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Discuss Your Favorite RPG Characters?


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[size=1]It’s a simple enough question. No mater how many new characters you create over the years I bet there are those who have earned a special place in your heart. Who are your favorite characters that you have created? Who are your favorite characters that [I]someone else[/I] has created? Would you be willing to revisit those characters sometime in the future? Why or why not? Discuss!

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Ah, what an interesting topic!

I don't think I've ever played an RPG character that I would've developed very far - mostly because almost all "traditional" RPGs I've created and participated in have died quickly. The Death Card series is very different on that front, since the development is done in unison with other players.

That doesn't mean I don't remember them, though. I remember Melinoë from [I]the Legionnaires[/I], Viveca from [I]Hero[/I], Vanna Polunochnaya from [I]Labyrinth[/I] (though she got killed very early in the game), Bellerophon from [I]Hybrid Vigor[/I] and the male fairy from my own-created [I]War of the Faerie[/I] (although his name escapes me... I think it was Dandelion). Oh yes, and the DigiSage Haku from my [I]Digimon Masters[/I] RPG, way way back in the day.

It seems that many of my most memorable self-created characters have been either strong women or foppish young men. Go figure... ;D

But really, I just can't see me playing as a damsel-in-distress or a muscular womanizer. I like to break the norm and aim for being unique and different. Of course one could argue that even uniqueness can start to get repetitive over time.

As for characters created by other players... Well, aside from the colorful casts of the Death Card and Survivor games, I can't remember if any single character has stood up in a way that would've impressed me greatly. People usually want to stick to their safety zones, only creating characters that are either reflections of their own self, or types they have grown accustomed to (angsty teenage psychics have always been especially popular here).

Of course there's nothing wrong in playing as a character you're comfortable with, but I see it as a sign of a seasoned roleplayer that one tries out different roles. I'm especially proud of the cast of [I]Almagest Legacy[/I], since it's so varied and original from what I'm used to see here. I don't remember ever seeing anyone play as a pregnant woman before this, for example (excluding a few characters in the Death Card series, since none of them were originally created to be pregnant).

But yeah, variety is always good when it comes to characters. New players would do well to remember this. Although cat-girls and teenage ninjas are all the rage nowadays, there's tons of options to them out there.
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[SIZE=1]I had loads of characters that were my favourite - Deacon from the Doomsday Redemption, Tala-Taima from the Brotherhood of the Wolf, Guar Guerra from Battle Stations, Jake from the Genesis Corporation (I liked Anomaly's character from that game too, shame the game didn't work out) and my little Lex guy from This is Earth. I like too many of my characters, really. But my two favourites...

[B]Dani Anderson![/b] He's been in Gifts and Curses twice and was primarily based off the lead singer from Cradle of Filth, because I always found that man interesting. Other than that, I like Dani because he's one of the most dangerous characters I created - he's ain't all mighty and powerful, but he's definitely not someone to be trifled with. There's also a little bit of me in there... which we won't talk about, especially the accent and British-ness.

And an older one, [B]Sarek Luther[/b] from the Sands of Time game. Like Dani, he was dangerous, and he wasn't nice but he wasn't evil. Sarek was the last human alive, I think, and he wasn't as close with the other crew members as everyone else. I think I'd love to re-do him again sometime because he did develop quite far for a short time. He was just totally fun... I mean, he was pretty much blind and lived in freezing cold conditions ridden with monsters and creepy-crawlies, so he was pretty intense on the battle front.

I do often like a lot of characters other people create, though. A definite one would be Charles, Ozy's character from Gifts and Curses (Dani and Charles was one of the main reasons I decided to do a second game). I loved playing out scenes with our two characters because something funny, yet serious, would turn out. Revelation's character was also one of my favourites in the game... and I did quite like Eden, as well.

Not to seem like I'm picking favourites out of my friends, but I normally like Blayze, Ozy and Allamorph's characters... partly because I don't get around as much as I used to. Blayze normally has these really gruff sort of... well, I don't know, sort of 'Serenity' characters which I like and Ozy just generally makes characters I like. Allamorph puts to much effort into his characters to be ignored so he gets thrown a bone =p.

...And there's also KKC. Where ever she went, I loved her characters because they were fun - SO FUN!

