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It was 2034, a quiet year for some, but for the world, a new leader was rising. He was slowly convincing the world that in order to have world peace, everyone must look and act the same. And so it began. Three years later, everyone is the same. The world of once full of unique individuals had fallen. It was now time of the holocaust. Anyone who didn?t fit in: mentally ill, handicapped, and the most unique of all, half animal people, were sent to death.

It is now 2038. All the mentally ill and handicapped have been killed off. All that stands in this leader?s way is the half animal people. They have been run out of their homes and beaten. They have just recently found a clearing in the middle of a dense forest that no one knows about and have been setting up a small settlement there. The only thing that is keeping them alive is hope, hope for vengeance and hope that the world will return to its former glory. A leader had risen from the handful of these people left and her name is Madeline Neko. She has assembled a small army and is leading attacks against the Global Unity Keepers, or GUK. It seems that everyday they get more and more supporters and more people joining their army. You have become one of them.

Our journey begins here. We are half animal half human people. We are considered abominations of the human race.

Sign up:

Appearance: (Please include what type of animal you half are; pic or desription)
Weapon: (please no high tech gear or guns, for they'll run out of ammo)
Abilities:(everyone must have at least one)

I will post my sign up after a few people have signed up. Hopefully, people will want to join.
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I think this could be a fun RP if it's given the chance.

Name: Travis "Lunar stalker" White
Age: 21
Personality: Likes to be a loner, but as his half wolf nature he feels the need to protect the pack and will take a bullet for any ally.
Appearance: Travis is covered with black hair dusted with silver. His face is that of a wolf. His red eyes areblue during the daylight, but in the dark they glow red to allow for his advanced vision. His body is more that of a mans, except his arms are elongated to allow him to move on all fours, and his hands are much larger. [url]http://www.tlucretius.net/ote/erwolf.jpg[/url]
Weapon: Though his 1"long fingernails double as claws. Travis prefers his special blade "Leader of the Pack". Its blade is 4' long 8" wide slightly curved blade compliments Travis' 6'8 frame perfectally (Thik of something similar to Auron's type of weapns from FFX)
Abilities: Alpha Male: As his allies grow weak in battle. Travis can take their weakness and gain a super burst of strength and speed. Though he pays hevily and if he gains to much he will die.
Haunting Howl: Calls upon his ancestors classic howl. The howl Travis emits can mess with the mind of opponents bringing out their worst fears. This does not work agains experienced opponents.

BIO: Travis was born to normal parents in the "normal" world. Fearing for his life they fled into the rural countryside where they lived for 2years. Being that Travis was part wolf his mind aged almost like a canine. By his second birthday he was already doing things that most 7 year olds could do. Things were great He had plenty of room to run....One day however it changes...as it always does in these dark times.

One day Travis returned from a walk through the woods. It was the day of his third birthday. When he returned he was horrified, his fathers severed head layed upon the ground just a few feet from his body. He heard his mothers cries for help from their shack.Rushing to her aid Travis saw a man with a shroud over his head raping her....Suddenly Travis' love for his mother and father their own little pack surged a power within him. Green energy appeared, only to Travi's eyes, to float from his distressed mother and dead father. The energy surrounded him and entered his body. Though there was no visible effect on his motherthe energy caused an erie green glow from travis he was sure could be seen since the man turned and stared at him. "I knew the welp wasn't dead as you said, you traitors will all pay" The man arrose drawing a blade and lunged for Travis, not knowing that though he was that young he was as strong as he was. Easily dodging travis insctintively sunk his teeth into the mans neck severing the precious juggular vein.

The man collapsed and Travis ran to his mother...suddenly something wizzed by his head. A large Chakram flew past travis and imbedded itself into his mothers chest so suddenly her eyes went dark in an instant. Turning to face his new foe his strength suddenly left as the state he was in wore off. He saw another man standing in the doorway. He looked exactally like the first even sounded like him. "For a lil wolf pup you certainly don't have very good senses perhaps I should let you live...no its time to......" He never got to finish his sentence, three wolves lept upon the man from behind and instantly killed him.

Travis lived with the pack for 10 years. Always the alpha male protecting the pack, but never letting himself get to close because of what happened to his birth parents, and also since he would live to see countless generations of his wolf brethern fall, but he himself would age as a human.

