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Shocker... a terrorist organization that works from the shadows. Based primarily in Japan, the organization was secretly formed shortly after World War II by former Nazi agents. Over the years, the organization has developed highly advanced technology, including cybernetics and genetic amplification. They have developed creatures known as Kaijin, modified humans who were combined with animal DNA and cybernetics to create living weapons, and Shock Troopers, brainwashed humans with slight genetic enhancement. However, Shocker is developing a new weapon... the Masked Riders. The Masked Riders are genetic super soldiers, having combat abilities far beyond that of the average Kaijin or Shock Trooper. A Maked Rider is armed with an advanced suit of armor with highly destructive energy attacks. Once the Masked Rider project is perfected, Shocker hopes to create an army of super soldiers that will take down the worlds governments one at a time, and enforce their reign of terror on the world. However, their ultimate weapon may turn out to be their own undoing...

[B]General Idea[/B]

This is an RPG based on the Japanese tokusatsu show, Masked Rider (aka Kamen Rider). Shocker attempts to create Masked Rider soldiers, however many of these soldiers turn against the organization. Shocker often sends out Shock Troopers and Kaijin to defeat the Masked Riders. Now the interesting thing is that I'm going to give a lot of room for creativity. You can create your own rider, and you can do what you want to. Want to fight Shocker? Go for it? Want to stay a member of Shocker? That's cool too. Want to just fight the other Riders? Anything goes. You can be good, bad, or whatever you want. Just have fun.

[B]Character Sheet[/B]

[U]Name[/U] Your characters name and the name of the Rider. Rider names kind of work like Gundam names. Examples are Masked Rider V3, Masked Rider Kabuto, and Masked Rider Stronger.
[U]Rider description[/U] Describe BOTH your character and their Masked Rider form. All Masked Riders should be based on an animal, preferably a bug/insect. Here are some examples of previous masked riders to take a look at.
[i][URL=http://img410.imageshack.us/img410/9339/1203692435525dd0.jpg]Oldschool up top, new on bottom.[/URL]
[URL=http://img156.imageshack.us/img156/7803/1203797430712rk6.jpg]In actual uniforms[/URL]
[URL=http://img254.imageshack.us/img254/2377/allrideiz6.jpg]Another Look[/URL][/i]
[U]Henshin Device[/U] Your character's henshin device. This is what they use to transform (henshin) into their Masked Rider form. The most common device is a belt, but there have been others, such as bracelets, guns, swords, and even cellphones. When in Masked Rider form, the device must be visible on the suit. Also, describe how they transform. All transformations require the person to shout "Henshin". (think morphing in power rangers)
[I][url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ZqeyntTnQM&feature=related]Examples of Henshins[/url][/I]
[U]Finishers[/U] A Masked Rider's final attack. If you're hit by it, it's all over. In the Masked Rider series, each major enemy has to be defeated by a Finisher (not including the Shock Troopers). Name your move (you will yell it out while performing it, kind of like DBZ) and how it works. The name should have part of your Rider's name in it. (Rider Kick, V3 Punch, Rider Shooting, Stronger Charge). If your Rider has any weapons, they can be used in a finisher also, as long as the Finisher is named. Riders usually have one Finisher, but will often make up new ones when teamed up with a partner (When Rider1 and Rider2 work together, they will often use "Double Rider Kick").
[U]MotorBike[/U] The word Masked comes from the suit, while the word Rider comes from the fact that EVERY Masked Rider must have a motorcycle, even if it's not used in combat. Some bikes have armor or weapons on them, some have special abilities (underwater travel), and some even change form (Masked Rider Kabuto's bike transformed into a 4 wheeler with a battering ram).
[U]Weapons[/U] Weapons are optional, and if you do choose to use one, then keep it to one or two. Just remember that you cannot defeat Riders or Kaijin with a weapon unless it's part of a Finisher. However, weapons can do damage to Riders and Kaijin, and easily defeat Shock Troopers.
[U]Story[/U] Probably the most important part of any superhero (villain?) is their origin. Who were you before you became a Rider? Why did you become a Rider? And now that you are a Rider, what are your goals? Are you good or evil or undecided? Remember that most of Shockers creations did not choose to become a Kaijin/Rider. It's very common for Shocker to kidnap a random person and turn them into a Rider. A lot of Riders also agree to become a rider just to turn on Shocker when it's over. And I'm sure there are a lot of Riders who side with Shocker. Try to be original with it.

