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RPG Kingdom Hearts: Endless Serenade


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[Mature Themes may be present]

Tsudo tossed and turned during his sleep after the people of Elysium found him. He dreamed of worlds burning and worlds filled with darkness and despair, "No..." he said still in his sleep like state. He jumped up looking around not remembering much other then his name and the images burned into his head, "Wh-what was that..." he said to himself looking around. After a bit of the disorientation wore off he got up and went to the window. To his surprise it was a town. "What am i doing here?" Tsudo thought to himself. He looked down at the people and at the port nearby, "This is..." he said before hearing someone come in.


"There are too many of them pull back pull back!" yelled a man over a radio. The voice came from a overturned jeep in a strange swamp.

"Is there anyone there respond... Hello can anyone here me?!" yelled a female voice over the radio. This voice came from a outpost a long way away from the jeep from a woman named Sera. She was in contact with a group of marines that were sent out on a recon mission of the area. The message she got was hostile and unhuman."

"Your Termination is willed by the gods....and We are there instrument..." said a deep alien voice from the radio.

"Damn it Covenant here?!" she said her head resting on her hand. F

The Detachment sent out was a larger recon team then most but from what Sera and the others heard over the radio the needed more men. "Send a distress call or something We need reenforcements" said Sera.

The comms officer looked at her then at a tall fully armors soldier in olive green, "Sir?"

"Send it. " said thier commander.

"Right. May Day May Day. Calling all ships in the vecenity we need back up. Please sent all available assests!"
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Hana-Ame was walking the streets of the beautiful modern day Japan. She was on her way to the park to go and have some crepes and drink some tea in the nearby coffee shop. It was now the time of spring and the sakura trees were in full bloom. As she walked, she soon noticed that there was some sort of presence following her. She turned around and soon say that there was a disorted looking body following her. The body had everything like that of a normal human except there was no face and the clothes that it was wearing were covered in blood and tattered. Hana-Ame turned back around and continued walking. She could hear the foot steps of the body and she continued walking. She soon made it to the park and sat down at a table outside of the coffee shop. She ordered a cup of tea and a dessert crepe.

As she sipped the cup of tea, the body moved closer and closer to her. Fortunately, there was nobody outside so no one was bound to get hurt by her. She took a bite of her crepe and soon sensed someone come up to her. As she turned herself around, the body was now close up to her and looked somewhat different from before. She turned back around and said,[COLOR="DarkRed"][B]"What is it that you want? I'm always followed by your kind and it gets kind of annoying when you don't do anything and just keep following me."[/B][/COLOR]

[COLOR="darkred"][B]"Your Termination is willed by the gods....and We are there instrument..."[/B][/COLOR] said the body.

Hana-Ame turned back around, now with a shocked face. She could see that the body was smiling at her. She got up from the table and started walking out of the coffee shop and into the park with the body still following her.
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[SIZE="1"][COLOR="DarkSlateBlue"]A gentle, fragrant breeze blew through Dawn's hair. Elysium was such a peaceful place, full of life. Yet, at the same time it was also dull. Nothing much was ever really going on and there was never really any struggle since everything was readily available. Her small garden was always in bloom since Elysium had an abnormally long growing season. Pushing of the ledge of her window, Dawn walked towards her vanity, sitting on the small stool and stared forward. Closing her eyes, last nights events unfolded.

[I]There had been a large storm, which was strange because it was far from the rainy season, which only lasted about 2 weeks in this quaint paradise. Sure there were small showers throughout the growing season to keep the lush foliage alive, but this storm was different. Big black clouds had loomed over the sky all day and once dusk set in the thunder began to roll and flashes of lightning touched the ground. A storm of change. It only lasted for about thirty minutes but it was enough to shake the gentle balance of the people of Elysium. It was her job to search for any damages to the town and surrounding area. It was then that another group of scouts had found a young man on the beach. [/I]

Her eyes fluttered to the sound of movement. Running her hand through her hair she pulled it back into a low pony-tail with the black ribbon that was around her wrist. They had decided it would be best to bring the young man to her home since she had the room and her way with people. It sounded like was awake now and a bit confused about his location.

"This is..."

"Elysium, a Paradise among Paradises." Dawn spoke as she opened the door to his room. Now that some of the color had returned to his face, he was actually quite attractive. She gave him a soft smile as she walked over and sat on the small single bed, he was defently nervous. She motioned for him to join her and after a few seconds of hesitation he moved over a sat on the edge.

"I think we both have some questions that are eating at us but, since your the guest I'll let you start. To save a little time my name is Dawn Faustine so feel free to call me Dawn. I'm not so much into all the formalities." She giggled a bit and leaned back a bit on the bed, awaiting his questions, to which she would try her best to answer. [/COLOR][/SIZE]
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Tsudo looked at the girl and said, "My names Tsudomashi, or Tsudo for short. " he said shaking his head of cobwebs but still the images in his head burned, "This town... Tell me about it." he asked strangely, "I don't remember anything before i came onto the island." he said looking at her. "But this place... Seems too familar to me." he said looking out side.

"... I think i have seen it in my visions... On fire... burning in the Darkness of night..." he said holding his head it starting to hurt as the storm started to roll in quicker.

