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The Witches

Akieen Cloud

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[FONT="Comic Sans MS"][COLOR="Navy"][CENTER][SIZE="3"][COLOR="Red"]!!Mature Warning!!
violence, alcohol, drugs, maybe sexual content. You have been warned. [/COLOR][/SIZE][/CENTER]

April 21st, 3007
For as long as I can recall I have been special, and not retarded kind of special either, not the kind of special that you have to where a helmet for; no way. The kind of special I'm talking about is the kind where in the old days you'd be burned at the stake for, the kind that you see in the movies. Yeah, that kind. I can't remember much about my past but I do know that I killed my father, or adoptive father I should say. Grubby bastard tried to kill me when he found out what I could do...so I killed him instead; didn't blink about it either, in fact kind of felt good. But on to the point, I was found roaming the streets living off what food I could find here and there; they said I wasn't alone and that I could be useful, although at the time I doubted it I went with them anyway. Come to find I'm not the only one, there are plenty of us out there and we're called witches, kind of old timey right? No kidding. I went to school with others like me, learning math and English, all the things the normal kids learn, than there were the other things that they didn't get to learn, like weapon management and tactical training, things like that. I was placed in a group, all of us had our own unique talent and our own style of dealing with things, some of us smoked, some of us drank, others just ignored it but we all did what we were there to do and that's learn.
That was years ago and now we are the best team in the facility, we graduate tomorrow, I hear it's not pleasant from the other teams that have made it, out of the history of this place being here for centuries, there are only us and one other team and who ever is the best out of us graduating I hear is taking their work. I hope its my team, field work would be so much more fun than this class shit. We've been together so long and are synced with each other to the point of reading one another's minds that I don't see how we can't be the ones to be chosen.

Nayomi Talon
Age 23
Ability Military Experiment

Popping another york mint into her mouth she looked around the room at her team that was now her small family, the only one any of them had ever had, and sighed taking off her headphones, the music so loud the others could hear it as well. Yawning she licked her chapped lips, her fangs grazing her tongue, and waved to the others signaling she was going to bed. One last look at the glowing screen of her laptop she closed it with a dull click and exited the main room into her own dark one, her gloves and leg braces laying on her nightstand, and fell on the bed drifting off to sleep.

[URL="http://www.flickr.com/photos/15570017@N07/2412118074/"]Nayomi[/URL] Only she has Blue jeans and her hair is to the back of her knees in a braid.

Sign up:
Instead of a sign up sheet I want an entry just like this one. Thoughts, feelings, and anything else you want; at the end, your name, age, and ability. I would like a pic or description of your character, and that is all.

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Jamie (Jinx) Mathews
Age: 22
Ability: pyrokenisis (fire control, if thats okay.)

Jamie, or as every has so lovingly named her, Jinx, nodded a bit as Nayomi left the room. Jinx followed her lead standing and heading off to her own room with out any form of good bye. That was way to cheesy, they didn't need to know she was going, they could dang well see it. She dissapered into her room/cave that she kept dark most of the time. Prefering candles, and not just because of the flames she had come to love after a while. She just felt they were friendlier, corny no? She often had those 'sentimental' thoughts and emotions but she never showed those emotions, now it was all anger and rebellion. She snapped her fingers lighting a candle across the room before flopping down on her bed with a heavy sigh. She wasn't always tough as nails kick your a$$ girl,but she had to be, and thats just the way the cookie crumbles. She turned her head a bit so the comforting flame was more visable. She watched it dance about the dark walls and remembered going to church before the accident, but she didn't believe in god anymore. Because how could someone so rightous and good just screw her over like that? But whatever, thats the way the cookie crumbles, no, thats the way the wick burns.

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Damo Jackson
Age: 20
Ability: Telekenisis

Damo sighed as the two girls left the room. [I]"Probably a good idea if I turn in as well.....I just hate that nobody's in higher spirits"[/I] Damo had always felt the need to be the center of attention (possibly due to him being one of the younger ones of the group and the last to be placed with the others.) and the fact that everyone seemed to be in a more somber mood upset him immensly. Damo said goodnight to the others and headed to bed himself....[I]Ahhh a little fun first[/I] Damo thought to himself, just before he shut his bedroom door he decided on a "prank". Concentrating he used his mental energy to pound on Naomi's door. Quickly shutting his door and flipping the lights off with his mental energy he heard the door to Naomi's door open and then shut a moment later.

