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Sign Up Naruto: A New Generation [PG-V]


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Naruto: A New Generation
Led by Konoha New Gen Council:

Because apparently, some old participants don't understand...This is version 2.0 Many things have changed. If you participated in the former version, I suggest you STILL read over this one.

?And the great Uzumaki Naruto, with Nara Shikamaru, the Chunin leader, Hyuuga Neji, Akimichi Choji, and Inuzuka Kiba, a scattered team created last minute, departed to Sasuke?s rescue!? A man in the uniform wear of most upper level Konohagakure ninja, the forest vest and blue under stockings, read in a soft voice to an eager ring of children. The excited younglings were scoot close to the Chunin, leaning in to better hear the excellent story of Naruto Uzumaki.

After minutes of unsatisfying silence, an impatient boy pouted a frown. ?What happened next, sensei??

?Well? I wonder,? The Chunin placed a finger on his chin, a gesture of thought.

?Seeennnnnssseeeeiiiii! You should know! You know eeeevvvveeeeerrrrryyyytttthhhhiiiiinnnngggg!? A female voice whined in a sweet, drawn out voice only a toddler would use that somehow managed to sound both cute and whiny.

?Ah,? Put on the spot, Sensei scratched the back of his head nervously, ?Well? The ending is lost. No one really knows what happened to the history books the Hokage kept or the people in the story. That?s as far as accurate history goes, Hikari,? his face suddenly turned serious, ?And I will not teach you the deranged-?

?What does deranged mean?? For a moment, the Chunin had a relapse of thought, remembering he was dealing with toddlers. He smiled kindly at the questioner and continued in a more gentle tone.

?I mean, the lies people come up with today. It?s like teaching you two plus two equals six.?

?Ahhhhh! It-it doesn?t?!? A boy in the back of the row exclaimed, flustering when laughter erupted from the other children. Sighing in exasperation, the Chunin just happened to glance at his watch. He burst out of his stool in shock at the time, and stepped over the children, gathering their things into a bundle and heading for the door.

?Uh-oh! Kids, we need to go outside! I?m sure your mommy and daddies are waiting already!? He shouted while delightfully stepping out of the academy door, holding the door open with his back for the other children. The children, to their credit, were already rushing out the door, having been lectured a few times for being late and not reminding their sensei if they saw the time. He slowly gave the items from his arms to the children one-by-one, kindly smiling at each as they took their things and ran to their parents. It was such a sight, children roaming to the arms of loving parents.

Things had changed. So many things had changed since Naruto?s day?

Things have certainly changed.

Half a century since the day?s of Uzumaki Naruto, Uchiha Sasuke, Haruno Sakura, and the whole of Team Kakashi?s deaths, Konoha has changed. The conflict of the Hidden Village of the Sound and Konohagakure has turned into dust. The final war ravaged the land, leaving behind destruction and death in its wake. Historians often argue over who won the great final battle. No one knows. Nearly everyone from the two villages were obliterated, only a few surviving, and those surviving cluttering the truth with rumors and lies. What?s left of diaries and journal books have allowed the modern day to know the stories of Naruto Uzumaki from his hardships since childhood, to the times when he was determined to rescue Sasuke from the Sound nin.

The Uzumaki era, as modern historians refer to it as, is all but lost in an ocean of mysteries, lies, and fiction. Their book has closed. Their story is finished, tightly weaved shut by time.

? And now, a new wind blows.

Konohagakure has returned to its most tranquil state, wars diminished till the conflicts are forgotten and all Hidden Villages on good terms, or at the very least not hostile, with one another. Violence has softened and the shinobi of the Hidden Leaf Village have gone into a relaxation unknown to them before. Formerly, the Leaf nin were always wary of attacks, warned about rumors, and worse of all, in constant fear for their or their loved one?s lives, through day and night. Now, Konoha has allowed their teachings to soften in its hazard-ness and they have begun taking advantage of the atmosphere.

How does this involve you?

You are an ambitious genin of this peaceful era, one of the recent graduates from the still standing academy of the Hidden Leaf Village. Like all graduates, you will be assigned to different three man squads under the lead of a unique jonin, with the original objective to conquer missions for the benefit of the Village. That age old practice has not changed. However, you will discover and achieve much more than that. Learning about your team members, improving the skills you didn?t know you had, and honing your talents are only a few experiences of what you and your new squad will be encountering. Watching rivalries evolve in its odd battle for glory and pride, strengthening relationships, challenging enemies who threaten everything your foundation stands on, and tragedy.

This is most definitely ? Naruto: A New Generation.

? YOSH! Springtime of youth, again
Ah, sorry, random outburst. But ?Springtime of youth? does sort of fit this restart. But first, some general rules.

1) All forum rules are to be followed.
2) No spamming.
3) No cursing/cussing/swearing, however you want to say it.

Now, sign-up special rules.
1) No relations to any existing characters. (Scroll down for reason)*
2) Any member of the council can accept or reject a sign-up. We reserve all rights to? Even the ones that were formerly accepted! So, if you?re rejected, old participants, don?t you dare say ?But I was accepted into the last RPG!? as an excuse to try to be accepted.

