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Sign Up Blade Children [MLV]

Funny Girl

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[COLOR="Blue"]It was late that night and I couldn't think. I was at my computer working all week on a report that was due tomorrow. I was a detective working on the mystery of the [B]Blade Children[/B]. There were about 80 of these super intelligent children created by Yaiba Mizushiro. When he was born, he was missing one rib on his right ribcage. He had excelled in everything for his first twenty-one years of his life. When he turned twenty-three he started a project known as the "Blade Children Project." Since he created these children, he had the same right rib removed on all the children when they were born. They were to be just like Yaiba. They would excell and then what? He died before he could ever see the future of his children. Who killed him? I looked everywhere for more information but came up to nothing. My report was almost complete but it was only the first draft of it.

I saved the document and went to bed. I had wondered just who was this Yaiba Mizushiro? I wanted to know just who were these Blade Children. I went to bed.

[COLOR="Green"]Her name was Misuzu Ordahima. She died on July 15, 2001. She was a big detective and very good at her job. One morning someone found her at her apartment dead with an iris flower sitting at her desk. No one knew who had killed her but for some reason, all of the blame disappeared. [/COLOR]

[COLOR="DarkSlateBlue"]My name was Ayashi Kurinogi. I was one of those cursed Blade Children that the Hunters were after. I diguised myself as a normal student at a normal highschool. The Hunters were after all of us. I knew only some of them and the rest were somewhere else. I had to live my life hiding and killing people by my hand just to stay alive this far. I don't know how many of us there are left but I know that there probably only a few.
The lunch bell rang and I headed to the roof with some friends for lunch. Not many sat and at up on the roof for it was sort of hot out. I loved to eat lunch on the roof and my friends and I always made it a habit to come up here and eat our lunch and talk about the latest gossip and such. I was a second year at Tomadashi High School. Most of my life I was alone. I still am but when I was young I had a mother that looked after me. She died long ago and I began to live on my own.

"Hey, there Ayashi! Come sit over here! We've been waiting for you for a while now. What took you so long?"
"Sorry I'm late. Don't worry about it. So, what's the latest?"
"Everything seems quiet today. I haven't heard anything good. All I hear is just the same boring things like how the homework was tough and that many couldn't study for the test."
"Ill be right back. Okay?"
"Alright. See ya' later."
"That girl sure is busy these days."
"Yeah, I wonder when Ayashi will ever simmer down and take a break."
"Umito. Don't be so-"

[COLOR="Magenta"]Later that evening it was confirmed that Ayashi had fallen from the fifth floor of Tomadashi High. She had serious injuries to her head and was out for a week. But was it one of Hunters that wanted or attempted to kill her?

We are the Blade Children. We are very smart and excell in everything that we do. We are being hunted by Hunters want us dead. We feel like we need to kill anyone that stands in our way. We say that our fate had been sealed the day that we were born and that only suffering will happen. The catch is, there is someone who wants to save us from our suffering. Who will we trust? Only the iris can help us learn that. Afterall, when there are people that want us gone, who will we turn to? Everyone seems to be our enemy.

Iris- the happiness to believe can overcome even fate.

[B]Hunters-[/B]People who want the Blade Children to be eliminated
[B]Savers-[/B]Want to create more Blade Children
[B]Watchers-[/B]Normal people

Sign Ups:
Age:[/B] 14- 18
Appearance:[/B] Pic and/or descrition- All of the Blade Children had the wonderful cat eyes.
[B]Bio:[/B] What hardships had you have to overcome in order to reach this far. Also tell me how you meet up with the rest of us
[B]Specialties:[/B] we're good but what abilities do you have (no powers). Whether it'd be for creating bombs, manipulative, clever, or anything else. I will say again no powers. Only things that can be used in real life
[B]Snippet:[/B] tell me how your life runs. We are all in high school so tell about the friends that you've made.
Note:[/B]I am looking for the person who will be our "hope." If you want this part then PM me a sign up of your character. I will post when I've got the "hope" of us Blade Children.[/COLOR]
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Name: Saio Uzari


Gender: male

Personality: He's freindly, charming, and a real nice guy. But he's also more cut-throat than even the hunters. His passions include writing fiction, the flute, and dancing. All of these reflect that he is quite creative. But his vicious side is one that no one wants to go up against, even other blade children.

Appearence: [url]http://www.animeboredom.co.uk/Uploads/Areview/1971087715095.jpg[/url]

Bio: He's always been alone, ever since he escaped from the lab. Since he has been moved from foster home to foster home, while he nurtured his talents in music an writing. But he known he was different, especially when his eyes changed to their more catlike shape when he was feeling strong emotions, or sudden coldness. He's killed before as well, several times, each was a hunter. As such, he now uses his money as a performer to travel, he's known around the world, and his fame even rivals that of Eyes Rutherford, a good freind of his, and fellow member of the blade children.

Specialites: Bomb creation, firearms, and cleverness


"Ryo.. How many times do i have to tell you? I will not perform with Eyes."

"But why?" Her pretty pale grey eyes looked up into his, she was pouting.

"Because he doesn't want to."

"But Eyes is just a grumpy pants....." She jumped onto him, making Saio lose his balance and fall.

"Ugh...Ryo.. get off!

"Not untill you promise to ask Eyes to perform with you."

"No!!!" Ryo smiles, and she flops on him, making people stare. "Then i'm not moving."

Now, his face was reddening, and he struggled to to get her off. "You're so heavy!"

Now Ryo explodes. "HEAVY?" She stands and stomps on Saio, making him cry out.

She huffs, and Saio is holding his gut, smiling. "At least she got up..."

(and you know this sounds awfully like Spiral, right?)
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