I should probably read more RPGs though.[/SIZE]
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[quote name='Shy'][size=1]It?s a simple enough question. No mater how many new characters you create over the years I bet there are those who have earned a special place in your heart. Who are your favorite characters that you have created? Who are your favorite characters that [I]someone else[/I] has created? Would you be willing to revisit those characters sometime in the future? Why or why not? Discuss!

-Shy[/size][/QUOTE]I didn't do any rpging until I joined OB so I haven't been creating characters for all that long. Out of the few I have made, I would have to say my two in Silver One are my favorites for the simple reason that I've been playing them for so long. Though I learned real quick... don't use your own name for a character... EVER. XP Anyway, other than that I've enjoyed developing both Darren and Kerstin the most.

After that would be my character in Almagest, since it's a dual effort being done together with Beth and her character, so it's been a pleasure to collaborate and work together with her, making the characters seem more real than just about anything I've done so far.

Now as for someone else's character... right now the one that comes to mind would probably be ones done by Aaryanna and her mother in Almagest. Even if the characters are similar to how they are in real life, it's still just amazing and fun to read since they seem so real. I can safely say that Victoria Ann is one of my favorite characters to read about that others have created. Heh.
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[quote name='Vicky'][size=2]Allamorph puts to much effort into his characters to be ignored so he gets thrown a bone =p.[/size][/quote]
[font=Arial]Hunh? ...oh. (^_^)

(still not sure if that's a compliment....)

Anyway, my current favorite would have to be my reaper, Nathan. Not only is he the single most developed character I've had to date, he's also based on one of my original creations, who incidentally shares a similar pigmentation problem. (They're both [color=Blue]blue[/color].)

I have a few others I never got to use too much. Of them, Aleister Faust of The Doomsday Redemption proved to be most entertaining, probably since he was almost completely based on me; we're both allergic to sunlight, for instance. :p

I was rather proud of Tristan Lancaster and Lethe from Of Humans And Dragons, even though it too died fairly quickly. They presented development possibilities rather easily, all things considered. I was also [i]extremely[/i] proud of my Judgment's Hound from Masked Agenda; I can say nothing else about it, though, since I hope to actually use it one day and any revelations might spoil the character. >_>

Elena de Mercado wasn't half bad, either. [i]*shrug*[/i]

Unfortunately, I haven't had a lot of exposure to other's characters; things tend to die fast, I've noticed. I'd list ones that have struck me, but so far I haven't had enough time to pass fair judgment.

I [i]will[/i] say that the concept for Eddie Galvez for the original G&C absolutely blew my mind. I was even going to sign up for that one (would've been my first), but that guy popped in first and my muse threw a royal tantrum at being outclassed. [spoiler](Granted, he wasn't necessarily a spectacular player, but still. That was one hell of a curse, pardon my Fran[/font]ç[font=Arial]ois.)[/spoiler][/font] Edited by Allamorph
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[COLOR="Indigo"][quote name='Shy'][size=1]Who are your favorite characters that you have created?[/size][/QUOTE]If we stick only to ones that I created personally, like Allamorph I am rather fond of my own reaper, Adrian and his familiar Astera. He?s one of my more developed characters I?ve thought of, and he is one that I?ve gotten to actually get into what makes him what he is since the rpg didn?t die off. I had a lot more in mind for Vanyel Ashkevron but Esper Jam died off before I could really go anywhere with her. Anyway?

I feel the same way about Harrison in Almagest when it comes to being a favorite, I had a very clear image of how I wanted to develop him and I?ve gotten to do it, making him one of my favorites as well since it?s great to actually go somewhere with his personality. I'm looking forward to getting to finish up the current arch and then continuing with him in the sequel that I understand is being planned. [quote name='Shy'][size=1]Who are your favorite characters that [I]someone else[/I] has created? [/size][/QUOTE]This is a toss up really, I have characters in Silver One that were originally created by Beth, namely Jared and Sandra, and though they weren?t originally my own, I really like playing as them, slowly building them into what they are now. Making them one of my favorites as well. When it comes to others? it?s more that there are people I like to see handling a character since they make them fun, like ones that Shy does or Aaryanna and her Mom. I also like working with Gavin and Beth, both of them give their characters a level of feeling as if they are real that I enjoy.