Character Sheet
Name: (Names should fit the setting. Try to keep it Japanese. Also, state if you use Western order [First name, last name] or Eastern order [Last name, first name]

Nick Name: (Optional. If you create one, make sure it has some relevance to your character.)

Age: (Genins will be 12-15, [Note: If you?re 15, you?ve flunked 3 times.] Jounins will be anything between 23-30.)

Gender: (Simple. Male or female?)

Ninja Rank: (Genin? Jounin?)

Important Items: (Do you carry a special weapon? Like a sword? Or a huge fan? Summoning scroll? Remember to add how you carry the special weapon in the appearance section.)



History: (Note: You can originate from another village, however you have to start as a Konoha genin.)

Bloodline Limit: ( Optional )
Others: (Have something that doesn?t fit in with the others? Well, have it here)

Ninjutsu: (Describe what type of Ninjutsu you use.) Limited to 3 for genins [you'll learn more during the RPG or if you have some planned, put "Future Jutsu" beside it] and 6 for Jounins [SLIM chance of learning new ones... very, very slim.] UPDATE!

Genjutsu: ( Describe what type of Genjutsu you use. When deciding what a genjutsu is, ask evaluate each with these quesitons. Does it only affect your opponent? Can your opponent dispel it with Kai (Release) if he/she finds out he is seeing an illusion? Does it take control and DECEIVE one of your enemies' five senses? If you say yes to each questions, it's a genjutsu.) Limited to 2 for genin [you CAN learn more, if you want, throughout the RPG] and 5 for jounin. Note: Clones of any sorta are NOT genjutsu.

Future Skills:

Kinjutsu: ( This is your strongest signature move or possibly future strongest signature move for genins. Describe it as you like in all the steps and as much detail as possible.) 1 only...
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Name: Dyuu Uchiha

Nick Name: Uzuki
Age: 14
Gender: Male

Ninja Rank: Genin

Important Items: A Diamond sword, which is very light considering is big size. It is about 2 ½ feet long. He also carries around kunai in a special pouch.

Appearance: Click here with a red shirt instead of black and Brown hair. Dyuu has a pouch where his back pocket is where he keeps his small weapons like shuriken and kunai. He also sometimes has a strap that he keeps his large diamond sword in.

Personality: Dyuu is shy to a point where he cannot talk to anybody that he does not have a friendship or relationship with. He is very reluctant to do anything that has nothing to do with him. He is also very calm and can think on his feet in a time of danger, but is tempted into a fight very easily.

History: Dyuu was born in a hut, in the sand village. His dad was an Uchiha. His mother was a He did not know his mom. He was abandoned at the age of 2, and was taken in by a man. The man was nice to Dyuu for a couple of months but then started to lash him with the whip he always carried with him. The man eventually bit him on his neck leaving a mark shaped like 3 lines in a circle. From then Dyuu only felt pain, pain that made him want to be dead. He wandered around the earth, crawling through the seemingly endless desert that surrounded the village the man lived in. Until one day, when a nice Women found him in the woods by Konoha and took him in. He has lived in Konoha with this woman for 12 years. During those years, Dyuu, studied hard at the academy, he was not the most excellent student but he tried hard to make something of his life. He always felt he was useless which made him feel sad... After months of work he finally became a genin, which made the woman who took him in proud. The woman who took him in, was not the young woman she was 12 years ago when she found Dyuu, she was beginning to be fragile and get sick, which did not appeal to Dyuu at all...
Bloodline Limit: part Uchiha [Sharingan] (on his fathers side.) and part Kaguya (on his mothers side.) [As to make it so Dyuu is not over powered his Sharingan is not as powerful as a pure Uchihas. Same with the Kaguya clan traits.] Dyuu does not know where he gets the power to shape his bones into drill like weapons.

Others: Dyuu's mark somtimes appears like it is moving over his face. Sometimes when this happens he becomes very aggressive.

Ninjutsu: Phoenix firebomb: Hits the foe wit a ball of fire, explodes within 20 seconds. Resengan: a ball of spinning chakra. (He can not build chakara most of the time for this attack)

Water transportation Jutsu: This move allows Dyuu to become one with water for a very short time allowing him to travel faster in places with large bodies of water.

Future Skills: Chidori (if its all right), Summoning Jutsu (Can summon Snakes), more fire style techniques, some water and earth style too. (If it’s ok.) Some Genjutsu. Shadow clone Jutsu. Bone particle Jutsu: This Jutsu allows Dyuu to turn his bones into sand like particles and use them in the same way as Gaara uses his sand (but to a very lesser degree, like the particles can not be more than 2 feet away or they turn back into his bones. This also makes Dyuu in no condition to fight and is used more as a shield than a weapon.)

Genjutsu: Dyuu does not know any genjutsu as of now.
Kinjutsu: Rezangen: The Rezangen is basically a small or huge ball of chakra. That he can throw at an enemy.
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Here's mine!

Name: Tetra

Age: 13

Gender: Female

Rank: Genin

Important Items: A sacred necklace that allows her to become a wolf.

