he's very familiar with both the Internet and computer-based control panels (as in the operating system of the Sky Pirate) and uses both quite frequently. But it's very possible that Lupin surpasses him, because he's even more familiar with such control panels and working with the code behind them, and/or "hacking" past computer-based security systems.
Most difficult to deal with: In terms of the Black Cat Bandits, it's Warren because he complains and occasionally ends up trying to split the team apart. From the viewpoint of strangers... probably Lupin and Yamiko.
Strongest: Halberd, by process of elimination
Bravest: Lupin, or Yamiko in her Fear State (in a way)
Funniest: Warren, obviously
Smartest: Hmm... is it Merlin, Lupin, or Yamiko? It's hard to tell, since their intelligence is scattered in different regions. Merlin is good with words and numbers and logic, Lupin learns and thinks quickly (but doesn't forget quickly), and Yamiko has a photographic memory and frequently sees connections between things. So it really is hard to tell...
Dumbest: Me, since I can't figure out who is. :stupid:

Unfortunately, the very nature of the Black Cat Bandits caused it to split up after six years since its creation. But at least it provided an opportunity for each of its members to live their separate lives, and for one particular girl to join the group later on... Black Cat Bandits forever!!! But what caused them to split up and get back together again? Perhaps a look at their individual selves may provide an answer...


[u]Real Name:[/u] Ryan Inistacht
[u]Age:[/u] 25
[u]Planet of birth:[/u] Earth
[u]Organisation:[/u] Black Cat Bandits
[u]Involvement:[/u] Might be involved with some of the gangs, as explained later--but otherwise, just the other Black Cat Bandits
The Inistacht family was one of those stubborn little families that refused to leave its home planet/country no matter what happened. They always lived on the same life-abundant planet Earth. Their house was always in the same location in the same little town in the same region near the northern part of Ireland. It was a world of sameness to which Ryan was born, even in the face of constantly advancing technologies all around them and the occasional change of the town's name (which has been Cedar Glen for the last century or so). Yet still, Ryan proved to be a pleasant an interesting individual through his early life, although his family life was rather boring. Both of his parents were working hard in jobs, one in the teaching field (physics professor, to be exact), and one in the medical field (the amiable medicine lady who brightened up every pharmacy she worked in). And at home, they spent most of their time talking about what was new in their jobs, and not much time with Ryan. His parents did earn a lot of money from these two high-paying jobs, but something was missing...

Unfortunately, the very nature of the Black Cat Bandits caused it to split up after six years since its creation, and one year since the creation of the Nightcraft. But all was not lost for Halberd; he stell kept in touch with the other three in the five years afterward, during which he started an aircraft repair shop and earned pretty reasonable business. He also specialised in enhancing certain aircrafts with everything from installation of a new sound system to a conversion to a different fuel source to a wicked paint job. To the customers he trusted quite well, he even showed some of the aircrafts from satisfied customers as a sort of model for what he can do. Also, as a side project, secret to everyone including the other Black Cat Bandits, he worked on designing a larger and awesomer (hopefully) aircraft that would function as a sort of movable house as well. The other Black Cat Bandits were always on his mind as he built the "Sky Pirate", and in fact functioned as a major inspiration for everything he did during those lonely yet productive five years.

[u]Personality:[/u] Halberd is the mellow sort of person who calmly looks on the bright side of things. He sees everything through rose-coloured glasses, and he encourages himself to share what he sees with everyone hw knows and trusts. This also means that he tends to only look at the positive aspects of a person and tends to overlook the negative stuff. He believes in those he trusts, an important quality of a good leader. He also listens to those he trusts--in fact, during a typical Black Cat Bandit adventure, he would take suggestions from his friends and use them to formulate a daily plan. And when complications arise, he gently lifts them aside and goes back to his peaceful state of mind. This allows him to remain calm in most situations, but also not very well focused. If a problem arises, he's more likely to ignore it than to solve it. Or perhaps he thinks that ignoring it is the best way to solve it. Whatever.

When Halberd is in unfamiliar territory, he can be very dependent. He gets confused and starts asking his friends what to do. (Which is good since many other Black Cat Bandits are very productive in ideas.) He's not very good at coming up with ideas, but he is good at putting other people's ideas together and setting them in action. What wonderful qualities of a group leader. ...But what about people who are not group members? Halberd acts quite friendly and generous to his customers, but he tends to act indifferently to strangers otherwise. Basically he ignores everything that's different or unfamiliar.

