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Writing A Crossover of Epic Proportions


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I have been planning for some time to start a story to show that crossover fictions can work. After all, western comicbooks have shown time and again that characters from both superhero and non-superhero works can compliment each other. So, I decided I was going to write a story that would feature an unbelievably large cast from a large spectrum of genres and title...and I was going to make it work.

Now why am I telling you guys this? Because I want to know which characters you want to see in such a story. I am not going to tell you the premise of it, nor of the type of setting. I just want, plain and simply, you guys to tell me which characters you want to see in a mass crossover story.
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[size=1]Batman - 1960's Batman TV show
Sarah Marshall - Forgetting Sarah Marshall
The Cowardly Lion - The Wizard of Oz
Ulala - Space Channel 5 (Video Game)
Golda Meir - First female Prime Minister of Israel
Amingo - Marvel Vs. Capcom 2
Oliver Twist - Oliver Twist
Clarabelle Cow - Mickey Mouse Cartoons

Make it happen.

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[FONT=Arial]Basil – The Great Mouse Detective
Frank and Joe Hardy – The Hardy Boys
Muttley – Wacky Races
The California Raisins – those commercials we all loved
Jack/Kyra – the Riddick legend/saga/thingummywut
Ben Tennyson – Ben 10
Garek – StarTrek DS9
Hank and Dean Venture – The Venture Brothers
Sandy – OtakuBoards

These in addition to [COLOR=DarKRed]Shy[/COLOR]'s. More later, when I'm feeling more ridiculous.[/FONT]
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[quote name='Allamorph'][FONT=Arial]Basil ? The Great Mouse Detective

Seconded. Also Ratigan.

As for my own ideas:
Darth Vader - Star Wars
Harvey Birdman - Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law
Mario Mario - Super Mario Brothers
Calvin and Hobbes - Calvin and Hobbes
Ronald Weasley - Harry Potter
Scar - The Lion King
Bugs Bunny - Looney Toons

I'll think of more. Maybe.
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[FONT=Arial]I wasn't under the impression that cast had any effect on a work's seriousness. If you want it to be a serious endeavor, then go at it seriously, and cast everyone suggested as if they really existed. [I]Who Framed Roger Rabbit[/I] was a serious work of fiction, as a reference point.

You can make it work, is what I'm sayin'. It doesn't necessarily have to turn out as idiotic as [I]Drawn Together[/I].

[B]Edit:[/B] You should probably start worrying, because [COLOR=DarkRed]Shy[/COLOR] and I have teamed up to supply you your lineup.

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[size=1]Okay, an all humanoid list for you:

Sweet Valley High Twins - Sweet Valley High Mysteries
Scarlett O' Hara - Gone With the Wind
Bruce Willis - Himself
James "Sonny" Crockett - Miami Vice
Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria
Dr. Ian Malcolm - Jurassic Park
Ettore Boiardi a.k.a. Chef Boyardee
Jim Henson - The Muppets
That old woman from The Goonies
Doc Brown - Back to the Future
Shaft - Shaft
Fred Mertz - I Love Lucy
Mary Worth - Comic Strips
Captain Ahab - Moby Dick
Josie and/or The Pussycats
Jesus Christ Superstar
Norman Bates as Mother Bates - Psycho
That old woman from Titanic
Lolita - Lolita
Miss Daisy - Driving Miss Daisy
Archie Bunker - All in the Family
Howard Beale - Network (feaure film)
Charlie Chaplin's 'Little Tramp' Character
Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer - Saturday Night Live
Wednesday Addams - The Addams Family
PC - Mac vs. PC ads

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[FONT="Arial"]Even more. Smile.

