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The cool part of tv


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[COLOR=DarkOrange]i don't know about you guys, but I hate TV. Almost all the shows suck these days, and they always play crappy movies. theres a whole lot of meaninless channels no one cares about. Adding to that, the channels that were once anything good have all fallen to the grip of corporate decimation. On top of that, you've got commercials trying to control your brain all day, and a lot of them suck.

But there are also some cool things about TV. Maybe you saw a special that was really awesome, or maybe you found a really cool show that you only cought a glimpse of and couldn't remember the channel or name of show. Or maybe there was a really cool or hilarious comercial or news report that cought your attention. Awesomely bad stuff can go here as well.

As for me, I think I'll talk about a recent awesomely-bad thing that my mom was lucky enough to catch and show me definitely the most hilarious thing I've seen on TV in years.

It was a commercial for a news report to come on later that day. It's starts off with 'the latest threat to our community', right? And it's like an orange background and in big white letters the word 'EMO' comes on the screen. At this point, i am flored with laughter. It then goes to an image of a silloughette figure and the voice goes.

'Black hair; tight pants; punk rock music. Could emo be destroying our youth? News at eleven.' oh man, that is the best thing ever. Sidestepping the obvious fact that 'black hair and punk rock music' are hardly what i'd consider characteristic of emo kids, this is too funny. Naturally, I give every emo kid I know a hard time about it XD[/COLOR]
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'Black hair; tight pants; punk rock music. Could emo be destroying our youth? News at eleven.'[/COLOR][/QUOTE]
Hahaha. Oh god, local news is so painful (sometimes in a good way; sometimes in a "I must now do grievous violence to my eyeballs & eardrums" way).

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Several wonderful shows were recently canceled (Stargate SG-1, Veronica Mars) but, even with no new episodes from them, I can't see how you could call TV horrible. You can't possibly watch everything there is to watch and make that rash of a judgment, especially since from the sound of it you don't watch enough to even successfully evaluate the major shows. Anyway, this is without a doubt the greatest commercial EVER: [URL=http://youtube.com/watch?v=kum2woR1Kqg]Captain Morgan Rum.[/URL]
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Well as much as I despise most all commercials, there's one Orbitz gum commercial that I can watch over and over...

It's the one where the woman walks in on her husband and his secratary and she starts off-cursing... (I don't have a better word for it: Basically, where there would be a curse word, has been replaced by a funny word!) And the husband replies

"What the french, toast?"

It doesn't sound or look as funny without watching the commercial... But, eh, that commercial makes my day no matter how angry or sad I am... :catgirl:
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