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RPG Rabbit Doubt

Funny Girl

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[CENTER][SIZE="3"][B]Round 1: Players[/B][/SIZE]

[COLOR="DarkRed"][FONT="Fixedsys"]One day, a wolf snuck into a group of friendly rabbits. As the others fell asleep, the wolf appeared in it’s natural form. Day by day, one by one, the wolf killed and ate the rabbits. The rabbits, not knowing which was the wolf, arranged a meeting. Then, the tribunal decided on the one amongst them that they believed to be the wolf and killed it. If they chose correctly, the rabbits win. If they were wrong, all of the rabbits would be killed and eaten by the wolf. This is the story of such a game.[/FONT][/COLOR]

As Rei headed down the hallways, she noticed that there were more and more doors with barcode entrances. Rei didn’t know what her barcode opened and was scared to find out. Rei went further and further away from the room that she woke up in. Bars walls that seemed to be stained from heavy down pours or giant cracks in the walls. She had finally made to a set of stairs but couldn’t go up them. [COLOR="Magenta"]“This is hopeless.” [/COLOR] Rei turned around when she saw a lift for wheelchairs. Rei went over to it to see if it worked. It did. She set herself on the lift and went up. She had made it to whatever floor that was above the one she was on. Rei looked to the left and right of her and found that it was exactly like the last floor she was on. More doors and more barcodes.

[COLOR="magenta"]“Just where exactly am I? This scenery seems all too familiar. What is it?”[/COLOR]
As Rei tried to figure it out she heard her name being called. She turned and saw someone running towards her. As the girl came closer and closer Rei realized that it was Mion.
[COLOR="magenta"]“Mion! Is that you?”[/COLOR]
[COLOR="magenta"]“Of course it is! Why wouldn’t it be me?” [/COLOR] Mion stopped and tried to catch her breath.
[COLOR="magenta"]“Where are we?”[/COLOR]
[COLOR="magenta"]“Hell if I know.”
“Same here. I didn’t find anyone else except you but this barcod on my arm.”
“Wonder what this place is?”
“Makes you wonder. How about we try and see if there’s an exit around here.”

Mion and Rei headed down a hallway. At the end of that hallway they saw a large open room with a large half- moon desk. As they got closer to it they saw someone standing there. The person turned to look at them and said, [COLOR="magenta"]“Do you know a way out of this place?”
“Sorry. But we don’t.”[/COLOR]
When they reached the area they saw that the person was a man and that they were all in the lobby of a hospital. Rei looked over to the door and saw that it was barricaded and closed off. Mion and the guy who she found out was named Haruka talked while Rei went over to the desk and saw that all of the monitors were broken and shut down. The phone looked broken and that there were some old yellow files scattered on the desk and the floor. Rei went back to Mion and said, [COLOR="magenta"]“Looks like this place has been abandoned for some time. Everything here is just broken down and old.”
“That doesn’t sound good.”
“Hey! You guys have cell phones, right?” [/COLOR]asked Haruka.
[COLOR="magenta"]“Yeah, we do,” [/COLOR]replied Rei.
[COLOR="magenta"]“How about we use that to call for help.”
“Good idea,” [/COLOR]said Mion reaching in her pocket to get her cell. Mion looked shocked. [COLOR="magenta"]“I don’t have it. It’s not here. But I was sure that I had it.”[/COLOR]

Rei checked her pockets and found out that she too didn’t have her cell phone. [COLOR="magenta"]“Mine’s gone too.”
“I thought as much. Mine was also taken,” [/COLOR]said Haruka.
[COLOR="magenta"]“What do we do?”
“I don’t know. You and I had just entered the club when we blacked out. After that there was nothing.”
“You were at the club?”
“I wasn't there but I also blacked out. You played the game Rabbit Doubt, right?”
“Yeah. So that means if you weren't at the club for the game then that means that there’s others here too that played the game who might've been at the club.”
“So, we wait here for the others to hopefully join us.”