[u]Skills:[/u] After building two important aircrafts for use by the Black Cat Bandits, Halberd has become an experienced mechanic, especially in the field of aircrafts. He's a pretty goos fix-it person in general as well--for example, he's usually the one to repair a fellow Black Cat Bandit's broken mobile phone. Note that he's not too good with the data in computers, though--just hands-on mechanical things.
[u]Equipment:[/u] The only equipment for which he can be called the main owner is a large airship called the Sky Pirate. The Sky Pirate is like a flying house, although it's not shaped like a house--that would be very impractical for flight if it was. Instead its shape resembles a bird. Now, most of the aircrafts Halberd is familiar with run on electromagnetic waves, but the Sky Pirate is so large that must have a standard fuel engine in the back as well, much like the one a rocket does. The airship itself is composed of several rooms. The largest room is the control room, which in terms of the "bird" would make up the head and the front half of the body. It also functions as a sort of lounge, and even contains a video game console like the one Halberd really enjoyed with most of the group when he was little. The "wings" are made up of storage rooms, each for a specific type of object. One is for aircraft parts, and another is for various emergency-type stuff, like what you would find in a first-aid kit or in the arms of an evacuation crew. Then another is for anything edible and sort of functions as a kitchen as well. Yes, a kitchen, and there's a restroom in there somewhere in the wing as well... yes, the Sky Pirate contains most of the house essentials. In the back, shielded from the occasional noise of the engine room, is the bedroom, which really only contains two beds. (One larger one occupied by Halberd, Warren, and Merlin, and the smaller one by Lupin and Yamiko, to be exact.) Hey, there's not much space in there anyway! But anyways, the only thing Halberd really carries around with him is his mobile phone and a few little trinkets used for fixing machines.
[u]Description:[/u] Halberd is 5'10" tall, just barely the tallest of the Black Cat Bandits. His coarse black hair is tied back and loosely braided, and runs halfway down his back, and he also has a trace of a moustache. His skin is lightly coloured but slightly tanned for the most part. He really does have a large figure, and would look muscular were it not for the thickish layer of fat covering it. Now, as far as outfit is concerned, he tends to be pretty casual. One such garment is a fading gray shirt with no sleeves, kind of like a loose muscle shirt or simply a T-shirt with the sleeves cut off--call it whatever you want. Then he wears plain-looking black pants (which look reasonably faded when he stands next to Lupin or Yamiko), plain-looking grey socks, plain-looking black sandals... Yet, something about this whole scheme gives him a sort of handsome air. Maybe it's the way his chocolate-coloured eyes sparkle when he's calm as usual, or maybe it's his humble choice to not wear anything particularly colourful. Whatever it is...


[u]Real Name:[/u] Raymond Donly
[u]Age:[/u] 18
[u]Planet of birth:[/u] Saturn
[u]Organisation:[/u] Black Cat Bandits
[u]Involvement:[/u] Might be involved with some of the gangs, as explained later--but otherwise, just the other Black Cat Bandits
Raymond came from a Saturnian family of artists. Specifically, his mother loved to paint, and specialised in Saturn's scenery. Dad was a poet, and could play the Neptunian Horn exceptionally as well. But Raymond liked them, not to mention he was thrilled by the sight of Saturn's rings. Speaking of Saturn's rings, when Raymond was five years old, his parents took him on a "cruise" along the rings of Saturn. The Donly family got exactly what they wished for on this trip, especially when the pilot decided to do something he'd never done before: dive down into Saturn's rings. This was a very unique and awe-inspiring experience, but beauty and risk has a price. The airship was barely able to travel a few thousand miles through Saturn's rings before it collided with a huge space rock that was part of the ring. As a result, the airship was damaged and flew out into space, suspended in mid-space for a week or two. Most other passengers either died of starvation or stress, but eventually the ship managed to return to Saturn and land safely on a floating town there. (The outer planets--Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune--are made of gas, so any towns on it float in midair.) However, by the time the airship arrived, only eight people survived. Raymond happened to be one of the survivors, but his parents had both died in a collision with a meteorite somewhere along the way. So Raymond spend to next few days in a stranded child refuge there...

After a few more years, Warren began to get a little tired and uneasy about the Black Cat Bandit activities, and began to feel sorry for the home life he now missed. For some reason he badly wanted to go back to school, because he felt extremely guilty for slacking off in school like he used to. So yes, he was the one that proposed that the Black Cat Bandits go their separate ways. Anyways, after that happened, Warren entered junior high school with new confidence. And this time, the essence of the Black Cat Bandits kept him relatively happy. Anyways, Warren continued on all the way through high school, during which time he started a special study program in art history, mainly to gain some intersting ideas about various art forms. One type of art he fell in love with was the late 19th century development of cartoons and animation, anime and such--he began to like the simple, often comical drawing style involved. But those are details... Oh and also, as an obscure "anime law" states, those who don't try as often to make friends often end up with friends anyways, and it especially applies to romance. So over time Warren got into a relationship with a girl named Lucy, who was interested in becoming a nurse. But the two made a happy couple anyways and decided to get married after Warren graduated from high school. Yes, eighteen is kind of a young age to get married, but for some reason Warren couldn't wait. Not to mention it was an excuse to move into a new house and finally have a pet rabbit.