Appearance: Black hair, golden-yellow eyes, and will wear anything but pink and white. Approximately 5 feet tall.

Personality:Somewhat mischeivous, she is quite open and friendly. Prefers to stay alone most of the time. She is carefree.

History:She used to be a sound village... person, until she had Amnesia, and knows nothing of her life in the sound village. She was taken in by a person from Konoha, and now lives there.

Ninjutsu: Chidori, Shadow clone, and fireball jutsus.

Genjutsu She currently knows none, but is capable of anything.

Kinjutsu: Wolf Cry- Calls wolves into battle.
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I'll reseve a genin spot for you Tetra, but all you have to do is make it a little bit longer and read the fill out forms.

I've thought up mine, and ill tell you it below.

Name: Ichigo Byacu

Nickname: None

Age: 24

Gender: Male

Ninja Rank: Jounin

Important Items: Ichigo carries around a big giant scroll that is his weapon, and he has a bag with his supplies and four small scrolls that he use four his summoning jutsus. The last thing he has is sandles that make him run faster.

Appearance: [URL="http://i7.photobucket.com/albums/y293/sweetdragongurl/bleach_hitsugaya0063.jpg"]SEE HERE [/URL] : Ichigo has slick white hair, and his hair is the length of the upper part of his arm. He has no facial accesories, and wears a white robe, with a blue belt. He carriers his scrolls in his bag, and has his giant scroll strapped around his back. Has his sandles that he has on a string until he uses them. he is smaller than medium size, but bigger than small size.

Personallity: Ichigo is suportive to his genin, and is always playful. He is barely ever serius. The only way he would help his genin is if they were about to die.

History: Ichigo was born in the highest branch of the hyuga clan, and had no problem with his life until his family was demoted to the lowest branch of his clan. He was laughed at, until some one else was demoted to the lowest branch. Then he was premoted. His branch of the family were killed by the lowest branch. He was accepted into the highest branch. His hatred built up and then was let out when he found out that the person that killed his branch had died he had no need for the hate and it was turnt into power. At 16 he was a jounin and was a sensei to a bunch of people. All that had been paired with him had passed to chounin. Even if they didn't have enough skill. He was trained by the fifth kazekage, and thats where he got alot of his power from.

Bloodline limit: Byacu / Byacu is a famous and biggest clan with the most luxuries. It' Moves are based on fusing different things, and is a master at genjutsu.

Other: nothing

Paper clone jutsu: Ichigo makes paper clones that don't look like him but have the same skills as him.
Summoning jutsu: Paper things = Paper thing 1: defending tutle. Paper thing 2: attacking human cutout. Paper thing 3: capturing eight armed spider. Paper thing 4: Transporting bird.
Charkara Fusion Jutsu: Ichigo fuses his chakara with someone else to become stronger.
Kagen: Ichigo charges all of his chakara into a ball outside of his body. Then is shot at an opponant. After the explosion he can control the visible chakara and move it. For this technque to work he has to use both hands to gather small amounts of chakra through the chakra points by touching all of them with his fingers. Every time he touches the chakra points chakra appears in the palm of his hand.
Sogi: A technque that sucks inside chakara outside of anyones body.
Summoning Fusion Technique: Any amount of summoned things can be fused to combine their power together, and make a new summoned creature.
Clone Fusion Technique: This can fuse two different kinds of clones to make a new one that is both of their power combined.
Jutsu Fusion Technque: Ichigo can copy anyone's jutsu or technque and fuses the hand signs with a technque of his or anyone elses he copied to make a new technque.
Paper Drying Jutsu: Makes any of his paper clones, summoned paper things, or any other paper based things are stiffened and are made unbreakable.
Paper Armour Jutsu: This technque folds paper around his body and is used as armour.
Soul Fusion Jutsu: This technque can fuse his soul with some body else and they see, Think, and feel every thing the other person is feelling.
I haven't thought of all his technques so i might come up with some along the way.
Genjutsu: His clan is based on genjutsu and know alot of genjutsu, but since Ichigo is the strongest in his clan he knows all genjutsu, but hasen't mastered all of them.

Future Skilis: Ichigo doesn't learn any more moves.

Kagen Combo: Ichigo use paper clone jutsu, uses transformation jutsu on them, makes all of them use Kagen, shoot them at the enemy, uses Sogi to absorb the chakara, then places all of his chakara in his fists to pound them enemy till he's black and blue.
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(OoC: So sorry about the length! lol, I told you I'd get carried away! Thanks, hope you like it! :D)