[COLOR="Navy"]OOC: Alright. Time to get this game on the road. Everyone needs to meet up where these characters are at. Once that happens then the game of Rabbit Doubt can truly begin. There is a Backstage for this thread as well so if you have any questions or comments and updates for additional info. [/COLOR]
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Tommy wanderd out into this long dark hallway. Whatever this place was, it looked decrepit. There was little to no lighting in this place. It looked like an old hospital and it was starting to creep Tommy out. As he started to walk off to his right he heard voices coming from behind him. He turned and started to run down the hall. As he came to the end of the hall it opened up and he could see three people already out there. As Tommy came running in all eyes fell on him. He looked out and kinda smirked at them as he walked through the door [B]"Am I late for the party?"[/B]

Tommy said, in typical smart ass fashion, as he came up to the group. The looks quickly turned to looks of irritation at his comment. Tommy chuckled nervously [B]"Geez, tough crowd. And here I thought you'd be the good humored type."[/B]

It was at this point that one of the girls spoke up "Are you gonna tell us why your here?"

Irritation still in her voice. Tommy jumped back a bit, this chick was awfully up tight [B]"Hey just woke up here. I was wondering if maybe any of you had an idea of whats going on around here."[/B]

The shook her head, not sounding quite as upset [B]"Sorry, we all have about the same story. I bet your phones missing too."[/B]

It hadn't occured to Tommy to check, but he went ahead and reached into his pocket. Sure enough, it was gone. Tommy stomped his foot and looked around the room again. He looked back down to his hand and back to the rest of them [B]"Do the rest of you have one of these?"[/B]

He asked, showing his right palm to them and the bar code on his hand.
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[SIZE="1"][FONT="Century Gothic"][COLOR="YellowGreen"]Mion walked out into the dark hallway that seemed to go on forever. She looked back and forth, then side to side to make sure that she wasn't being stalked by anyone or anything suspicious. She soon realized that her eyes were adjusting to the dark and she could see more. She soon saw a familiar figure appear from what looked like a fleight of stairs. It was Rei. Running down the hall, Mion yelled, [B]"Rei! Rei! Thank god you're alright!"[/B]

[B]?Mion! Is that you?"[/B] said Rei.
[B]?Of course it is! Why wouldn?t it be me?? [/B]Mion stopped and tried to catch her breath.
[B]?Where are we??
?Hell if I know.?
?Same here. I didn?t find anyone else except you but this baracode on my arm.?
?Oh, that's strange. Wonder what this place is??
?Makes you wonder. How about we try and see if there?s an exit around here.?

Mion and Rei walked down the hallway and emerged in a big open area that had a half-moon desk with some broken computers and a what appeared to be a broken phone.As they got closer to it they saw someone standing there. The person turned to look at them and said, [B]?Do you know a way out of this place??
?Sorry. But we don?t.?[/B] replied Mion.

Mion and the man started talking with each other. And got to know their names.
[B]"Hey! You guys have cell phones, right??[/B] asked Haruka.
[B]?Yeah, we do,?[/B] replied Rei.
[B]?How about we use that to call for help.?
?Good idea,?[/B] said Mion reaching in her pocket to get her cell. Mion looked shocked. [B]?I don?t have it. It?s not here. But I was sure that I had it.?[/B]

Rei checked her pockets and found out that she too didn?t have her cell phone. [B]?Mine?s gone too.?
?I thought as much. Mine was also taken,? [/B]said Haruka.
[B]?What do we do??
?I don?t know. You and I had just entered the club when we blacked out. After that there was nothing.?
?You were at the club??
?I wasn't there but I also blacked out. You played the game Rabbit Doubt, right??
?Yeah. So that means if you weren't at the club for the game then that means that there?s others here too that played the game that might have been at the club.?
?So, we wait here for the others to hopefully join us.?