[u]Personality:[/u] Warren's personality could be similar to Halberd's, but in a different way. He too looks for the beauty in life, but the physical or emotional beauty of things rather than the positivity of them. When problems arise, he's more likely to fret or mope over it, and he might even have the tendency to become insane momentarily when he's in a panic. This is one characteristic he tries his best to control, but obviously there are those moments when he's not very successful. He gets nervous and scared quite easily, just like a little bunny rabbit. But nowadays he doesn't scream or shout when startled; he just starts quivering. However, he gets over fearful and scary moments fairly easily nowadays; once a moment of panic is over, he can return to being pleasant again quite easily, although he might occasionally mention how huge a relief it is to have the chaos overwith.

Warren takes a good liking to animals and anything cute. He even likes to draw little cute cartooney animals on various things such as school notes or Lucy's backpack. This tendency to be cute gets into his head as well, to the points where he forgets to take things seriously and slips in a little joke here and there. Not to mention that he also gets confused easily. If one of his friends is in danger, he'll run around frantically wondering what to do, even if he does constantly hope for the friend's well-being. It can be noted that he takes good care of his friends--maybe that's because he doesn't want them to meet the same fate as his parents. So the most likely thing he'll do when a friend's in trouble is hope and pray that they won't die. But hey--often times prayer works.

Warren is also the kind of person who wants to avoid trouble altogether, although he is kind of getting over that. It was once true that he was completely against taking risks, but he's gotten over that too. He tends to adapt to the beliefs of his friends, so if they all say something is okay or not okay, he'll quickly abide by it. He can be quite capable of adjusting his own attitude to fit the requirements of his friends, maybe just a little.

[u]Skills:[/u] Erm... Well, Warren is fairly familiar with computers, but the most "advanced" things he knows how to do on one are using simple web design and artwork software, and pirating music. All three of which he learned from either Merlin or Lupin or Yamiko then began to master a bit. And he can draw pretty well, but is that even important in terms of this RPG...?
[u]Equipment:[/u] Warren carries around a high-quality digital camera, mainly for use in photography for artwork and such. (Yes, he truly takes after his parents...) He's had it ever since he was nine years old, and cherishes it dearly. The only problem is that it takes a while for it to turn on, so if he needs to take a very quick picture, he ises the lower-quality but faster camera on his mobile phone. Anyways, when joining up with the rest of the Black Cat Bandits, Warren decided it would be a good idea to bring along a gun, for the sole purposes of self-defense. It's nothing less simple than a pistol, as anything big and complicated like a machine gun would be harder to handle, Warren figures. But of course he painted it and decorated it, so it's now known by him as the "bunny punch". Oh and lastly, the thing Warren will miss the most about joining up with the Black Cat Bandits again is most likely Mimi, his pet rabbit. That soft, cuddly white fur, those warm and snuggly, toffee-coloured ears, those pretty little brown spots on her back, those beady black eyes, those little pink paws... Ahh, precious little Mimi's too hard to resist, Warren figures--why not bring her along with him as well.
[u]Description:[/u] Warren is 5'5" tall, caucasian, with blond hair only a few inches long and blue eyes, nothing special... Erm...?? Anyways, Warren would probably look a little thin if it wasn't for the attention paid to his cute, boyish face, or if he's not standing next to Lupin. But ah well, many people would say he's kind of cute in a little boy-ish way anyways, especially with the tiny little freckles still visible on his face. Little bunny freckes like the ones Mimi has on her back... Anyways, Warren's usual outfit consists of a yellow T-shirt with a happy face on it, faded jeans with holes at the knees, old-looking white sneakers... Oh, but you can't forget the most important thing: the racoon hat! He doesn't go anywhere without wearing this, except maybe school.


[u]Real Name:[/u] Vincent Estrel
[u]Age:[/u] 21
[u]Planet of birth:[/u] Earth
[u]Organisation:[/u] Black Cat Bandits
[u]Involvement:[/u] Might be involved with some of the gangs, as explained later--but otherwise, just the other Black Cat Bandits
Vincent was born in Italy, where his parents studied the history and rich culture of various places. Which is why they stayed on Earth--what sort of ancient history could be found on other planets? But they were especially involved in the study of paranormal activities and practices from all over the world. In fact, when Vincent was still very young, the family moved to Spain because of a job offer involving a certain board of paranormal research. Throughout Vincent's early childhood, both of his parents attended meetings that dealt with these studies, and since they were uneasy about leaving Vincent in daycare, they decided to bring him along to these meetings as well. But little Vincent learned quite a bit from these discussions-- a bit about concepts such as souls, vampires, ghosts, telekinesis... you get the idea. However, as a little boy he enjoyed telling his schoolmates about what he learned whenever the chance arose, so his schoolmates usually saw him as a freak of some sort. Anyways, one day, like a bolt of lightning, a gang of religious extremists desecrated the paranormal studies group that the Estrel family had faithfully attended, in a slew of Satanic hate crimes. Vincent's parents were shocked at this action, so they grabbed Vincent and fled to Cedar Glen, Ireland.

