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Sign Up SUCKIT Brigade - Evil Enterprising (A DB and Wet Cement Production) [M-LVS]


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[B]SUCKIT Brigade ~Evil Enterprising~[/B][/CENTER]

This is the story of how the SUCKIT Brigade conquered the world. I?ll go ahead and assume you?re an earthling, which means you?ve probably got an idea of what I?m talking about already. You know, that laughably small group of insane Bond villain rejects who grew up to become the laughably oppressive Glorious Committee of Benevolent Dictators? Those guys.

Maybe you?re wondering what qualifies me to tell their story. After all, I?m just a shmuck like you, working the same no-wage job so that they don?t fry me. But the truth is ? and you can kiss my *** if you don?t believe me ? that I used to be one of them. ****, more than that, I used to run the organization, at least in part. You?re probably thinking I regret it ? I don?t. It was a sweet way to kill the summer. I left because it stopped being fun and started being work, although in retrospect that was a bad move.

Our story starts in the least likely way you could come up with. We weren?t the brainchild of Big Oil, or a corporation gone mad ? hell, we weren?t even power-hungry politicians with more money than we knew what to do with. No, we were nothing of the sort ? we were a pair of geeky slackers, whittling away our early twenties with video games and soda. Miracle of miracles, we got tired of video games ? I don?t know, maybe if we hadn?t gotten ourselves banned from XBOX Live, or if Duke Nukem Forever had come out just a few months sooner, we would have been just content to stew in our juices. But that didn?t happen, and we were bored ? and so I got an idea.

Hey, I?d said, let?s take over the world and subjugate the population. It?d be like playing SimCity, only you wouldn?t get bored ten minutes in. And ya know, it just seemed like a good idea at the time. Joey seemed to like it too, so we ran with it ? the first thing we did, naturally, was come up with a name. We tried JLA and PITCHES, but none of them worked into automobile-related puns ? eventually, we settled on SUCKIT. Silly Underage Creepy Kids Invoking Terror.

From there it was a simple matter of picking the crew, getting the money, destroying all those who stood in our way, and taking over the world.


Obviously, this is an RP about an evil organization and how they are taking over the world. Our story begins with the organization having established itself as a force of evil, with a headquarters already set up and everything. All that they need now are some truly crazy villainous minions to join the team. We?re looking for the craziest wackos you can come up with; if you?ve ever seen Austin Powers or The Venture Brothers you will know what we?re talking about. The more cliché the better.

Here?s the Sign-up sheet. Other important information will be posted in the Underground.

[B]Name[/B]: (Go wild. Seriously, crazy nicknames and ridiculous names are what we?re gunning for ? and try and make it fit in with you?re character cliché.)

[B]Age[/B]: (Not really important? anything goes.)

[B]Gender[/B]: (PLEASE just keep this simple.)

[B]Appearance[/B]: (You can have a descriptive paragraph or a picture, but please no normal people. Go out of your way to find the most ridiculously stereotypical photo of you?re character you can find.)

[B]Role[/B]: (Evil genius? Blaxplotation martial-arts bodyguard? Silent-but-deadly hitman? What?s you?re character?s cliché?) [B]NOTE[/B]: There can only be one mad scientist, and for this role we require an experienced and creative mind. This is the most important role in the game, so we'll be looking for an expert.

[B]Resume[/B]: (What?s your character done in the past? Guy?s he?s worked for, agent?s he?s tortured, championships he?s won, whatever ? the only thing we ask is that at some point you?re character has to do something stupid enough to reduce him to working for us)

[B]Weapons[/B]: (Laser nunchuks? Automatic magnum revolvers? You?re bare hands? Go crazy ? if anyone asks for you to explain how it works, just say a wizard did it. Like everything else, go for over the top and clichéd) [B]NOTE[/B]: NO superpowers!

Me and Wet will post ours soon here. We are looking for no more than 6-7 [strike]players[/strike] henchmen. It should be noted that this rp will be mission-based with a wide variety of missions we've come up with.[/color]
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[color=navy][b]Name:[/b] Francise (Maddy) Dubous
[b]Age:[/b] 157
[b]gender:[/b] male

[b]Appearence:[/b] He wears gold tights and his underware outside of his pants. the have the joker on them, he loves all of the batman villains. He wears silver goggles and silver mask. He is short and his back is hunched over. He rubs his hands together as do most evil henchmen who have a plan. Laughs meniacly too! Secretely loves to wear a wear a 'super evil' bra under his 'super evil' cape.

[b]Role:[/b] Helps his master execute his fiendish and sinicle plans. Love to cause mischeif and abuse the other hencmen, usually ending up with him being beat. Loves to suck up to the strong and get them on his side. When he was 5 he stole a kid's oreo. Indeed evil!


I was Rosie O'Donalds handbag carrier. I 'accidently' hypnotized her into becoming a lesbianwith my hypno-shooting-thingy mabober.

My first stage-work was the movie Octopussy. Okay, I just love saying that, but... I never watch bond actually.

The last boss I worked for threw me out because I killed his goldfish. The beast was looking at me, hell it even flopped next to me. What else was I supposed to do? Well, he said I would never work in this town again, but he told me that these idiots were starting a new orginaization. And that's when SUCKIT discovered me.

[b]Weapon:[/b] I have my Hypno-shooting-thingy mabober. How does it work? Ha... I don't remember making it actually. Wait I think I stole it from my first boss.[/color]
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