Another man soon came to the group and said, [B]"Am I late for the party?"[/B]
Mion was irritated at the man and said, [B]"Are you gonna tell us why you're here?"[/B]
[B]"Hey just woke up here. I was wondering if maybe any of you had an idea of whats going on around here."[/B]
[B]"Sorry, we all have about the same story. I bet your phones missing too."[/B]
It seemed as though the man was missing his phone when he suddenly said something disburbing, [B]"Do the rest of you have one of these?"[/B] As he showed his right palm to them which revealed a barcode.[/COLOR]


[COLOR="Purple"]Haruka walked and walked until he came to an open area which seemed like a hospital lobby. He was looking around in the desk that had only broken computers, a broken phone, files everywhere, and some stains that he didn't recognize all over the place. He soon heard two female voices coming. Looking around he saw them and asked, [B]"Do you know a way out of here?"[/B]
[B]"Sorry but we don't,"[/B] said the girl with the black hair who was pushing the other girl in a wheelchair.

He and the the other girl started talking when he asked, [B]"Do you guys have any cell phones by chance?"[/B]
The girls went through their pockets and found that they didn't have their cell phones. [B]"I thought as much. I don't have mine either."[/B]

Soon another man, Tommy, came out and they chatted for a bit when Tommy showed them the barcode that he had on his hand and asked, [B]"Do the rest of you have one of these?"[/B]
[B]"I do. Right here,"[/B] said Haruka showing his which was on his left arm near the shoulder. [B]"Do you know what it means?"[/B][/COLOR][/FONT][/SIZE]
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[size=1]Anna's head snapped up as she heard voices. Taking off down the hallway, she followed them. As she rounded the corner, she almost ran face-first into her cousin.

"[b]Zach! Zach, you're here![/b]"

Zach caught the panicking Anna by the arms, and held her until she stopped babbling.

"[b]Anna, girl, get a grip! If you're here, that means the other people at the club have to be, too.[/b]"

Anna nodded, eyes wide. Zach listened for the voices, and they began walking again. Soon they came to the room with the others.

Slightly unfamiliar faces turned to them, eyes all glowing with hope.

"[b]Does either one of you have a phone?[/b]"

Anna and Zach both searched their persons, and shook their heads.

"[b]I had mine when I got to the club. I don't know what happened to it,[/b]" Zach said, fuming.
"[b]Same here.[/b]" Anna was chewing her fingernails when one of the girls pointed at her cheek.

"[b]You have a barcode, too![/b]"

Anna nodded. "[b]What does it mean?[/b]" Her voice had gone small, and her face was closed to even her cousin.[/size]
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[COLOR=green]She walked quietly, and so slow she would get 2nd place in a race against the spider creeping along the wall next to her. She glanced in every direction every few seconds, all in hopes of finding an exit, normal day light, or someone who could explain why she woke up in the middle of an abandoned building.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=green][B]"This is stupid! Who had this bright idea? They could have at least put me closer to an exit or something. Man my head hurts. Oh I found some stairs!"[/B][/COLOR]

[COLOR=green]She sped up and got to the half way point in no time at all only to see a broken pay phone on the wall.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=green][B]"OH MY GOD!"[/B] She shouted to herself and started digging through her pockets and found that he cell phone was missing.[B] "NO! Its not fair!"[/B] She shouted and stomed down the rest of the way to the floor below. It looked the same as the one she was on.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=green]She, for the first time, realized most of the doors were locked tight and had barcode scanners. She imagined herself getting into a wierd position so it would read her forhead, only to have the door open and let loose some crazy animal or something. [B]"Gosh I hope this place didnt have, or still does have, animals... Starving animals are... no... not possible."[/B][/COLOR]