[I]She's going to kill me tommorow...hehe worth it though[/I]

And with that, Damo drifted off to sleep dreaming of what was to come.
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Louis DeGallant
Age: 28
Ability: Arcana ("Book Magic")

April 22, 2999

I have recently come into possession of a certain ancient book...

I had suspected its arcane nature long before I leafed through its aged pages. Passed down to me by virtue of the family line, this dusty tome held secrets far beyond my ken. The diagrams and pictures were mere teasings, ghost whispers in my willing ears.

A sudden craving for knowledge consumed me, driving me to study in my vast library the texts that had led me down the occult path. I read grimoire after grimoire, books of dead names and authors driven mad by their experience of the supernatural. With each day came a new understanding, and with each new understanding, another passage would reveal its arcane secrets to me. Yet, with each new understanding came a new discovery, of another thing I'd yet to learn, a missing piece that kept me from seeing the entire picture.

What could it be? What is it that I see so clearly before me?

April 21, 3006

I have read the entirety of the tome, called "The Book of the Iron Tower". Its once arcane phrases are now well known to me, and I feel I am on the brink of a discovery unparalleled. The diagrams are clear - there is an inscription speaking of an ancient ritual, something of a "pact". It also says something about the "return of an avatar"... Fascinating.

I assume that in the performance of this ritual, I may yet find some sort of greater truth about this book. It will take about a week to make the necessary preparations, but this seems as though it is the final step to discovering the secret of my lineage.

I won't fail you, grandfather.

April 28, 3006

The entire book makes sense... it was all so clear. I can't believe the things I hadn't seen before today. The words written in white ink, over the black, they form the words to spells... I no longer need to read them to cast them, they're burned into my mind, coming when bidden to my tongue.

The darkness I saw today, sitting inside the burning candles and offerings, it spoke to me. It told me of a great upheaval, of a great fear in the people of earth. It spoke queerly of dark times to come, that these magics were given to me in order to prepare me...

December 20, 3006

The tales of inquisition draw nearer by the day. I believe I may have been found out.

It would have pained me to leave my home, my library, months ago. Months before I saw the hidden words in those books of arcane lore. Months before I communed with the very gods themselves, who urged me on - towards one final arcana.

I've memorized the books of importance, and taken those of crucial import with me. I need to find the others with powers like mine. There has to be others. I can't be the only one who found the books... can I?


OOC: Apologies for going down the stereotypical "wizard" route. Let me know if I need to change Louis up a bit.
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[SIZE="2"][COLOR="DarkRed"][CENTER]Jerrod "JB" Brookstone

Age: 21

Ability: Muscle Memory (Can learn and memorize anything, instantly.)

"Tomorrow's the big day...", JB mumbled as he prepared for bed. "...graduation. I've been here for a while now...and even though everyone comes and go as they please, it's gonna be hard to say goodbye to these walls permanently.....", and with that, JB made his way into bed, but not before hearing three doors close, and a few door knocks in the common room, "hmm, seems like Jinx, Naomi, and Damo are goin to bed too...and Naomi is gonna murder him tomorrow heh." JB said with a slight chuckle before turning on his side and closing his eyes.

Appearance: [URL="http://s31.photobucket.com/albums/c356/high_on_shugar/Anime%20Boys/?action=view¤t=cloud.jpg"]Jerrod "JB" Brookstone[/URL]


If anything needs to be changed, let me know...[/CENTER][/COLOR][/SIZE]
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[B]Name:[/B] Duke Manson, also known as 'Vampire' or Vamp'

[B]Age:[/B] 24

[B]Ability:[/B] Hemokinesis (control over [his] blood)

Duke got out of the club pretty late, when he finally got back to the school, the first thing he noticed was how virtually everyone was asleep. [I]Better get some sleep myself'[/I] he thought as he quietly opened his door and got toward the bed. [I]'Grad exam thing is really hard, from the rumours I hear anyway. Best be at full power if I want to contribute to the group. Damn I hope it's a field exercise'[/I] Duke chuckled as he took one last leap to his bed. Duke's floor was something of a labyrinth of book stacks and tall CD holders, the only way he got to his bed without the light on was based on his gone through the room dozens of times.