[B]My Character[/B]

[U]Name[/U] Shoen Hongo, aka Masked Rider One (Male)
[U]Description[/U] Shoen Hongo is a male, who is 6 foot 3 inches tall. He is neither skinny or muscular looking. He has thick black hair and is about 21 years of age. Masked Rider One is a silver colored Masked Rider, based on a grasshopper. He has large red eyes and two antenna on his head. He has panels on his chest which not only provide extra armor but also release heat exhaust. His back also houses two red small red fans that take air into the armor. His belt has a large oval on the front with a red fan in the middle. Around his neck he wheres a flowing red scarf, which tends to stand out quite a bit. The character design is largely based on the original Masked Rider, but a bit more high tech.
[U]Henshin Device[/U] Masked Rider One uses the Typhoon belt to transform. When Shoen is ready for combat, he reveals the belt and strikes a pose, calling out the word "HENSHIN". The fan on the belt spins and he transforms into Masked Rider One.
[U]Finishers[/U] Masked Rider One uses the most common finisher of all: Rider Kick. He leaps into the air, and the performs a powerful areal kick on the opponent, calling out "RIDER KICK!" If the move connects, the target usually becomes unstable and combusts into a large explosion.
[U]MotorBike[/U] They Cyclone is Masked Rider One's bike of choice. It's a red and white bike with high speed and defense, but has no offensive capabilities. It can however launch One into the air to start his Rider Kick.
[U]Weapons[/U] Perfect Zecter is an unknown weapon that One stole from the Shocker base when he escaped. It looks like a high tech sword, but is not sharp at all. One just assumes it is an incomplete experiment.
[U]Story[/U] Shoen Hongo's life was going great. He was in college and was with the girl of his dreams, Katherine. However, life changed fast for Shoen, when him and his friend Hayato went for a bike ride one day. They were ambushed by a group of strange men and a bat creature. The last thing Shoen herd before he was knocked out was his friends screams for help. When he awoke, he was no longer the man he once was. He seaked out his loved one Katherine, only to find that the same bat creature had gotten to her first. His once kind heart had been filled with hate and sorrow. He had been the part of an experiment of an organization called Shocker, but they had failed to control him. Shoen Hongo was no more. He was now Masked Rider One, and he swore to avenge his loved one. The red scarf he wears around his neck was once given to him by Katherine. He wears it to try and hold on to what little humanity he had left.


You don't have to know anything about Masked Rider to participate. Actually, I'm expecting most of you won't. Create your characters, and have fun with it. If you have any questions, just ask them.
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Here's mine in case:

Mitsuki Akazaka, aka Kamen Rider Blade (Female)

She is 5 foot 2 inches tall, 16 years old, has short black hair. Somewhat skinny but a bit muscular. Kamen Rider Blade, a blue and silver colored Rider, which somewhat resembles like a beetle. Has larger red eyes, a triangular shape on her front helmet, has a large armor which decreases the damage taken while moving in a average speed. Has a belt with an image of a gold Spade. Looks like a knight in appearance.

[B]Henshin Device [/B]
Blay Buckle. When the sealed card Category Ace of Spades is inserted in front of her waist, the belt expands, does a motion from her arm and shouts "Henshin!" and flips a portion of her buckle. Then a projection of a blue beetle appears in front of her, knocking any opponents who come after her (if any) and she must run into the projection for the transformation to be complete.

Lightning Slash. With the card combination of Slash Lizard and Thunder Deer, the Blay Rouzer infuses with lightning element and slashes the enemy into two.

The Blue Spader is her all-round vehicle. With this she can also insert Rouze Cards with the motorbike to activate.

The Blay Rouzer is her weapon of choice. With this on her possession, not only she can store Rouze and Proper Blank cards but to use this as a weapon. This, however has 5000 attack points (or AP) available at start so she can summon/activate cards.

