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Well I had a break from doing everything I loved to do.
And then I got Photoshop back after the millionth re-format.
And I decided to create.


[URL="http://fc02.deviantart.com/fs17/f/2007/216/9/b/Kanji_Swirls_by_tragicallymodified.jpg"]Kanji Swirls[/URL]

[URL="http://fc02.deviantart.com/fs17/f/2007/216/6/7/Digital_Evolution_by_tragicallymodified.jpg"]Digital Evo[/URL]

- That's all for now.
I completley forgot about a border around them though.
But yes; more later.

These didn't take that long to make; they were as always just for fun and when I was bored with nothing to do. But I quite enjoy them so any comments and critiscm is alwasy welcome.

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[size=1]To be completely honest, I'm not a fan of any of them. All of them feel just way too messy, and there's no focal point in any of them so my eyes are just constantly moving around looking for something to rest on.

They're all a little monotone as well, and your text choice (especially in the first image) is pretty bad. Try looking for other fonts other then the default ones that are available.

I also get the feeling that you're only using brushes, because in the last image I've actually owned those brushes at one point in time. It looks like you just get a new image opened up in Photoshop and splat some nice looking brushes wherever they look nice. Try using other images and incorporating them into your image, such as C4Ds, and experiment around with layer effects to get different results.

If you haven't been using Photoshop for a few months, then the images are pretty good, but if you haven't been using it for maybe two weeks or so I suggest you read up on some tutorials.

They all have potential though, and while a bit messy and over-brushed, they do look nice.[/size]
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Yes, there is a defintite contrast issue in them. The text in the first one isn't much to look at. Although they may seem very pretty, they really arent upon a second glance. The black lines in the second one really throws the aesthetics that it could've had, WAAAY out of whack.

Sorry, but you're going to hate me when I tell you that I've done better things in 10 minutes :x

Keep practicing
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[COLOR="DarkOrange"]I don't know anything about this stuff, but I'll say that I really like Digital Evolution. I agree that all three of them seem a tad messy like you were trying to fit as much as you could into every part of the picture and ended up drawing like random scribbles in some places, but I kind of like how it's done with Digital Evolution. Though I am confused why something called Digital Evolution is depicted with plants, lol. [/COLOR]
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[COLOR=#35425E][FONT="Palatino Linotype"][b]HxC:[/b] I think the first one's the best of the lot. It made good use of blocks, lines and color to force flow. With a little tweaking, this could become great material for a banner or a splash. However, I am of the opinion that you should omit the text altogether, mainly because it breaks up that great white-blue-black transition. But if you really want to keep the text, then may I suggest using a different font? A nice, unobtrusive pixel font with a bit of glow would work best, I think, if it's positioned somewhere near the center of all those black rays. Just look at [b]jigglyness[/b]'s works to see what I mean.

[b]Kanji Swirls:[/b] Again, good use of lines, but the sketches could've been oriented in such a way that the arms mimic the direction of the rays. I'm not sure about the color scheme though; I feel that one should try to keep the colors as complementary as possible if you plan on applying them all over your piece. Try setting up a Gradient Map over your piece (Layers->New Adjustment Layer->Gradient Map) and apply a pre-made 3-color gradient; looks nice, doesn't it?

[b]Digital Evolution:[/b] Now instead of blocks, you used vines and twigs to set up flow. It would have worked had it not been for the rough, criss-crossing hatches all over your piece. They cover up the lovely images in the background and makes your piece look a bit, ah, [i]overdone[/i]. The roses too; I think it would be better if you tilt them in the same direction as the flow so that it doesn't look like they're waging a war against the encroaching vines and twigs. Putting them in the same corner as the vines will make it look like they're part of a bouquet. Really elegant, IMO.

Oh, hey. Can I use [i]Kanji Swirls[/i] for my newest project? Pretty please?

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