When Merlin left the group, he went off to college and took a major in physics (if fact, his physics teacher was Halberd's father). But occasionally he became a little adventurous and took fun classes such as astronomy and even martial arts for a short while. While in college, he took only one or two classes at a time while spending time in the library to conduct paranormal research on his own. He decided on physics as a major because he heard parts of it were connected to paranormal events, especially the quantum physics region. Outside of college, he opened up a little store complex. One functioned as both an herb shop and a hookah lounge, and the other was a room where he would tell people's fortunes and head his own paranormal studies group. And above these two shops was his small yet wonderful little flat which he called home. At home he spent much of his time pondering about things, meditating, and even attempting to use telekinesis on small objects. He once claimed that he could move a straw across a table with his mind, but obviously there's much debate on whether or not that is true. When he was particularly bored with the above, he used his previous textilial knowledge to make clothes, although he only had time to do this for himself and for Lupin later on.

[u]Personality:[/u] Merlin is an eccentric, proud, and captivating young wizard. He enjoys telling people about things he knows about and finds fascinating, which also makes him often refer to ancient legends and various works of fiction for quoting purposes. He can also be called a bookworm--he loves to read whenever he finds time. He especially loves the fantasy and science fiction books, as well as any nonfiction that has to do with paranormal topics or ancient legends. He can be seen as quite scholarly in this area, as he has shown a thirst for knowledge in his areas of deepest passion ever since he was a little boy. Perhaps if he were to choose a lifelong career, he would be a teacher, because the above personality characteristics make an excellent and interesting teacher. Not to mention that he's not afraid at all of public speaking or performing (it can be noted that he recently took up an interest in acting as well), and that he tends to exaggerate or stretch the truth to make it more exciting. (He especially exaggerates details about himself, making him seem a bit conceited.)

Merlin follows a belief that everyone should be respected and appreciated for their actions, and that the concepts of good and evil are too complex to judge people by. So he'll never plot revenge against any of the numerous people who teased him in his youth, because they're stil people with souls and life force. (So yes, he really is a flower-hugging peace-loving hippie. :smoke:) He is a firm believer in karma and thus is aware of the consequences of doing something ev--I mean harmful--to other people. But he can tolerate doing a limit of harmful activity to those who are harmful--that he calls "forced karma". Besides, he tries to sit through bad feelings that result from bad karma or bullying or such, and tries not to panic. However, he might let out his frustration by being a bit melodramatic in a tight situation. Before Yamiko came along, he was the most emotional of the Black Cat Bandits.

[u]Skills:[/u] Well, Merlin does have quite a bit of mathematical skill from his studies in college, which could prove to be useful in piloting the Sky Pirate. Not to mention that he took a side course in astronomy while in college... There's also the fact that his fortune-telling methods prove to be quite accurate, if that even matters.
[u]Equipment:[/u] Other than little trinkets used for divination purposes, not much really. He doesn't believe in carrying weapons, so the only little gadget he carries around is his mobile phone. Which is decorated with an intricate purple cell phone cover with a wizard's cap design on front, in case you're interested.
[u]Description:[/u] Merlin is the shortest Black Cat Bandit and also the one with the darkest skin. But not by much--he's just five feet tall with moderately tanned skin, and is not particularly skinny or fat or muscular in figure. His eyes are a dark, dull green in colour, so they don't stand out by themselves. But his eyes do stand out, because Merlin usually puts on green eyeshadow. But people also pay much attention to his hair, his outfit, or the expression on his face. His straight black hair is fairly short in some places, but fairly long in the form of wispy bangs in the front, and even longer in a sort of ponytail in the back. What makes it stand out is the fact it's dyed deep purple in most places. Merlin really does dare to be different and stylish!

Yes, different and stylish--this goes for his outfit as well, which consists of clothes he sewed together himself (except for the shoes). His shirt is made of white satin and is covered with a tightly fitting (which also means he can't button it up), long-sleeved, light jacket that is dark purple on the outside but is coated with hot pink satin on the inside (which shows up on the collar), and little bright green buttons. Hehheh, Merlin especially has talent and flair in designing jackets. Anyways, Merlin also wears deep blue pants which flare out similarly to bell-bottoms, and shoes made of a grayish leather. Also, lastly, Merlin wears two rings on his left hand, one with an amethyst stone and one with a ruby one, both wuth rune designs on them.