Wandering through the forest one day Travis wandered into a clearing on a hunt. His 13 year old eyes grew and a smile crossed his face. There were people like him, half animal half human everywhere. Though he loved his pack he returned only to ask they join him, of course they declined but promised they would center their pack just outside the clearing sothey could always be together. Travis returned to the clearning, he noticed all the eyes staring at him unknowing, untrusting, until a girl approached him Travis was unable to descern if she was older or younger but she introduced herself as madeline neko..and she needed him.
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[COLOR="Navy"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"]Name: Bravie
Age: 20
Personality: Happy and energetic she loves to have fun, but at the same time she seems rserved and a tad bit unstable.
Appearance: [URL="http://www.filehost.ro/albume/anime_girlz/58/"]Bravie[/URL] without the wings
Weapon: The scyth in the pic
Abilities: She can see friend from foe. Allies glow blue enemies glow red.
Bio: She was once part of a proud race of Panther/human hybrids. She had fallen in love with another breed and had been punished, she was cast out of the tribe. Waundering around alone for years she heard of a group of hybrids that were fighting. Decideing to join them she headed that way and is hoping that she won't be refused.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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Name: Sindel Niet (night)


Personality: Sindel is very cold and distant. She has a hard time trusting people and is always on gaurd. Because of her appearance, many are afraid of her, so she hates big crowds. She's also very introverted and pestamistic.

Appearance: [URL="http://www.cadavermill.com/Portfolio/2d_Design/DemonGirlCloseUp.jpg"]http://www.cadavermill.com/Portfolio/2d_Design/DemonGirlCloseUp.jpg[/URL]
Sindel isa half-human and half- bat. She is blinded by the light, but can see very well at night.

Weapon: Silver Long bow, and a Celtic spear.

[I]Fly[/I]- Speaks for itself.
[I]Screech[/I]- She releases a very high-pitch scream, which temporarily paralysis her opponents.
[I]Gales[/I]- She flaps her wings very vigorously, creating a strong wind which blows her opponents away (this is usually an escape move, unless the opponent is strong enoug were they are only knocked over).

Bio: Sindel was very young when her parents were killed, so she barely remembers them. After they died she was taken by the humans whom killed her parents, and kept her as a slave. She was constantly beaten, tortured, and raped as a child, and when she was older they mainly "used" her to make money. Selling her off to the highest bider. Eventually she stopped selling so well, because of the many scars that covered her body, nobody wanted a deformed, blind girl. Though, she didn't mind.

Once Sindel turned sixteen, she finally got the courage to run away. She stole some money from her "owners" and tried to make it on her own. The first year was the worst. She ran out of money quickly, and everyone would scowl and curse her for her appearance, so even if she did find the money, the Inns would be sufficiently "sold out". Then one day an old man approached her on the streets and offered to give her shelter, food, and clothing if she would become his student. Sindel was very confused about why he would want her, but she didn't complain. When they arrived back at his home, he told her that he had seen her at night, sweeping from house to house unseen by anyone, stealing a meal or two. The old man saw her potentail, and was glad she accepted his offer.

For the next two years, she trained tidiously. She barely had any rest, but it was worth it. Unfortunetly, the humans had found out that the old man was keeping her, and he was hanged. This sparked an infinate hatred towards the humans, and she devoted her life to getting revenge. Once she heard of the group of hybrids, she decided to check it out, maybe she could find a diligent partner, whom shared her hatred.
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Everyone is accepted, and I love everyone's idea's. I must say, I didn't expect anyone to sign up, but thanks to everyone that did.