And yes Allamorph gets tossed a bone as well since I like his writing style and getting to rpg with him in Shinigami Dance has been very enjoyable. Even if his character Nathan is as odd as he is. :p[quote name='Shy'][size=1]Would you be willing to revisit those characters sometime in the future? Why or why not? Discuss![/size][/QUOTE]Some of my earlier characters I have no desire to do more since I was new at it and they were lacking in so many ways. Vanyel Ashkevron is an exception though, I wouldn?t mind bringing her back, but considering her nature, that would be difficult since it would require the right setting to really bring her out the way I had originally wanted to.[/COLOR]
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[quote name='Sandy'] Oh yes, and the DigiSage Haku from my [I]Digimon Masters[/I] RPG, way way back in the day.[/quote][COLOR=#503f86]DIGIMON MASTERS?! Oh my God, Sandy, I'm so much in love with you right now for remembering that. That RPG was awesome. I have a sudden urge to go back and read it :p [/COLOR]

[COLOR=#503f86]*does so* Aha, [URL="http://www.otakuboards.com/showthread.php?t=21504"]Ryouka, and his Guilmon Chase.[/URL] How cool.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=#503f86]The character I think I enjoyed playing most was Krystal in Sandy's [URL="http://www.otakuboards.com/showthread.php?t=50425"]OtakuBoards Survivor: Game On![/URL]. There was some really, really enjoyable stuff there and I'm so so annoyed that I had to drop out near the end. I can't even remember why I did now. Anyway, it was such a challenging RPG to take part in that you had to push yourself to the limits of not only the task at hand, but also your characterisation. I had a lot of fun, and in all it's probably my favourite RPG that I've ever been part of.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=#503f86]I liked playing Fox McCloud in [URL="http://www.otakuboards.com/showthread.php?t=24914"]Don't Shoot The Goombas[/URL], although I don't think I did particularly well in it.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=#503f86]Of my own RPGs, it's probably a tie between Sabre in [URL="http://www.otakuboards.com/showthread.php?t=41820"]Anime Stereotype High School[/URL] (well, I say mine, but I nicked the idea from Shy) and Flamedramon in one of my Digimon threads. Or Valkyrion in Exodia's Legacy. Ah, I love RPGs that actually finish.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=#503f86]As for other people's characters, a lot of the finalists for Game On! were amazing. Raiyuu's Ling Xiaoyu and Doukeshi's Lara Croft were wonderful to read. I'm afraid I don't remember many others.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=#503f86]Would I revist them? Krystal, definitely. I never felt I properly finished the game, so I was always left hanging a little after that. I've considered revisiting Anime Stereotype High School a few times, but with the amount of writing I'm doing at the moment elsewhere, I can't commit to anything new until I've finished that, as much as I'd love to.[/COLOR]
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[quote name='Shy'][size=1] Who are your favorite characters that [I]someone else[/I] has created? [/size][/QUOTE]Now that both Crystia and Allamorph mention it... I do have to say I like their characters in Shinigami Dance. Watching those two tag team with Nathan and Adrian is really entertaining since both of them are good writers and it shows in how they bring their creations to life. That and Crystia's character Astera is fun.
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[COLOR=Navy][FONT=Book Antiqua]Well, I'm more of a chat RPer myself.

I've only used a handful of characters in my experience.
My favourite will always be my very first, [B]Kaio, [/B]who started out as a DBZ based kinda thing. But his story became really interesting, almost epic in a way. In fact, I plan on writing it out. I've been trying to write it out and make a short story of it for years, but my attention span is too short. Anyway, by the time I was done developing the character, there wasn't a trace of DBZ on him.

Another would be the reincarnation of Kaio, [B]Sebastian[/B] (Who later became Sebastiaan). I still use him to this day, but he's never quite the same. He started off as a pirate, when I was all hyped up about POTC when it came out way back when, and he just kept evolving.

Finally, my only female character, [B]Evangeline[/B] who unlike the others, never changed. I was so happy with her original personality that I'd come up with, I never altered it. Except for maybe the hair colour, but hey. She could be dying it. >.>

And that's all I have to say. :D
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