Formerly named Mitsuki Estrigo. After the destruction of the Akazaka family 14 years old, Mitsuki was adopted by a kind noble named Rafael Estrigo. He then took the responsiblity of raising her properly as if she was his daughter and accepted her as a new member of his family. At her 16th birthday, he died in an unknown cause and was given her the Will of the Estrigos. There, she found a box with a beetle as an insignia and opened the contents along with the sealed Category Ace of Spades. While reading the Will, she founds out that an unknown organzation called 'Shocker' was after him and plans to kidnap Mitsuki after his death. All alone in her family, she left the mansion, took the box and burned the mansion. She renamed herself as 'Mitsuki Akazaka', along left the smiles and hopes from her deceased foster father. Thus, her fate as Kamen Rider would start very soon.
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hay how are you doing i am new and am wondering if i could join your rpg but i dont know how :animecry: and it sounds extremely interesting ya know. could help me i dont know if i am soposed to do something specific or what :confused: i do want to join though my name is light but i go by samuri sheath on theO and the o-boards. so please help me?:animesmil thank you.
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First read and make sure you understand those. Then fill out a character sheet like the ones in the previous posts. Before you sign up, make sure you're willing to contribute to the story, and please don't type like that in your writing.
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[COLOR="Green"]Hey samuri sheath (and other new members)!

It is like MaskedRider said, those threads will give you the basics on how things operate here. If you're still confused after reading them, don't hesitate to contact me or the other Theater moderators (Ozymandius Jones and Ezekiel). It's our job to help the newcomers, so we'll be happy to help.

Welcome to OtakuBoards!
- Sandy[/COLOR]
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[B][U]Name[/U][/B]: Mileena Chero'-- A.K.A. Masked Rider Black Widow (20)

[U][B]Rider description[/B][/U]: [B]Rider Form[/B]: [URL="http://img254.imageshack.us/img254/4843/gwspiritbeautiful1rq0.jpg"]http://img254.imageshack.us/img254/4843/gwspiritbeautiful1rq0.jpg[/URL]
With black ninja mask and henshin device on chest.
[B]Normal Form:[[/B] [URL="http://www.creativeconfections.biz/mediac/400_0/media/victoria-frances-1.jpg"]http://www.creativeconfections.biz/mediac/400_0/media/victoria-frances-1.jpg[/URL]

[B][U]Henshin Device:[/U][/B] Venom Choker-- A black choker with a black widow hanging from it, a red crystal on its back. Mileena squeezes the crystal and shouts "Henshin!", the spider stretches across her chest and the crystal glows creating the suit.

[B][I]Finishers:[/I][/B] " [B]Razor Web[/B]!"-- Mileena uses her sais to rapidly slice her opponent with lightning speed cutting them to pieces. Usually it's done in an instant if anyone sees it at all.

[B][U]MotorBike:[/U][/B] [URL="http://www.suzukicycles.com/Products/GSX1300BKK8"]http://www.suzukicycles.com/Products/GSX1300BKK8[/URL] Her bike can also ride along walls.

[B][U]Weapons:[/U][/B] Mileenas uses two long black sais,and throwing weapons such as: a long web like wire that shoots from her wrist (which she can use to tie someone, grab weapons from others, and used to reach high places) and spider shuriken that can clamp onto you if needed. Not to mention her own martial arts abilities.

[B][U]Story:[/U][/B] Mileena was born into a high-class family. Her mother was a violinist, and her father was an agent for the government( no one really knew what he did). She had a pretty average child hood, other than the constant moves due to her fathers occupation, and mysterious men always following her around.

At the age of twelve, she hired a personnal instructor and started to learn Russain Martial Arts. After several years she mastered her techniques and joined a tournament being held in Tokio, Japan. When she arrived, she quickly fought her way up the ranks to the last man. To her surprise, it was her father who she had to fight. In the end she lost the fight, due to respect for her father, and started her own investigation into his "secret" life.

On her seventeenth birthday,her investigation lead her to a secret organization called "Shocker". It turned out that her father had been working for them all along,as a weapons dealer. Once her father realzed she new, he had to deal with the issue,wihout killing her. Shortley after her and her fathers "discussion", she was taken.

After escaping Shockers clutches, Mileena went rogue. Now, she works for whoever has the most money, killing, stealing, kidnapping, whatever she's paid to do. Though, she's mostly an assassin at best, doing whatever she pleases. (Mileenas a neutral party. She helps those she wants to.)
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[SIZE="1"]Hmm, I'm kinda interested in this. It makes me think of a crossover of [I]Big Bad Beetleborgs[/I] and a show that was also called [I]Masked Rider[/I], possibly related?
[B]EDIT:[/B] Added a little bit more to the Weapons section, and decided to change her regular attire.
[B]Name:[/B] Arcadia Mitsurugi - Masked Rider Nemesis

[B]Rider Description:[/B]
[b][URL="http://img221.imageshack.us/img221/5175/backlightgirlbyheiselc9.jpg"]Arcadia[/URL][/b], she stands at approximately 5'6" with a lithe, athletic body; slightly built but not overly so. When not morphed or lounging in her rooms she is usually seen wearing formal or at least semi-formal attire; either a button down top and some casual pants/varieties of jeans, or different types of female suits and button down tops beneath, with shoes changing according to the situation and what's appropriate with the outfit.