Now for my sign up:

[B]Name:[/B] Madeline Neko
[B]Age:[/B] 19
[B]Personality:[/B] Madeline, or Maddie as she is sometimes called, is a kind and caring person. She cares about her group of half animals like they were her family. When it comes to the government though, she's as cold as can be. She may seem like bit of a ditz at times, but she is extremely smart. She can generally outwit the Government, but there are a few times when they outwit her.
[B]Appearance:[/B] [URL="http://photobucket.com/image/anime%20demons/youkoselementalkitsune/anime%20demons/PunkKitty.jpg?o=51"]http://photobucket.com/image/anime%20demons/youkoselementalkitsune/anime%20demons/PunkKitty.jpg?o=51[/URL]
Madeline is part dog, part sorceress and part human.
[B]Weapon:[/B] A scythe, knives and throwing stars.
[B]Abilities:[/B] [I]Joker Illusion-[/I] Madeline shows the oponent a joker card and their instantly caught in an illusion. The illusion usually lasts about five minutes and the oponent usually see's the joker that was on the card. The oponent usually is to distracted by the illusion to notice Madeline sneaking around behind them to attack.
[I]Bloody Tempest-[/I] Madeline creates an Illusion that shows the opponents loved ones around them, dead. The illusion lasts about ten minutes, in which time the opponent usually goes crazy, giving Madeline an opening to attack.
[I]Levitate-[/I] Madeline uses this as a defence. She usually will levitate herself into the air to avoid on coming attacks.
[I]Sense of smell-[/I] Being part dog, Madeline has an excellent sense of smell. She can smell someone from the Government five miles away.
[I]Sense of hearing-[/I]Madeline also has a great sense of hearing. She can hear things from up to 3 miles away.
[B]Bio:[/B] Madeline's parents were killed when she was 2, so she doesn't remember them at all. A young woman took her in and trained her so she could defend herself. When the Government found out that Madeline had survived, they were furious. They sought her out, figuring out that the young woman had taken her in. They ransacked the house she was staying in, killed the woman and stole Madeline's scythe. Madeline was out in the forest, collecting berries at the time and when she got back, she found the woman she had come to love dead. She looked for her scythe, and realized that they must have taken it and went in search for the HQ of the Government. She found it, infiltrated it, and stole back her scythe. Since then, the Government has been looking for her, a bounty on her head. Madeline decided to get a group together of half animal people like her after a while.
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I'm new to these boards, but I've role-played more than half my life already, so I thought I'd try to audition.

Name:Taie Cale
Age: 24
Personality: Quiet, deep in thought. A mystery.
Appearance: Taie has mainly pale skin, his twisted glasses always lying crooked on his nose. His dark hair furls up in little spikes, gnarled and reaching like tree roots. Patchs of scaled skin blot his body, a prominent one stretching from his check down his neck, disappearing under the collar. A thick tail sways out behind him, scaled but with two small patchs of pale skin on it. His misshapen left hand is also completely scaled, fingers fused into two claws, the thumb shrivled and beginning to look claw-like. The fingernails of his right hand are also darkened, green pigmentation covering the fingertips.
Weapon: A slightly curved dagger constantly lies woven in to a beltloop on his trousers, hanging down almost to his kneecap.
[I]Scale-[/I]His hands and feet help him find extra grooves when climbing, letting him scale what looks like a tricky surface with relative ease. Will not work on smooth surfaces like glass.
[I]Balance-[/I]Taie's tail helps him regain his balance easily and thus will rarely, if ever, fall.
[I]Spatial Sense-[/I]He just seems to know when something's behind him.
Bio: Taie was very young when his parents went into hiding with him. They knew something was up, knew something big was coming, changing the world around them. His father owned a little house out in the forest, secluded, nice to be. He stocked it up with as much stuff as he could get and they tried to live there, leave the rest of the world behind.

A few weeks before Taie turned 22 a raiding party from the government came knocking. They had found out about the cabin from some old records, but they weren't sure if his parents had been 'disposed' of yet. The family had tried to hide in the house, but a single flickering candle gave them off. The party stormed the house making short work of wrecking the place before finding his mother. The men laughed and catcalled, pushing her around as she shrieked and tears welled up in her eyes. Finally Taie's father stood up defiantly, wielding nothing more than the thin dagger. He lept at the men, killing a few before one raised his gun to Taie's mother's face. His dad froze, but Taie's mother jumped forward at the man, knocking him over. The gun flashed wildly, and his mother fell over.

From his hiding spot Taie watched in horror as his mother slowly bled to death, and several more men wrangled his shouting father down. They put a bullet between his eyes and left Taie alone.

Taie wondered away for months, living off what he could and moving as though in a trance. Finally he came across the settlement, and simply settled.
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Cyra Aphrodite.


