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Awoken in a time of great evil, there are those who are guided only by the light of their own hearts. They fight to keep the evil at bay, the darkness that consumes people, making them slaves to it. They are fighters who possess various ablities that aid them in battle with the devouring darkness. There are those who weild fire, water, air, earth, metal, electcity, plants, ice, illusions, and other gifts. Conventional weapons don't work against the adversary these talanted children are up against. The villian has a name. Eros Mishroft. It is said Eros was driven insane, and weilded all the powers of darkness. Some say it's a copy of himself doing all of this, that the original died. Others still say he went insane after losing everything in the last great war. No one knows for sure, there are no surviving members of his family.

People fight for what they believe in, or to protect something. They weild whatever they have at their own disposal, whether it be power, or firepower, swords, and the like. It doesn't matter why they fight, it matters that they do, for their loved nes, for their hopes, for their dreams, and for the right to live and be free. Even those who are broken will fight for a reason. Such is the fate of those with power.

But, the evil perversing the world is not without its means of dealing with such people with special talents. Those it consumes, what were once ordinary people, just trying to live their lives, to eek out their existance, become Nightmares, their originals long gone, their souls trapped inside their husks. With eyes of black and skin of grey, the forsaken Nightmares are hell bent on destruction. They ceaselessly venture to destroy others, and make them into likenesses of themselves. Desectrated bodies, they can not die, unless the body is completly destroyed. Nightmares resemble who they once were, but share nothing with that person. Mindlessly, they seek to destroy, for that is all they are themselves.

Then there are Echoes, those who retain some intellect and a part of their minds after Eros has tainted them. While they do not know who they were, they are capable of some module thought, and passing themselves off as human. Echoes possess the ability to transform, changing from a human likeness, into something not even remotely homosapien. Rarely do they display any power beyond telekinesis. They usually control the hoardes of Nightmares, acting rather like generals. But in truth, they are no different from the Nightmares they control.

A copy is a copy of a person, made with all their powers. It's not nessessarily a fake, but it's not the original. The copy is their power, Often, those who weild supernatural powers and are tainted by Eros make copies of themselves before they are completly turned. And, if the original is taken by the darkness, the copy is there, they themselves the power they weild. A copy can only be made when the orginal is tainted by Eros, using the powers that change them into Nightmares. A copy while yet an individual,the original unable to control it, will always have a connection to its original, so as thus, it is also inheritantly tainted as well, and new copies will have to be spawned, and the first copy destroyed before it has the chance to completly turn. Copies who are tainted, and fail to kill themselves, often become monsters weilding the very powers that spawned the copy itself. A copy's power will always pale in comparison to it's original.

Yet there are stories of those who have seen Originals thought to have been taken by Eros that are simply spellbound, prisoners within shells and encased, their powers drained and used, Eros being unable to fully corrupt them.The people who have seen this have been few and far between, which is why such stories are regarded as myths.

Eros has begun his movements. He's been tracked by the alarming numbers of missing people through The eastern parts of Canada, into the United States, and then Europe, central Asia, and then to Japan. He's seemingly been visiting places of interest, and devastated areas of certain countries, especially those from the last world war. He has been tracked to the ruins New York City, his former home, where it is not known what he plans to do.

A group of people, hailing from all over the world, and both blessed and cursed by their supernatural gifts, have been brought together as a special ops team to bring Eros down. Raised since children to be unstoppable, they are humanity's last and only hope. The military have given these special people codenames for identification, as well as individualized tattoos and barcodes marking them as property of the military. Each member has a codename that syncronizes with their power. Each is powerful in their own right., but they need spirtual training to better weild and control their powers, such as various forms of martial arts. As such, they have varying styles of hand to hand combat, incorporating their own personalities and powers to make their own form of the martial art they were trained in.

Eros and his madness, and that of his subordinates, have taken over certain areas of the world. A plant monster has taken over Tokyo, Japan, making it a kind of jungle, the city claimed by floral yet deadly vegetation. Paris, France, is now an aquatic domain, a water demon having claimed it. Honolulu, Hawaii has been claimed by a demon said to have been born of fire. The world's once greatest cities have become domains of monsters who bow only to Eros.They control the populus of people there, enslaving them, changing them into monsters. This is truely humanity's darkest hour.

The students of this special school were released, to pursue their own lives, the hope remaining that this moment would never come. But, as they were trained for this, so thus has fate insured that they would be used in battle. Even though they had all hoped that they would never have to fight, they all honed their skills even after school, in private away from the public eye.The first and last line of defense has been summoned. Do they have what it takes to save the last of humanity?

Mlitary Codenames and the powers coinciding with it:

Tempest: wind.

Burn: fire.

Cascade: water

Quake: earth

Poison Ivy: plants

Psycho: psionic abilities


Agent Paper: able to use paper in any way you wish

Copycat: able to use other people's powers for a short time after physical touch

Dark Cloud: one who controls the weather

Puppeteer: Ablity to manipulate and control computerized mechanical objects

Blast Radius: Able to create explosive objects at will

If someone has an idea of their own powers, let me know and i will add it as well as a code name for it.

okay peeps, the story has been laid out. You are one of the special children. Keepin mind you have a special barcode tatooed somewhere on your body. If you are a copy, you stillhave it.

here is the sign up:


Age 14 to 21


Power: I expect a through definition of your power.


