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Okay, there are a few things that should be mentioned before the RPG and during the actual sign-up, but I wanted to see how people would cope with the information I gave them already.

For the game, there's a glossary. I don't have one sorted out yet, [i]but[/i] there should be one sorted by Monday. Anyway, this thead will be used throughout the sign-up and the actual game thread. As for the glossary, that will include information for each super power and organisations working in Septu and throughout the rest of the world.

I can't give you a glossary right now as I'm not on my own computer but, as I said, by Monday there will be an official glossary up. For the time being, I would ask that people use this thread for any questions they have about the game. It's better than PMing me, as everyone can see the answers.

I'm sorry for any mistakes in this thread as well, I'm actually at a sort of... party and are rather rushed for time at the moment.

(that also means tomorrown I will have the official underground image up as well hahaha, sorry kids. Right now I'd ask for any questions to be directed here so everyone can see them, even if they're incredibly dumb =p ) -edit: here's the very basic glossary. I don't want to flood people with information, but if people have the same concepts of the same terms... we'll get along fine... XD

[CENTER][B][U]The Tech Book [Glossary][/U][/CENTER]

An android is an artificial life form with artificial intelligence, first created by the British Empire in 2056. Androids were originally used as work tools and many of the original copies exist today in modern homes, but will not be replaced when broken. Androids can be programmed to simulate human beings or stand out as superior life forms - although most early androids and only a few recent ones have emotions, an android's personality characteristic can define whether you live or die after a confrontation with these creatures. Most soldier-like androids are deemed extremely dangerous.

[B]B.E. Computers[/B]
The British Empire design of computers, notable for being linked in a large database in England. B.E. computers are easy to obtain and can recall information on many, many subjects. They are information sources across the globe, but do not conceal any important information. The B.E. computer design is very, very complex, and thus those with the right mind can adapt the technology in dangerous ways.

[B]U.E. Computers[/B]
The classified computers created by the United Empire and the second largest computer system in the world. Only high ranking generals of the U.E. can use these computers, although a few are stationed in cities. Their system is very hard to hack and use but contains valuable information for any side of the world.

Only three definitions for now, check back during the course of the game =)[/size]
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[FONT=Arial]Quick, important question, though it might not seem that way. How large about is Posopia compared to Septu? I imagine that there are a few other cities, but there's still a good bit of free-ranging open country, right?

(Fine, so that was two. Sue me.)[/FONT]
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[quote name='Allamorph'][FONT=Arial]

(Fine, so that was two. Sue me.)[/FONT][/QUOTE]

[SIZE=1]I will be! You can expect a letter from my lawyers soon, Mr. 'Morph.


I'm not very good with proportions when it comes to cities and countries, though if we say Posopia is this big and Mongolia is about this big... *does hand gestures and movements to suggest possible sizes*.

Easier way. If we take Sri Lanka off the [url=http://bpujos.free.fr/PagesPhotos/Photos/Autres/world_map.GIF][u]world-map-click-here[/u][/url] and then put it in the middle of Mongolia (Septu), we'll have our city. Now that's pretty big considering, but Septu is a pretty big country as well. It leaves room for more cities to be involved.

I was thinking that anything outside Posopia is up for creative interpretation of whoever wishes to write about it. Nearer the boarders of the country would be more barren and military occupied and further in I suppose you would have a big of countryside, then cities that slowly get more populated as they near the the capital. We'll probably end up exploring half of the country anyway so it's all good to come up the whacked ideas about the place.[/size]
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[FONT=Arial]Well, I had planned on drawing someone up based on my own universe, but since the lot of you guys seem to be slap-happy for cyborgs and what, I'm reworking the profile. Hooray for diversity.

Unfortunately, that may mean the actual sign-up may take slightly longer than anticipated, though I'll be attempting to have her ready sometime tonight.

(It's like the "too-damn-many assassins" problem we had in the P. Jays, people. Ruin all my fun. :()[/FONT]
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[SIZE=1]The RPG will be up tonight when I finish my English Coursework... =(

Chapter One is, basically, introduce yourself. In this first chapter we'll see a change in the city and most of Septu - protests and violence against protester. That'll mean people will have to start sticking together... and it's a very easy way for our characters to get involved and meet each other. I think this'll be a fun first chapter, if not a short one.[/SIZE]
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