Secretive and moody. She can also be deceptive and extremely cunning.

[url="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v150/unmei_shinpai/Photo58.jpg"][u]Cyra[/u][/url] (quick sketch) is a half-woman, half-snake. Her skin is mottled and has snakelike-insignias, as well as groupings of snake scales, predominantly on her back. When she dresses in normal attire, the only distinguishing marks are her teeth and her slit-pupils. These are easily hidden. For this reason, she is the perfect spy.

Two metal daggers in the shape of snake fangs. Each is 18" long.

[I]Heat Seek:[/I] Uses her snake tongue to detect nearby enemies by sensing their body heat.
[I]Venomous Fangs:[/I] Hes fangs excrete a deadly venom that kills almost instantly.
[I]Strength:[/I] Though her limbs are not especially powerful, her long torso and hips have extreme strength and flexibility, giving her the power to crush enemies that fall within her reach.

Will edit after work tonight.

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Decay- You're accepted. Great sign up too. I really like it, it was interesting. ^^

sakurasuka-You're accepted after you finish your sign up. I also like your's. It was interesting also.

Sign ups will remain open the rest of this week, and some of next. I will put a notice up about 2 days before sign ups close.
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[SIZE="1"][FONT="Palatino Linotype"][COLOR="RoyalBlue"]I'm going to have to go with Drizzt on this one and agree that it can be really interesting given the proper care. So I'm all in.



Loud, strong headed, egotistical, and intelligent. The kind of person you can't stand until you get to know them well.

Royce is lucky enough to be the spawn of a silly human woman and his very intelligent polar bear father. What?!?! Hey, this universe is different, don't judge.

Royce has a shock of medium lengthed black hair that barely covers over half of his eyes and the kind of fangs that you would expect out of someone who is half bear. His arms are covered in sleek white hair, although his hands are just like that of a human. He stands at about six feet tall, give or take an inch or two. The lower half of his body is where the polar bear part of his DNA is in action, being entirely beast like. His legs are full of the sleek white fur as well and his feet are actually paws with razor sharp claws on the end. Although it's not completely necessary he wears a pair of dark blacks slacks to cover his manhood and a simple blue tee shirt to cover the fur on his chest and back. Women seem to be drawn to his icy blue eyes, although are turned off by his love of raw fish.

Considering the fact that he has human hands instead of powerful bear claws, Royce is forced to use a simple katana given to him by his father before he was killed.

[I]Enhanced Smell[/I]: Bears are known for their powerful sense of smell, and Royce is no exception to that rule. They say a hawk can see a drop of rain hit the ground from a mile away, a rabbit will hear it, but a bear will be the first to smell it.

[I]Grizzly Rage[/I]: If Royce gets too angry, watch out. Kind of like a berserker rage in the FF games, only Royce's bearlike qualities become enhanced and it is impossible for osmeone to try to snap him out of it until he's either done his business or perishes.

[I]Extreme Fish Catching[/I]: Royce can catch fish pretty well. He's half bear. Come on now.

[I]Resistance to the Cold[/I]: Polar bear fur. Yup.

Four years ago the governement made the mistake of breaking in Royce's home and slaughtering his father before his very eyes. His good for nothing mother did nothing to try to save her husband and instead was happily escorted to safety by soldiers who had stormed into the home. Royce had been hiding in a closet during the entire clash and was shocked to learn of his mother's betrayal to their family, but remained quiet so that he was not captured or killed as well. His mother had made the mistake of not telling the soldiers he was in the house, either being forgetful or trying to redeem herself to her son. Wrong choice, it was too late.

After that encounter, Royce swore to himself and his father that he would avenge his family's honor by trying to take down the facist government that had corrupted their peaceful country. He also wanted to know what the hell was up with his mother.

About a year before this story takes place Royce is a wanderer, searching from town to town for others like him. Others wanting a way to live free again. Relentless hunting of Royce has formed him into a prime soldier with polished and precise skills, although that has also given him a big head and the idea that he can never be captured. A chance meeting with Madeline Neko begins to weave his tale ... [/COLOR][/FONT][/SIZE]
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[FONT="Century Gothic"][B]Name:[/B] Kizuna

[B]Age:[/B] 21

[B]Personality:[/B] Kizuna has a very unique personality. She is whimiscal and often does things in an offhanded manner and expresses little concern for the outcome. She is cunning and observative in everything that she does. She is very wise almost sage-like and is great at getting advice. She expresses little emotion but understands the heart.