[u]Real Name:[/u] Edwin Tasselbury
[u]Age:[/u] 23
[u]Planet of birth:[/u] Earth
[u]Organisation:[/u] Black Cat Bandits
[u]Involvement:[/u] Might be involved with some of the gangs, as explained later--but otherwise, just the other Black Cat Bandits
Edwin lived with a relatively poor family in the seaside town of Markshire, on the southern coast of England. Hehheh, many a stray traveler would marvel at good ol' Marky due to its liveliness and tight hold on tradition (it was definitely not a technologically advanced town), and its park and its pleasant architecture and its friendly-minded craft shops and its underground trade centre and its view of the sea and its lack of attention from most foreigners. Dad was angry at Mum for wanting a child despite these conditions, but decided to take out most of that anger on Edwin instead. He even took to hitting him and torturing him, in as many ways as possible. So over the next couple of years, Edwin started to venture out into town at night to be free from his father. While out, however, there were occasional times when he nearly got into trouble though... Over time, he started to take advantage of the time when his parents were asleep, usually to steal food or money from them. ...Although this only led to a mad Dad. Anyways, eventually Edwin got really desperate and decided to try running away. So one day he hitched a ride on a truck and eventually an airship, and ended up on Neptune. There, he was brought to an orphanage that was there, during which time he met a little girl named Kelsey. Edwin ended up taking quite an interest in Kelsey, but they barely had time to talk to each other before someone came along to adopt him...

After the Black Cat Bandits split up, Lupin took the Nightcraft and left, and Germany was his first area of choice for some odd reason. But one interesting thing about Germany was that it happened to be the home country of one of the larger and more dangerous gangs. Lupin occasionally had fun spying on that gang, and even doing certain things the gang planned out before the gang could to them. But over time, the gang he was "playing pranks on" started noticing that someone was stealing their misdeeds, someone who could somehow carry out the task faster and more efficiently. What was the gang to do? Of course, they could always go on a search-and-destroy mission for him, but they ended up... Wait, that's what their original intention was. They found Lupin pretty easily, but they didn't succeed in killing him--at the last minute, one of the gangsters said that he could be "useful" and therefore made him join the gang instead. He did for a short while, until the gang decided on a particular blast from the past as a victim. This "blast from the past" happened to be Kelsey, the girl from the Neptunian orphanage who had almost become Lupin's friend. When Lupin found out about this, he suddenly disappeared from the gang and "rescued" her from it.

For the next month or so, Lupin did not do his traveling alone--this time he was with Kelsey (who had supposedly become his girlfriend by then). Their time together was full of happiness and adventure (they were wandering around Mars at the time), but it was also short-lived. For one sunny afternoon (oddly enough), Kelsey and Lupin were standing in line in front of a theatre, when all of a sudden the police came by and took Lupin away to Ceres. Oh no--if he's being arrested for theft, that amounts to an extremely long prison sentence... Actually, it was worse--he was arrested for the kidnapping, torture, and eventual murder of a little girl. ...Which was something the gang from above did a week or so before Lupin even joined them. Apparently the gang had taken their worst crime and blamed it on him, as a little act of revenge and/or jealousy. But it wasn't that bad--after a couple of weeks, he escaped from the prison--and continued his travels alone from then on.

[u]Personality:[/u] Lupin is probably most noted for defying rules or laws or even authority, and for doing things as secretly as possible. He's also not the one to show much emotion, not even the stronger emotions such as anger (revenge perhaps--but not anger), sadness, or even joy. Instead, he'll mantain either a smirk or cold gaze when around people, or else stick around and remain silent. Or he'll just avoid other people altogether--after all, he prefers to do things alone. However, he can tolerate being around his friends a little. Although he tends to be selfish, he might be capable of showing compassion for just about anyone, mostly to get what he wants. There is nobody he completely trusts, although he does show quite a bit of trust in the other Black Cat Bandits, especially Yamiko (Kelsey's new nickname).

It can be said that if it weren't for his involvement with the Black Cat Bandits or his relationship with Yamiko, Lupin would not be alive at this moment. ...Wait a minute, actually he would still be able to survive on his own, most likely! :sweat: (If you look at the Skills section, you'll know that he would...) Except he'd be a cold-hearted, bitter, emotionless loner who is just too akin to the darkness to see the light. Well, for the last couple of months, he's actually gotten much closer to that type of personality than ever before--maybe that was due to his (though short) time in prison and the misfortune of his childhood, as well as overhearing that he might not live to be 20 or 30--whichever. Now, most anyone with that type of life and personality would likely be depressed... Not Lupin. Something about his life must have given him an immense amount of willpower. When faced with anything from a regular ache or pain to a perilous situation, he'll push himself to or even past the limit of what he can do in order to endure or cure it, if he really has to (or at least not complain about it at all). Well, he does practically [i]everything[/i] only if he really has to, just to save what little time and energy he may have. He figures that any moment could be his last, and practically dares death to fall upon him.

So of course Lupin is okay with an element of risk, all to achieve the full potential of his abilities. And I suppose one can say that adventure and theft are both risky...? But as for theft, especially (it can be applied to nearly everything else he does), he does it quickly, quietly, and reasonably. He stays calm throughout, and if anyone is in the way, he's much more likely to wait or distract them with a false kindness than just push them aside. (Going for anyone but the target is pointless and might arouse suspicion, he figures.) What's more, he takes careful measures to ensure the same thing does not happen to him.