Meanwhile a being with its head wraped and had only one eye hole in the wrapping wondered the streets, "K...keeey....hooole...." said the being walking strait in to the public square. The suddenly froze and looked at the storm that was rolling in.
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Azure stood to the side of the road and marched without a care in the world to where he went next. He had been in the bad lands for a number of days now and was really hoping for someone to come along soon. Messengers of all kinds came through this region, so it made for good pickings. Sure there were some who could fight back pretty good, but most were easy enough to muscle out of there goods.

The clouds were turning dark in the distance. Probably storm coming in. This was kinda odd, since the badlands were known for being dryer then usual this time of year. It was looking kinda bad too. That was no good. If a bad storm came in then all the messengers would take to shelter and then it would make it harder for Azure to get the jump on them.

It seemed like Asure should take to shelter too. He was close to the ruins of Midgar, so he decided to take refuge there for the first time since he had run from that town. It's hard to believe that this once proud city was now little more then a tomb for his ill gotten memories. The last few years these ruins had seen even more battles, but now were silent once more.

As Azure reached the gates of the city, he turned to notice that the Storm was almost right on top of him. It was moving with almarming speed and seemed to be growing in size. As Azure gazed on at the slowly approaching storm he noticed someone walking just ahead of the storm. Like it was following him. He couldn't quite make out who it was. Just that he was wearing a long black robe and seemed to move like he was floating. Something about him filled Azure with dread. Azure took the spear strapped to his back in hand [B]"Hey you!" [/B]He screamed over the howling wind [B]"Your not welcome here! You'll turn back if you value your well being!"[/B]

The man kept coming, undetterd by Azures threat. Which was more then just a threat. He was more then ready to send this guy packing in a big hurry. But he just kept marching, like he didn't even hear him. Or simply didn't care. After his long dead man march, the shourded man stopped only feet in front of Azure. The man turned his head up just enough for Azure to get a look at his mouth. The man smiled [B]"Is it you?"[/B]

Azure hesitated for a moment. The man spoke again [B]"Do you have the key?"[/B]

This guy was starting to babble about some kind of key now. Azure braced himself of a charge, but was stopped by a sudden lightining bolt that struck in the limited space between the two of them. The flash of light had blinded Azure, but he could still hear the mans voice, even over the increasingly violent winds [B]"I can see the key inside you!"[/B] He shouted [B]"I must have it!"[/B]

The light wasn't fading, but rather getting brighter. And as it got brighter it also got quieter. The mans voice was fading along with all the sounds of the storm that was just in front of him til only moments ago. Soon he couldn't even feel a solid surface beneath his feet anymore. It was as if he was being carried away, but lacked the strength and the will to fight it.
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Axl yawned loudly as he glanced briefly around him, strolling leisurely through a cobbled street, which he had picked at random out of the many he had seen, whilst exploring the village. Although the street was wide and spacious, with various types of housings at either side that bustled with life of those inside, there was no life on the streets, other then himself of course. Even the plants he could spot on the edge of the street seemed to lack any kind of being at all.

?The only time I?ve walked through a place anywhere near this dead and quiet was Japan back home. And that place was only quiet because the place was completely unliveable after that huge attack by the gears.?

As Axl rounded another corner, he let out an audible groan to anyone that could have been nearby when he found himself right back where he started, at the now empty marketplace or Public Square. He walked quickly over to a nearby wooden bench across the street, slumping his body down against the wood when he reached it.

?This place sucks! There?s no one out and about, I?ve not seen a single girl out, nothing is happening at all, nothing has happened since I got here?it?s so goddam boring, I?d almost be happy to see a gear walk down the street!?

He sighed loudly as he leaned his head back over the top of the bench, looking to the sky above as if it offered him the answers he wanted and needed for his problems. Instead, all he found was himself staring at the sky, as several storm clouds began to spread across the sky, beginning to blot out the light from the sun.

??Well, that would explain why no one is out?guess I should find someplace to stay before it gets started.?

He swiftly jumped to his feet off the bench, and began walking towards the centre of the public centre, looking around for anywhere where he could get out of the downpour that he knew was soon to follow the clouds.
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Tsuki walked down the streets of a busy town. She looked over to her left and found a man walking right by her yet keeping his distance. [I]Must be one of "them."[/I] Tsuki walked further down the city until she reached an empty lot. She turned around and the man stopped. [COLOR="Magenta"]"No use trying to cover up. You beasts are just demons in human clothing. Innocence Activate!" [/COLOR] Tsuki said with her boots activating and changing colors and such.

The man said, [COLOR="magenta"]"Hahaha! You exorists really are good at finding us out. But this will be your end lady exorist!"[/COLOR] The man ripped out from the human skin he was wearing as it fell to the ground a big centipede with spider legs coming from the back appeared. [COLOR="magenta"]"Let's see if you can kill me now. Hahahaha!"[/COLOR]

[COLOR="magenta"]"You all are just scum or misleaded spirits. I hope that you can find peace wherever you go." [/COLOR]Tsuki jumped up in the air and headed straight down towards the akuma. [COLOR="magenta"]"Whirlwind Flash!" [/COLOR]Tsuki hit the akuma in the head and down its body to where it was split in two. The centipede screamed in agonizing pain as blood shot out in every direction. It then bubbled and exploded.