[SIZE="1"]Winston Churchill
Raphael and Donatello – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Aida – Aida
Rosencrantz and Guildenstern – Hamlet / Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead
Bob's Big Boy – duh
Chris Crocker – YouTube
Mr. Magoo – himself
Yella Fella – again, duh
Senator John McCarthy
Red Sonia (Brigitte Nielson) – Conan The Barbarian
King Louis of France – The History of The World, Part 1
Ashley J. Williams (chainsaw version) – Army of Darkness.
A single Moogle – the only FinalFantasy cameo allowed
Fat Albert – Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids
The entire cast of – Cats
Guy Montag – Fahrenheit 451
Six or seven Mary Sues, including (but not limited to) a Goth Sue and an Emo Sue
Grey Fox – Metal Gear Solid 3
MySpace Tom – mySpace
Commander Keen – Commander Keen
Arthur Lemming of the BDA – Monty Python's Flying Circus

And once again:
Sandy – Otakuboards[/SIZE]

Also, per Shy's suggestion and my halfway agreement, there there should be a cameo of [URL="http://imagecache2.allposters.com/images/pic/FUN/4490~Kiss-Posters.jpg"][COLOR="Blue"]this[/COLOR][/URL] poster somewhere. Preferably in an open environment.

Go to town, man.

[B]Edit:[/B] Gak! I forgot Lawrence Welk![/FONT]
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What happened to the days when crossovers were taking seriously?

I can tell you guys right now that 99% of your suggestions will not even be considered. Believe it or not, I am hoping for a serious tone with my story. Its not some satire or comedy - its a serious action/adventure with its share of politics and social rot in its world.

So, no Oprah, campy Batman, or anything else of those goofy things, This is serious stuff!
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I really wasn't expecting real life actors! :p

But, here is what I have thus far, to give you an idea of what I am doing. I'm trying to balance it out - I need more comic characters and TV shows.


Yuber: One of the acclaimed ?Three Celestial Generals?, Yuber Vuxiong has won the emperor many battles in the previous war. However, he has seemed distant as of late.

Neji Yai: A member of the royal family. He is blind. He is involved a great deal in politics, and is very TDR in the way he does things. Neji supports Ling from afar.

Ling Yao: Cursed to become one of the Wraiths, Greed, Ling has left his homeland in search of a cure.


Queen Selena: The queen of Bastok, she was recently placed into the position by the Parliament to help rally the people. Bastok has recently gotten out of a bloody war with San d'Oria, at the cost of many lives.

Xemnas: One of the Senators, Xemnas is aligned with the Cursed ? those who have been afflicted with magical diseases. The Cursed are treated like second class citizens, and it is Xemnas? goal to not only push forward the hope for a cure, but also to in the meantime, treat the Cursed properly.

Kratos: A warrior gone mad thanks to the death of his family, he in turn seeks to bring as many deaths upon others as possible.


Gramis Solidor: The King of San d?Oria.

Nicholas Fury: The spymaster to the King.

Sephiroth : A senator who steered San d?Oria into the war with Bastok in order to prevent a plague from desecrating both countries. He and his mother, Lady Jenova, have effectively ruled the country for a good many years, although it was in the name of the ?good? of the Kingdom. He lost his left arm in a hunting accident.

Cloud Strife: Fiercely loyal to Sephiroth. Sephiroth sacrificed his left arm to save Cloud?s life all those many years ago. Cloud is the blade, and Sephiroth is the arm.

Orihime Solidor [Orihime Inoue]: A member of the royal family ? she was one of the middle children, being fourteenth in line for the throne. Knowing the impossibility of actually being Queen, she has involved herself in politics.

Giho Dulorne [Ichigo Kurosaki]: A close friend of Orihime, he is her personal bodyguard, as well as secret lover. He is one of the Cursed, able to communicate with the departed and use them in battle.


The Mercanary Corps. are split into two divisions ? one is the fighting division, while the other is the info seeking division.

Dutch: He is the head of the Corps. He rarely heads into battle, but he is a stout leader. He?s no weakling, however ? he can pack one hell of a punch.

Alexander Kreuz (Soma Cruz) ? The newest member of the Corps. At the ripe age of 19, he is a well trained, albeit inexperienced, warrior.

The Nameless One: He is rescued by them on one of their contracts. He is now an aged veteran of their many campaigns.

Riku: An orphaned child, he fought his way into the ranks of the Corps.

Monkey D. Luffy: Their newest recruit, Monkey ate the illegal Devil Fruit, gaining amazing elastic powers. The Corps have sheltered him, in exchange for his prowess in battle.

Abarai (Yao) [Abarai Renji

Athena ? A mind reader, she is one of the most ?persuasive? information gatherers the Corps. have at their disposal.

Katherine Pride [Kitty Pride] ? A Cursed, she has the ability to go through walls, desks...pretty much anything. She was to be lynched, but the Corps. saved her.