Most of Lupin's weaknesses are physical, yet there is the fact that he has nightmares (which he never remembers) quite frequently. Which is strange, given the fact that consciously, he really doesn't fear anything. Anyways, as for things he dislikes:
Personal questions -- To these he'll do anything but answer truthfully in most cases (though he's not likely to shout at the asker either), though he'll usually mention it not being important or lie about it.
Sunlight -- Well, if he doesn't like to be noticed and can see pretty well in the dark, it would make perfect sense for him to be nocturnal.
Teasing and name calling -- Who doesn't?!? To this he'll usually explain why it's not a bad thing, or just glare at the person. But he also takes measures to narrow down his reasons for being made fun of this way.
...Among other things to be revealed in the RPG.

[u]Skills:[/u] Most notably, Lupin is a highly skilled thief. ...Wait, that's it? Well, that one major skill grants him other "minor" skills as side effects of a sort. Let's see, it branches out into things such as a keen ability to avoid being noticed, high intelligence, fast reflexes (especially in his right hand), and slightly heightened senses. It is true that one thing leads to another...
[u]Equipment:[/u] With the help of Halberd, Lupin has an aircraft called the "Nightcraft". It is a pretty small aircraft (only four feet wide, six feet long, and three feet tall, to be exact), containing one front seat behind a button and screen-filled dashboard, and a back seat which Halberd, Warren, and Merlin can just barely squeeze into. The Nightcraft itself is dark metallic purple in colour, but not really shiny. On top it has a round window of glass which extends from the back of the back seat to the front of the dashboard. To the sides it has batlike wings that can fold and unfold, but not flap (:bellylol:). On the bottom it has a circle of metal-ish material that is very reflective and generates an electromagnetic current that allows it to stay afloat, so there's no need for an engine. In the back it more of that metal-ish material, a storage space, and a large wire used for recharging. In the front it has (most interestingly) headlights that emit black light, so they provide visibility but are not too bright. (Yes, count on Lupin to not want things to be bright...)

...Wait, the Description section says that Lupin "keeps everything in his pockets", and the Nightcraft doesn't fit in a pocket... so what does? Besides the key to the Nightcraft, the most important thing is a unique weapon called the "Firewand" for some odd reason. At first glance it looks similar to a lighter (hence the "fire" part), but instead of a flame, it sprouts a straight, fairly thick wire surrounded by a high-voltage electric current. (This makes the wire glow red.) It's also been known to absorb other electric currents as well...

...Among a couple of other trinkets to be described in the RPG.

[u]Description:[/u] Lupin is about 5'9" tall. His hair is fairly curly and long--as in almost touching his shoulders--and a light brown in colour. (More specifically, various shades of blond.) His eyes are a deeper, darker brown, an interesting contrast to his skin, a very palse shade thanks to lack of sunlight. Gaunt best describes his figure, yet he manages to avoid looking weak or dead. Besides, at least his face and hands don't look that bony. You won't find a whole lot of muscle on him (except maybe on his legs, since he's a very fast runner)--just enough to be able to move around and such. And with absence of strength there is flexibility anyways. Form really does follow function...

Lupin wears a fairly long black jacket that fits him perfectly, so it doesn't look big on him or anything. There is the occasional golden button on the end of a sleeve or near the collar. He wears a shirt underneath the jacket, but it can't be seen at all anyways because he always buttons the jacket all the way up to his neck. Also he wears what look like black jeans, except they're made from a slightly more comfortable material. These too are not too tight or baggy. He's not a firm believer in sneakers, and thus instead wears another kind of shoe made from black leather. He also wears a pair of glasses that have rectangular lenses and barely visible frames. Without them, his vision is still pretty good, but not as good as with them. Besides, the lenses (which look very slightly tinted) allow him to see invisible laser beams used for security and such. Also, he doesn't carry around any sort of bag or backpack or anything--he just keeps everything his jacket pockets for the most part.


[u]Real Name:[/u] Kelsey Murakage
[u]Age:[/u] 18
[u]Planet of birth:[/u] Earth's Moon
[u]Organisation:[/u] Black Cat Bandits
[u]Involvement:[/u] Might be involved with some of the gangs, as explained later--but otherwise, just the other Black Cat Bandits
The Murakage family has an interesting family history. They originated as a family living in Viet Nam and rumoured to be curse-casters of a sort. As a result the family had very bad luck in recent generations. One such stroke of bad luck was that Kelsey's mother died upon her birth, so Dad was left with Kelsey and had to raise her on his own, in his quaint little house on the moon. It was slightly difficult, but Dad really loved Kelsey, and tried to take care of her as best as he could. This was still true during a particular time of tragedy, when a small gang beat Dad up and took all of his money. From then on, Kelsey and her dad were very poor, and spent most of their time sitting inside their little house and holding each other close. This continued for four miserable years, until the police "rescued" Kelsey by taking her away, despite the pleading and protesting from both Dan and Kelsey. Dan had to move to the slums of Venus as a result, while Kelsey was sent to an orphanage on Neptune. (After all, the only other family Dan knew Kelsey had was Mai, who was dead anyways.)