[COLOR=green]Meanwhite Xander walked down his hall, all the doors were locked and had no way of seeing inside of them. He got near a stairwell and almost smiled. He then heard the sound of someone going down the stairs farther down and his heart jumped. He raced down the first flight of stairs only to find it and its halls empty.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=green]He suddenly heard mummbled words down another floor and went down the stairs to come face to face with a girl he recognised.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=green][B]"YOU!"[/B] She screeched.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=green]"[B]Wait what?"[/B] He said quietly as he grew more confused.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=green][B]"It must have been you! You drugged me or something, danced with me to make me comfortable or something.... or.... and now im here and there arent any exits! You must be some psycho killler or rapist of something!"[/B] She was mummbling fast and quietly but enough to still understand. [B]"And what kind of sick thing is this!?"[/B] She said pointing at the barcode on her head.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=green][B]"Hey calm down, Im none of those things. I danced with you because you looked terrified and no girl should be a club and not dance! I am in the same boat as you! See?"[/B] He said pointing at the barcode etched into his throat. [B]"If you think your head hurts imagine it right here."[/B][/COLOR]

[COLOR=green]She relazed just a little bit and sighed, [B]"I just dont know what to do... My phone is missing, Hey! You have one right!?"[/B][/COLOR]

[COLOR=green]Xander did a long check of all pockets in his boots pants and huge jacket and found his phone was missing. [B]"Not possible! I just got that thing."[/B] He said with a sigh.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=green][B]"What is your name miss?"[/B] Xander began to ask.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=green]Airobeth cut him off, [B]"I hear more voices!"[/B][/COLOR]

[COLOR=green]Without thinking both of them headed in the direction of the voices.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=green][I]"Oh sure you hear something and you head to it! Real smart stupid! They could be ready to kill you or disect you or something. Yes run towards the unknown sounds!"[/I][/COLOR]

[COLOR=green]They came into what looked like a hospital lobby with a bunch of other people in it, all with visible barcodes and lost looks on their faces.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=green][B]"Two more huh, you guys have phones?"[/B] One of the girls asked.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=green]Xander shook his head, [B]"We already checked, ours are missing."[/B][/COLOR]

[COLOR=green]The girl sighed, [B]"That is just swell."[/B] she paused, [B]"Names?"[/B][/COLOR]

[COLOR=green]Xander nodded, [B]"My name is Xander..."[/B][/COLOR]

[COLOR=green]Airobeth reluctantly gave her name in a quiet voice as if she thought the very walls were going to hear it and use it against her somehow. [B]"Airobeth Durant... were you guys at the club too?"[/B][/COLOR]

[COLOR=green]Most of them nodded in agreement. Airobeths hear began to race and her mind went even faster.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=green][B]"They drugged us, shoved us in a hospital for experimenting, something went wrong with the world and while we were here for what seemed like only hours was actually years and they just left us and now were stuck in some post apocalyptic world and...."[/B] Airobeth started mumbling even more theories.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=green][B]"Someone's been watching to much science fiction horror flicks."[/B][/COLOR]

[COLOR=green]Xander took a moment and explained how her theory couldnt be possable, including reasons such as they would have dehydrated, starved, and even as far as to say that hospitals would be the last thing to be abandoned since it would help everyone who got hurt or sick during those 'terrible times'.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=green]Airobeth frowned a sat on the ground by the wall. [B]"Now what...."[/B][I] "Good going, you let your mouth run and now they all think your nuts... smoooooth."[/I][/COLOR]
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Mitsuki thought that this little shenanagain would be worth seeing through the end. She ran down the hallways to look for the exit, a clue, a hint, or something that would tip her off. Mitsuki loved these sorts of things and wanted to know who was it that set up this game. As she ran and ran, she finally found out that the place she was in had multiple floors. [COLOR="Purple"] "Interesting. This little game is going to be over with soon."[/COLOR]

Mitsuki ran down the stairs and jumped onto the next floor. She looked around before getting back up and smiled. [COLOR="purple"] "No one's here either. Not much of game if there aren't any obstacles."[/COLOR] Mitsuki walked down the hallways until she heard some commotion down one of the halls. She carefully walked down it and stopped when she saw some people. Mitsuki waited to see what was going on.

