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RPG The Cursed Seal


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[SIZE="1"]The darkness of the night overtook the kingdom. The peasent families had taken shelter from the black skies and hid under their warm blankets. The guards of the castle gates lit their torches and did their nightly routine of checking the grounds of any suspicious activities. The city though seemed as quiet as a ghost town.

Though, if someone would take the time to listen, they could hear someone forcefully cursing at himself for his mistakes. Withing the castle walls was training grounds for the knights that stationed there. Of course, the warriors never used it because their minds would be consumed in making love to a random castle maid or robbing the poor peasents on the streets.

A man spent countless days inside the training grounds. Going over his basics of the sword and practicing them to perfection. Was it needed to do such a thing even if the land has been filled with peace for ten years? No enemy dare try to conquer the strongest empire in the land, so what was the point in mastering the art of the sword?

[B]"Damn...Again, again I must succeed." [/B]The man whispered as his body was covered from head to toe in sweat. His left shoulder was completely bleeding; blood running down to his fingers. The injury was caused by preforming a ability, but he was too careless of his blade. The sound of the door opening came from behind. A small page came in and bowed in front of the man.

[B]"What is it?"[/B] The man whispered as the boy stared at the large gash on the man.

[B]"Lord Gale....Master Wallow confirmed the assassin."[/B] Gale's full attention turned to the boy as he placed his sword back to the side of his hip.

[B]"Good, tell him I shall be there quickly." [/B]The boy bowed fearfully and ran to the door.

Gale walked up the tallest tower of the castle, while putting on his jacket. His face was covered in sweat, but he had no time to clean up to meet with Wallow. The door was unlock as he strolled in without knocking. An old man wearing a blue robe turned at the instant the door shut.

[B]"Ah, King Gale! Thank you for seeing me at such a late hour." [/B]The old man bowed slightly and smiled greatly.

[B]"No problem, I couldn't sleep anyway."[/B] Gale studied the room and found powders of some sort laying across the tables.[B] "So, they say you discovered the assassin?"[/B]

[B]"Yes, the very assassin you told me about that appeared in your dream." [/B]The old sage turned to his papers and retrieved a drawn picture. It was indeed the picture of the killer from his dream. His blonde hair fell down his back as his beard hid most of his cocky smile.

[B]"The reason you don't know him, my lord..."[/B] The old man once again turned ot his studies and pulled out the map of the world.[B] "Is that he doesn't live here, but in the land of Archamanto. The land across the great sea. He is behind an assassin's status, but is treated as if a god over there.....My lord?" [/B]

Gale was halfway to the door, but slightly turned to the old man. He said thank you for the information and left the tower quickly to his own quarters. He took his time taking his gear off and wrapping his injury. He did not sleep however, sitting at his working desk, ideas running through his mind.

[B] ".....I cannot just afford to go to a different land and crusuade my way to find this man I have no grudge against. It was only a dream, wasn't it?" [/B]Gale stared at his wooden desk, before sighing. [B]"But I cannot let this happen if this is all true about him. If this man is seeking immortality and he actually finds it. It is only a matter of time before he reaches my lands and consumes it in darkness, forever." [/B]

The king closed his eyes for a brief moment and finally came to his senses. The sense of doing whats right. The only possible option to track a killer this powerful was to round up the strongest around. He went over his records and made out the letters of a meeting with him the following day. Gale sealed them with his branded stape and gave it to the servent just outside of the door.

[I]They didn't have time to waste.....

OOC: Alright guys, just recieve the letter from Gale and come to the castle for the meeting.[/I][/SIZE]
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[SIZE="1"]The darkness was a powerful force to be reckoned with, a force that is very intimidating and terrifying in the streets of the cities with all of its bright lights and many people. The Deep Forest, however, was a different story entirely. The void of life of any intelligent creature to the level of man was everywhere. Nothing in these woods would understand the complex ways of humans, how they didn't operate on instincts alone and usually didn't kill just for food. Achilles had adopted the ways of these forest quickly, this was his home away from man. And he felt welcomed in the dark embrace of night, his cottage was dwarfed by the massive trees and their shadows that were being created by the pure moon light. He sat at his table with a cup of tea and a hearty meal before him, he ate steadily as the image of Dreadnought sat in the chair across from him.

And his new animal companion was perched on the top of a chair on his right, its head tucked under its wing as he slowly breathed. Sleeping quietly he looked to the great bird a few times. Still trying to understand the story behind its coming. Achilles had killed many of these birds before, they were fierce creatures. They never quit, that was their problem. They always went for the kill, always very deadly creatures and were very stand alone creatures. It was different that this creature was rather warm, but it also expressed a sort of humbleness that the other War Shrieks didn't have. War Shrieks were birds that usually had an aura of dominance and ill will toward other creatures.This one was different.

