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[center] [IMG]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v143/Doublehex/RP/gbverse/signup/gbv-title.png[/IMG]


[color=white]How long had it been since we’ve left Earth That Was Lost? Two hundred? Three? Maybe four? After Earth just became too dead – too much pollutions, too many toxins, not enough land or resources or anything else a decent civilization needs – we just left. Packed our things, stuffed as many people into as many ships, and we just left. We fired up our FTL (Faster Than Light) engines, and we reached the stars.

Of course, we found more than just stars. We found life. The things of old sci-fi pulp magazines, of dreamers, of the nuts who would stare at radar all day. We found them – all by accident. They didn’t contact us, seeking peace. They didn’t come, warning us to never threaten their worlds. We just found them. Or maybe they waited for us. It’s anyone’s guess, really.

There was shock, there was discussion, debates, the expected things. After all, we had found beings that were just as smart – or smarter – than us. After nearly a couple billion years of being on top of the intellectual scale, we were now on the same level as a couple dozen other species.

It was a big deal, trust me on this.

A hundred or so years passed by. We have, more or less, became accepted by the other races. Sure, some felt we colonizing more worlds than we had a right to, but in the general viewing of things we were accepted.

Then a certain idea was proposed, and it would change everything. There were those who wanted all good natured intelligent life, ruled by one government. Colonies, inducted planets, they would all be ruled by this one government.

To many, it sounded like a good idea. No more war, no more feuds between governments. A democratic society, made up by thousands of philosophies and ideals. A futuristic Venice, if you were.

But there were those who didn’t like the idea of this ‘Alliance’. They were the Speakers – they spoke out against this idea like a mad zealot defending a dieing religion. It only took a few years for them to switch to guns instead of words. And the Alliance followed suit. Before you knew it, the entire galaxy was split in an Intergalactic Civil War.

The war lasted a good five years. It would of ended sooner if the Speakers weren’t so good at planet hoping at the beginning. They really had little to no organization when all of the independent planets grouped together against the Alliance. But once they got an idea of how the Alliance worked their troops, the Speakers copied them. By the end of the first year, you had two equally powerful armies duking it out across a dozen star systems.

Well, not completely equal. The Speakers were always outgunned. There was simply too many Allied planets. Their technology was the same, so it was really just five years of the Speakers just buying their time. Each victory of theirs would only postpone the inevitable.

By the fifth year, the war was over. The Alliance had won. Now, nearly a thousand planets, in more than a dozen star systems, harboring a trillion citizens, were under the control of the Allied Planets of Interstellar Government.

It’s been a good six years since. Welcome to the year 2652.



[URL="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v143/Doublehex/RP/gbverse/races/930279_20070711_screen006.jpg"][color=#22a3ab]Astemnro[/color][/URL] – The Astremno are quite accurately described as getting things done fast. This could be credited to their very limited patience. There is a saying amongst them – “We do 9 things at once, all of them annoying, all of them needed to be done yesterday.” They specialize most in the ways of intelligence – mainly, gathering it, and using it in the way that best fits the needs of the galaxy.


[URL="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v143/Doublehex/RP/gbverse/races/930279_20060511_screen001.jpg"][color=#22a3ab]Kalogri[/color][/URL] – Meet the Kalogri, a race that has a dedication to personal honor and courage. They believe strongly in the ways of fighting for YOUR title, and for fighting to keep it. Quite expectedly, they make some of the best generals the Alliance has to offer. They specialize in war advisement and war in general.

[URL="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v143/Doublehex/RP/gbverse/races/930279_20071010_screen001.jpg"][color=#22a3ab]Nasuli[/color][/URL] – The Nasuli are the peace makers of the galaxy. An all female race, the Nasuli reproduce through cloning. How they survived before they had the technology is anyone’s guess. Regardless, they have a way with words, and that is something any government could have use for.

[center] [IMG]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v143/Doublehex/RP/gbverse/signup/gbv-andtheothers.png[/IMG][/center]

[URL="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v143/Doublehex/RP/gbverse/races/930279_20070918_screen001.jpg"][color=#22a3ab]Cajavel[/color][/URL] – How exactly these things of both metal and flesh came into being is a debate that has shaken the galaxy for a dozen hundred years. It is a secret that was known only by the highest ranked elders, and when the Alliance wiped them out in the Civil War, the secret was lost forever.