[SIZE=1][COLOR=RoyalBlue]Name[/COLOR]: Western; Toru Uragashi
[COLOR=RoyalBlue]Age[/COLOR]: 25
[COLOR=RoyalBlue]Gender[/COLOR]: Male
[COLOR=RoyalBlue]Ninja Rank[/COLOR]: Jounin
[COLOR=RoyalBlue]Important Items[/COLOR]: Two short swords he wears horizontally across his waist. He had one like them when he was a genin, but it was broken. He was given these swords by his younger adoptive sister, and he has used them ever since.
[COLOR=RoyalBlue]Appearance[/COLOR]: Toru is tall, standing around 6 feet. His blonde hair is a little shorter than shoulder length, and he wears it spiked. He has an athletic build, and weighs somewhere around 190 lbs. He sports a clean shaven face; and he wears the usual ninja commander green vest. In the vest, he carries several scrolls, (one of which is a summoning scroll for Toru?s ninja dog companion). His usual attire, (other than the vest), is a form fitting black espionage suit, which has a scattering effect on opposing chakra. Other than the swords at his waist, he wears no other weapons, except for a pair of kunai in two thigh pouches.
[COLOR=RoyalBlue]Personality[/COLOR]: Toru has been through a lot. He?s been shunned, ridiculed, hated, banished, and despised; and it has given him empathy. Knowing what he has been through, he can better understand someone else?s situation. Toru is also a great judge of character. He has been known for spotting the weaknesses or strengths in a person?s fighting style, as well as their mindset. This is his first set of genin students, and he is eager to see them grow and become strong.
Because of his, peculiar jutsu, his emotions command his power. When he is not in a battle, he is happy, optimistic, and kind; but when threatened, he can change his attitude to ruthless and cold. It used to have a bigger impact on him; but he has gained control over it. Though it has made his ?ultimate fighting jutsu? weaker; he feels it was necessary in order to live with a clear conscience. Toru is serious in a joking way, and will do ANYTHING for his comrades. Once thought of as, a lone wolf, he has grown out of it, relying on others as well as himself.
[COLOR=RoyalBlue]History[/COLOR]: Toru was originally from the Vilage Hidden in the Waterfall. He has no memory of his early childhood, and his youth was spent training and developing his strength. His parents would not allow him to become a ninja, under ANY circumstances. (He later learned why, as you will when reading through the page.) His oldest sister was a great shinobi, and he admired her. His respect for her was the main reason to wanting to become a ninja, but like afore-mentioned, his parents wouldn't have it.
So, one day, when he was around 10, he ran away from the Village, in order to fullfill his dreams of being a ninja. After some time traveling, he managed to make it to the Village Hidden in the Leaves. He rested, and aquired residence with an older man, (who not long after, died). Before the man's death though, he enrolled Toru in the Ninja Acamdemy, and his training days began again. He was started off with younger students, but when they realized that he excelled in all areas, he was sped up through the courses, and eventually graduated with that year's students.
His genin days were full of grunt missions and a few bigger missions, but nothing he couldn't handle. His team members were a girl and guy, and to this day, they have kept in touch and been best friends. He became a Chunin at around age 14, as did his teammates. Not long after, the three were traveling to a distant conutry for a mission, when his past caught up with him. His older sister, along with his younger sister, (both hunter nins) way-laid them. They said they had come to kill him, for endangering their Village's secrets.
Toru's teammates were held in a genjutsu prison, while Toru fought his younger sister. Before he left, they had been close; she had been Toru's only friend. When he left though, she was made to train under her older sister, and became a feared assassain. Toru was overpowered, and eventually, his sister had him at knife-point. She couldn't kill him though, and turned on the older sister to release Toru's friends. Her reasoning was that, she had always looked up to Toru, and the fact that he was able to follow his dreams. Before they could defeat the older sister, though, she attacked Toru, and he fell, unconcious. The move had drained her too, and she also fell. Toru's little sister picked up her sister, and went back to their Village.
Toru was in a coma, and his friends brought him back to Konoha. (This is the only mission he has ever failed.) He stayed that way for two weeks, and then awoke and was fine. Everyone noticed, though, that his attitude had changed. He was still outgoing and kind, but now, he didn't even speak sarcastically! What happened, was that when his older sister attacked him, she opened a seal on his bloodline limit. It had lain dormant, ever since he was little. This was what his parents feared; they didn't want him to understand it, because it would have given him an edge, and he might have killed them. So they had it sealed away, and didn't talk about it.
The first time he got angry, he nearly killed his friend (the girl) when they were sparring. His chakra increased by around 3 times, and he (basically) lost control of himself in anger. After the episode, he rushed her to the hospital, and took off for weeks. When he came back, he could control 'it' a bit better.
After getting forgiveness from his teammate, he began to go on solo missions, in order not to endanger anyone else. He trained for years, becoming a jounin at age 17. Eventually, he mastered control over himself. During this time, he met again with his sisters (where he got his new swords), and found that he had been adopted after his clan was massacered. With this in mind, he pushed himself even harder. In exchange for the mastery though, his "power burst" was weakened, but he can live with that. He now is trying to make up for lost time with his friends, on top of training new genin.
[COLOR=RoyalBlue]Bloodline Limit[/COLOR]: [COLOR=Purple]Personality Jutsu[/COLOR]
Toru?s is a strange bloodline limit. His foster family knew its origins, but had it hushed up before Toru could find out about it. With the jutsu, your emotions control more than just your day-to-day feelings. They control the strength of your fighting spirit. When you're happy, and light-hearted, your chakra is normal. When you are truly consumed by a negative emotion, your chakra multiplies itself by the sheer FORCE of that emotion.
It is a deadly weapon, but not without some drawbacks. For one, when first activated, (and until the user can control it) the possessor loses himself completely, and will attack friend or foe. Second, you become weaker when not in this form. Everytime you use it, you feel the "need" to depend on it, and thus you don't rely on your regular skills. Toru has basically mastered it; finding a nitch where he can gain all the power of his emotions, while still being in control of them. It has made it weaker, though, and is not as potent as when he last fought with his sisters.
[COLOR=RoyalBlue]Others[/COLOR]: [COLOR=DeepSkyBlue]Waterfall style Taijutsu[/COLOR]- An original style of taijutsu created by Toru. It is unique, in that it's made from studying the Goken (Iron Fist) style, and the Juken (Gentle Fist) style, (once he arrived in Hidden Leaf). It has the destructive force of the Goken, while being able to use chakra to injure an opponents organs. Toru made the style, to be his trump card, and to be different and harder to read than other styles. The palms are the main weapon for this style.
Before fighting, the wielder imbues his palms with chakra, (more than usual) and hardens it until it becomes harder than steel. The chakra is accumulated by rubbing the hands together, and can also be used to shield the rest of the body from attack. By concentrating chakra all-over the body, it can act as a sort of armor. This requires a lot of chakra, however, so it is rarely used. The reason he named it the Waterfall Style, is because when fighting, all the attacks come down. Even the palm strikes push downward. Toru has advanced his fighting style effectively; changing and adding things to make it more effective in combat. So far, no one else knows this style.
[COLOR=RoyalBlue]Ninjutsu[/COLOR]: [COLOR=MediumTurquoise]Grand Waterfall Jutsu[/COLOR]-(Attack) Creates a swirling mass of water that circles the user, and water erupts from under the opponent. They are then at the mercy of the water.
[COLOR=MediumTurquoise]Waterfall Torrent[/COLOR]-(Attack/Defense) A vortex of water forms, and is at the will of the user. It can be directed for an attack, or can surround the user to protect from attacks.
[COLOR=MediumTurquoise]Wall of Water[/COLOR]-(Defence) Creates a giant wall of water that is at the whim of the user.
[COLOR=SandyBrown]Transformation Jutsu[/COLOR]- Can change into any person or thing. Toru loves to practice this art, and thus is especially proficient with it.
[COLOR=SandyBrown]Shadow Clone Jutsu[/COLOR]- Can create several copies of the original person. Splits the user's chakra evenly between all clones. These clones are solid bodies, and can use any jutsu that the original person knows. Also, any knowledge gained by a clone is transferred to the original when the clone disperses. This is a great way to train.
[COLOR=SandyBrown]Chakra Blade Jutsu[/COLOR]- Extends the the length of Toru's short swords, but with the ends not seeable by opponents. Catches them off gaurd, as they only realize after they've been cut. Can increase the length up to about 2 feet of pure chakra.

