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So, I dove headfirst into an old story written by myself and the former OB Moderator BabyGirl, and after finishing it, I decided to bring up the idea for a new Star Wars EU novella here. I'm doing this publically only because so many members have changed names or left completely that I now have no idea who could possibly help me in this endeavor.

My requirements are simple: If anyone is interested, they should be have a greater-than-average prior knowledge of the Star Wars universe, a mature writing style, and a healthy amount of creativity. I want no more than two other co-authors, though one is just fine. Please provide me with a short story set somewhere in the following timeframes to give me something to judge by.

Possible timeframes I'm looking into are 5-10 years after KOTOR II, 600 years BBY, or 65 years after the Battle of Endor.


That's a link to the story Jenna co-wrote with me some four or more years ago. It's good, but thank God for a few more literature classes since then.


Please note: This is not intended to be an RP. It's a story. While one character may dominate your writing, you're free to develope all characters involved. We will build off of what each other writes before.
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