[COLOR="magenta"]"Mission complete,"[/COLOR] she said as she walked away. [COLOR="magenta"]"God, bring salvation to this akuma's soul."[/COLOR]
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[COLOR="Navy"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"]Luna was running, running like her ancestors before her, like wolves loved to do; howling at the moon as she went, her pack running along side her. She smiled as the rest of the pack howled in unison and their song rang out through the mountains. She closed her eyes in pure bliss, just letting the chilled night air rush against her fur when everything went silent. Opening her eyes she saw she was alone and her pack was gone, everything was black and the moon it self was missing from the sky; she was no longer even running on the snow, just pure darkness. She stopped and began to look around realizing she was no longer in her wolf form but in her human form she began to panic as she tried to change back but with no results.
"Mother! Father!"
She whirled around as a single light blazed towards her and landed in her hand, from it came a large sword that resembled a key.
"What is this?"
'Key blade....'
She covered her face as another bright flash blazed through her veiw, when she opened her eyes the second time she was in a strange city with bright lights and cheerful sounds. Looking down at her hand she saw nothing but in her heart she knew that there was more to it then that. She took a deep breath and began to search through the city, her nose picking up odd scents she had never smelt before. [/FONT][/COLOR]
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[COLOR="Navy"][SIZE="1"][FONT="Palatino Linotype"]Kensei awoke from his slumber. He tried to open his eyes, but as hard as he tried, he couldn't. He rolled himself over and violently began to rub at his eyes while chunks of sand slided off his face, eventually leading him to realize he was lying on his back on some kind of sand dune. Finally amassing the strength to open his eyes, he observed the area around him and saw that he had somehow managed to pass out on the beach. It was quite beautiful, although it was hard to make anything out because a dark storm had blotted out the sky.

[I]"This is odd ... where in the bloody hell am I?"[/I]

He tried to remember where he had been previously, but no memories came to him. He tried to remember his own name, but no memories came to him. Feeling flustered, Kensei walked to the edge of the water, where the little amount of light not blotted out by the storm flickered and danced in the ocean's twilight. He looked at his reflection and did not recognize the person staring back at him, although in his mind he felt as if he should be saying something sarcastic like, "Who's that handsome guy?" In that split-second, out of the corner of his eye, he spotted something floating in the water a few feet away from him, an upon closer inspection, it was a body.

Kensei ran to the body and hoisted it onto his shoulders, having some difficulties because the ocean water tried to pull him in as best it could. Placing the body onto the beach, he began his investigation into whether this person was still alive or not. This person had the appearance of a young man, maybe 21 or 22 years old, long reddish/brownish hair, and after further inspection, a pulse. For reasons unknown to Kensei this startled him, and in a split second he grabbed the man by the hair with his left hand and held a long, slender sword to the man's throat with his right.

[I]"What ... is this feeling ..?"[/I]

Luckily for the young man, torches appeared in the distance, along with the thuds and sounds of other men. Acting once again on impulse, Kensei sheathed the sword and began to run, again not fully realizing what he was doing. He hid behind some tall rocks not too far from the group of men so that he could listen in on the conversation they were having, which became clearer as they approached.

[COLOR="DarkGreen"]" - muffle muffle - ... can't believe this nasty storm we're having! Anyone see anything yet?"[/COLOR]

[COLOR="DarkOrange"]"Right here Targos! There's a kid here!"[/COLOR]

And with that, the group of men grabbed the young man and began to walk back the way they came. Kensei waited, making sure he would not be spotted, and then he left his hiding place. He followed the men, hoping he could find some answers wherever they were headed.[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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Hana-Ame kept walking and walking through the park until she reached the end of the park which was where the beginning of the forest was. [I]'I better let that thing keep following me so that it doesn't try to hurt anyone but I really can't do anything except make sure that it gets tired and quits,'[/I] she thought as she continued into the forest. She was carrying her favorite parasol and opened it up so that she made it look like nothing was bothering her.

She continued on and on. Deeper and deeper into the forest. Suddenly, the body made a move. She could hear its footsteps on the dirt ground as it started running. She turned around only to find the thing right up in her face. It attacked her but she ducked and rolled away. She looked back up and was wondering why it had attacked her.

[COLOR="DarkRed"][B]"You surely do have it. I must have it!"[/B][/COLOR] it said as it attacked her again. This time it hit her side and she was bleeding.

[COLOR="darkred"][B]"Damn! What the fuck is it that you want?! What is "it" that I have?! I don't have anything!"[/B][/COLOR] she yelled as her side began gushing out more blood.

[COLOR="darkred"][B]"The key. You have the key. I must have it inorder to taint the keyhole."[/B][/COLOR] it said as it stood there with a smile on its face as it slowly walked toward her.

[I]'A key? I don't have a key! Why do things like this always happen to me?! But this is the first time that they actually decided to attack and injure me. This must not be a normal oni or youkai. Someone! Anyone, please help!'[/I] she thought when suddenly a burst of light came.

[COLOR="darkred"][B]"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"[/B][/COLOR] screamed the body as it covered its eyes.

The light was emitting from her parasol with its handle suddenly turned into what looked like the tooth of a key. [COLOR="darkred"][B]"A k...key?[/B][/COLOR]
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[SIZE="1"][COLOR="DarkSlateBlue"]Dawn nodded along as Tsudo introduced himself, he seemed to be having a bit of a breakdown. Which was all understandable, the most important thing was to answer his first question. She had been planning on explaining anyway, him just asking made it easier. She followed his eyes towards the window and her mood dropped as she saw more storm clouds rolling in.