[COLOR=RoyalBlue]Genjutsu[/COLOR]: Though not being his strong point, Toru DOES know some Genjutsu...
[COLOR=SeaGreen]Sly Mind Jutsu[/COLOR]-(area affect) With this technique, Toru can trick others into walking around in circles. Persons affected will continue to walk in circles, until they realize that they aren't getting anywhere.
[COLOR=SeaGreen]Imitation Jutsu[/COLOR]- Can create an exact replication of any person or animal, as long as the user has observed them for a minimum of 5 minutes. Can also recreate places, but that requires more chakra.
[COLOR=SeaGreen]Drowning Death Jutsu[/COLOR]-(Used when in or near water) Makes the affected think they are drowning and sinking into a dark, watery abyss.
[COLOR=RoyalBlue]Kinjutsu[/COLOR]: [COLOR=DarkOrange]Shadow Clone Ultimate 3-Way Split[/COLOR]- This is also a unique move that Toru has created. Combining Shadow Clone with some other jutsu's and endless hours of practice, he has managed to create a cloning jutsu that enables the clones to stay even after they are injured. Also, both of the clones created have all the chakra and abilities of the original Toru. No chakra is distributed, because they all have the whole amount! The ONLY drawback to this jutsu is, if either of the two clones get injured, after they are dissappated, (by Toru), then the injuries transfer over to him. He only uses this jutsu as a last resort, (and once to play a trick on his friends). [/SIZE]
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[COLOR="DarkGreen"]Dyuu Uchiha[/COLOR]-Accepted
[COLOR="DarkOrange"]Tetra[/COLOR]-Accepted I,ve thought it over and im going to accept you.
[COLOR="Blue"]Toru Uragashi[/COLOR]-Accepted

Since this is doing bad, we'll start. I'll be on the team with the genin and only the sensei (toru) knows i'm a jounin. While on the team with the amature ninja i dint exsert full power, or my best moves. We'll start when everyone has approved by saying it on the forum.

People, please play.
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[B]Name: [/B] Soma Arumaru

[B]Age:[/B] 24

[B]Gender:[/B] Male

[B]Rank:[/B] Jounin

[B]Important items:[/B] He wears metal gauntlets on his arms. The right, gold colored, the left, silver. They're both clawed, which what he uses them as, metal claws. He uses them for slicing and tearing. The right he calls Lightning, the left Thunder.

