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Like every other person in my high school, I read [u]The Hunger Games[/u] a couple months ago. I was really disappointed. It was a decent story I guess, but the characters were a little bland and everything seemed really predictable. [spoiler]Other than the mutts.[/spoiler] I'll admit I wasn't expecting those.
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[b]Finished reading: [/b][i]The Hunger Games[/i] (Suzanne Collins)

I was actually reading this while reading the other two but it wasn't as dense as the other two, so it was a good break from reading both Martin & Doyle. (:
It wasn't how I expected, in both good and bad ways. I'd recommend it fer sure brah. Still have to read the other two though..(sigh).

[b]Currently reading: [/b][i]A G[/i][i]ame of Thrones[/i] (George R. R. Martin), [i]The Hound of the Baskervilles [/i](Sir Arthur Conan Doyle)--technically on hold

[i]A Game of Thrones[/i] is awesome in making me want to read more. It was slow at first but picked up as it went. (:
It's really descriptive and complete fantasy; basically one of the great fantasy stories of the '90's. Also recommended, but it's fairly thick (the small paperback anyway)..about 800-ish pages? It's great for commuting on trains. :D
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Speaking of thick books, I finished Ayn Rand's magnum opus [i]Atlas Shrugged[/i] sometime this year. Took me long enough. 1300 pages of which about two-thirds could have been left out because they keep repeating the same ideas over and over again. Rand completely over analyzes her own theories and the characters, and she does that right there, word for word, in the book itself, explaining everything over and over again just to make sure we don't misunderstand her intentions. This sucks because some ideas are actually really interesting, but the way they are imposed upon the reading is really distracting. Only at some points was I able to connect in any way with one or two characters, and that mostly ended by them starting a speech on the glory of materialism.

Ordeal: You do not have to read this. It's not worth it.
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for a school assignment: [i]For Whom the Bell Tolls[/i]

for myself: the series [i]The Morganville Vampires[/i]

by the time I finish that, [i]The Slayer Chronicles: Second Chance[/i] should be out for release, as well as the graphic novel adaptation of [i]The chronicles of Vladimir Tod: Eighth Grade Bites[/i]

All of these are ones I haven't begun yet, though for the last two I read the first book at least.

- The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod
- The Slayer Chronicles
- Legacy of Tril

all of them are very good books by a lady named Heather Brewer. Big fan. Good teen novels. Lots of action, and does vampires how they are supposed to be. Good humor too. Legacy of Tril is the really different one, mainly for katana sword-fights with deadly monsters, but it's a cool fantasy.

I'd recommend all of them. Edited by MoonSpider96
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