[URL="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v143/Doublehex/RP/gbverse/races/930279_20071010_screen005.jpg"][color=#22a3ab]Eltarian[/color][/URL] – What exactly is hidden behind these masks is a secret that was even more closely guarded than the origin of the Cajavel. There are some who suggest that they are machines themselves, while others suggest just as wild predictions. No Eltarian has ever revealed the secret.

In terms of skills, the Eltarian are a diverse. Like the humans, they can be good at essentially anything. They may incline to be more intellectual in nature, but the scale is never set to any way. It all depends on what the individual wishes to pursue.

[URL="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v143/Doublehex/RP/gbverse/races/930279_20071010_screen002.jpg"][color=#22a3ab]Nomor[/color][/URL] – These massive beings of intellect are not brutes of war. Despite their large structure, they harbor minds that are inclined to almost nearly passive ways of thinking. Nomor who would even consider a path of violence is the making of a bad horror movie. Their skills are mostly in the spoken tongue.

[URL="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v143/Doublehex/RP/gbverse/races/930279_20071119_screen007.jpg"][color=#22a3ab]Orgcin[/color][/URL] – Throughout galactic history, the Orgcin have been the warriors, the warlords, the soldiers of fortune; they have, and always will be, the best soldiers one can lay eyes on. Towering over most other species, these reptilian individuals are focused on one thing – fighting. Scientists and philosophers are non existent.

[URL="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v143/Doublehex/RP/gbverse/races/930279_20071010_screen004.jpg"][color=#22a3ab]Puzt[/color][/URL] – What is there to say about these four legged arachnids? They are certainly knowledgeable in the ways of machinery – that is their biggest strength. They aren’t the best of speakers, what with their ability to speak common usually means them speaking in hushed, stuttering voices. They are not the best of warriors either.

[URL="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v143/Doublehex/RP/gbverse/races/930279_20071010_screen003.jpg"][color=#22a3ab]Teth[/color][/URL] – The Teth are amongst the most polite creatures in the galaxy. They value etiquette, politeness, and chivalry. They rarely ever refer to themselves by name – they see this as being ridiculously rude. They usually refer to themselves as “This one”, or “It”. They will tell their name if requested.

[URL="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v143/Doublehex/RP/gbverse/races/930279_20080206_screen002.jpg"][color=#22a3ab]Valtarian[/color][/URL] – Upon first sight, most would think Valtarians were slave traders, barbarians, and horrible individuals in general. While it is true there have been Valtarians who have been such trades, they are also just as likely to be police officers, army officials, and other positions of duty.

[center] [IMG]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v143/Doublehex/RP/gbverse/signup/gbv-technology.png[/IMG][/center]

Faster Than Light engines are available on every ship. There is not a ship made that does not have Faster Than Light engines. Most freighters have shuttles on their hull and are part of the ship. Lasers are not technologically available. Shrapnel are still widely used.

[CENTER] [IMG]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v143/Doublehex/RP/gbverse/signup/gbv-what.png[/IMG][/CENTER]

The name’s Jonathon Shepard. I’m the captain of the [URL="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v143/Doublehex/RP/gbverse/concept_Vfrigate.jpg"][color=#22a3ab]Saklaus[/color][/URL], lizardhead class. She’s a good ship, got a good crew. She doesn’t got any weapons, so don’t think we can shoot our ways out of situations. She’s got a pilot, mechanic, and a good soldier for hire to make sure no one who’s not supposed to be on doesn’t get off. We even picked up a few surprise passengers along the way. If you’ve got a job that’s just under the law, we can do it. Don’t care much what it is, just as long as we get paid.

In laments terms, we do stuff that’s illegal. Salvage, smuggling, stealing supplies off of trains right under the Alliance noses. You know, those sorts of things.

[center] [IMG]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v143/Doublehex/RP/gbverse/signup/gbv-who.png[/IMG] [/center]

Well, I have a vice captain. He was with me way back in the Civil War. We saved each other’s hides more times than we can count. We need a good mechanic though, who understands good old Saklaus inside and out. A pilot is a must, and let’s not forget about someone who knows how to use weapons. In our type of business, that’s a given.

We can add a few more crews after that. We can fit three or four more members.

((Need: [strike]Vice Captain, who is essentially just John’s good war time friend.[/strike] [strike]A pilot who can fly the ship.[/strike] [strike]A mechanic who knows how to fix the ship, as well as make her work.[/strike] [strike]A soldier who knows pretty much every weapon.[/strike] Up to four free spots. Two remaining.))

[center] [IMG]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v143/Doublehex/RP/gbverse/signup/gbv-signup.png[/IMG][/center]





Physical Description: Just a few paragraphs.