"Another storm of change. I wonder what this one will bring. Long ago Elysium was not as beautiful as it is today. It was a dry and barren wasteland, terribly hot and water was little to none. That all changed however, when a great storm came and soaked the starving earth. After that storm Elysium became the paradise that it is today. The elders told us that that storm was called the Storm of Change. There have been other storms much like the Storm of Change, there was one about eleven years ago, that brought another boy here. It was later found out that he was related to someone in town, so it is possible that you have been here before. But last nights storm was different. There are rumours going around that you're going to change our peaceful society, but I don't agree with that. I remember seeing a figure come down in the lighting others say they saw it too."

Pausing she watched Tsudo for a few brief seconds before moving closer. She reached out and pushed a few strands of his hair out of his face, "And don't dwell to much on your memories. It'll all come to you evently."

If anything those last few words had caused more dread in Tsudo, and Dawn wished she could take them back. She let her hand trace his face as it fell softly down to the bedding.

"Hm, if anything you should be glad that it was light that brought you here. I know I am, its nice to have something mix up this mundane place."

Her eyes flicked up over to the window and the storm was becoming darker. Stnading swiftly Dawn walked towards the open window and pulled the shutters closed, "There's no use in getting all depressed over a little rainstorm they always bring something new and more beautiful", she looked over her shoulder at Tsudo, "it's a little saying my parents used to tell me." [/COLOR][/SIZE]
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Tsudo looked at the coming storm it some what feeling him with the feeling he had in his visions, "... Something... Isn't right..." he said staring out the window, "Did... Anyone else come with me? Any other people? or any strangers entered town?" he asked not looking at Dawn but consentrated on the storm. "I... don't feel well..." he said his head starting to hurt.

The Being that was in the square looked up at the sky, "S...oooon.... Bre...thren... Coooooooome!" he yelled out people staring at him like he was a lunitic.

As the storm drew over the town Tsudomashi's head started to pound, "Ahhh!" he said leaning against the wall, "Something isn't right!" he yelled, "D-dawn!..." he said looking at the girl that was with him, "Its....going...to... happen!" he yelled.

Just as he said that blue and red lightning started to hit the town everywhere doing no apperent damage but frrom the struck places came more creatures like The Being known as Sythe, "Find... Keeeeeeeeeeeeeeey hole!!!!" roared Sythe his brothers running all over the town people spreading in the panic.
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After her run in with the akuma she looked down at her boots in surprise. [COLOR="magenta"]"They've changed. I wonder what it could mean," [/COLOR]she said lifting one of her boots. [COLOR="magenta"]"There's a key tooth on the bottom. That's new. It could be another synchro with the Innocence. Might as well not worry about it now." [/COLOR] Her boots changed back to her normal black boots. She walked back to the town and saw some Finders looking for something.

[COLOR="magenta"]"We've been looking for you. There's a call for you from the order,"[/COLOR] said one of the Finders.
[COLOR="magenta"]"Who?"[/COLOR] Tsuki asked.
[COLOR="magenta"]"The supervisor. He said that it was urgent."
"Alright." [/COLOR] Tsuki walked into a hotel hooked up her golem to a phone. It had called the order. [COLOR="magenta"]"Hello?" [/COLOR]asked a man's voice.
[COLOR="magenta"]"This is Tsuki Taiyo what is it that you want?"
"Oh! Tsuki!! How are you? It's been awhile since you've been here so how about coming back to the order and making some coffee for your dear brother?"
"I thought you wanted to tell me something urguent."
"Oh, it seems that there is another type of akuma in the area and it's said that it wants to know where the key hole is. Go check it out and come back to-"
"Brother. Start acting like a supervisor and get back to your work. Bye."[/COLOR]

Tsuki walked out of the hotel and out of the city. The Finders followed her. Tsuki stopped when she reached the forest.

[COLOR="magenta"]"Where's the key hole? Where's the key?"[/COLOR] a man said walking out. The man was bloody and bruised and repeated the same thing over and over like a message.
[COLOR="magenta"]"Excuse me sir? What is the key hole?"[/COLOR] Tsuki asked.
The man turned and noticed her. In a flash he was up in her face and said, [COLOR="Magenta"]"You have to key for the key hole."[/COLOR]
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[COLOR="DarkRed"][B]"A...a k...key?!"[/B][/COLOR] studdered Hana-Ame as her parasol's handle had a key tooth for the end. [COLOR="darkred"][B]"What is the meaning of this?!"[/B][/COLOR]

[COLOR="darkred"][B]"The key! It's the key! I must have the key!"[/B][/COLOR] said the Being as it came towards her to attack.

As the Being came towards her, the parasol started changing colors from white to black and an array of kanji started to appear throughout the entire parasol. The letters were the color of crimson and seemed to be spells of some sort. She stared at the parasol in awe when suddenly her head started hurting.