[B]Appearance:[/B] [URL="http://fc01.deviantart.com/fs24/i/2008/010/4/b/Zinx_by_Tairud.jpg"]Duke[/URL]
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Name: L'anseny (Sin) Finche

Age: 17

Ability: shadow manipulation (he's part Vampdemon)

“Arggh!!” Sin rolled over and hit the floor with a loud thud. A shadowy figure in the somewhat shape of a bunny was right at his side in seconds growling, with it’s glowing yellow eyes looking in every direction.
“Bloody Hell!” Sin sat up and the shadow rabbit thing began to violently contort and the dark silhouette faded revealing a stuffed animal. Sin grabbed the bunny and held it close to his chest. “These damn nightmares are getting worse every night.” Well not exactly worse, it’s pretty much the same reoccurring nightmare. The dream would began somewhat the same little Sin is going about his day normally than out of no where night falls and strange shadows start to chase him. Eventually he is consumed by them. The divination professor told Sin that the nightmare was a manifestation of his fear of being out of (what little) control he had over his powers. The Professor also said that this fear should pass as Sin gains more knowledge and hold of his powers but what about the rest of L’anseny’s fears? They say that everyone at some point or another fear the dark, but what happens when the dark is just afraid of the people that fear it plus countless other frightening things? What happens is complete irony.

Sin scratched his messy hair which was loosely pulled back into something like a ponytail. “Maybe it’s just all the pressure of graduation tomorrow, yeah… that’s it.” Sin got up and started towards his room. He had better get to sleep it was a big day tomorrow. Not only was it the final test but also his birthday. Sin was excited to see what his “family” would get him but in all honesty the best birthday present would be to actually survive the coming day.

demon form [url]http://i77.photobucket.com/albums/j61/takuuya/Heartless_Larxene___KH_by_neofox.jpg[/url] (Only occurs under severe circumstances and is not aware of most actions might have to be subdued after treat is eliminated.)


darn, i was too late. i hope something can be arranged.
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Name: Reiku (Ray-ku) Beyurit
Age: 19
Power: Sound/Vibration Control

Reiku sighed; taking a shortcut threw the slums of Tokyo. He was not originally from here but he was visiting his friend but he was horribly lost. He sighed as he turned up the music from his mp3 player. A group of thugs started walking up to him. They surrounded him and smirked.

"That's a nice player you got there" One of the thugs said. Reiku ignored them
"Hey! I was talking to you" he said pushing him Reiku sighed and looked around. He smirked and saw that the thug's had a car with a subwoofer blasting rap Reiku smiled

"Where is the shopping district" Reiku asked calmly the thug growled.

"Give me that player" the thug said reaching when Reiku knocked him away he growled as he swung at Reiku. But suddenly the sound from the subwoofer blared vibrations from the subwoofer shook the ground when the thug punched right threw him.

"What the hell!" the thug said Reiku smirked

"I can control the vibrations of sound and with your subwoofer blaring like that it's easy" he said as he walked threw him and then punched the man the volume of the subwoofer died down and Reiku turned solid and punched the thug then a plane passed over head and Reiku vanished using the plane's sound to teleport and disperse into particles

Thats Him
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Kai Salems
Age: 18
Ability: Demon host

?What?s a pretty little thing like you doing out on the streets??
Kai shivered backing away from the older boy who had a cigarette poking out of his thin mouth.
?Oh you shouldn?t be out in the cold, let me warm you up.? Kai shook her head hurriedly as he came closer to her. She could smell his rancid breath laced thickly with alcohol, she could see the grease in his dark brown hair catching the filtered moon light that lit the alleyway enough for her to see there was no escape. She was trapped, and she was scared. He smiled evily advancing on her. Her small frame shook like a leaf as she backed into a course brick wall. He had her now, he was bigger, stronger, and she was small and scared. The boy grabbed her arm roughly yanking her into him.
?A beautiful girl like you needs a guy like me. No need for all that pretty to go to waste.? His grip tightened making her yelp in pain. She shoved him away from her. He stumbled back in surprise then his face set in determination. He stepped forward.
?Do not touch me.? Kai said firmly standing her ground. The boy laughed.
?Don?t play tough, now come with me.? He reached out to her but before he could get closer a huge wolf like monster leapt from the shadows snarling in front of Kai protectively. Its hulking muscular body towered over the street boy who stared with terror into the monsters big crimson eyes.
?No one will touch me. NOT EVER!? She screamed. The beast lurched forward ripping the kid apart. Kai watched as blood spilled all over the alley splattering the walls like grotesque art. The second the demon finished it returned to Kai dutifully sitting next to her. Kai grabbed his obsidian black fur clinging to it for support.
?Good boy Rekaht.? She said simply looking at the carnage then resting on his gun which was in three pieces. She wondered if the blood would have been hers which only made her hold onto Rekaht tighter.
?Good boy.?

Apperances: Kai:



OOC: I read bits and pieces of the thread so I have a good idea of where I can jump in, if that?s okay. Thanks!
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