They all seemed to be talking about them having barcodes and being at the club and then waking up where Mitsuki was now. She turned the corner to show herself and said, [COLOR="purple"]"Hey there!! My name's Mitsuki and was wondering if you guys know a way out."
"Sorry but we don't."
"Check if you have your cell phone."
"Okay," [/COLOR]Mitsuki checked her pockets and saw that she didn't have it, [COLOR="purple"]"Alright, what the hell's going on here?"
"We don't know. We all seem to have been at the club one moment and then the next we all woke up here with these weird barcodes and stripped of cell phones."
"Barcodes? I wonder if I have one too. I really didn't check since I thought that this was all a game."[/color]

Mitsuki checked herself until one of the guys said, [COLOR="purple"]"It's on you thigh!"[/COLOR]
She looked down and saw that it was true. [COLOR="purple"]"Weird. Now who would do such a thing to all of us?"
"We've been trying to figure that out."[/COLOR]

[COLOR="Navy"]OOC: Okay things are looking good. All we need is for Knuckle's Girl to post and TBO to post your last character.[/COLOR]
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[FONT="Century Gothic"][COLOR="Navy"]Walking out of the room, Shiki kept going further and further into the darkness of what seemed to be a hallway. [I]'Dammit. It's really dark and I can't see a thing or hear anything. It feels a little eerie. I wish I knew where the fuck I was,"[/I] Shiki thought as she walked until she reached what seemed like a fleight of stairs. She looked harder and she was right. She could also hear a few voices. Wondering if there might be others like her, she slowly walked down the stairs.

She kept on the same pace to make sure that it wasn't any kind of enemy. Making it down the stairs, she looked down the hallway on both sides and saw a light at the end of one side. She approached very cautiously trying not to make herself noticed. When she was just about around the corner, she scanned the room and one person in particular caught her eye.

[B]"Haruka! What the fuck are you doing here?! I thought that you were at the library!"[/B] Shiki yelled while running up to Haruka and then stopping dead in front of him.
[B]"Hey, Shiki. Nice to see you,"[/B] said Haruka casually and lazily.
[B]"Don't fuckin' 'Hey, Shiki' me! You bastard do you know where the fuck we are?!"
"It seems that we are in a hospital does it not?"
"Then how the fuck did you get here? Everyone here seems to be from the club that we were gonna meet at. You weren't there. Where the fuck were you?"
"I got a text telling me that we changed the location, blacked out, and ended here."
"What? How? From who?"
"But... that's not possible. I didn't text you about anything... Nothing."
"Anyway, I'm guessing that you're missing your cell phone..."
"Huh?"[/B] Shiki searches through her pockets and realizes that she doesn't have her cell phone. [B]"Fuck, where did it go? I had it a while ago."
"If you look in a mirror, your neck has a barcode on it, just like the rest of us have one." Haruka showed her his.[/B]

Shiki stood there in shock. She didn't know what to do or how to react. She was stunned and for the first time in her life, she felt useless. But she knew that they all were stuck in this place and there was no way out.[/COLOR][/FONT]
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[COLOR="Navy"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"][COLOR="DarkRed"]Sorry so late, been working, just got a new job. Yay me![/COLOR]

