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[B]Second Favorite[/B]

[B]Third Favorite[/B]






And theres some..
Just posted what I felt I could upload xDDD
C/C? Im a gfx mod on some other forums, including gzn.
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[color=#606060]All gorgeous, Alterna. I think I agree that the oldest one is my favourite too...although I do like all of them.

I quite like the font you've used on your second favourite one. Does the font just come like that or did you do more to it?[/color]
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[font=Arial]Interestingly enough, your favorite banner is mine as well.

Your brushing technique is extremely good. The only other point of improvement I'd offer you is to make your stock blend in more to create some depth within the banner. For instance, your favorite banner is good because there is a sense of depth created by the layers in front of and behind the woman. A few of your other banners lack that, which makes them less interesting.

Another point you could try to experiment with is your text. They all seem rather fragile and weak, and if that is your style, I encourage you to keep with it. However, I'd also recommend you think of more outside-the-box methods of placement and such.

But seriously, you're excellent. Great job.[/font]
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[FONT=Arial][SIZE=2]How I wish I had your talent! My personal favourites are [I]Newest, Favourite and Other[/I], for various reasons. [I]

Newest[/I] is a calm, muted colour scheme which I'm an absolute sucker for, and the incorporation of "Alterna" is something I really love. I like how it's clean but not distracting, and how it almost fades into the background. What I don't really like is that thick black line on the top and bottom. Perhaps if you made a little smaller, it'd look better.

Favourite and Other are in there primarily because of the colour schemes. While different colours; one pink and one closer to a maroon or dark red, what I adore about them is the depth of colour that's there. While your other banners have colours, they aren't consistant through the whole thing, while Favourite and Other just keep drawing my eye, which is awesome. ^_^ [/SIZE][/FONT]
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[COLOR="Blue"]Personally I like all of them. Great work with them. I do have to agree with you though. Plain text just wouldn't mesh with the pictures themselves. Personally I like the fourth banner. The one right above the Hellsing one. The background really works with the picture itself.

Anyways, great job on all of them![/COLOR]
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[COLOR="SandyBrown"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"]Oh my goodness, you totally make my graphics look like crap! I love the sense of personal style and techniques you use. Also the blend of colors are simply great and sirene. They all give off a warm glow in my opinion. Overall, the fonts as stated previously could be more creative (Even though you use affects). Try curving, flipping and all types of crazy ways, you never know what might work.

Alterna- I love the use of colors (Blue, green and gray; Also the render choice was a nice match to the whole banner. But I do feel, like the render didn't pop out as much as the background. She doesn't stick out much basically...but even so I still like it! Just minor detials to adjust (If you want to).

Wishing- I love this one the most as well! Love the colors, renders and brushes. It gives off softness and innocence.

Overall, keep up the work and you'll be even greater! I should learn some techniques from you and I look forward to seeing more of your lovely works.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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