Kreia; The Lady of Betrayal

Count Doom; The Man of Perfection: A scientific genius, proficient warrior, dabbler of the arcane, ruler of the small kingdom of Latveria - there are few things that Victor Von Doom is not. He was slightly scarred in a fight, and ever being the perfectionist, he crafted an iron mask to hide his entire face. He hopes to manipulate his fellow members so that Latveria will come out as the most powerful nation. But most of all, he seeks the destruction of Nick Fury, the man who has proven that he was wrong in so many ways ? mostly in the fact that he is not a great man, for he is run entirely by jealousy and greed. He only mimics the way great men act, but he himself is not a great man.

Kefka Palazzo; The Lunacy ? The first recorded volunteer to go under magical experiments. He was able to wield magic without the use of incantations, but his mind became warped. He now seeks to just destroy. Everything.


Albedo Piazzola; The Sigil of Power - Head of a terrorist organization, he seeks to revive his ?brother?, the Red Dragon. He was once part of The Great Below.
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[SIZE="1"][COLOR="DarkSlateGray"][B]Orochimaru [/B]- Naruto
[B]Shinji Ikari [/B]- Neon Genesis Evangelion
[B]Rei-L[/B] - Ergo Proxy
[B]Vincent Law [/B]- Ergo Proxy
[B]Claire Bennent [/B]- Heroes
[B]Sylar [/B]- Heroes
[B]Sora & Riku[/B] - Kingdom Hearts 2
[B]Dr. Who[/B] - Doctor Who
[B]Leon Squall [/B]- Final Fantasy IIIV

Well that's all the ideas I have... hope you think they're serious enough, cause I have no idea about serious characters >_
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[FONT=Arial]Oh, sorry. I guess I got thrown off by the word "epic", which basically translated to me as "frill the rules and damn the torpedoes, and make the cast amazing".

So yeah. I can do "uniform". Just give me a few days. It'll take longer. (^_^)[/FONT]
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[quote name='Allamorph'][FONT=Arial]Garek ? StarTrek DS9[/FONT][/QUOTE]

[color=deeppink]Gar[b]a[/b]k, damn it.

My one and only suggestion is Tommy Oliver from Power Rangers. And I don't want to hear about bow he's not "serious enough." You pretty much said "screw that" yourself when you included Luffy and Riku.

Besdies, if you're good enough, you could take every single one of these suggestions and make them serious.[/color]
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[quote name='Matt']Well, Oprah, Bigs Bunny, Calvin and Hobbes, are beyond my skill of imagination, I'm afraid.[/quote]


[quote]And besides, both Riku and Luffy are serious characters. They aren't comedic in nature (except for Luffy, to an extent).[/QUOTE]

[color=deeppink]The intent behind Riku may have been serious, but the exectution was definitely goofy. [/color]
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[quote name='Matt']Well, Oprah, Bigs Bunny, Calvin and Hobbes, are beyond my skill of imagination, I'm afraid.[/quote]
[FONT=Arial]Now you're just talkin' yourself out of it. =P

And I'm just going to remind you again of [I]Who Framed Roger Rabbit.[/I] Fictional and non-fictional people can exist side-by-side in a [I]fictional[/I] crossover. If you want a definite theme of characters, then tell the people who you want to throw out suggestions what guidelines they need to follow. Simply saying "epic crossover" and "give me all your favorite characters" is extremely broad, even more so than The Ultimate Showdown Of Ultimate Destiny, and expecting your submitters to be able to read your mind as to what kind of characters you don't want to do and what kind of characters you "can't" do (repectfully, that's a load of crap :D) is a little much, neh?

Now, I want to help you out in whatever vein you want to run. So do [COLOR="DarkRed"]Shy[/COLOR], [COLOR="Indigo"]Indi[/COLOR], [COLOR="DarkRed"]Nerdsy [/COLOR]and [COLOR="DarkRed"]Aber[/COLOR]. Help us help you. :D[/FONT]
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[quote name='Aceburner']Oh, right. I should probably try not to spoil it for you.

Try to get to Alabasta as soon as you can, though. Most epic arc in the entire series.[/QUOTE]

Very well then. I'll leave Hellboy for later then. Off to One Piece!
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