Traits, Tricks, and other behind the sleek maneuvers: What special skills do you posses that differentiates you from the rest of the crew?

How you came to be a part of Saklaus: Just as it says. Describe how you became a crew member. [/color]
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Name: Coyote

Position: Vice Captain

Age: Somewhere around 85 since the time of his manufacture.

Race: Cajavel

Homeworld: Omikron IX

Physical Description: [URL="http://mcgibs.iseenothing.com/images/gallery/finals/recon.jpg"][U]Coyote[/U][/URL]'s a fully mechanical being with a bionically enhanced organic brain. He sports a human-like physique and wears human clothing and armor. He normally wears lighter fabrics and armor due to his outer body being forged from the materials used to make most infantry armor anyway. Underneath whatever fatigues Coyote happens to be wearing is a being made up of smooth, solid armored plates on the outside protecting metal cords and wires acting as muscles and nerves which in turn snake around a solid armored skeleton. The outer shell is designed to cover as much as possible with as few plates as possible while at the same time balancing in mobility. The brain is protected by Coyote's armored skull; one solid and exceptionally thick rounded and beveled plate. Coyote overall stands at 5'11" and weighs in at just over 250 Kg.

Traits, Tricks, and other behind the sleeve maneuvers: Coyote is a master of improvisation and survival, as well as escape. He can make nearly anything into a weapon of some kind. He sticks mainly to compact mid-short range assault rifles, but is equally proficient with his fists and knives when the time calls for it. His reflexes and mental capacity are above that of most humans. Though he can figure out how to work most weapons and vehicles given a few moments, he does not like to drive nor use long-range rifles or projectile ordinance.
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Name: Jonathon Shepard

Age: 64 (34 to us)

Race: Human

Homeworld: Caliphose ? Caliphose is a farming community on the Outer Ring. It has landscape very suitable for farming crops, making it the ideal landscape for a small community of three to four hundred.

Physical Description: John?s brown hair is cut to being reasonably short. It is somewhat long in the front, but not close to cover his eyes. His face is built like it was made out of stone, with a wide chin and a stout neck. His skin is somewhat tanned.

For clothes, he prefers to wear a leather jacket over some loose shirt cut low at the collar.

Tips, tricks, and other sleek maneuvers: With him being a Speaker Captain in the Civil War, Jonathon is knowledgeable about a large series of weapons. He?s not as versatile as a weapon master, but he is certainly a good shot. He also knows a fair bit about piloting, but he doesn?t understand the much more advanced mechanisms of Saklaus. His most important ability is his stout leadership.

How you came to be part of Saklaus: With him being the captain and all, it is quite understandable how John became a part of the crew ? he bought the damn thing! And it wasn?t cheap either ? six hundred more credits than he would of have preferred. If anyone asks him how he got the four thousand and nine hundred credits to buy the ship, he?ll just tell to hush up or jump out. The only exception would be if the asker was his vice-capt, and that was their little secret.

After the war, John lost his faith in God, the law, and politicians. He would live under the radar, living off of what the Alliance survives off of. He, and his crew, would do whatever it took to survive, the Alliance be damned.
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Name: Jerem

Position: Soldier

Age: 36

Race: Kalogri

Homeworld: Olmeit - a small world full of jungles and wild animals. Only a few cities exist on its surface.

Appearance: Jerem stands 6'1 and weighs around 240 pounds in pure muscle. He is constantly suited up in his silver and red armor. In side holsters he carries two top-of-the-line repeating blasters, on his back he carries a big assault rifle/grenade launcher with scope, and in his belt he carries a four-inch blade. His skin is a pale greenish color and his eyes a piercing blue. Just looking at a figure of such height and muscle and armor would intimidate most anyone.

Traits: Jerem is an extraordinary sharpshooter as he used to be a sniper for the Alliance. His most valuable ability is his knowledge of almost all of the alien tongues; he is very well rounded in communication, espionage, and combat.

Background: Jerem was a high-ranking sharpshooter for the Alliance during the Civil War. Once the Civil War was over Jerem's term was up and he traveled to Pivizan, a small planet of big cities crowded with weapons dealers and smugglers. Jerem got an apartment here for a while just to try to get a normal life back. He wanted a break from fighting.
After a short while Jerem grew very restless. He realized that fighting was the only thing he really wanted to do. He had to be in the thick of crossfire, in the heat of battle, not sitting in an apartment getting drunk every night.
He decided to go to a local bar and find out what was going on in the system. While there he met a human named John Shepard. John told him of how he had just come across a ship and that he needed someone like Jerem to help out on board. Jerem didn't think twice before accepting the offer. This was his chance to get out and adventure again.
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[SIZE="1"]Name: Yarrick Lemartes.