Ken stretched as she entered the room and froze as everyone looked at her and searched her with their eyes, one girl finally spoke up.
"Oh, please tell us you have a phone on you..."
Ken looked at her hips and searched her pockets.
Tommy pointed at her wrist.
"You've been marked too apparently."
She blinked rapidly as everyone else exposed their bar codes to her. She blinked again and sighed.
"Well this is interesting...to say the least, does anyone know what the hell is going on than?"
Everyone looked around and shook their heads.
"So now what? Do we just sit here and wait to see what happens? I say we get moving...I've seen these kinds of movies and if you stay in one spot everyone get picked off one by one."
They all shifted uncomfortably, scratching the back of her neck she chuckled and shook her head.
"It's just a thought..."
Looking around she caught sight of the guy she had been dancing at the club with and gave him a slight nod.
[I]'Great, at least I get another chance to get to know him.'[/I][/FONT][/COLOR]
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Rei looked around the room to see all of the new faces that had joined up with them. [COLOR="Magenta"] "So what do we do now? There must be a reason why all of us are here in the first place right? Maybe it would be best if we introduce ourselves. My name's Rei."[/COLOR]
They all nodded to the idea and everyone started to say their introduction.[COLOR="YellowGreen"] "My name's Mion!"[/COLOR]
[COLOR="DeepSkyBlue"]"Mine's Zach."[/COLOR]
[COLOR="DarkOrchid"]"Haruka. Pleased to meet you all."[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Navy"]"And my name's Ken."[/COLOR]
"[COLOR="Blue"]Well now that we've got that over with, now what?" [/COLOR] asked Tommy.
[COLOR="DarkOrange"]"I guess we could try a find a way out, right?"[/COLOR] said Xander.
[COLOR="Green"]"But where's the exit in this place? Everything here seems to be barricaded or blocked."[/COLOR] said Airobeth.

The room got silent as everyone tried to think of a way out. [I]Ring Ring Ring.[/I]
They all looked around to see where that ringing was coming from. Then it hit them. The desk. Shiki ran over to it and looked at the old phone. [COLOR="red"] "The damn thing works."[/COLOR]
[COLOR="DeepSkyBlue"]"Well pick it up. We could try and see if the one that's calling could help us out of here,"[/COLOR] said Zach.
Shiki nodded and picked up the phone. [COLOR="Red"]"Hello? Could you please help us. We are locked inside an old abandoned hospital and don't know a way out. Could you please help us!!!"[/COLOR]
There was silence and Shiki's face went pale. [COLOR="red"]"What the hell do you mean by that?!! I don't give a damn thing that you are trying to say but you could at least contact the fucking police to tell them we are in a fucking crisis!!"[/COLOR]
It went silent again and this time everyone heard what was being said on the other line. [COLOR="DarkRed"][FONT="Impact"]"The liar must die..."[/FONT][/COLOR] The phone went dead and everyone went pale.

[COLOR="Purple"]"Wait, wasn't that the catch pharse for the game Rabbit Doubt?"[/COLOR] asked Mitsuki trying to lighten up the mood.
[COLOR="Blue"]"It is." [/COLOR]said Anna.
[COLOR="Green"]"But what is that supposed to mean? Is that some kind of creepy joke or something? What could that person mean by it? It has to be a joke. I mean, we all played that game but it was always harmless. What if... what if... one of us die here?! Then what would happen?!!"[/COLOR] shouted Airobeth in a panic.
[COLOR="Navy"]"Calm down. It can't be anything like that. How about we just go around and find a place out of here? If we stick together then we may be able to find an exit."[/COLOR] said Ken.
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Xander thought a moment on the trouble that just occured. He quieted the room slightly so he could make an observation.

[COLOR=darkorange][B]"That phone is old, and probably connected to the lines herei n the building, for it to work, and then be cut off right after that..." [/B][COLOR=black]He paused has he picked up the phone again as demonstration, pure silence, not even a dialtone,[/COLOR][B] "that MUST mean they cut the line that directly feeds here. So whoever called, has to be in the area, either outside of this building or somewhere inside."[/B][/COLOR]

He could see the horror and paranoia on Airobeth's face and sighed.

[COLOR=darkorange][B]"Anyone know how many floors we have here. I came down two flights of stairs to get here... and there werent any stairs leading up."[/B][/COLOR]

[B][COLOR=magenta]"I went up a floor"[/COLOR][/B] Xander heard Rei say.

[COLOR=darkorange][B]"Hmm Could you tell if there were stairs going down as well?"[/B][/COLOR]

[B][COLOR=magenta]"It was so dark Im surprised I even found the lift going up!"[/COLOR][/B] She remarked.

