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RPG Seer Sanctum

Dragon Warrior

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"Evil is forever searching for the lost art of Magic, and serving it's dark purpose at will as mankind hangs in balance. Only 5 warriors can complete a journey that all of the greatest warriors failed to prevail."

And now we begin...
"Sir, they have arrived." The fat master known as Master Sensay jumped down from his chair to greet the 5 travelers.

"Ah! Are these people it?"

"Yes sir."

"Excellent, Kai. Under my supervision, they'll do nicely. Ahem, now as I point to you, you say your name, okay? Okay. You."

"Ryu Hoyashi."

"And you." He points to the next person.

"Hikaru, sir."

"Kay. Now you."

"Amber!" Master Sensay immediatly jumped back.

"Geez. You have a lot of energy. You'll be useful. Now you, young lady."


"Okay and you are?"


"Very well. Now that we know one another's names, let's learn why were here."

"But what is here, air?" Ask Ryu curiously.

"Ah! Good question! Here is The Great Training grounds of Akudama. Akudama, as you already know, is a great god. He left this training ground to my Great Grandfather Master Jouri then to my father Master Rylix and now to me, Master Sensay.

"Now, look here. These ancient inscriptions show the tale of a dark presence in the future of Edith. But, that future is now." Master Sensay rubbed the tablets of stone as if he was about to collapse in tears. "Ahem. You have not been chosen by me. You have been chosen by the Gods. They chose you by allowing the Falling stars of Sylista Valley to hit each one of you. This caused you to have special powers as well. Guardian kai has already told you your elements.

"Now, Here's the map of Edith." Master Sensay grabbed us the map and gave it to Ryu. "Hold onto it. You'll need it. Every centimeter on this map is 5 miles. Becareful. It is a low journey to the Seer Sanctum in which you will go to release light that will shower evil with destruction. I bid you all good luck. Be off!"

And so the 5 warriors were sent to the town of Akubar to start their journey...
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As they walked, all was silent. And to Leona, it became quite uncomftorable. So she decided to break the ice.

"So... Ryu." she said.
He looked at her, "What?"
Leona quickly thought of something to say, "What element do you have?"
He arched an eyebrow, but answered."Lightning."

Leona sighed, and thought,
"Well... That was a wonderful conversation.. :o "
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Gold_Angewomon [/i]


Sorry, Mike, but if you want to be a character of this RPG, you'll have to talk it over with Gavin. He's already got the main plot, the legend, and all that stuff, and he says there can only be 5. Him, me, Kool, Matt, and Amber. Sorry. [/B][/QUOTE]

Oh its okay, its a lil screwy thou, im gone. Its kinda 57|_||>1|) just making an rpg with only 5 characters.

[SIZE=10]*COUGH*[/SIZE]57|_||>1|) = [size=1] stupid [/size][SIZE=10]*COUGH*[/SIZE]
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OOC: Hey! If that's how the story goes then that's how it goes. I'm sorry if the world doesn't revolve around you. You missed your chance as one of 5.

Ryu kept looking at the map every now and then. Amber just couldn't understand him. "Why do you keep looking at that map. We already know were going North."

"No. Look. There's two North paths. Northwest and Northeast." Ryu announced.

"Well, what do they lead to?" Leona asked.

"It seems Northwest is the closest way to the Hurpies Temple, but it's a path through a swamp that's almost impossible to pass through. While Northeast path will take weeks but still be safer in many ways. For one thing, each way will take weeks but Northeast has towns."

Hikaru peeked over Ryu's shoulder at the map. Matt made a statement of his opinion, "Well then, it's obvious we should take Northeast."

"But Master Sensay or Guardian Kai never told us which way. Maybe there is a certain way. Maybe it's a test."

Ryu rubbed his chin and fixated on the map. "Hikaru's right. It may be a test. Besides, it's getting dark. Let's go to the Blackstove Inn and figure it out in the morning. We need a good night's sleep." Ryu carefully placed the map in his pocket and the group entered the Blackstove Inn.

"It's noisy and crowded." Leona complained.

"Must be fish night. Heh." Ryu teased. They walked up to the bar and seated themselves. "No one, and I mean no one should know of our quest. We mustn't speak of it here."