Age: 34.

Race: Kalogri

Homeworld: Cadian - A war torn hive world, consisting of many cities inhabited by several races within the Alliance. Crime seems to run rampant in the streets of the common districts, untouched by the local police, C-Sec, who are in the politician's pockets. An extremely toxic environment to be raised in, for sure.

Physical Description: Yarrick stands nearly seven feet tall, possessing a lithe, muscular, and slender build. His cheekbones are deeply sunken, and have been patched through with cybernetic reinforcements and metallic plating, often patched over with false skin. Several sections of his flesh are missing altogether on his face, a blue electronic pulse visible among the framework of steel rods. His eyes sparkle with a certain blue light, much like the circuitry seen within his face, and while the sparkle is biological, the argumentations done to his eyes are not.

From his eyes, two long ear like protrusions extend to the back of his head, terminating at the end of his cranium extensions, a trait shared with all Kalogri. His face is adorned with several black lines, known as his "colony markings." A black cowl trimmed white is lain over his head, a symbol of his ex-Commissar status.

Yarrick's usual wear is a white and black combat issue suit with shoulder guards and other protection. On his left arm, however, a slightly oversized black shoulderguard obscures a framework of black, white and blue pipes that lead into his suit. From there, his arm is wrapped in a black bio-steel formulation. From the shoulder guard extend numerous more pipes that lead to his chest and stomach area. The same blue glow can be seen around the pipes, and through the exposed sections of the combat suit, near Yarrick's left arm.

Tips, Tricks, and Sleek Maneuvers: Yarrick Lemartes is an ex-Commissar with the Alliance military force. He lead soldiers into combat, often being the first one into the fight and the last one out. As such, he has excellent leadership skills, as repressed as they are under Shepard's command. His family was a long line of Engineers (and other professions, such as hacking and safe-cracking, which are not held to the light of day.) and that was his profession before the required military service. Such technical services came in handy in the 252nd Regimental Guard Battle of Ignaeus Five, breaking into an enemy tank and turning the Basilisk artillery fire back on the enemies' supply lines.

How You Became Part of Saklaus: After the Civil War, Yarrick committed himself to engineering jobs around several worlds, owning a small freighter made for one or two people to get him between destinations. Taking a break from a job repairing a frigate destined for Cadian, his homeworld in a small bar, he was approached by Shepard. A few war stories and some technical schematics later, Yarrick was asked to join the crew of Saklaus. [/SIZE]
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[B][SIZE=1]Name: [/SIZE][/B][SIZE=1]Delano "Cash" Cashern
[B]Age: [/B]29
[B]Race: [/B]Human born and bred
[B]Position: [/B]Pilot
[B]Homeworld: [/B]Cash was born on Callisto, one of the central planets controlled by the Alliance, but as soon as he was old enough he hopped on the nearest planet-to-planet shuttle and moved to Hydrophose, an Outer Ring world. He has lived on this planet, which is over 80% submerged in water and has three separate suns, ever since his 14th birthday.

[B]Physical Description: [/B]Cash is a tall, handsome young man, who, while not the most muscular of men, has tough, sinewy muscle that lets him handle himself well in a fistfight, if it ever came to it. His skin is tanned and his shoulder-length hair sun-bleached blonde from spending so many years on an aquatic planet. He doesn't shave nearly as often as he should, and as such there is usually a few days' worth of stubble growth around his mouth and on his chin.

As for clothing, when he is on the ship he usually wears a pair of khaki three-quarter-length shorts with black rubber shoes, and a tight V-neck t-shirt, of whatever colour he feels like wearing that particular day. When he ventures off the ship, however, he usually replaces the shorts with khaki trousers, with a lot of pockets for various pieces of equipment, and covers the t-shirt with a brown leather jacket with a high collar.

[B]Tips, tricks and other sleek maneuvers: [/B]Having spent many years of his life on a largely aquatic planet, Cash is a gifted swimmer, and as such his upper body strength is fairly admirable. He knows how to handle himself in a fight as well, having learnt a number of different martial arts. He was also taught how to hunt, so if needed he can handle a rifle.

However, Cash's main talent comes when he is placed behind the controls of a vehicle. He has something of a natural talent with them, whether it is a short-range watercraft, a surface-to-air transport, or even a larger type of ship, such as a freighter.