[I]Masked Rider Nemesis -[/I] Arcadia's Rider suit resembles a Dragonfly notably recognised by the four wings situated on her back. The entire suit is a dark violet (several shades darker than the font colour) with patches of navy blue but they are hard to distinguish in low light. At times when the lights are dim the only visible part of her suit are the eyes which gleam silver. It's more of a form fitting suit than looking bulky and clunky, yet still having the plating, and is easy to maneuver in. The wings on the back of the suit, allow her flight with the aid of powerful boosters/engines packed slightly under them which flip out when required. The speed she can accumulate is fairly impressive, out-speeding a car and having good skill in maneuvering in air. She's able to hover but will prefer to find somewhere to land if she's waiting to put less stress on the engines.

[B]Henshin Device:[/B] Arcadia's Henshin Device is a special silver coin that has the design of the dragonfly etched into its surface. To transform she flips the coin using her thumb and forefinger of her right hand, snatches it in midair and presses it into the slot of her watch like device, saying 'Henshin'. The change starts from her wrist and spreads to the rest of the body. (The coin-in-watch thing is similar to [I]Medabots[/I] if you've ever seen it, with the coin clicking into the space in the surface of the watch)

[I]Aerial Assault -[/I] Masked Rider Nemesis kicks her engines into overdrive, swooping upon her enemy and lifting them high into the sky, when she decides to stop, she releases the engines which sends the two of them plummeting toward the ground. She spins her body, forcing them into a death spiral and slams her enemy into the ground while jetting her engines to fly off and avoid damage.

[B]MotorBike:[/B] She named her bike the [B][URL="http://img200.imageshack.us/my.php?image=suzukihayabusa4ey.jpg"]Enmity[/URL][/B] (the lighter sections in navy blue), its main ability is extreme speed, faster than pretty much any other vehicle on the road. Comes built in with lasers in the front as a simple weapon.

[B]Weapons:[/B] Her main forms of attack are either hand-to-hand martial arts, or her large variety and seemingly unlimited supply of throwing weapons (varieties of shuriken and kunai, ie. sizes, shapes, piercing strength, etc.) Her most typical projectiles are [B][URL="http://img52.imageshack.us/img52/3089/mcfc209sl6bq.jpg"]these[/URL][/B], and her suit has a launcher that pops up from her wrist which can shoot any of the projectiles if she so wishes, but she normally prefers to throw them manually.

[B]Story:[/B] Arcadia was an orphan for the first few years of her life, but soon after (around 5 years old) she was taken in by the Shockers who raised her with the intent of turning her into a Masked Rider. She was skilled and a fast learner when it came to the different facets of fighting and combat, with her first transformation at 6. She has met practically all of the Riders who have passed through and remains loyal to the Shockers despite people attempting to change her mind, now at the age of 20, almost 21.

She grew wary when there was word of rebellion and she kept her eyes open for those who would be causing trouble. A few left and the Shockers chose Vengeance as their first Anti-Rider, with her so-called 'foster father' allowing her to aid in the destruction of them after deeming her worthy at last. Her name is Nemesis because she's an enemy to those that oppose the Shockers, and especially the enemy to the Masked Riders.[/COLOR]

I hope that's alright, let me know if there's anything to change.[/SIZE]
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Once again, awesome character designs. I'm glad we have some villains now too. Sakura, after the success of the americanized Super Sentai (Power Rangers), Saban Americanized the last Masked Rider show that had run in Japan (Masked Rider Black RX). The show would use fight footage from Black RX, but they completely dropped the original plot line. The resulting show was a pile of garbage.
[URL=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X-MoF-nVI4Y]American Masked Rider (WTF Furby)[/URL]
[URL=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_hsxkyzrRuc]Kabuto's Rider Kick[/URL]
[URL=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aS7-fQ1XCfs]Masked Rider Kick Hopper (from Kabuto)[/URL]
[URL=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c0niSUpqbLI]Masked Rider The First Movie Trailer[/URL]
[URL=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fOyJDszDuLw]Masked Rider The Next Movie Trailer[/URL]
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Guest gravelover89
Miyamoto Musashi aka kamen rider musashi

[B]Description [/B]
he is 173sm talled ,45-52kg,the hair covered his left eye,work as cofee shop waiter like ren in kamen rider ryuki(if u know la) when battling he will be kinda good and cool but kinda naive in other situations

rider form: based on red ant so it should be red.:animeswea with light chest armour (red color) his inner suit should be black (that rubbermade suit) has athird eye like zx and a symbol (represent fire) on his forehead(helmet:animeknow i say) and the othr specification only can be translate with drawing :animestun

[B]henshin device[/B]
belt....when he in the battle, the will appear, heh:animeswea while say hensin he will do hand move like kamen rider n0 1.the suit will cover him like kuuga but with a fire effect.