[COLOR="darkred"][B]"Argh! Ahhhhhhhh! This pain! What the fuck is it?!"[/B][/COLOR] she yelled as she grabbed her head and started screaming. Spells of all sorts started to come into her head and it felt like it was going to explode. Suddenly the pain went as it came. The Being came and attacked her but Hana-Ame stood up and held the parasol infront of her and started chanting[FONT="Century Gothic"]:[COLOR="darkred"][B][I]"The unseen wind of a raging plague stretchs across the vast land. Pandemonium wails as blood stains the fields of lucious flowers. There is no place to run, to escape, to mourn the ones who have died, or to return. In the name of the seven winds comes the death of the Zodiac! Stars Piercing Wind of Light!"[/I][/B][/COLOR][/FONT]

Suddenly, a flash of light appeared. First it stopped the Being in its tracks and then the parasol sent out a gust of wind that sliced and killed the Being. After the Being was killed, the parasol returned back to its original state. [COLOR="darkred"][B]"What... the fuck was that?"[/B][/COLOR] said Hana-Ame as she stood there in shock.


[COLOR="Purple"]Kagi walked on a road that seemed to lead to a town that she was told to go. She was annoyed since she had a job outside her job and was really pissed off since she didn't have anytime to relax. She followed the road and realized that a storm was approaching. [COLOR="Navy"][B]"Hmmmmm. A storm. I wonder if this a bad one or a good one. If it's bad, then I can sure cause as much destruction a possible. Anyway, I have job to do and I have to meet up with Sythe to find that key and keyhole."[/B][/COLOR] said Kagi as she soon came up to the town's gate. When she arrived, she could already see Sythe walking around and looking like a lunatic as he kept shouting key in the air.[/COLOR]
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Azure was wrapped in light. He felt as if he was moving, but he couldn't see anything around him. What the hell had that lunatic back on the badlands done to him? And what was with that storm? Now he was trapped in this endless sea of light that seemed to whisking him away. Was this what they meant by being spirited away? Azure suddenly felt a thud, like he had just fallen to the ground.

As the light that had surrounded him faded he began to realize that he wasn't in the ruins of Midgar anymore. He didn't even recognize where he was. The only thing that was the same was that large and ominous storm that hung high over head. As he looked at things more closely, the first thing he noticed was that his spear looked different. It was a normal spear anymore. The handle was a deep crimson with some unreadable script chizzled in gold. The end had about a eight or nine inch silver chain hanging off it. The blade on the end was oddly shaped. It looked almost like a key.

It was as this thought enterd his head that he rememberd the words of the man back at Midgar. He wanted a key! Did he mean this thing? Azure suddenly became aware of the fact that something was watching him. Finally pulled himself to his feet and looked around. There was a rather large group of ever slowly approaching black monsters. They looked different from the monsters of the badlands and were awfully small in stature. One of them jumped for him and Azure quickly slid to his left and cut the little beast in half. It quickly disappeared in a dark puff of smoke.

The others were begining to approach him. Azure braced himself for their attack. The tip of this new key shaped blade began to shine brightly. The light seemed to push back the monsters. It was certainly bright, but oddly enough, not blinding. It was completely different from the light that had brought him here [B] "Isn't this odd."[/B]

He said to himself as the rain continued to pound down on him, the creature and the ground around them. Azure took one more step, then lunged at the crowd in front of him and began to drill his way through. He felt their presence coming at him from behind. He turned his right foot 90 degrees and turned on a dime and retaliated with a wide sweep, dispatching five of the little pug uglies.

A second barrage was closing in on his right an instant later. Azure planted his spear tip in the cobble stone ground to his left and rose his right leg and kicked four of them back. The fifth got close, but was quickly put down by a well placed knee drop right on it's tiny head.

yet another group struck from behind him. Azure ripped his spear free of the cobble stones and split two right up the middle. He then swung the staff around and used the butt of the spear to knock the other three off to his right. And with one quick spin, cut the remining three in half.

The last few still present seemed hesitant to attack since he had just decimated their numbers. But there was no way in hell that Azure was going to let them run. As soon as their backs were turned to run he killed the remaining six. He smirked a bit [B]"The weak shouldn't challenge the strong. Unless of coarse they seek death without mercy."[/B]

A voice suddenly spoke out from behind Azure [B]"Precisely."[/B]

Azure whipped around to find that he was still alone. All he could see were the empty streets, and all he could hear was the rain pounding down around him.
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[SIZE="1"][FONT="Palatino Linotype"][COLOR="Navy"]Kensei followed the search and rescue group into a small village, which for one reason or another seemed familiar to him. Eventually the group of men stopped at one particular home, a quaint little cottage that looked like a peaceful place to live. After waiting for the men to leave again, Kensei came out from behind a large oak tree and crept closer to the cottage, deciding that a quick glimpse inside one of the windows couldn't hurt that much. He first spotted a girl that looked about his age, maybe younger, it was hard to tell. She was quite beautiful, but Kensei's mind swiftly changed gears when he saw the young man from the beach lying in a bed next to her.

[I]?Maybe they're related ... but that wouldn't make sense. The way she looks at him, it would just be too weird if they were siblings. I've got to find out who that kid is, he may be the only one that can help me remember who I am ... perhaps I should just go knock on the ..?[/I] -[B]BOOM!![/B]-

The thunder caused Kensei to jump a full three-hundred-and-sixty degrees, as it would with any other normal human being. He grabbed for the sword sheathed on his back, fearing for his life. The lighting that proceeded the thunder was no ordinary lighting, it was red and blue. One of the lightning bolts struck a few hundred feet in front of where Kensei was standing, and although he had a bad feeling about it, he decided that it would not be a horrible idea to at least investigate. He turned around once more to get a glimpse into the cottage window, but the curtains had been closed unbeknownst to him. Shrugging it off and with sword in hand, Kensei began to run towards the area the lighting bolt struck, hoping for more answers. And answers he got, in abundance.