He claims that he could fly a transport ship "through the eye of a needle," that's just how good he is. He can pull off outrageously complex maneuvers in a small ship, and is a valuable asset to have behind the controls.

[B]How You Became Part of Saklaus: [/B]Early in it's life, the Saklaus touched down for repairs and refuelling on Hydrophose. Seeing how clumsily it was piloted encouraged Cash to go and talk to the captain, see if they needed a new pilot. He encountered Captain Shepard in a local repair shop, and Jonathon, desperately in need of a skilled pilot agreed to give him a test run. He's been piloting the Saklaus ever since, following Shepard's orders sometimes to his despair, other times to his very great pleasure.
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Just so you guys can know, all who have applied so far have been accepted. Can't be picky, what with being outlaws and living under the radar and all. :)

Now, we just need free spots...so folks, be whatever you want, but ask yourself what we need. We don't necessarily need more gun savvy individuals.
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[SIZE="1"][B]Name: [/B]Dra?shun Crash?tuk but, many just call him Doc

[B]Age:[/B] Doesn?t like to talk about it

[B]Race:[/B] Cajavel

[B]Position:[/B] Doctor

[B]Homeworld:[/B] Sar?ish- Doc?s home world is one of a very rough environment, its full of wastelands and thick jungles. The creatures that live on this harsh world, that has two suns and very heavy gravity, have adapted or died from their own weight from the intense gravity. Doc?s kind is no exception and since they are not one of the top predators on his planet they sometimes find it difficult to exist, but they manage because of their intelligence and their metallic bodies.

Physical Description: Doc looks like most Cajavels do. He is odd looking and his kind are looked upon as creatures that exhibit no traits of being able to interact with people. But, he is far more then this. Even though he is lengthy and can be a quadruped creature, he can effortlessly change to a bipedal being and he stands at a decent height of 5 feet 11 inches. Doc keeps his body covered up to keep from drawing too much attention to himself. And he gets enough looks for the single glowing eye he has.
Traits, Tricks, and other behind the sleek maneuvers: [/B]Doc?s body is very unique, beside the fact that he is a species that is shrouded in mystery and unknown. His body has no bones, so he is unfathomably flexible and can contort his body in several different ways that seem rather impossible. His sleek design also makes him good at many different kinds of free running movements, able to slide through tight spots and get away with ease. His other unique abilities come from his own large eye and the special design on his body and his very powerful AI system.

His eye is always recording and taking in information, it constantly records vital information and stores them in the ever expanding brain he has. His other abilities come from his intelligence, able to read and assimilate the information into his systems to make it a primary function if needed. He can also read up on different professions or job skills and make them function almost as quickly as he read about them. But, he has specialized his body for two primary functions, the first and fore most are the abilities of a skilled doctor. This in collaboration with the tools he has implanted in his fingers so his needed utensils are easy to gain access to and are always sterile before use. His secondary function is of a fighter, he has no weapons in his body, but he just uses himself as a weapon, using his agility, intelligence and sleek build to make himself an effective weapon.

His last interesting strength is his great survival capabilities, since he is an organic machine, only his skin is organic while he is still circuitry and metal. This entitles that fact he can survive out in space. He can shut close the pours on his skin that the skin doesn?t die in the oxygen absent environment. This allows him to explore outside the ship without having to use a space suit. He can also magnetize his hands so he can walk on the metal walls and stay hidden when needed.
How you came to be a part of Saklaus[/B]: Doc came to be part of the Saklaus because he found his skills weren?t being used to their potential on his home world, so with the help of some of his friends on Sar?ish, he shuttled himself off his planet and into the universe. He hoped his skills could be used to help the many different beings that inhabit its worlds and have come in contact with one another. He came in contact with Jonathan Shepard only a few months after he had left his home, he had landed on another new planet, hoping to spread his help better then the last, since the last had run him off the world for being a horrendous looking being. Jonathan showed Doc a sort of kindness and respect he had not received since he had left Sar?ish. Doc had asked Shepard if he was in need of a medical physician, Shepard need a proper doctor since his line of work would often put him in danger and possible get him injured. So, he took Doc in to Saklaus and gave him a new home. Doc soon proved himself a few weeks later when they had hit a meteor shower and a micro-meteor pierced right through the hull through Shepards left thigh, almost cutting his artery in his thigh. Doc had only taken a few moments to stop his bleeding and fix him up new. Jonathan healed up twice as fast and had no scar from the near fatal hit from the micro-meteor. He has treated crew members ever since with his skills and his equipment he brought from his own shuttle. Plus a little improvisation here and there. [/SIZE]
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[SIZE=1][COLOR=Black] Name: Gabriel "David" Vincent Smith; Better known as Gabe or Vince, though he prefers Vince - David is actually an old alias, and those who know him as David are likely not the trustworthy sort (aside from a few crew members)