[B]Appearance:[/B] [URL=http://i31.photobucket.com/albums/c384/GeneOutlaw/Argentosoma010071.jpg][U]Soma[/U].[/URL] He's about 5'10 and weighs 145 lbs. Despite the fact that his eye appears damaged, he insists he can see perfectly well out of it.

[B]Personality:[/B] Quiet, seemingly innocent, and a bit reclusive. He's kinda private and tends to keep to himself for the most part. He only really interacts with the others in his cell, or whom ever he might be sent on a mission with. He's nice enough, but people seem to think poor of him due to the many numerous scars all over his body. He's veiwed by most as an outsider and many have a rather poor opinion of him. It's completely unfounded, but you'd never convince them otherwise. Despite this, he actually likes the leaf village and enjoys his work with them. He tends to seem pretty stoic most of the time, but he is in fact just as emotional as anyone else.

[B]History:[/B] He remembers little beyond 4 years ago. He was found bleeding and barely alive on the far edges of the hidden leaf territory. His wounds were of mixed variety. Some appeared to be from blades, while others looked like animal bites and even flesh tears. All that anyone could tell was that something horrible had been done to him. Unfortunatly some of his scars never healed well, so some are still rather nasty looking.

His skill as a shinobi became apparent only days after his recovery. For some reason that even he doesn't fully understand, he was able to perform advance level jutsu with little effort. Many believed him to be a spy from another village in another land, but after much interrogation and probing they came to the decision that he was being honest. He really couldn't remember what happend to him, or where he was from.

It was more then a little obvious that he was well suited to become a shinobi of the village. The Hokage insisted that he go threw the full cycle like any other ninja. He flew through both the academy and the chunin exams in his first two years. Then earlier this year he was promoted to the rank of jounin for his exceptional skill and loyalty for his new home land

[U][B]Special jutsu:[/B][/U] He specializes in lightning and water Jutsu.


[B]Spiral wind style:[/B] Using fast movements, matched with almost constant circular movements he is able to disrupt the air flow around his opponent, making it difficult for his opponents to breath, some even claim it can draw the breath right out of an opponents body. The subtle and rapid movements make it hard to read and near impossible to mimic to someone who lacks training. However, due to it's very nature, it is very exhausting to use so Soma often leans more toward his ninjutsu. The style is unique to Soma, yet another skill that he naturally seems to have.


[B][COLOR="Yellow"]Lightning flash jutsu[/COLOR]:[/B] This is a powerful, and amazingly quick attack. It requires lots of chakra focused into both the hands and feet. Both are released at the same time to create and almost instantaneous strike.

[B][COLOR="DeepSkyBlue"]Water fang Jutsu[/COLOR]:[/B] This conjures, what appear to be, large, ravenous wolves, that strike and ravage the target, using shear water pressure to rip the target apart.

[B][COLOR="DeepSkyBlue"]Needle Vortex Jutsu[/COLOR]:[/B] Using tiny droplets of water,(Morning dew is quite useful) he can conjure tiny ice crystals and then force them into a powerful whirl wind force that sends them ripping and shredding through the air at any target within 20 meter radius.

[B][COLOR="Yellow"]Thunder Shock Jutsu[/COLOR]:[/B] By clapping his hands together and releasing a powerful electrical charge, he is able to create a powerful shockwave of sound.

[B][COLOR="Orange"]Shadow Clone Jutsu[/COLOR]:[/B] He has limited skills with clones so at best he can conjure 5 for actual combat purposes.


[B][COLOR="Silver"]White flash Mind Trap[/COLOR]:[/B] This technique uses a series of lightning flashes and quick movement to disrupt his opponents vision and equilibrium, causing even skilled shinobi to make foolish mistakes.

[B][COLOR="Silver"]Nightmare Storm[/COLOR]:[/B] Creates the illusion of powerful storm, complete with gail force winds and heavy rains. This not only effects his opponents morale, but also there very perception of the battle field.

[I]Summoning Jutsu:[/I]

[B][COLOR="Red"]Summoning-sky lord jutsu[/COLOR]:[/B] This summons from the sky a massive eagle. It has a wing span of 40 feet and from beak to tail 25 feet. It has golden feathers, crystal blue eyes, crimson red beak, black feet and silver talons. It's wings trinkle water as it flies and can generate everything from a light shower to a powerful hail. It's cries sound like thunder and it's talons rain lightning.
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Soma Arumaru-Accepted

Since we have three jounins and one more genin is coming. All the jounins will get a genin to train i'm going to pick the next genin.
he pmed me about it.
Yall can choose the genin you want to train.
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*letter; it reads:*

"Okay, well... As you asked Lord Hokage, I have chosen the student I wish to work with. After reviewing both of the applicants files, I, Toru Uragashi, have picked the kunoichi Tetra. She is to report to the training field tomorrow in order for me to assess her abilities, and if she is worthy to carry the title of "ninja." To be honest, I'm a little nervous; this being my first student, but I will do my best! Thank you for the oppurtunity! As always, wishing you the best! Long live Konoha!

