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Art My newest music video. Naruto: The Beast Within


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I honestly dont know where I should put this at. Whether it be in the anime section, or this section. So of course, I chose this one since it technically is art. I mean, I did make the video, so uuuh yeah. I guess it could be classified as art. But anyway, yeah. I've just recently gotten back into makin AMVs, and this is my first AMV using Vegas Video 8 Professional Edition. I was filled with alot of creative juices on this one, especially since I just got my hands on Vegas 8. But anyway, this video pretty much tells the events that caused Naruto to get so angry that the Kyuubi started being released from inside of him. Also shows a bit why Sasuke technically sold his soul to Orochimaru.

Well, here it is. Hope you like it and if you could, please give me your thoughts. Any tips and what not would be much appreciated.


Side Note: For those that have not seen any episodes of Naruto Shippuden, this video contains some spoilers, so if you dont want to be spoiled...I'd say try not to watch it. But if you're like me, and spoilers dont really matter...then check it out. ^_^
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[size=1]First of all: Within Temptation as background music. That's Dutch! :whoops:

Anyhow, I agree with FloraFreak on that it would be great if you had the video without subtitles, though I suppose I'm not extremely bothered by them, and that the tempo of the song is slightly higher. Well, often you've the right tempo going on, but show some clips for too long, where you could've made a great jump to a next clip.

I really enjoyed watching the video though, even though I've never watched a single episode of Naruto. Especially after the bunch had jumped on the bridge and you used the man's voice about his training with injury and from then on I think the video goes really well, and ends nicely with the hands clip.

Very well done, but try to get the most out of the songs you use. :)[/size]
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