He paused, [COLOR=darkorange][B]"So at lease three and maybe a basement... Uhm... So i say we should search on this floor for the exit. If we split up into teams we could search more quickly. I would think."[/B][/COLOR]

[COLOR=green][B]"Why just this floor?"[/B][/COLOR] Airobeth asked quietly.

Xander frowned, [COLOR=darkorange]"[B]Because I am asuming this is the ground floor, and the ground floor of any hospital normaly has an entrance, which in turn, becomes our exit."[/B][/COLOR]

[COLOR=black]He paused again,[/COLOR][COLOR=darkorange][B] "But its entirely just a suggestion. I just figured standing around here wasnt getting us anywhere."[/B][/COLOR]
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[COLOR="Purple"][FONT="Century Gothic"][B]"It's a bad idea if we split up. If we do that, then whoever devised this little trap is probably looking to kill us in smaller numbers. Shiki, what did the person say on the phone?"[/B] Haruka casually said as he looked towards Shiki who was still standing near the phone in a petrified state of mind.
[B]"Other than 'The liar must die', that there is nothing left for us. We are all screwed. And that we had to find the liar amongst us all and kill them. And that this game is one that we cannot escape. That was all. It didn't make any damn fucking sense to me. I just wanna get out of this fucking dump and quick,"[/B] said Shiki with anger in her voice.
[B]"If we are to search for an exit, it's possible that it won't be here on the first floor,"[/B] said Haruka.
[B]"Why's that?"[/B] asked Xander.
[B]"Because, if the door right here in front of us is baracaded, then the others on this floor probably are too. So we should head to the top floor and look."[/B] said Haruka.

The others mumbled among themselves wondering what they should do. Then they finally decided that they would go to the top floor.

[B]"Alright, we'll go with your plan,"[/B] said Tommy.
[B]"Yeah, it seems like the only safe way,"[/B] said Ken.
[B]"If this doesn't work out, Haruka, then I'm sure as hell gonna kill you myself,"[/B]threatened Shiki. [B]"But I'll believe you since you know more about hospitals then anyone else around here does. I'm guessing that we can all cooperate together well since we had to while playing the game."
"But I haven't playe the game before,"[/B] said Mion.
This remark stopped everyone dead in their tracks.[/COLOR]

[COLOR="Navy"][B]"Wha?! What do you mean, you never played before? I thought everyone here did. You were at the club right?"[/B] questioned Shiki.
[B]"Yes, but I came with Rei. She asked for my assisstance and I decided that I would help,"[/B] replied Mion.
[B]"Well, that's not very helpful, you're not gonna be very useful since you don't seem to be trustworthy in all this. I can't trust someone with my life to someone who I don't know as well as the others,"[/B] Shiki replied coldly.
[B]"Please, don't bring this out on Mion. She came for my sake and I believe in her. So it's only right that you all do as well,"[/B] said Rei.
[B]"She has a point you know,"[/B] said Anna.
[B]"Pfft. Fuck... Fine with me. Do whatever the fuck you want. You can all trust her but I sure as hell don't. Anyway, there's nothing we can do. All the doors to the rooms have some sort of special lock that only takes certain keys. Then we have these damn stupid barcodes on us,"[/B] said Shiki.
[B]"That's it! We can probably open the doors with our barcodes. But what door is it that we can open?"[/B] asked Mitsuki.

Everyone was puzzled at the matter. Everyone there had a barcode. And there were three stories plus a basement to the hospital. There were probably a ton of rooms minus the ones they were already in. No one knew what to do or how to respond to this little game.[/COLOR][/FONT]
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As the group headed to climb the stairs Rei sighed. Before anyone said anything Xander and Airobeth helped carry her up the stairs. Slower than everyone else but eventually getting to the next floor, then the next, and eventually the group made it to the top floor where Xander and Airobeth sat her down safley away from the stairs and on solid ground.

