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Sign Up Otaku Bob and the Recruitment Thread!

The Spectacular Professor

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[center][COLOR="Red"]The name's Bob. Otaku Bob. I'm an archaeologist, but not like those boring ones who sit around dig sites and hit pots with paintbrushes. No, I go out and destroy ancient buildings in order to recover little golden statues and stuff. Cool, huh?

Anyway, I was approached by a private collector a few days ago. He wants me to find him one of the rarest artifacts in existence. A first-edition, holographic, gold-lettered, chocolate-coated promotional Mewtwo Pokèmon card. I'm not sure what he wants with it, but I know I'll need to get my hands on it before the French do. I hate those guys.

Oh, and one more thing. I hate fangirls with a burning passion.[/COLOR][/center]

[COLOR="DarkRed"]There you have it. You get the idea, it's an Indiana Jones parody. So anyway, before we can go on our epic quest to seize the holy pokeymans card, I need some fellow explorers.

-1 or more obligatory female assistants
-1 small child who doesn't appear to do anything but get us into trouble
-1 or more male assistants
-a digging crew

Sign ups are as follows:
Short Biography

Name: Otaku Bob
Age: 34
Appearance: Tall, slightly muscular, tends to have 5 O'Clock shadow, usually wears a Hawaiian shirt with a red background and a fish pattern. Underneath that can be found a T-shirt with a triple delta sign and the words "Hero of Science." Never seen without his signature tan bucket hat. Carries a grappling gun and Katana at all times, though he has only a general idea of how to use the sword.
Bio: As a kid, he was trampled by rabid Inuyasha fangirls at his first anime convention while trying to obtain a first edition copy of the first volume of One Piece. He was both traumatized and inspired by this event, and has since become an awesome treasure hunter, specializing in Anime and Manga merchandise lost to the ages.
Personality: Short-tempered, sarcastic, slightly vain and jokes around a lot.

Have fun and remember to be ready to compromise your sanity. After all, this is a pretty crazy parody.
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Name: Tall Square

Appearance: Tall child with blonde hair. Tall Square is never seen without his black cleveland indians hat with the team logo. He switches it from forward, to backward, to forward cocked slightly to the right, to backward clocked slightly to the left at random intervals. Though he is only 10 years old he is already 5 inches taller than the other kids his age.

Bio: Tall square has heard of the adventures of Otaku Bob from his Great Grandfather Short Round. Since his Great Grandfather's passing 8 years ago. Tall Square has made it his life's dream to accompany Otaku Bob on a perillis journey to find something completly useless.

Personality: Very arrogant, but in a scrappy-doo sort've way. He's still innocent and unwise to the real ways of the world. But has been able to lose himself in his own Otaku Bob fantasy world.

OOC: If I went too goofy with this please let me know and I'll fix it.
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Name: chibi - master


Appearance:Short purple hair. Red eyes. Wears a Gir(from Invader Zim) dog costume with the hood down. 5' 3" tall. Carries a lime green umbrella for defeating any threats or burglars she may encounter.

Bio: Security expert. It is because of her security knowledge that she knows how to get into any safe, past any lasers, doors and locks, and snatch something while replacing it with a fake in record time so that an alarm doesn't go off. In addition, she is an expert on radio-active 'taters and rare pokeon cards.

Personality: Very territorial(get away from my tent!) and aggresive. Also [I]very[/I] loyal. Extremely hardworking when motivation is presented. Loves to sleep and can do so anywhere. Hates [I]burglars[/I] with a passion. But fangirls piss her off a little too.
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Name: Desire Mi'

Age: 23

Personality: Desire has always been a spontaneous, live in the now kind of girl. She rarely thinks ahead, and this causes some problems. She is also quite hot-headed with a fiery temper. If you get on her bad side, she will definitely explode on you...literally.

She has two colt 45',a Russian dagger, and her specialty's...hand grenades, land mines, dynamite, and any other small portable bomb or liquid.

Bio: Desire was an orphan until the age of 18, when she was let go and joined the military. She became an EOD (explosive ordinance division), and fell in love with explosives. She had always been a pyro as a child, setting fires a lot, and even burning down one of her orphanages. So, explosives seemed to be her calling.

She met up with Bob on a dig, and agreed to be his explosives specialist. Archeology didn't seem like much a career for her, but it paid well, and she could always kill them if they found anything good.

(pm me if you need anything else. I did this in a hurry so... I probably missed something.)
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Name: Nuck Chorris


Appearance: Medium hight, strong, curly fiery red hair with pink/gold stripes, and a goatee thats blue. Plaid shorts and Brawl shirt, with DnD symbol necklace.
whenever is forced to fight he will always challenge you to a children's card game with his table arm thing..,or bayblade....whatever really. but hes not gay, and thats an important fact.

Has slight acne problem, and big feet. usually carries a shank and a rubber-band shooter ( with ammo, like a bagillion).

Bio: As a child Nuck Chorris got into a litt---ok he got in plenty of trouble. in collage he took the courses, slacking 101, blowing shit up with you mind 403 and band. He played the Flute.He was saved from most of this crap from a man named Otaku Bob. He always got hurt too, and for some reason always said, "Tis nothing more then a flesh wound!" now he is bobs faithful side salad i mean kick and is always there to give a hand...or leg...whatever he loses first.. And loves shiney things.

Personality: nice but very in your face nice. stubborn and sly. always love to talk. Also he has Plenty on Ninja skills to offer.
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[FONT="Comic Sans MS"]Alright, then. I had a concert earlier tonight, so I'm running a bit behind schedule. I'll start this sometime tomorrow. Expect a PM within 24 hours of me starting the RPG if you haven't posted by then. Thanks for the signups, everybody. Let's make this as awesome as possible!

[center][B][U][SIZE="4"]Auditions Closed.[/SIZE][/U][/B][/center][/FONT]
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