Toru Uragashi *

(OoC: Okay Tetra, I'll be playing your 'mentor jounin' in this rpg! Lucky you! :D Seriously, let's have fun and enjoy ourselves, eh? Thanks! ;) )
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Guest MasterBoo343
Name: Soku Airameke (air-a-mek-e)

Age: 13

Gender: Male

Ninja Rank: Genin

Important Items: My main weapon is a hollowed tube that is curved at one end to make aiming easier; it allows me to concentrate (and fire) my chakra through the tube, acting as a chakra gun. It?s unique to my family alone, and it?s one-of-a-kind, (sort of a ?passed down? thing). Called the Chakra Cannon, it can be used to snipe enemies from afar, or blow them away with chakra. Carried in a case on the back.

Appearance: [url]http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/14792979/[/url] The guy on far right

Personality: Soku is an intelligent young man, but does not apply himself to his work. He believes that he is too smart to be instructed by his teachers, and ended up failing his first year because of it. He is dedicated though, to any cause he deems ?worth fighting for?. He?s pretty much a loner, not having much in the way of friends. The way he fights, others just get in the way. He is very passionate about what he believes in, but not so much about everything else. In fact, he could care less if someone that he didn?t know needed help, unless he was commanded to do so. He also has a high-rate of finished missions. Lazy, uncaring, and selfish, are how most people see him.

History: His family transplanted to Konoha from the Village Hidden in the Rock at an early age in his life, so Soku doesn?t remember much of his first Village. He grew up learning his father?s trade, (which was being a ninja) and found he was quite adept at it. Other than that, he lived a pretty normal life. Chakra control comes easily to him, as with the rest of his family. When he started the Academy, his father gave him the family heirloom; the Chakra Cannon; to train with. By the time he was 10, he could snipe several ninja from hiding places from sensing and homing in on their chakra. The gun took a lot of energy to use though, so he had trouble mastering it. When he finally did graduate, his father gave him the gun, and told him to make his way in the world. He also taught him a secret technique, to be his trump card in a battle. This knowledge he learned, and it?s made him grow a little over confident in it?s power.

Others: Being a distance fighter, Soku needs to put as much ground between him and his foe as possible. While gaining this ground, however, Soku can lay traps to either delay or injure his enemies. He has trained extensively with different traps, and loves to watch someone walk into one without thinking. Then he pegs them with his chakra snipe gun.

Ninjutsu: Wind Movement Jutsu: When used, this jutsu speeds up the caster; making his movements very speedy (Caused by wind pushing him along as well as a physical increase). While the wind allows the caster to pass through, it blows against any pursuing targets, slowing them down. Mostly an escape jutsu, but can be used in battle as well.

Vanish Jutsu: Can initiate this jutsu to instantly move to another place. While this is a great way to travel, it has it?s drawbacks. It takes as much energy as it would normally require to get to the place. Users of this jutsu have been known to accidentally kill themselves by going to places far beyond their endurance.

Air Blast Jutsu: Instead of shooting chakra out of his gun, Soku can direct wind through it; either as a bullet, or a torrent of rushing air, (to stop opponents, etc.).

Genjutsu: Secret Killing Ground Jutsu: A technique used by his family, Soku can use this jutsu to make it, ?appear? that the area is safe. The unsuspecting victims walk unknowingly into traps and the concealed Soku?s sniper shots. (Hard to break if you are caught totally unaware.)

Future Skills: Up for suggestions? I?ll just see how the story plays out?

Kinjutsu: Death God?s Final Barrage Jutsu: The Forbidden Jutsu of the Airameke Clan, Soku?s father taught it to him upon graduating. The move is forbidden, because of the massive damage toll it can impart to the user. The move is started by gathering up all of one?s energy, and sending it shooting into the Chakra Cannon. Just before it is released, you must be able to stop the energy from firing, as well as continue to pump chakra into the weapon. When enough is stored (or you can?t hold it anymore, one of the two) you release it super fast in waves of deadly energy that can (depending upon the strength of the user?s chakra) destroy steel and rip through flesh.

To add to it, for 3 seconds (3 seconds is the time limit for Soku when he gives it his all; other?s in his family can use it for longer) after the first wave is released, your body is super infused with the outpouring chakra; giving you huge increases to speed, strength, and the senses. After the seconds pass, however, and the attack finishes, the user loses all of his previous energy, and collapses on the spot. The overuse of chakra rips the person?s chakra vessels, leaving the person in a state of unconsciousness for around 2 days, and when he wakes up, he can?t move for another week (because of the damage). It is extremely powerful, but it is a double-edged sword. (Can compare to the Lotus in that respect).

(OoC: Hey, so I guess I'm with garmeil? That's kool; though I wonder when this will start... sorry if the cause was me!! :animedepr)
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Soku Airameke - accepted
Your in my squad, and i'm going to be away for a while so the leader of this game is silent_sword. Sorry for not being here but im with my mom and cant get on as much, And silent_sword wheres your freind you said was going to join. He's in my squadrin.
And if yall have time pm me your favorite of my pokemon.