The area the lightning bolt hit was large, and seemed to be a town square of some sort. Many statues, benches, and other assorted plant objects littered the area, creating a sort of park vibe. Kensei searched the area for any signs of life, and it was not long before he saw a gigantic figure lurking near the end of the public center, a hideous grey being with only one eye.

Kensei called out to the monster. ?[B]Beast!![/B] Who are you? What is your purpose!?!??

The monster replied in a deep, raspy, menacing voice. [COLOR="Green"]?Find ... the Keeeeeeeeeeeeeeey hole!!!!?[/COLOR]

?What are you talking about? What key hole? Actually, what is a key hole??


And with that, the monster rushed at Kensei with incredible speed, faster than a being of its size should have been capable of moving. Without a moments hesitation, Kensei lunged at the monster?s face with his sword. Although he thought he had driven the killing blow, the monster continued towards Kensei, unaffected, grabbing at Kensei?s skull and squeezing with enough force to lift the man off of his feet. With what seemed like little effort the monster lifted Kensei well above his own head and threw him into the side of a building a good thirty feet away. Kensei could feel all of the muscles in his body tighten as he hit the brick wall back first, and then to add insult to injury and because of Newton?s Law of Gravity, he fell to the ground head first a least fifteen feet down. Needless to say, Kensei got knocked out cold, opening him up to an undefended assault from Scythe's minion's, the[I] Heartless[/I].[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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As he walked towards the exit of the square, Axl looked up at the sky as he saw the lightning crack through the clouds, hitting various parts of the town randomly. He shouted out in shock as he leapt back suddenly, a flash of red and blue lightning swiftly crashing where Axl had been standing a few seconds before, raising his arms in front of him as if would protect him from the heat. After blinking a few times in disbelief, he walked closer to where the lightning had struck, crouching down onto his knees to examine it closely.

[I]??No way?there?s no damage to the ground. Not even a pebble?s been moved by the blast?just what the hell is up with this storm??[/I]

He sighed as he scratched the back of his head, a look of confusion on his face as he stood up and began walking away from the impact zone slowly. As he walked away, Axl?s whole body froze over when he heard movement behind him, slowly turning around on the spot to see a small group of dark creatures rising from where the lightning had struck.

He reached down towards his Kusarigama wrapped around his waist, gripping both handles tightly with his hands as he raised it in front of him, pointing the blades towards the creatures, as he examined the blades of the two Kamas closely, remembering they had changed when he arrived.

[I]?That?s right. When I was getting to this place, a light completely engulfed them for a moment, before they transformed. It was so warm and bright, it made me glad to feel and appreciate life?it felt like I was with her again for a second??[/I]

He smiled as he hurled one of the Kamas towards the creature closest to him, the blade slicing easily through the creature, before he grabbed onto the chain attached to it, and began spinning the kama through the air, cutting through the air and the rest of the creatures near him, huddled together in a group to attack him, with relative ease.

[I]?Tch. Nowhere near as challenging as a gear. I can?t believe I got them mixed up?.Hm? What was that??[/I]

He twisted his head around in time to see a man get tossed easily into a wall across the other side of the square, before collapsing on the ground below. Axl turned around his body fully to get a better view of the situation. He spotted the only other figure there, a grey monster with what appeared to be only one eye. Seeing as he was the only other person there, Axl figured it must have been the grey thing that hurt the man.

He grunted as he pitched a Kama to the side of the monster?s head, grabbing onto the chain and flicking his wrist when it passed by the head, sending the Kama and chain around its neck, coiling itself tightly around as it wrapped around, the tip of the blade stopping close to the front of the throat.

?Alright big guy, it?s time for you to leave him alone!?
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[SIZE="1"][COLOR="DarkSlateBlue"]Dawn stared forward at Tsudo, watching him cope. It was depressing to see him struggle with all that was on his mind, she couldn't imagine not knowing anything but your name. It was also hard to contain her excitement in that there were other worlds other than Elysium. It was always a dream of hers to visit other lands, but another question lingered. Why here? What had caused Tsudo to come here, of all places? Nothing ever happened in Elysium.

"-key hole."

Dawn looked up and over at Tsudo, he was silent in thought grasping at his head. The pain he was going through, if only there was a way she could fix it.

"-key hole."

Again, the words. Where were they coming from? "I'll be right back."

Grabbing her jacket Dawn pulled it on as she exited her home. The site that was before her, toke her breath away. A body flew through the sky into a building, limp. Her hand flew to her mouth as the site was one that she had never experienced such violence. In fact she never really had an fighting skill either, expect for the one time she had gotten into a little fight with one of the girls at school. Her eyes darted around and she grabbed a stick that was laying on the ground near her.