SWALLOW SLASH-some kinda samurai assault skilled,he'll point his sword towards enemy and in a blink of eye musashi already install his sword into his belt(note that b4 striking enemy he will be in front and said hissatsu no waza then the last part of the finisher he will be at the back of those monster)

RIDER KICK- willbe coming soon (at this time he will find more power ful monster wer his swallow slash did not work):p


moto gp style red and just that,his buy this bike lol:animesmil


samurai sword light harmful and easy to handle:smirk:


err ...will be coming soon :animesigh
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[COLOR="Green"]Hey, [B]gravelover89[/B], and welcome to the Theater!

I just want to tell you to pay attention to the date when the thread was last posted in when searching for interesting games to participate in. This game was active last spring, so there is really no chance you'll get in it anymore.

You should try your luck with newer games, okay? If in doubt, don't hesitate to contact us moderators!

- Sandy[/COLOR]
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Guest guest0819
Please save Kotonoha Katsura who is the heroine of the tragedy of School Days by your hand.
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Name: Teckio Namida (Enemy of Tears), Kamen Rider Velke
Rider description: Teck is a 6' 1-1/2" tall, 192 lb nerd by look, but hides well-toned muscles and raw power to match his brains. His Rider form changes depending on which of his alter egos he allows to take him over, or what power emblem from his friends he uses. His basic form, Neuteros (Neutral) is a dull gray and silver, has no creature base, and is the weakest out of all his forms, while his final, Loderos (Lord), carries a gold/silver color with a King/lion base.
Henshin Device: a special crystal, formed form his own spirit. Drawing a symbol of a five-point star inside a circle, Teck grabs the center of the insignia, and pulls from it the crystal, while a small belt forms around his waist. As he holds the crystal before his face, he says, "Henshin", and connects it. Then, Inserting his fingers into the open whole of the crystal's center, he pulls out small strands of spirit energy and draws a basis of the form he'll take. The sketch, now infused with his spirit, moves toward him and slams into his body. The pieces cover his body, transforming him into his Rider form.
Finishers: Depends on alter-ego possession or power emblem used. His most basic finisher is Ninja Art: Star Five Style: Neuteros Crush. He takes the five blades adorning his body and slides the blades through the crystal's opening, then rushes his enemies, slashing his star-like insignia into their bodies. As he sheathes the final sword into its scabbard on his spine, he throws two fingers above his head, then left, then right of his body, causing the enemies to explode.
MotorBike: Velke Cycle (A Honda that barely runs anymore; he makes it run only in Rider form, using his spirit as catalyst for fuel ignition.)
Weapons: Five Ceremonial Heirloom Katanas left to him by his father. They have since fused with his body (you'll see why soon), and can generate any number of effects.
Story: Teck has managed to escape death three times in his life. Despite this, he had a happy life until he was ten, when a death virus attacked him and almost killed him. In his last moments, five spirits descended from above, giving him a second chance at life while cleansing his body of the virus. Three years later, his best friend turned on him following the death of his girlfriend by thugs. The friend killed Teck's family, and almost killed him when Teck went into a rage and drove him off. Soon after, he discovered the first dregs of his power, in the form of four alter-egos: the ever angry Chiji, the perpetually depressed Kana, the super insane Kamachi, and the one who combined all three formers, the demolitionist Hakai. As he went, he was forced to use his powers in dangerous situations, creating elemental versions of himself. At sixteen, he found the love of his life, Mei, a kind, beautiful girl with a non-violent approach to solving conflict. Unfortunately, this didn't help her, or Teck, when the evil bastard returned and killed her. Teck has since that day been honing his powers in order to keep a promise to his sister that he couldn't keep before, but with a much grander feel: He is now going to use his powers to prevent as many women as he can from shedding a tear or being taken advantage of, and all before he dies.
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