"We could have switched off! I could have helped..." Xander heard one of Rei's friends say suddenly, as he stretched towards the...dark dampness stained ceiling.

"No problem really," He said through a huge yawn. "Damn why do I feel so tired still..."

Airobeth muttered, "Drugs probably..." She paused and thenshook herh ead, "Wait how the hell could an exit be on the top floor of a building? I mean... its what... like THREE floors down to solid outside ground, I cant fly so im not sure how you all expect me get all the way back down..."

Xander put a hand on her shoulder which made her flinch, "I mean... thats like hoping to find an exit on the top floor of .... like.... the... empire state building or something, mere suicide if you ask me!" She continued, ignoring Xander's attempt to calm her.

"Let's just see what we can find...." He said after she took a breath.

ooc: i remembered in the first post she used a lift, but in the undeground it says no working, or just none at all, of the lifts or elevators... so i figured to have them carry her up, if thats ok...
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Mitsuki looked around the floor. It was the same as all of the rest. Hallways and more and more doors. The group headed over to the first door and looked at the lock. [COLOR="Purple"]"It's a barcode entry only,"[/COLOR] said Mitsuki. She looked down at her barcode and lifted up her leg until it touched the scanner. There was a scanning noise and then a loud beep that soon read, [I][B]"Invalid."[/B][/I] [COLOR="purple"] "Shoot. I thought that mine might work."[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Red"]"Move aside. Let me try,"[/COLOR] said Shiki pushing Mitsuki aside. Shiki pressed her barcode from her neck onto the scanner. This time it read, [I][B]"Valid"[/B][/I] and the door slid open. [COLOR="red"]"Cool. So mine can open this room."[/COLOR]

They all headed inside the room to see if there was a way out. There wasn't. It was just an empty room. Stained walls and no windows. There was another door in the room that was open. [COLOR="YellowGreen"]"Hey look! There's another door here!"[/COLOR] shouted Mion pointing. Everyone's eyes followed to where Mion's finger was pointing and looked at it. Haruka walked over to the and the others followed. He opened the door more and looked inside. It was another room bare room. But there wasn't another door besides the one that Haruka had opened. [COLOR="Green"]"That's strange. Why would there be a room like this? No one would be able to escape from it if there were locked in here,"[/COLOR] said Airobeth peeking around Haruka.

Rei waited in the other room while the others looked through the other door. Rei then went to the door that had led them into the room and looked around down the hallway. Left, right, left. There was no one there. She sighed and took a deep breath and turned around to face the room.

Everyone else finally went into the room they had discovered. They all wandered around until they saw a window facing outside. Anna went up to it and looked through it. Bars. [COLOR="RoyalBlue"]"Looks like we cant' get out through here. The window has bars on it."[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Blue"]"That sucks. Now it looks like we're stuck in this hell for long time,"[/COLOR] said Tommy sarcastically.
[COLOR="YellowGreen"]"Hey? Has anyone seen Rei?"[/COLOR] asked Mion.

They all looked around the room and then some ran into the other room to look for her. The ones that went into the other room shook their heads and said that she wasn't there. [COLOR="Cyan"]"Wonder where she wandered off to,"[/COLOR] said Zach.
[COLOR="Purple"]"She could be anywhere in this building. Wait, she has a wheelchair so she should be on the third floor still. Let's go look for her," [/COLOR]said Mitsuki with vigor.
[COLOR="Red"]"But how do you know that she's still on this floor. Maybe she tried to go down the stairs and fell,"[/COLOR] said Shiki.
[COLOR="Navy"]"We would have heard that she fell,"[/COLOR] said Ken.
[COLOR="DarkOrange"]"Maybe the wolf took her,"[/COLOR] Xander spoke up.
[COLOR="YellowGreen"]"Then that would mean... Oh Rei, where have you gone?!" [/COLOR]
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