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Gaming It's a whoopla of Cube info!


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Reporter: There is some worry because with the N64 there were many games coming at first and then it slowed down to a trickle. Will that be the case with the GameCube?

Miyamoto: There was a problem but that will not happen with the GC. We started development on GC games a while back and we hope to have 20-30 first and second party games out by next Christmas.

PSOver 2 Online...
Now it appears that not only will GameCube players be able to play PSO ver. 2 with Xbox users, but PC as well. This means that GameCube, Xbox, and PC users will all be able to play against one another online. Whether or not the Dreamcast will be thrown into this mix is still unknown,

Squares popularity slowing in the land of the rising sun...Nintendo the only 1st party on the list!
In its latest issue, Famitsu Magazine asked gamers what company they were looking forward to seeing the most in 2002. The results were surprising, as Sega surpassed Squaresoft by 3%. Nintendo held a firm third place, being the only first party company in the top five, while Konami and Capcom tagged along at number 4 and 5. Could it be that gamers are getting tired of Final Fantasy's repetitious gameplay, could they want a new franchise? Or is it just that Sega has many great games on the way such as Sonic Adventure 2 Battle, Phantasy Star Online Ver. 2, and Shenmue III? Either way, it looks as if Squaresoft's popularity isn't as big as it was last year.

Pokemon Cubed
According to this article on GC-Inside, Nintendo will be revealing the GameCube Pokémon title very soon. Word has it that it will be shown during the press conference for the next Pokémon movie, on the 30th of January. But remember this date is only a rumor, so don't get too excited yet Pokémaniacs.

The game is said to be far into development and according to Nintendo Dream, will be somehow related to the Meowth's Party demo from Spaceworld 2000. Whether it's an RPG, musical game or just another Stadium title, you can definitely expect a groundbreaking link-up to Game Boy Advance

More news from Japan.
This time it's Nintendo's president Hiroshi Yamauchi, who's finally come out of hiding and done an interview with Japanese newspaper Asahi Shimbun. Here are the highlights
On the GameCube's strategy
GameCube was designed to offer the highest quality software and the real challenge will be in 2002 when the user expects even better games. At the same time Nintendo will listen more to users in regards to development of new software.

On GameCube sales
I am satisfied with early GameCube sales in Japan. The recent PS2 price drop hasn't slowed things down and in the future the machine will be too big and expensive for the average gamer due to Final Fantasy XI which requires a hard drive and a modem to play properly. American sales were stronger than expected, we thought the recent terrorism attacks may have effected sales but they didn't. The final results of the Christmas trade war are yet to come but things are looking positive.

His comments about Nintendo listening to what the users want are interesting and may add fuel to the rumors that Miyamoto has changed the appearance of Zelda after the backlash from American gamers.

more cube online..
According to N-Sider, Metro 3D is bringing Armada 2: Exodus to GameCube at the end of the Summer. The game will be a fully online, cooperative shooter with RPG elements and is also scheduled to appear on Xbox and PS2.

It's not know whether the game will support Broadband or not but it's good to hear Sega isn't the only third party developing online GameCube games.

thats all.....I personally like the idea of nintendo listening to it's fans....quite interesting..and how about 20-30 first/second party games in one year! how many secret titles do they friggin have! What a great year of cubeing we have ahead!
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Wow this is great news Nintendo releasing 20-30 1st and 2nd party games by the next Christmas,wonder what can they be.

Im pretty sure Squaresoft will rise up again sooner or later with Square great RPGs specialy the Final Fantasy Series they'll rise up again pretty soon.

As for Sega's support on GCN so far the only games im mostly excited in is PSO V.2(Phantasy Star Online V.2) and Sonic Adventure 2.I hope Sega will bring over Shenmue 2,Virtual Fighter 4,etc. not more Sports games,or ports of original games.Oh wells guess I'll wait and see in the future.

Nice GCN information Defcon5. :)
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He's Defcon5...which means alt+c and alt+v (j/k)

Wow, this is some good stuff...I'm really looking forward to nintendo just keeping it simple from now on...eh, I still think that the next Zelda game would use CelShading...just not make Link look like that with the almond eyes and all...It's hard for Squaresoft right now because of their ventures in the movie market...and FF8 and 9 weren't all too hot...now with Sakaguchi's stepdown, I wonder how the franchise is going to turn out..
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[color=indigo]:drool: 20-30 1st party GCN games... Can't wait... Must... have... NOW! :drool:

One 1st party GCN game that I'm looking forward to learning about is 128 Marios. What could that title [I]possibly[/I] mean? I'm thinking that maybe it's a puzzle game...
Oooo! I [I]really[/I] hope Miyamoto changes the look of the new Zelda game. I think the cel shading is fine, but geez! Does Link have to look like [I]that!?[/I]

[I]:drool: Drools some more, thinking about the new Zelda game :drool:[/I]

Good information about the GCN!

and Rico, don't you mean ctrl+c and ctrl+v?[/color]
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I just started to like the new look of Zelda too... lol.

Nice info, I'm really looking forward those twenty to thirty games.... wait a second *starts doing math in head* $1000 to $1500! whoa that's expensice, where am I going to get that kind of cash! I hope not all of those games are one I'm looking forward to...
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Smoky Joe [/i]
[B]Nice news! I also heard that Link won't be fully re-designed. Instead, Miyamoto will do some alterations (the face, for example) and show the finished version on E3...:tasty: I can't wait... [/B][/QUOTE] Yes yes, it is cery nice news. I think it is good that he won't be re-designed..... I like him the ways he is now..... :D
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Squashed Snail [/i]
[B] Yes yes, it is cery nice news. I think it is good that he won't be re-designed..... I like him the ways he is now..... :D [/B][/QUOTE]

Like him the way he is now??? I hope he is totally redon back to the way we first thought he would look!
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