Kelsey was immediately met with name-calling from the other children in the orphanage, often for being small and a crybaby. But she did talk to one older boy who sat far away from the other children and did not make fun of her at all. The boy was named Edwin and seemed really friendly, but the moment only lasted a few minutes before someone came along to adopt him. So Kelsey was left friendless... that is, until the owner of the dance school she attended offered to take care of her. So she lived there for a while (still on the light side of the moon) and continued dancing (it can also be noted that her physical health improved greatly at this time), etc. etc...

One day the dance teacher went on vacation to Earth, taking sixteen-year-old Kelsey with her. The two only had time to travel to Europe, but it was still fun anyways. So they traveled to Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany... Wait, Germany? Something interesting happened in Germany. One night, Kelsey had an errand to do that involved getting something at a store, so basically she was walking about some town at night. But while she was walking, someone walked up to her... someone familiar. It was Edwin, the boy she met in the orphanage! Except he was much older now, and had changed his name to Lupin. Anyways, Lupin said something about a gang being after her, and the two ended up fleeing to Mars--a pleasant little ride in Lupin's little aircraft--and just wandered around all over the place there. The two basically "lived on the streets", but it wasn't bad at all. Lupin really seemed to be a wonderful person to be around--it could even be said that at this point Kelsey had a crush on him.

But a Murakage girl has a tendency to bring bad luck to anyone she gets in a close relationship with--it happened to Mai, and it happened to Kelsey as well. For one sunny afternoon, Lupin was sent to the prison on Ceres all of a sudden. Yet just as she did when Dan was robbed, Kelsey just kept quiet and hid--or more precisely, ran away--and cried afterward. As usual... Anyways, Kelsey did manage to survive "on the streets" for a few days, but then came the day when she happened to run into someone else who knew her. It was a woman named Vi--Vi Murakage. Vi happened to be Kelsey's aunt. So not only did she agree to take care of her for a while, but she also told Kelsey about the Murakage family, but especially about Celia, Kelsey's great-grandmother. Celia apparently held the curse-casting gene of the Min family, and supposedly had put a curse on the whole Murakage family. It was disheartening, but at least Kelsey learned more about her family and a possible cause of her misfortune in her life.

Kelsey lived with Vi for the next two years, and Vi proved to be the best family yet--and Kelsey almost saw her as a link to her soul. (Which is a remarkably high honour.) Yet, Vi wasn't as good a "link to her soul" as Lupin was, and she kept missing him. Lupin seemed not only to be a link to her soul, but the only key to it. He helped her realise that all the misfortune she deals with (and perhaps the whole Murakage curse) is not completely bad--that it makes her stronger in a way. This misfortune, this darkness... Darkness really meant a lot to her by that point. Just like in Yamiko, which in Japanese literally means "child of darkness". That was the name that Celia would have given her. Anyways, a while later, Celia died, but by that time Kelsey was really happy for her, and Celia was really happy for Kelsey for learning the secret of the Murakage curse. Kelsey really felt as if the "curse" was cured when Celia died, but she showed her appreciation by calling herself Yamiko from then on.

[u]Personality:[/u] Yamiko is not a fun and happy girl. She tends to look on the negative side of things, and when presented with an idea, she's usually the first to come up with ways it can go wrong. Maybe this was due to having bad luck in the first place--it seems that every Murakage girl after Celia was like that. Perhaps she figures that trying to remain happy all the time is pointless, because there's always the chance that something can go wrong. And if something can go wrong, she figures, it probably will. Well, at least she's aware of negative consequences--she doesn't just head into something, not caring what can happen. Anyways, this bad luck and such also has an impression on her self-image--she tends to be very modest when talking about herself. In return, whenever someone compliments her, she often doubts it, or else feels quite embarrassed. But on the inside, she actually has a fair amount of self-confidence, though she can in no way be called conceited.

As far as social details go, Yamiko is pretty mixed. When around her friends, she tends to keep quiet. When she does want to talk, she sometimes has a hard time coming up with the right words to say in order to describe a situation--this especially applies when talking about how she feels. However, often times she makes up for it by showing quite a bit of emotion during communication, so sometimes there's the lucky case where someone reads her facial expression and figures out what she really meant to say. In this way, Yamiko doesn't like to start conversations--often times she'll say what she wants to say only if someone else speaks up first. This applies to a more general case too--she's definitely more of a follower than a leader. Now, as far as friends in general go... Yamiko's very ambivalent about being around friends. There are those times when she prefers to be alone, and there are those times that she really needs someone (often times a specific person) with her. But no matter which state of mind she's in, nowadays she's better at things like establishing her own personal space around people, or assuaging her loneliness. But the last part still can be difficult if it's someone she really loves (Dan, Vi, and Lupin, most commonly).