[B]Appearance:[/B] [URL="http://i100.photobucket.com/albums/m5/key_of_darkness/everyday%20anime/Gothic%20Lolita/what.jpg"]Kizuna[/URL] is the one closest with the black hair. She's part kitsune with wings and when she doesn't have the ears, tail, and wings out she looks normal but has a [URL="http://i100.photobucket.com/albums/m31/devildog133456/Anime/kitsune-2.gif"]tattoo[/URL] that is on her chest to the right side.

[B]Weapon:[/B] a long sword that is as long as her body that is entirerly black with a guard in the shape of a lycoris flower and a staff that has many rings around the main one at the top with a sun overcasting a moon in the middle of the main ring.

[I]Foresight-[/I] she is able to see into the future through her dreams
[I]Magic-[/I] using her staff she can cast spells over any element
[I]Summoning-[/I] with the aid of her staff, she can summon small youkai or oni to help and assist her
[I]Healing-[/I] has the ability to heal
[I]Third Eye-[/I] since she is unable to see, she uses this ablity to allow her to see

Kizuna has been in hiding for as long as she could remember, alone with no parents. She had never seen a human before and never really wanted to from all the stories that she had heard about them. She was different from the others of her kind and was often very lonley. As she got older, she had been able to see into the future through her dreams. At first she was frightened at what she was seeing and didn't understand what in the world was going. She soon realized that everything that happened was from the future. She soon was able to summon youkai/oni to help her do little things since she was very lonely and they made her feel happy.

She has a fondness of alcohol and often drinks. She also smokes from a pipe that she always carries around. Though she is like this, she is blind due to an accident that happened.[/FONT]

[COLOR="Purple"]Hope this is good enough :animesmil[/COLOR]
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[FONT="Palatino Linotype"][COLOR="RoyalBlue"][SIZE="1"]Oh man ... I read that completely wrong. Thanks for pointing that out, I'll fix that right now. So in about a week and a half this will start? Sounds like a plan to me.[/SIZE][/COLOR][/FONT]
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[B]Name:[/B] Zumei 'The Silent Shadow' Kri-tsu

[B]Age:[/B] 22

[B]Personality:[/B] Often serious and rarely jokes. Zumei seems to be almost ignorant to the world around him, this is only because he is slightly single minded and has trouble moving on from a task before it's completed to it's fullest. One other noticeable trait is his extreme dislike of other panther folk. He still blames the main group for the expulsion and death of his comrades.

[B]Appearance:[/B] Zumei- [URL="http://i20.photobucket.com/albums/b219/neoninja2/ninjacatboy.jpg"]view 1[/URL], [URL="http://i217.photobucket.com/albums/cc85/Son_Daichi_Goten_Naruto/NinjaNeko.jpg"]view 2[/URL] human-panther

[B]Weapon:[/B] shuriken, and a [URL="http://www.geocities.jp/samurai_garage50/samurai_garage/kusarigama.jpg"]Kusarigama[/URL] click 4 pic

[I]Silence-[/I] Using his skills in ninjutsu Zumei in very skilled in keeping himself quiet.
[I]Balance-[/I] Zumei's tail gives him great balance.
[I]Artist's touch-[/I] Zumei is a trained killer, mastering the art of assassination as well and several martial arts.

[B]Bio:[/B] Long ago there lived a poud race of human panther hybrids. Though not all was peaceful in this race. And at one time a small group was expelled fro the remainder of the group. The ones expelled were punished so, because of their forbidden teachings. The art of the kill, assassination, and pride in their work. This group of dark killers were dampen he view of the panther human race as well as the view of all half bred humans all over the world. Since they became expelled most of the group died off. Over the years almost all of the members either dead or mysteriously vanished. To this day the only known of surviving member is Zumai.

P.S. I hope it isn't a problem I have a panther character aswell. I tried making him pretty different from Bravie, and I think it'll put some intersting character clashes. PM me if it's too much.
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