They all agreed. Ryu turned to the bartender and ordered a drink as did the others. Once the drinks were served they began to wander around the inn. Ryu went upstairs as the others searched the below area. Leona followed Ryu curiously.

"Heh. Look. Newbies." A big greasy man said, looking at Matt, Hikaru and Amber. "I get that one and you get the two others. We'll welcome 'em properly." And the two big guys began toward the 3 heroes.
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[I]Hikaru was sitting at the counter with her drink. She was trying to discover which way to go.[/I]

Hikaru-(thinks)Hmmm. Should we go northwest, or northeast. If we don't figure out which way to go, it could be disasterous. Northwest, or northeast? Northwest or northeast? Which one? *feels a tap on her shoulder. She turns around and is immediately punched in the face. She flips over the counter. She gets back up.*

Hikaru-What the heck was that for?! Are you trying to start something?!

guy#1-Oh no. We just decided to give you a nice welcoming.

Hikaru-yeah right. If you don't want to get hurt, you best leave.

guy#1-Oh ho ho! Did you hear that? I think she's threatenin us!

Amber-gee. aren't you bright.

guy#2-Now she's threatenin us! I think this is gonna get pretty ugly, don't you?

Matt-this is gonna get ugly. *punches one of them*

guy#2-OW! You'll pay for that! *swings a punch at Matt. He misses. He then tries to punch Amber. She blocks it with her arm then returns the punch in his face. Matt then kicks him in the stomach. Guy#2 is knocked out for now.*

guy#1-I'll let my pal deal with your friends when he wakes up. For now, I'm dealing with you! *punches Hikaru. She ducks and kicks him.*

Hikaru-We warned you. Now this could continue further, or you could leave without further damage if you go now.

guy#1-I'll take my chances! *takes out a dagger and lunges at the three of them.*
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As the man jabs at with his knife, Matt turns his body, easily dodging the attack. Grabbing his arm and twisting it behind his back, the man drops the knife.

Matt: There's no need for anyne else to get hurt. Let me by you a drink.

Man: You keep your darn drinks, I don't want nothin' from you.

The man walks out of the bar. Hikaru throws some water on the other man and he leaves too.

Hikaru and Matt take their seats on the bar again.

Hikaru: That was fun.
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OOC: I know she does. Espesially if it's "the Emperor's New Groove."
Hikaru-I think it's time we find Ryu and Leona.

Amber-me too. *they go looking for them. They search the upper parts of the inn and they meet in the hall.*

Ryu-Did you find anything?

Matt-No. Just some dumb guys pickin a fight.
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Matt: We should probably bed down for the night so we can get an early start.

Ryu: Matt and I will be in this room. You all take the one across the hall.

Hikaru: Ok....

Ryu: Everyone think about which path we should take, then we'll decide in the morning.

Amber: Sounds like a plan. I'm going to bed now.

Leona: 'Night everyone.
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Matt-Ok. Let's decide which way we should go. We'll vote. Ryu, you go first.





Matt-And I vote Northeast. The talley is 2:3. We go Northeast. *the small group heads northeast.*
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OOC: Oh. good job Kool. I wanted to go Northeast :D
The 5 wander around Akubar looking for the supplies shop and the exit. "Man," Ryu began, "This place is huge. How are we ever going to get out here. We can't even find the exit."

"We'll ask around." said the resourceful Hikaru. That's plainly what they ended up doing. Finding a man by a bunch of barrels and a small table they walked up to him and he immediatly pointed in a direction.

"That way to the exit?" asked Amber.

"No. That way to a shop. Go North for the exit." The man then bowed his head in rest once more.

"Well, now we know where to go." Matt implied.

"Well, let's do what the man says. First we need items. But how much do we have. Everyone get out your money." They all emptied their pockets and laid the money out on a cloth that they placed on the dusty roads.

"Hmm... I wonder if that's enough." Leona thought curiously.

"Don't know. We have 800. Let's just hope each the items are less than 200 each." They gathered the coins and placed them in one small pack which Hikaru carried at her side. They started off towards the show which was actually a small hut in the center of the road. It may had looked small on the outside, but it was truely huge on the inside, even with weapons here and there.