It seemed to respect other creatures around it and didn't us its over powering body and presence to try and intimidate Achilles. But it still had the look of a creature that would kill you in an instant if you dare harm it, or its new friend. He grinned at the sleeping creature and finished off his meal and relaxed in the chair. He saw Dreadnought staring at the War Shriek, well the mental image of him was. To Achilles, he looked as solid as the table was. He was leaning his elbows on the table and had his fingers laced together as pressed both index fingers to his lips. His young face was just a falsehood compared to his real age, his spiked silver hair was clean cut all the time and his grayish eyes showed he knew a lot more then he would reveal. His lean figure was built moderately, nothings very outstanding about his muscles, his simple clothes resembled something close to Achilles, but his were classic colors of brown and green.

Achilles stared at Dreadnought as he carefully analyzed the creature before him. Achilles could see the small amount of recognition from Dreadnought. He could see the machines turning in his mind as he tried to understand the creature before him and how it functioned on a different note then the others of his species. Achilles finally let out a loud sigh, breaking Dreadnoughts concentration and forcing him to look at his soul link.
"Is there something you wish to say Achilles?"[/B] Achilles looked into the eyes of Dreadnought and used his fingers to pick up a small piece of meat and popped it into his mouth and chewed a few times before swallowing and then speaking.
"Its just that you are analyzing my new friend a little too hard. Yes, he is different and it is defiantly odd. But, it seems he means no harm. you would have sensed it long before he even managed to make it this far into our home."[/B] Dreadnought sighed as he out his hands on the table and spoke in his usual tone of indifference and boredom.
"You're right, this bird of yours is quite different indeed. I am looking forward to seeing its abilities. So, what are you going to name it? If you are at all."[/B] Achilles looked at the bird, he instantly had the name he was going to use for a powerful and enigmatic creature. He grinned as he relaxed in his chair.
"He will be named Ash'Tar."[/B] Dreadnought chuckled at him.
"It seems you know your warrior races well Achilles. I didn't think anyone remembered the Ash'Tar."[/B] Achilles looked to Dreadnought with the grin still on his face.
"Someone like me would know who they are. Too bad they were wiped out before I was born. So many races were jealous of their unique skills. It would have been an experience of a life time to train with them."[/B] Dreadnought chuckled again as he placed the side of his face in his right palm.
"You will Achilles, in time. And trust me, you will enjoy every second of it."[/B] Achilles was about to ask more questions, when he heard the rustling from the outside woods. He waited patiently as Ash'Tar slowly came awake and screeched a little and looked around. Achilles heard the knock from the back of his home and quickly went to the back to find a letter sitting promptly in his basket designed to keep his mail dry from the rain. He pulled it out and read it carefully, another letter from Gale. This one was straight forward, telling him to arrive at the castle as soon as possible. Achilles walked back to the main room as he finished the letter, he then handed it to Ash'Tar so he could shred it up. He looked to the image of Dreadnought sitting at the table.
"We are leaving, tonight."[/B] Achilles quickly gather all the things he would need for his trip, Dreadnought simply watched, as did Ash'Tar. He finished within a few minutes and was out the door. He spoke to Dreadnought before he walked into the darkness, telling him to place magic traps every where he could to protect their home. He did so quickly, and then remained silent as Achilles venture through the forest, taking different turns here and there until he came to a cave. He entered the cave and grabbed and unlit torch, he scrapped it across the cave wall and it ignited. He walked to the back of the cave until he saw a large harness floating in the middle of the cave. He grinned as walked up the floating harness and tapped the front of it.

The harnessed moved and an very large cat rose from it sleeping spot, it was bulky and had glowing green eyes that saw everything. Its fur wasn't a defining color, it shifted with the color of the background, turning invisible and then reappearing constantly. Achilles pet the great cats head as it stretched, its claws were about as big as his head. He continued to grin as he pet the cat, scratching its back, it purred lightly at him and rubbed his large head against his chest.
"Well, its been awhile since I've seen the Moor Cat. What is he doing out of his swamp?"

"You remember when we found him as a kitten. He grew quiet fast in the past few years, it was about three years ago if I remember. Dru'shak has been very faithful, getting us through these woods multiple times. Maybe finally he will get to see some combat instead of being a mode of transportation."

