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Gaming Pokemon Battle!!


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Ok! This My Poke'Battle Coloseum.

:Chose Your Favourite Pokemon(In Crytal,Gold,Silver,Red blue)
:Type Your Pokemon Moves(But Must Is Usually Moves When It LEvel Up And Up)Only Four.
:When You In Battle Chose Your Favourite Pokemon In The Upper)
:When You Wins,You Must Challenge Another Trainer.
:When You Lose,You Must Out And You Can FiGht Back.


Now I MUst Chose The Elit FOur:Who Want To Be Elite Four!Tell me.

Gyarados:hydro pump,dragonrage,thrash,leer.
meganium:solarbeam,razor leaf,growl,vine whip.
Feratagilar:hydropump,watergun,slash,scary face
dugtrio:dig,sand attack,megatidude,slash
Pidgeot:sky attack,mud slap,sand attack ,razor wind

that's all okay.
who Want To challenge me!!!!

:naughty: :naughty: :naughty: :naughty: :naughty: :naughty: :naughty: :naughty: :naughty: :laugh:
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I want to be in the elite four. Do we need to post what levels our pokémon are? Anyway...

Lugia-recover, fly, surf, aeroblast
Feraligator-slash, hydro pump, cut, surf
Gyarados-waterfall, whirlpool, dragon rage, surf
Noctowl-hypnosis, fly, peck, flash
Ho-oh-recover, fire blast, sunny day, swift
Espeon-swift, cut, physcic, hypnosis

Is this good?
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Hmmm...I'm in! :D I take it we're allowed to have a balenced team, unlike the real Elite Four? (Which have just a couple of types each (Will: Ice/Psychic, Koga: Poison, Bruno: Fighting/Rock, an so on)


Typhlosion: Flamethrower, Fire Blast, Swift, Fire Punch
Electrode: Thundershock, Explosion, Zap Cannon, Thunder Wave
Lugia: Fly, Ice Beam, Hydro Pump, Recover
Sudowoodo: Rock Smash, Rock Slide, Low Kick, Earthquake
Celebi: Psychic, Ancientpower, Solar Beam, Hypnosis
Red Gyarados: Hydro Pump, Thrash, Body Slam, Bite

Izzat ok?
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:cool: :p Sure! Im up for it! But who's going first?:confused:


Feraligator-Earthquake,Hydro Pump,Surf,Rest


Lugia-Recover,Aurora Beam,fly,hydro pump

Haunter-Hypnosis,Dream Eater,Shadow Ball,Night Shade

Furret-Strength,Dynamic Punch,Body Slam,Swagger

Blastoise-Surf,Hydro Pump,Skull Bash,Mega Kick
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Ok, I'll join! :) Here's my team, I don't care if I'm on The Elite Four or whatever..... :excited:

Typhlosion: [color=red]Flame Thrower, Fire Wheel, CUT, Dynamic Punch[/color]
Noctowl: [color=brown]Steel Wing, FLY, Hypnosis, Confusion[/color]
Poliwrath: [color=blue]Body Slam, STRENGTH, Rain Dance, Hydro Pump[/color]
Graveler: [color=chocolate]Rock Slide, Earthquake, Rock Smash, Rage[/color]
Weezing: [color=purple]Sludge, Sludge Bomb, Smoke Screen, Rollout[/color]
Misdreavous (sp?): [color=indigo]Mean Look, Lick, Confuse Ray, Curse[/color]

Ok, there's my team. :)
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Wait! We need a Champion! We have the elite four, but we need a Champion. One of us original elite four can be the Champion, and S.Snail can be part of the elite four, the champion, or whatever.

I'll volunteer for Champion unless FerMansion1989 wants to be the Champ. :D
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I'll join!

Typhlosion: Flamethrower, Flame Wheel, Thunderpunch, Earthquake

Pidgeot: Steel Wing, Fly, Whirlwind, Wing Attack

Furret: Cut, Strength, Slam, Rest

Suicune: Whirlpool, Waterfall, Aurora Beam, Gust

Raichu: Rain Dance, Thunder, Iron Tail, Mega Kick

Umbreon: Psychic, Bite, Quick Attack, Flash
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We have to many people who wants to be an elite four, but remember that we can only have for elites and one champion, so would everyone please stop voluntering and get ready to battle!?!:confused:
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