"Hmm... is this enough?" Matt asked at the counter. As he spoke with the clerk, the others wondered around curiously.

"Wow. Look at all the shiny swords and junk." Amber said, eyeing a Assasin's Blade.

"Yes. They are miraculous." Ryu agreed, "But we already have weapons and good ones at that. Good ole Ragnarok won't fail me." Ryu patted his sword's hilt and turned toward Matt who just walked towards them with a huge pack of herbs.

"This should keep us healthy. If were injured, we'll eat a herb. No wounds will ever face us again."

"How many are in there, Matt?" Leona asked.

"I'd say about 60. Good enough, don't ya think?"

Ryu picked up the map of Edith and examined it, "It seems more monster attacks have happened near Sylista Valley and after the pass to the Elven Palace. We'll run out of herbs by the end of Sylista Valley... if we make it through."

"What do you mean by 'if'?" Amber asked, a little shocked.

"Well, Sylista Valley is the hottest area in Edith. It almost reaches 200 degrees F on a normal basis."

"Geez. Well, let's hope it's not a normail basis when we get there then." Hikaru said cooly.

Ryu nodded. "Yes. But just incase, we better drop by the Elven Palace for some special water to keep us cool for hours of plenty. It costs a bundle so we must save our money and not buy useless this-and-thats."

"How long will it take to get to Elven Palace?" Matt asked though he meant to just think the question.

"Hmm... let me see here..." Ryu used a measure, "If every millimeter on this map is 5 miles then..." Ryu measured the road leading towards Elevn Palace and nodded as he finished, "It'll be an 150 mile journey. We'll be camping alot. Most likely it'll be a week 'til we get there."

"A week? Aww no."

"no worries, Hikaru." Ryu eased. "This road is 5 miles of plains then nothing but good ole forests surrounding the roads. We'll be there before ya know it. Now, we best get going before dark comes. I wanna make it to the forests by then." And so they began to go towards the exit of Akubar and on a journey toward Elven Palace.
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Matt: If we could only find some mode of transportation.

Ryu: Granted, that would save us plenty of time.

Hikaru: We just need money.

Leona: Is there a village or two between here and the palace? Maybe we could do some minor jobs and get some cash.

Amber: Also, keep an eye out for thieves. They hit at night, but someone in town told me they were getting bold.

Ryu: That shouldn't be much of a problem. *grins*
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Hikaru-I'll take the first watch for tonight. But first, we need to find something for dinner. Who knows. It may be harder to find food for the rest of the journey.

Ryu-she's right. We should take some with us.

Matt-well, here are some mushrooms and edible roots.

Leona-that's a good start.

Hikaru-And I saw a small creek over there to the west.

Amber-Gather what you can, and I'll make some soup from it.

*they give the ingredients to Amber who made a great soup from it. They then save the rest for later. All of them then go to sleep and Hikaru keeps watch.*
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Amber: *yawns and wakes up* for breakfast its not my turn to cook... *looks around at the band of sleeping friends* -.- ugh... *picks up a rock and chucks it at them, hitting themm on the ehad with rocks* come on! UP UP UP!
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Hikaru-*rubs head* hey! Easy on the rocks! That's not the way I want to be wokken up!

Leona-So what's for breakfast?

Ryu-It should be a light breakfast for we will be traveling right afterward. We shouldn't travel on a full stomach.

Hikaru-er, I guess I'll cook breakfast. *starts cooking*
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*they eat breakfast*

Ryu-We should continue our journey. We need to get there as fast as possible.

Hikaru-right. You know what? I've been thinking. We've had it too easy so far on this journey. I have a feeling that something is going to happen soon.

Leona-she's right. We can't really expect it to be this easy the whole way, can we?

Matt-no. In fact, I believe you're right. We will face some trouble. Perhaps we should set off at a faster pace to try to avoid it.

Amber-no matter. No one can prevent trouble for the rest of their lives. If we have to face some trouble, we better face it and get it over with.

Hikaru-then let's go! *the five travelers set off once again.*
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