Style of combat: Describe what kind of maritial arts you were trained in, as well as your over all fighting style

History: Describe who you are because of your past, and if you are a copy, describe what happened to your origional

There you have it..... sign up and let's have some fun!
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Name: Zerodyme Syn

Age: 16

Codename: Psycho

Power: Telekinesis and Telepathy

Personality: Usually shy and quiet until he gets to know someone. Once he does he'll be open and really giddy, half the time talking about things that no one understands besides him and the people in his imagination. Can be a bit immature at times (90% of the time)

Style of Combat: Kendo, also knows how to use some light firearms

History: Zerodyme's original was born in japan some time ago to a wealthy family. His parents ran a very successful business that covered various fields of technological research. One day they received a generous donation from an anonymous source (Eros?) which required the (unwilling) assistance of their son. Their experiments on him eventually broke the seal on his original and released Zerodyme. Zerodyme since then has been living on his own, no memories of his life while one with his original, one thing has been haunting him though, a voice calling out to him.
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Name: Kyle

Age: 15

Codename: Shade

Power: The ability to make shadows protect and attack for him as well as teleport.

Personality:Strong willed, somewhat insane at times, Protective, insensitive to others at times, arrogant, stubborn and arguementive.

Style of combat:Kyle is skilled in half a dozen hand to hand combat styles as well as two weapon fighting styles. he can also use guns with less accuracy as most soliders.

History: Born in the Suburbs of London Kyle was raised by his poor mother to be a theif and and his powers made it possible. However when he was caughting doing it he attempted to run when the a group of agents turned on high beam lights which took all the shadows from the room weaking him back to a human state. they made him a deal come live a life where his mother and him could be happy if he helped with the threats that were attacking the earth. He agreed and now he is a arm of the government.
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Name: Nei

Age: 14

Codename: Med

Power: Healing even the most severe wounds. Also able to use a poison-healing technique. She also received an odd second ability. It allows her to control the souls of those long dead and focus it into an attack or ask them questions.

Personality: Very quiet, yet serious, she rarely fights unless she feels the need. She usually shows no signs of a different emotion than worried.

Style of combat:Uses Karate. She has a few fans to help her focus.

History: She is an orphan. She managed to avoid being corrupted because her parents took her place. Nei has had her second ability since that day. She thinks her mother gave her that ability somehow.
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[FONT="Comic Sans MS"][COLOR="SandyBrown"][B]Name:[/B] Melody

[B]Age[/B]: 21

[B]Codename:[/B] Poison Ivy

[B]Power[/B]: The ability to summon anything from mother earth (Trees, plants, animals, insects and such.). Also a master of poison and herbs. Melody has the ability to tune herself with the animals (Bugs too) and command them. Who knows what other earth powers will come to awaken inside.


Good: Melody can be motherly and understanding to most issues. She is more calmer towards the females than males and loves nature without a doubt.

Bad: When the mood fits...she can be deadly and when I say deadly, you piss her off she'll kill you without warn. Melody can be a total bitch and overly protective of nature.

Overall: She loves to sketch landscapes and such. Loves to be with the animals and really doesn't care much about insects. She finds them disgusting...but she understands it's a part of earth. Melody loves to be flirtatious...if your suitable though. Overall, I say a mix of suger n spice baby. Makes her sound bipolar, but she's not.

[B]Style of combat:[/B]
Aikido (From jujutsu/jujitsu) self-defense system that utilizes twisting and throwing techniques and in its aim of turning an attacker's strength and momentum against himself. Pressure on vital nerve centres is also used. Aikido was developed to subdue, rather than maim or kill as in Karate, but many of its movements can nevertheless be deadly. Aikido especially emphasizes the importance of achieving complete mental calm and control of one's own body to master an opponent's attack.

[B]History:[/B] {Pending}...It's rather late in my time.

[B]Here's some for thought: [/B]

Tuner: Ability to hear anything it can tune too...make supersonic waves and such.

Hawkeye: The ability to see very far, has precision in shooting long range shots (Without using a scope)....such things like that[/COLOR][/FONT].
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Name: Eri

Age: 21

Codename: Poison Ivy

Power: Able to contol plants and such. He can make plants do anything he wants, but he can never make lemons grow for some reason.


Polite yet oddly cool torwards people, exept his sister. He will not hesitate to address a problem, and will speak his mind, regardless of other people liking it or not. He's nice enough, but more cut throat than anyone will ever believe. He's a serious guy, and he often retreats to his own sanctuary within his own green house, to be alone to mull over things. His sister is never far, and he holds her more dear than aything else in this world.

Combat Style: Unknown. Several distinctive techniques have been witnessed, so it is assumed he has mixed them together in his own way.

History: He and his sister were orphaned at a young age, and they always sought to protect one another, and are always together. They have always tried their hardst to survive, so when they were picked up by the government, they were happy to finally have a place to call home. Since, they have grown up in the military, working beside others with special talents to silence monsters and other threats. However, when he took a mision alone, he went to tokyo, and failed it. as a result, he was infected by ERos, and resorted to making a copy of himself, his origional becoming the monster that now reigns over it. He has told no one, not even those closest to him.
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