By now the strange black things were coming towards her and she held the stick up defensively swinging about. The little creatures seemed to back away a bit apparently afraid of something. She looked behind her and saw nothing, feeling a familiar warmth on her hands she looked down and saw that the stick was glowing. The light from her body was flowing into the stick making it glow brightly, causing the creatures to fade away. After a brilliant flash the stick was gone and in its place was a sword like thing. It had the charactertics of a key except that it had a lion's head on the tip with glowing white eyes. At the bottom of the handle another lion hung with the same white light coming from the eyes. As she held it Dawn began to feel more confident with the new weapon. She felt at ease and like she could master this strange 'keyblade'.[/COLOR][/SIZE]
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[COLOR="Purple"]Kagi saw as the girl who was swinging the stick when it suddenly transformed into a keyblade. [I]'Hmmmm... It seems that I found the keyblade before that fool Sythe did. I should make sure that it is a keyblade,'[/I] thought Kagi as she walked upt to the girl who stood amazed at the keyblade that she was now holding.

[COLOR="Navy"][B]"It would seem to me that you have keyblade there,"[/B][/COLOR] she said as she looked at in optimistically and surprising the girl.

[B][COLOR="navy"]"What do you mean 'keyblade'?"[/COLOR][/B]asked the girl curiously.

[COLOR="navy"][B]"It is just as I said. Keyblade. It's an entity that has a keytooth somewhere on the weapon that person has. It's very rare and unique. Do you mind if I have a closer look?"[/B][/COLOR] Kagi was now getting ready to steal the keyblade and use it to taint the keyhole.

[COLOR="navy"][B]"I don't know. You seem to know a lot and you don't look like you belong here. Tell me, what is it that you want from this thing?"[/B][/COLOR] said the girl bitterly.

[COLOR="navy"][B]"I don't know. That's why I need a closer look at it. Does this bother you?"[/B][/COLOR] she said in a very strange tone as she looked at the girl ackwardly.[/COLOR]
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Azure continued wandering the long and lonely streets of this forgein town in this forgein land. Azure hadn't seen many more of those little creatures. Only a handful of random straglers that just happend to get caught in Azures' cross hairs. The rain fall was still pounding down on the streets. Azure marched through this hollow feeling place, looking for something or someone to give him some answers. He suddenly saw a light that was just like the one that his new weapon had let off. A bright, yet gentle, light. Azure started to move his way toward the light, hoping to find it's source. With one leap, he was on the roof of the neighboring building.

Azure looked out and saw two young girls standing out in the rain. One of them had a sword in her hand that had a blade that was oddly similar to the one on his spear. The dark haired girls seemed to be a bit out of odds in this situation and the blonde haired girls seemed too timid to be weilding a weapon like that one. Esspecially if it was as formidable as Azures' new spear. He felt like the one with dark hair was up to something. It was at this time that her eyes gazed up and happend to notice Azure standing on the roof top, looking down on them. But she didn't seemed surprised to see him, which was a bit odd. Had she known about him already? Azure jumped down from his hiding place [B]"What are you ladies doing out in the rain? You'll catch your death if your not careful."[/B]

He said this with an odd smile on his face, like he was happy. The blonde girl had an expectedly shocked look on her face and dark haired girl was looking him over [B]"Well aren't you an interesting individual. And you have a key blade as well. Or, should I say key spear."[/B]

Azure looked at his new weapon, this "Keyblade". He turned back to the dark haired girl [B]"So you know something about this? I'm suddenly very interested in you."[/B]

The two gazed at each other for a moment before the blonde haired girl made herself known again [B]"What are you two doing?"[/B]

They both looked to her for a moment, then back to each other. Azure braced himself and took up a stance. He could feel her dark presense even over the storm. She was here to take something for herself, no matter what she had to do for it. Azure cocked his smile into a smirk [B]"I think we've both played nice for long enough."[/B]

The two returned to smiling at each other as the tention continued to mount.
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[COLOR="Purple"]Kagi looked at the boy over and then back at his key-spear. It seemed to her that he was not from this world but from another one. Since he was from another world, it all meant that the "Keyblade" had sent him here for one reason and one reason alone. [I]'This boy seems pretty cocky about himself. But I am sure that even he doesn't know the true extent of his Keyblade. No matter. I must dispose of him and the girl and then retrieve both Keyblades and close the keyholes to this world and the world where that boy came from,'[/I] Kagi thought to herself as she readied herself into a stance where it looked like she was going to unsheathe a sword even though she didn't appear to have one.

[COLOR="navy"][B]"Heh, if you plan on attacking me with nothing but your fists, then I'm afraid that I might kill you,"[/B][/COLOR] said the boy as he readied himself.

[COLOR="navy"][B]"Oh, I don't think that you need to worry about that. I have all intentions of killing both of you here right at this spot,"[/B][/COLOR] said Kagi as a sudden burst of dark engery started emitting from her. [COLOR="navy"][B][FONT="Century Gothic"][I]"From the four seasons that befall the earth. Only one is higher than the rest. As they take steps to the south, I advance to the north. As the blossoms bloom anew and all is new. I shall emerge fron within. Now Come! Sakura Watanuki!"[/I][/FONT][/B][/COLOR] after the last words left her mouth the dark energy then materialized itself into a form of a sword. The sword was entirely black except for the pink studds on the hilt, the border on the guard, and flower emblem near the guard.

[COLOR="navy"][B]"That's an interesting weapon you've got there. It even has the keytooth like my spear and like that girls sword,"[/B][/COLOR] said the boy.