Peace out till the end of july.
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Alright. Like garmeil said, I'm going to be starting this story off. I'm going to try and keep this as close to what garmeil wanted, so bear with me. A couple of nice guidelines I'd like to lay down. I've played in a couple of Naruto rpg's on OtakuBoards, and let me tell you; they were bogged down with disorder and short posts. Needless to say, they didn't last very long before they were shut down. I would REALLY like to see this particular story succeed where the others failed; especially with how awesome garmeil laid out the plot and open-endedness of it.

First, I don't really want to see any posts shorter than 2 paragraphs. And I mean decent paragraphs of at LEAST 5 sentences. Also, don't post two or more times in a row. Rather, wait for the story to play out some, and then post. :)

Second, try to check your spelling as best as you can.

Third, and most importantly (I think); is detail. An rpg is a story where different people are telling it from their own points of view. To make this a story worth reading and playing along with, detail is important. Make sure that all your posts are interesting and detailed, so that everyone that is playing and reading along will get enjoyment out of it, and also that you can get your point across to them.

Last, make sure to read the Adventure Square thread; it gives you the basics of what posting on an rpg is supposed to be.

Phew!! Ok, now onto the better news: I should have up the starter thread in a couple of days, 5 days TOPS!! In my post, the jounins will be recieving their students. So start thinking of ways that could turn out, and write it down somewhere!

Now, as I'm not the one who started this, I'm not 100% on everything. So, input is welcome from anyone!! Just pm me some ideas, and we can talk about it. That'd be great. Anyways, I'm on at least once everyday, so I'll get back to any pms pretty quickly. Thanks everyone! Sign-ups are still welcome as well. (We'll work something out)
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Name: Eastern; Uchiha Kenji

Nick Name: None

Age: 12

Gender: Male

Ninja Rank: Genin(Unless Jounins are needed and I'll edit)

Important Items: He wears a single katana all the time.

With a black shirt, and tan pants. He also looks VERY younger so no lines on his face. And doesnt have the pony tail. He carries his katana on his waist via a belt.

Personality: He calm and quiet and shy around strangers. He rarely talks unless needed or to friends.

History: Kenji was born just outside of Konoha when he mother and father were on a mission. His mother was ordered back to Konoha to a hospital and birthed Kenji before she could get there. Kenji was raised to respect his elders. He treats anyone older with great great respect and treats them as a wise man. His early childhood was an easy one as he made his way through the academy with good grades. He graduated just this year and has been made a Genin.

Bloodline Limit: Uchiha

Others: None

Ninjutsu: Katon Goukakkyu no jutsu: Chakra from the stomach is gathered to the mouth and sparys a large ball of fire.
Katon Housenka no jutsu: A few small fire projectiles are sent at the enemy. Under the fire is shuriken or kunais.
Katon Enbu no jutsu: A large amount of combustible mist is blown at the enemy. When it hits fire it explodes

Genjutsu: Bunshin no jutsu: Creates an illusion of a second or third of that person. Nothing solid.
Narakumi no jutsu: An ability that cause the target to view a horrifying image. The surroundings are normal until the illusion is seen.

Future Skills:http:Kyouten Chiten: An Uchiha Bloodlimit ability using the Sharingan, the Uchiha clan member can stop a sensory spell cast on their body and reverse it back on their opponent.

Kinjutsu: Chidori- The user focuses immense chakra into their palm causing a blow that can cut through nearly any object.

OOC: Hope I'm not too late ^^(LOL Just realised I made a horrible typo, fixed x.x.....
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Alright, Rouroni, you're accepted. After I post this, I will work on the post, hopefully finishing it. Oh, and you'll be on my team, Rouroni. In fact, here's how the teams are looking right now:

Jounin Teams:

Team 1: Ichigo Byacu (garmeil)
Student(s): Soku Airameke (MasterBoo343)

Team 2: Soma Arumaru (Starwind)
Student(s): Dyuu Uchiha (Blazerman32)

Team 3: Toru Uragashi (Silentsword909)
Students: Tetra (Tetra of Sound), Uchiha Kenji (Rouroni922)

I will post the teams again in the post. I think it will work better if the jounins post first (I'll post for garmeil), and then the students on their team can post, ok? And from then on, that will be the order; jounins post first, and whenever a students jounin teacher has posted, that student can then post. We can change this if neccessary, afterall; it's two in the morning where I'm at :D.

Alright, addressing some issues that have been discovered with the posting order i just mentioned. If your jounin leader doesn't post for a while; what do you do? Do you just wait days or weeks for them to post? No! Very sorry about that, it was early in the morning, lol. Ok, here's how it will work:

If you are waiting on a post from your jounin, and have waited two days or more, YOU HAVE PERMISSION to continue the storyline. Just, don't think you're god, and can control everyone's character the way YOU want to. Play their person in character, and go about your training or whatever you were doing. We will stick mostly to your teams early on, so this kind of stuff may happen. Alright? We good? Ok, well, that's all I've got. Any questions or suggestions, pm me. Thanks!! :D
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