Age: 29

Race: Human

Homeworld: Dranlin - A tough Alliance run inner world, Dranlin has more large metropolitan areas than many smaller planets combined. Outwardly sophisticated, with appropriately advanced technology and superb medical facilities, Dranlin's upper and lower classes are separated by a margin so huge that only a cheap companion who weasels her way into a wealthy client's 'heart' can ever really move up. Many of the lower class citizens have moved to various illegal activities to generate real amounts of money.

Physical Description: Gabriel is around 5'9" and of a slight build. His dark brown hair and nearly black eyes contrast strongly with his pale skin (a result of staying indoors too often). He is in top physical condition, being something of a gymnast and martial artist.
His entire body is long, thin, and effeminate, though his hands are much larger than any woman's. To make matters worse, he keeps his hair shoulder-length and usually wears it down. He has been mistaken for a girl numerous times.
Gabriel has a thing for pockets. His clothes can NEVER have enough of them (and this may be true, as he seems to use all of them, though no one really knows how). He has a fondness for solid color military BDUs, though he often adds pockets even to those. If not in BDUs, he generally wears some very well-fitting cowboy style clothes, generally black jeans, a denim shirt, plus the hat and boots. This is the only time he's not laden in pockets.
When not exercising, he usually wears a pair of old motorcycle goggles, which he actually uses for when he's working. If in cowboy gear, he'll have sunglasses instead (the goggles don't fit with the hat).

Traits, Tricks, and other behind the sleek maneuvers: Gabe is a close-quarters fighter and a master of stealth. If he has a gun, it's probably because someone didn't give him a choice in the matter. Needless to say in this day and age, he can use one, but he doesn't like them.
Gabe is also something of a technical and mechanical freak. If it has moving or electrical parts, he can probably work it, or make it work. He wanted to be a pilot, but it's best that he not be allowed behind the yoke.
Like all good mechanics, Gabe is self-taught. When on-planet, he is often found covered in grease from doing odd jobs at varying mechanics for extra cash.

How you came to be a part of Saklaus: Gabe has not always been an honest smuggler. On Dranlin, you took work as you could find it, and Gabe found himself employed by a slave trader, as a bodyguard (the man believed in subtleties to catch rivals off-guard). Said employer attempted to hire Jonathon Shepard. But smuggling goods is different from smuggling people, and Jon wasn't much for it. Gabe's boss didn't take that well and tried to get Jon killed. Jon didn't take that well and decided it was Gabe's boss that should die. Gabe, not really interested in being involved, high-tailed it out of there, and so managed to stay alive.
This, however, was only Gabe's first run-in with Jon. After all, Dranlin is just the kind of place to supply steady work to someone like Jon. The next time Gabe ran into Jon, he was going by the name of 'David'. By that time, he was running medical supplies stolen from the Alliance. Quite a bit less questionable than slave trade, but a lot higher profile. The shipment Gabe was trying to get rid of was a rush, and Jon just happened to be in the right place and the right time, at least for Gabe.
The shipment was a rush because Gabe hadn't pulled it off as flawlessly as usual, and his teammate had been captured. In his business, at least on Dranlin, you didn't trust your teammates to keep their mouths shut, so he need a quick way to get rid of the goods (and buyers are never in short supply, so you just need to find a transporter). It wasn't until Jon had arrived and recognized him that Gabe had the idea of joining. Considering that police forces showed up as if on cue, Jon didn't get much of a choice to oblige. Gabe is doing his best to prove himself.
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Its such a well written profile, I really don't have an excuse to NOT accept it. Sure, we already have 3 fighters, but we have room to spare. :)

But I would like to remind all those interested that what the Saklaus needs isn't more fighters, but people of other trades. A religious speaker would be an interesting choice, or perhaps a fugitive? Anything beyond fighters.
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[SIZE=1]Actually, I intended for Gabe to be on as a mechanic. However, his lifestyle had kept him fighting, and that's how he originally made a living.