[COLOR="navy"][B]"Heh, well it is just like your weapons but mine is dark and I will destory with it. Now come on! It's time to fight![/B][/COLOR] she readied herself back into a stance that was very strange to most sword stances.[/COLOR]


As Hana-Ame stood there in shock, a flash of light engulfed her. It was like it was sending her somewhere and she didn't know where. Her head felt like it was going to burst since so many things were coming in at once. One of the things that she saw was the vision of a boy that lay at a beach shore and then seeing him at a house holding his head as if he were in pain and then the vision of two people who were about to fight.

Soon, she was warped to what was the gate of a town. It was pouring rain and Hana-Ame was getting soaked. She opened up her parasol, seeing that it didn't have any of the kanji symbols on it and walked on into the town to see what was up with the vision that she saw.
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Tsuki ducked and rolled away from the man. [COLOR="Magenta"]"What are you talking about? I have no idea what you mean by a key for this 'key hole' you talk about. You're just an akuma sent here by the Earl. Well then, tell the Earl that I would love to have a match with him in the future,"[/COLOR] she said acting cocky.

[COLOR="magenta"]"You don't believe me? Well then, I guess that means I'll take it from you!" [/COLOR] he shouted.
[COLOR="magenta"]"Bring it on. Innocenct Activate!"[/COLOR] The boots changed from her normal balck boots to silver ones. A key tooth was on each heel and flames emitted from them. [I]What is this? This isn't my Innocence[/I]
[COLOR="magenta"]"You do have the key! You've been lying to me this whole time. I get that key of yours and taint the keyhole right behind you! AHAHAHAHA!"[/COLOR]

Tsuki turned around and found that there was something there but couldn't quite see it. She turned to face the man and ran towards him at incredible speed. So fast that the man couldn't see her. Tsuki jumped into the air and crashed down right through the man's body. Tsuki's boots cut through the marrow and tissue and muscles that held the body together and watched it as it fell the ground with no hope of ever getting back up.

After that Tsuki walked over to the thing that might be a keyhole and put the heel of her boot in it. She turned it and was encased with light and was sent away to somewhere else.
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[COLOR="Navy"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"]Luna ran with all her might as something followed her, talking about a key blade and a key hole.
"Leave me alone! I don't know what your talking about!"
She rounded a corner and tumbled into two other people that were standing there, she suddenly realized that they both had weapons, she looked at hers and then theirs, they looked the same but one was a spear and one was a sword.
"What's going on? Who are you and what is going on? I just want to get home to my pack!"
She heard someone mutter something behind her and spun around to see another person standing there.
"Who calls a family a pack?"
She growled and stood up looking at the person sternly.
"Don't make disgrace my pack."
man and woman behind her sucked in a breath as they got a glimps of her true form, a solid black wolf with a white undercoat; her bright green eyes gleaming dangerously.
"Tell me where I am, and why I'm here!"
She grabbed the sword firmly and growled waiting for an answer.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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Axl looked to his side after hearing raised voices, down a nearby street, seeing a small gathering of people there, each one of them holding a weapon that was similar to his own. He noted that two of them had entered a fighting stance, ready to strike one another, whilst the other two looked ready to fight at a moments notice.

[I]‘What the hell? Here I am, trying to help a guy I don’t know, and those four are about to brawl-‘[/I]
He twisted his head back round towards the grey monster, seeing it grab tightly onto the chain that kept his kusarigama together. A look of anxiety flashed onto his face, as he watched the monster begin to drag Axl in slowly towards itself, using the chain as a reel. Even though Axl struggled as he much as he could to stop himself getting pulled in, the monster was too strong for Axl to over power.

[I]‘Tch. My fire magic is next to useless in this rain. Guess I have no real choice, other then trying to get help.’[/I]

He turned his head back towards the group he say a few moments ago, shouting at the top of his lungs over the storm.

“Hey! You girls and the guy over there! Yeah, as much as I’d hate to disturb your little argument, would it be too much if you lot would help me out-“

Axl swore aloud as he felt himself get lifted off his feet without warning, high into the air above the monster. Looking back down at the monster below him, he saw it gripping tightly onto the chain that it had begun to remove from around its neck now, using the chain to spin Axl around in the air like he was nothing more then a small toy. Axl gripped tightly onto a handle of his Kusarigama with both of his hands, afraid to let go as he had no idea how far he would be sent through the air if he let go.

“Ok! I could really use the help now! Please!”
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Tsudo couldn't think for a good few minutes. The words, Keyhole, were spoken and each time a pounding happened in his head. He held his head till the bangles on his arms started to glow. From the sides grew Keyteeth. He looked at them both thoughts entered his head, "This... Is what i was brought here for..." he said in his mind.

Looking out the Door Tsudo knew what he had to do, "I have to defend this town... Im the one that brought this here and i am going to be the one that takes it out!" he yelled charging out and going to where he heard fighting. In his way were many of Sythe's heartless but they wouldn't stand between him and what he said he would do.

Meanwhile Sythe was searching for the Keyhole after the boy who had challenged him was surely taken care of, "Find...Keyhole!..." he yelled looking over to the girl fighting with a man with the same Dark aura as his own, "Key...weilder.... Destroy!" he yelled surrounding himself in a dark red Aura.
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