"Yes, hopefully."[/B] Dreadnought said as Achilles mounted the Moor cat and the trotted out of the cave. Ash'Tar came out of the trees and landed on the thick leather arm guard he had made for the bird. He looked into the creatures eyes carefully.
"You stay hidden until I whistle, be careful my new friend. Many things are in the city that would kill you for your valuable organs and plumage. Do not kill, but defend yourself as need be."[/B] The bird cocked its head, as if asking what he was talking about, but it had the look of understanding. It took off quickly and was gone into the night, Achilles tapped the ribs of the Moor cat and quickly took off into the night, heading for the castle of Lord Gale, and old friend in need of his services once again.[/SIZE]
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[COLOR=gray]It was unusual for anyone to enter the area Sinaeas claimed as his own. These days, the only ones who entered the area were those trying to kill him. Everyone else avoided the area, as it was well-known that nobody who went there came back. Which made this particular party somewhat interesting. Although two of them were armed, the third was not, so it was unlikely that Sinaeas was their objective. So what were they doing?[/COLOR]

[COLOR=#808080]Sinaeas listened to them talking to each other. "See?" the unarmed one said. "Everything's going fine."[/COLOR]

[COLOR=#808080]"That just means the demon hasn't figured out we're here yet," one of the armed men said.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=#808080]"Stop being so paranoid, Branit."[/COLOR]

[COLOR=#808080]"Damn it, Eneo, nobody who enters this area ever comes out."[/COLOR]

[COLOR=#808080]"But when's the last time someone's simply passed through here? The only people who come here anymore are trying to kill the demon, but we're just passing through."[/COLOR]

[COLOR=#808080]"It's still a stupid risk," Branit said. "Keith and I may be skilled, but we can't fight that thing. If it finds us, we're dead, which is a stupid risk when we could just go around."[/COLOR]

[COLOR=#808080]"We can't go around very quickly, what with the rough terrain. Cutting through here cuts almost a day off our travel time."[/COLOR]

[COLOR=#808080]"Better it take an extra day to arrive than not arrive at all."[/COLOR]

[COLOR=#808080]"Don't you understand what 'urgent' means?" Eneo said. "I know you don't know what the message is, but I do, and time is important. Adding a day is just as bad as not making it at all. If we had the time, we'd go around, but we don't."[/COLOR]

[COLOR=#808080]"Let's just keep moving," Keith said. "The less time we spend here, the better."[/COLOR]

[COLOR=#808080]The trio never had a chance. Sinaeas blasted both the bodyguards with dark energy. Eneo attempted to run, but Sinaeas ensnared him, and he fell to the ground, where Sinaeas grabbed him. "You're an unusual one. What is so urgent you made a decision as foolish as coming here?"[/COLOR]

[COLOR=#808080]"Why should I tell you?" Eneo said. "You'll kill me anyways."[/COLOR]

[COLOR=#808080]"Because if you don't talk, you'll wish you were dead. It's your choice. Do you want to die quickly or slowly?"[/COLOR]

[COLOR=#808080]"It can't hurt anything," Eneo muttered. "It's not like it'll matter to you. Fine," he said aloud, "I'l tell you. I was charged to deliver a message from King Gale to a demon warrior by the name of [/COLOR][COLOR=gray]Amer. His is one of several such messages. He and other warriors are to meet with King Gale tomorrow. That's why we had to pass through here, so we could deliver the message in time for Amer to reach the castle by tomorrow. The meeting is in regards to an assassin in Archamanto who seeks to become immortal. Gale believes he's a threat, and I got the idea he's going to organize a mission to stop this assassin. That's all I know."[/COLOR]

[COLOR=#808080]"Very well, then," Sinaeas said. He threw Eneo to the ground with immense force, killing him on impact.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=#808080]This was interesting. An assassin wished to become immortal, and a king believed him enough of a threat to do something about him. The man wouldn't be a threat unless there was some way he might actually become immortal, and anything that could make someone immortal was worth looking into. Of course, Sinaeas couldn't exactly go to the castle without attracting attention, but he didn't necessarily need to. He would wait in the surrounding area for Gale's group to depart, then follow them. He may even approach them to learn what they know, although he wouldn't kill them. Even if they told him all they knew, there was a chance they'd learn something important later on. But that was a concern for later. Right now, it was time to head towards the castle.[/COLOR]
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[COLOR=Indigo][FONT=Book Antiqua]Rae walked through the town, not really making an effort to keep herself covered. Modesty was not really a big issue in times like these. Besides, with a belly like hers it was hard to keep the cloak to stay around her. Anyone seeing her would think she was a few months pregnant, although they couldn't be more wrong. Not that it was fat or anything like that, it was just her little secret. She pushed some people aside. Normally Rae wasn't so rude but King Gale had summoned her and she had followed him to this world so she wasn't going to start ignoring a summons from him anytime soon. She only wondered what he could want, but she would find that out soon enough when she got to the castle.

A few minutes later, Rae had finally arrived. She whispered to her brother to keep quiet for a little bit and entered the castle.

[B]OOC: Sorry for the short post. Just getting into the story.[/B]
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