On top of that, if you'd like a fugitive, Gabe could be modified some. After all, it's not hard for someone who worked for a slave trader to end up on somebody's wanted list.
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[SIZE=1]I'm not necessarily deadset on the mechanic 'spot' so to speak. It's just something he can do (so if Yarrick is out-of-commission, there's a back-up). But I modified the profile some, so I think he can fit the 'fugitive with friends in really low places' spot.[/SIZE]
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[SIZE="1"]I'm planning on putting up an rp soon, and since this one hasn't yet started I'm going to have to drop out and put all of my effort into my first real RP. I'm sorry about this, I just didn't think it would take so long for this one to be up. [/SIZE]
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[B][U]Name:[/U][/B] Gael Nact

[B][U]Age: [/U][/B] 25

[B][U]Race:[/U][/B] Human

[B][U]Home World:[/U][/B] Sangita. Though the world itself does not really matter, for Gael?s life was mostly spent in the companion school that resides on the planet. The school was called Aamin, a name meaning ?grace?. The school itself houses many cultures and this is visible through the décor. Most of the school takes out of heavy Indian ?harem? décor. It is full of bright vivid color, light weight fabric, stacks of pillows, and a large variety of candles. Another heavy portion of the school resembles something straight out of Japan. A decently sized ?zen? garden occupies the majority of the outdoor space. There is a room specifically for the practice of the traditional tea ceremony. Skills like martial arts, fan dancing, calligraphy, and Japanese instruments are just as heavily taught here as the usual companion techniques.

[B][U]Physical Description:[/U][/B] In a certain light, Gael has an almost unnatural beauty about her. Her skin is a bright shade of golden tan, rather than a usual brown or orange hue. She is usually very delicately made up in a thin amount of make-up that gives her a shimmer to her lips and varying tints to the lids of her eyes. Her hair is a glossy shade of black, but there seems to be other colors underneath the hair. It?s like they were ?washed? in instead of fully dying her hair, so they are only really visible in certain lights. Her hair has undertones of deep blues and shining purples and flows in soft well tamed waves to her shoulders. Her body is the kind of body you would expect a companion to have. She obviously takes good care of herself. She has a feminine strength to her arms and legs with a great amount of grace and flexibility. What stands out the most, however, are her eyes. It?s hard to tell if she wears colored contacts or if there was just some odd glitch in her genetics, but for a human her eyes are an odd color. They are purple. Not just a flat base of purple, either. It?s a purple in varying shades, like ?hazel? eyes with a color shift.

Gael wears a large variety of clothing, all of it extravagant and probably expensive. Okay, more than probably. In fact, it is most certainly not cheap in anyway shape or form. Most of Gael?s clothing is a fantasy like flowing wardrobe heavily based on ethnic garb with modern flair. Things like Sari and Kimono find their way in her wardrobe in varying forms. She also wears costume similar to that of a belly dancer. She is known to wear a few ?casual? clothes that take the shape of something whimsical yet modern. These things include corseted tops, flaring sleeves, an flowing ?dancer? like skirts. Gael is typically barefoot unless she is going outside or into a place where her feet require cover. She enjoys gold toned jewelry and wears large earrings, tika (a Hindu article of jewelry that hangs from the hair to the middle of a woman?s brow.), and heavy bracelets seem to be her favorite forms of jewelry.

[B][U]Traits, Tricks, and other behind the sleek maneuvers: [/U][/B] Gael has all of the typical companion training. She, however, also knows a lot more than that. She has great skill in a few musical instruments, her favorite being the violin. However, that is in no way ?useful?, neither is it really a ?trick? or a ?maneuver?, it?s just a fairly average ?trait?. Gael?s real ?trick? lies in the art of distraction, manipulation, and spinning swords. While the ?distraction? and the ?manipulation? are fairly obvious to understand, the spinning of swords is not something you normally hear about.
Gael has a pair of carefully balance and delicately decorated ?dancing swords?. Typically used in belly dancing, ?dancing swords? are blunt and specially balanced versions of scimitars. The dancer balances these swords on their head while continuing to dance, which is why they are usually blunt. Gael?s, however, are specially made. They are not blunt like most swords and are perfectly capable of use in combat. Also, Gael?s swords have a special ring on the hilt. The ring is level with the hand guard and is on the blunt side of the sword. It is completely flat on the inside and is only really big enough for one finger to loosely fit. It?s Gael?s firm belief that the usual method of using the decorative swords is not sword dancing, it is merely dancing with a sword on your head. Therefore, she practiced with the special swords in her own ?dance? style that can also be used as a technique in an actual fight. She can spin both swords and the same time, using only one finger in each of the loops. It?s a fighting style easily disguised as a performance.
It would probably be suitable to also note a few of Gael?s other miscellaneous talents: singing, belly dancing, fan dancing, ballroom dancing, piano, a small amount of martial arts, as well as the ability to speak a variety of different languages in varying levels of fluency.