But Yamiko is mostly noted for being very emotional. In fact, although she feels otherwise confident in herself, she still occasionally has a hard time controlling her emotions. In fact, under very complicated conditions, she goes into one of three distinct emotional states, which function similar to multiple personalities except they all call themselves Yamiko and have access to the exact same thoughts and memories. In her depressed state, her pessimism is enhanced, and she goes into constant "fits" of lamenting her many worries (whether aloud or in her head). Also she has a short temper in this state, and tends to act violently towards those who frustrate her--especially towards whoever (if anyone) caused her to go into this state. Also she always wants to be alone in this state, but if one of her friends approaches her, she'll merely tell them not to worry about her instead of shoving them away. Now, there's also the notorious passion state. Yamiko tries to avoid going into this state, as she was in that state the whole time she was wandering about Mars with Lupin. After all, in this state, Yamiko feels so content and/or excited that she feels that nothing could possibly go wrong. So obviously if something does go wrong, she or someone near her could be in big trouble. And finally there's her fear state. Yes, Yamiko does feel fear, although she doesn't express it. While in the fear state, she is complete control of herself, so she eithre doesn't panic or accepts panic as a antural occurrence (wait, that [i]is[/i] control...). And, she remains alert and focused, her senses heightened, her reflexes sharper than ever. The fear state certainly does seem to be her "strongest" state, but she usually comes out of it shaken and exhausted.

[u]Skills:[/u] Other than the remains of being a good dancer, most of Yamiko's skills are mental. She has an excellent memory, especially of weekly events which most people forget, and hardly ever takes a long time to remember something. This really does giver a "false" sense of intelligence, as if she needs to solve a problem or something, she'll often times dig up a memory or two and make connections between them. But that really is about it...
[u]Equipment:[/u] What? Equipment? What equipment? Certainly a mobile phone is not special enough to qualify here (although it can be noted that Yamiko always has an interesting ringtone on it). But she does keep quite a few personal "treasures" that remind her of Dan, for instance, and a few items that Lupin could not keep in his pockets (or that he sort of gave to her). One such item looks like a picture of Warren's pet rabbit at first, but the eyes function like motion sensors, and the rabbit says "Mimimimimimi" whenever they pick up something. It does sound strange, but after all it was something initially of Warren's design...
[u]Description:[/u] Yamiko is 5'2" tall, and quite thin-figured. Although this is more due to smaller bones than anything else. (It can also be noted that she's the lightest of all the Black Cat Bandits.) But anyways, then there's her lightly-coloured yellowish peach-ish (how many other "ish"'s can I mention?) skin , her blood-coloured hair which looks quite fiery in the sunlight, her bluish purple eyes... Now as far as outfit goes, Yamiko wears a pair of black velvet pants, a nice match to a light purple shirt on top. It would look like a turtleneck sweater if the sleeves weren't so short, the neck part so wide (it must fit a huge-necked person snugly), and the bottom only going down to just above her belly button. Over this she wears a soft, darker purple sweater, which instead of buttons has a tie around the waist, is long enough to almost cover her knees, and has two large pockets on the sides. Oh, and she wears black sneakers too, if it really matters. Who would pay much attention to her feet anyways? They'd more likely pay attention to the way her soft-looking black hat looks so perfect there on her little red head.


Are the Black Cat Bandits just a random group which just wanders around and goofs off? It used to seem that way, but now they hoped to be involved in defeating some of the major gangs. Their main gang of focus is a Germany-based one which was responsible for Lupin being sent to prison, but they'd target any of the gangs at random times as well. ...So they're on the good side? Probably, although they act much like a small gang themselves...[/color]

OOC: EDIT: Perhaps this signup will be better than my original--less cluttered and all.
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Name: Kirika

Age: 14

Planet of birth: Earth

Gender: Female

Organization/Side: SS66

Biography: Result of one of the mobs' inhumane experiments on ... people. She was to be used as a tool of destruction, but she escaped at age 7. The SS66 decided to use her for her abilities to detect sounds that most humans cannot hear, her incredibly sensitive sense of smell, and the fact she learns so quickly that it took 2 days for her to learn how to type. She was put on this job for those reasons.

Personality/Attitude: Quite caring. Kirika would risk her own life to save that of her friends. She will try to comfort her friends if she feels she possibly can. Normally doesn't say much when trying to investigate things. Snaps every now and then.

Skills: Sensitive hearing and smell. Learns quickly. Very good with hand-to-hand combat and melee weapons.

Equipment: Gloves with retractable claws (like in the pic), light, but powerful armor (like in the pic, as well)

Description: Phantasy Star IV: The End of the Millennium

Note: the character out of these few in the pic is the girl with the claws on the left.
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