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(damn you ANN!!!)[/CENTER]

Doujin Work is a 4-koma manga (like Lucky Star, AzuDai and Hidamari Sketch) now being turned anime. The story is about a girl named Najimi who stumbles into the business of writing doujin and her journey to become rich through her art. If you don't know what a doujin is... abandon this show now.

Anywho, if you're the type who never has time for anime, then this is for you. The episodes are only 15 minutes long (and they move so fast, you feel like you just started watching when it's over ^^;;). If you like a total loli cast, this show is also for you. Although even if you don't care about the lolis, it's also got this guy.


If you aren't swooning right nowm there's something wrong with you!!! Oh, and the opening theme is awesome. [url=http://www.veoh.com/videos/v732743EMwaHpdZ?searchId=3566068244303235313&rank=0]See here[/url].

So, getting to the story itself, it starts of with Najimi and her uber-adorable friend...


On the train. Her friend keeps passing out, and there are some jokes. I warn you, the jokes in this show are pretty hardcore at times. This [i]is[/i] a show about doujin, mind you. Our adorable friend right there is a doujin artist who claims to mostly draw rape scenes XD Plus her doujin circle is known as...


Najimi's friend convinces her to help run her booth at a convention as a sales partner. That's when they meet the silver-haired guy who's a doujin artist apparently. After a short conversation about the kind of profits earnable from doujin making, Najimi makes up her mind that she wants to draw doujin since she is an artist and ned the money.

Personally, i thought this show was cute, funny, intriguing, and I totally love the characters. I'm ready to see more![/COLOR]
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[quote name='2007DigitalBoy'][COLOR="DarkOrange"][CENTER]


[SIZE="3"][COLOR="Navy"]I'm already hooked.[/COLOR][/SIZE]

[COLOR="Navy"]Seems interesting actually. If I'm ever in a place where video works on the damn computer, I'll search vids of it! Najima's friend is cute! And no, I do not know what [B]Doujin [/B]is! But I think it's a hentai artist, pure guess.[/COLOR]
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[quote name='2007DigitalBoy'][COLOR="DarkOrange"]Doujin Work is a 4-koma manga //snip// now being turned anime.[/COLOR][/QUOTE][color=#007520]Damn, I was about to move this to the Manga Workshop. ;)

I'm not a big fan of this art style... but if the story delivers on the craziness that the OP promises, I'll probably be there. Though, I doubt shortening the episodes will help me much in the time department. :-/

Oh well~ /me adds it to the list.

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[COLOR="DarkOrange"](If this pic is too much, I will remove it)


[B]Epside 2~[/B]

The second episode basically is all about Najimi being embarassed about the fact that she is going to enter the doujin industry. Her friend is trying to get her all sorts of reference material from a doujin shop and buys her some essential drawing utensils. As the episode is so short, it's basically just a whole lot of zaniness going on with Najimi as she tries to hide her embarassing secret from friends and in public. Naturally, it leads to embarassing situations and zany hijinks.

We also meet a normal friend of Najimi...


who is kind of cool, though we haven't seen much of her - in fact that's kind of where this show stands right now. We don't know much of anything about the characters or what to expect in the future except more hijinks. In that respect, this show is even more shallow than most comedy anime I've seen, but still good for a smile if you have 15 minutes of free time.[/COLOR]
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[COLOR="Navy"]Actually the first pic from Eps. 2 reminds me of the Deperate housewives theme song with Adam and Eve. But not as ugly. Yes, I think that picture is sexy. This show looks interesting, that "Pantie Revoloution" really dragged me in. >.>

If I ever find the perfect video quality that doesn't take years to load on my computer, I'll probably check this out.

DB your making me a pervert, ya know that? [spoiler]Like I'm not already >_<[/spoiler][/COLOR]
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[quote]Our adorable friend right there is a doujin artist who claims to mostly draw rape scenes[/quote]

[SIZE="3"]I'm already hooked.[/SIZE]

A show about doujin, conventions, and all of that good stuff had bound to get my attention. Plus, a lot of the characters are short haired and cute~

I'll be sure to check this out.
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Episode 3 definitely alleviated the doubts I was having after episode 2. Although the animation seemed to be a little dodgy at parts, the comedy was in no short supply. There was a running gag about how Justice seems to think Najimi whored herself out and got pregnant that was absolutely hilarious in all it's comebacks. Justice has proven himself the best character in this show so far and deserves to be worshipped.

Adding to that, this episode had the single best moment in the show so far and my 'moment of the week'

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Hm, well, I'm quite sorry to see this show hasn't gotten more notice, as I have watched the four episodes currently out and I have to say that it's one of my favourite anime comedies thus far. The fact that it's brief and yet still has enough opportunity to deliver in terms of plot and dialogue is quite refreshing. The pacing is good and I really appreciate the fact that it doesn't drag out minor details or conversations, and its always about getting to the next joke. Though the jokes are of an overwhelmingly sexual nature, and the implied impropriety of the relationship between Justice and Sora makes me cringe at times, the story and moments of embarrassment on the part of Najimi do keep me interested in each episode.

Since no one has written about it yet, Episode 4 deals with the rest of the gang stalking Najimi to find out what sort of job she had to get in order to pay off her doujinshi printing fees (also, see if you can spot the [spoiler]Haruhi Suzumiya[/spoiler] reference). Eventually, they find her working at a [spoiler]cosplay cafe with a cat-girl theme (which apparently is based on a real place, no less)[/spoiler] and, naturally, hilarity ensues. Also, the altercations between Justice and Junichiro Hoshi continue, and Hoshi ends on a triumphant note when Justice [spoiler]accidentally reveals Najimi's real name (as she was working in the cafe under an alias).[/spoiler] Especially funny moments in this episode, in my eyes, included the continued conflicts between Najimi and the group (especially over the [spoiler]ketchup message[/spoiler]), Justice's offer to [spoiler]work at the cafe in an effort to protect Najimi,[/spoiler] and the constant reminder that [spoiler]Najimi is not a tsundere character[/spoiler]. Though the episode was less about plot than it was about advancing the whole Najimi/Justice/Hoshi relationship, it had enough gags to be a funny episode in its own right.

I ended up showing this anime to my dad and a friend of mine, and while my dad didn't find the character designs very appealing (he couldn't reconcile with the images the fact that Najimi and Tsuyuri were supposed to be university students) my friend thought it was hilarious, especially Episode 2. I liked Episode 2 quite a bit as well, especially the bike chase and the moments at the very end of the episode, but I would have to say the funniest moments from episodes 1 and 3 respectively were Najimi obsessing about the possibility of eating dessert with each meal, and Justice's last five words of dialogue:

[spoiler]"Acknowledge your child, you bastard!"[/spoiler]

Ultimately, I would have to say that I like this series because each episode is short (and therefore is harder-pressed to get all the funny dialogue and story into shorter segments) and doesn't drag out, and the quirky art style, including the mostly mono-hued crowds and the depictions of the characters as two-dimensional (as, when they turn around, for instance, they briefly become 2D). I, for one, will be eager to see episode 5 when it arrives.
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