[B][U]How you came to be a part of Saklaus:[/U][/B] Gael had just left the hospital after receiving her mandatory yearly medical examination. On her way back to her shuttle, she noticed a bit of trouble brewing over by a ship in the same port. A rather pushy sort of guard was trying to get a look into the boxes being loaded into the shuttle. It seemed like something that could quickly start an argument of a rather violent sort since the crew member of the ship seemed to not like the idea of being ?inspected? in such a way. Of course the assumption when someone refuses to show the contents of a box would be that the box contains illegal items. That was not really Gael?s business, nor did she care. She really just didn?t like the guard?s attitude and figured that as it was none of her business, so it was also none of his. (Completely flawed logic, of course, seeing as it would be a guard?s business if it did contain illegal items. However, this was and is not the point. The point is that Gael merely obtained a dislike for the guard.) She went to her shuttle and removed a box of her own. It was a lengthy but thin box and did not seem overly heavy seeing as she handled it with ease. She drifted over to the conflict, stepping between the guard and the crewmember. The conversation that followed was mostly between the guard and Gael. During the length of the conversation, Gael somehow managed to not only get the guard to believe that the boxes contained her own personal items, but also that she was ?moving in? to this shuttle starting today. If that wasn?t enough, she also managed to get him to carry her bags into the shuttle, place them amongst the other items, and apologize for the trouble he may have caused. He watched until they left, however, so Gael remained on the ship until it took off. After they had successfully taken off without trouble, Gael turned to the man an introduced herself. She then apologized for being a ?stowaway? by barging in on his ship like this and produced a roll of cash from the inside of one of her kimono?s sleeves. She said that she hoped it would cover the inconvenience of her stay. Later she proposed that she stay and help contribute to the Saklaus, both with her skills and with a consistent monetary gain in the form of ?rent?.

(Working on character art for Gael as well as a conceptual of her custom swords. I'll post links whenever I finish them.)
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Name: Kaelthrin(as will be gone by for the ships crew), Malvok, Haburn, Tom, Dick, Harry goes by many names always changing them.

Age: 27

Race: Human

Home world: Cadian

Physical Description: Kaelthrin was born into a diversely populated planit. Because of the human races history there are a number of individuals amongst the races living on Cadian, His parents were murdered when he was 6 years old. Klaethrin was put into an orphanage which he soon escaped from. he took to the streets, and learned to live off them. Kaelthrin grew up on the streets, and in order to survive he took to thievery and other such tasks..

Kaelthin was born with a rare human condition that appears to stop the body's appearance from changing past 14, at least until you turn into a child like old man with age. Kaelthirn is about 5' 7" brown hair, and green eyes. He's leanly built, strong, but not exactly capable of great feats of strength. He is however quite quick and dexterous.

Traits, Tricks, and other behind the sleek maneuvers: Growing up on the Streets Kaelthrin took to thevery, and other such questionable activities to get by with. He became a young master of slight of hand,useing that developing dexterity he became quite handy with a dagger. He also put it to use learning to make traps(which he loved) shortly after he started taking assassination jobs when he had turned 17. At first they were simple mechanical traps and wires but soon moved to incorporating explosives.
His history to the day makes him an expert in traps and a master of thievery(picking locks, stealth, slight of hand) He has had a lifetime of questionable employment. He is Also a rather dangerous person to be around because of how much he likes traps he carry's traps and other such surprises in the large dark green trench coat that he had special modified so that he could secretly store things without them being found without difficulty.

How you came to be a part of Saklaus: Kaelthrin was just putting away his things, he had been working lately in pubs bars and other such establishments generaly the ones that are a little more on the shady side. Working for a number of people. playing various card games some more tricks then play.Each place he worked he had agreements with the owner to cut them in on the nights take if they would let him do his dealings in their place of buisness.However he spent nights like this sparingly, because it would draw a lot of unwanted attention if he frequently ran such operations given his quite youthful appearance. Instead he made most of his living off stealing his nessesities, well that and the money he made off the assasination jobs he took.

Thats when he was approached by Jonathon Shepard. John had heard about Kaelthrin, not by name of course, but he heard about a well skilled man that was good at getting things done that needed to be done. John was putting to geather a crew for a ship, and he was interested in acquiring Kaelthrins skills for their objectives. intrigued, Kaelthrin accepted Johns offer to join his ships crew. Kaelthrin thought it might be interesting to have others to work with.
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