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[I]Vampire:[/I] A powerful creature of the night, gaining unholy inhuman abilities far superior to that of a normal human being. The cost, however, was unthinkable for most. Needing to drink the blood of humans to sustain your own life. How they are created is an interesting statistic, vampires are only made when a pre-existing vampire bites a human virgin of the opposite sex. Biting a human of the same sex or one who is not pure, creates a ghoul. Ghouls are gruesome zombie-like creatures hollowing the orders of it's creator while mindlessly hungering for living flesh. Or they just die you never really know what to expect.

Or rather, that's how it used to be...

Recently more and more vampires have been appearing in the streets. The catch is that these vampire were not made in the traditional means. These are artificial vampires. Physical scientific augmentation to alter a human into a vampire. The true vampires, or pure bloods, spit upon this mockery of their heritage. Seeking to find all artificial vampires, as well as their maker, and destroy them once and for all. You are a pure blood.

[I]The disease:[/I] Like everything else each human body reacts differently to the vampires infection. While extremely similar in design, no two human bodies are identical. Resulting in some common traits i.e. the thirst, at least minimal regeneration, and moderately increased speed and strength. However there are many many other vampire powers that appear randomly throughout the newly turned. Fire control, flight, exponentially increased speed or strength, even compared to the average vampire, and even mind control are among the various recorded abilities. One of the most terrifying traits of the vampire race, is that no two vampires are ever the same, if attacked, you never know just what will come your way.

[I][U]Sign ups:[/U][/I]

[B] Name:[/B]

[B] Age:[/B] (probably between 150-500)

[B] Appearance: [/B] (pic or description)

[B] Personality: [/B]

[B] Weapons: [/B] (while modern weapons are available, vampires traditionally use blades
and their natural abilities instead)

[B] Powers: [/B] (No two vampires are alike. Be creative but not overpowered.)

[B]Bio:[/B] ( How you were turned, your first encounter with an artificial vampire, Or the general lay out of your most recent feeding)
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[COLOR="Navy"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"]Name: Ony

Age: 234

Appearance: [URL="http://i167.photobucket.com/albums/u127/ninja_kitty_powers/DepressedGirl4.jpg"]Ony[/URL] Only her hair is long and reaches her hips and her eyes are pale blue.

Personality: Happy and energetic she is looked down upon by most of the other pure bloods. She likes to have fun and does her best to do so. She hates having to drink human blood and resorts to pilfering from blood banks instead.

Weapons: She uses a scythe, the blade is black with a gold hilt, she also uses throwing knives.

Powers: She inherited the oldest power and one of the most fabled in any vampire story. She is able to shift into either a bat or a wolf, she prefers the wolf but she'll turn into the bat every now and than.

Bio: Ony stretched as she left the club, it was late and she was tired she turned the corner and prepared her self to change into the black and white wolf and go home, she wasn't to worried about some one seeing her wolf form, if you didn't look hard enough she looked like a stray husky and she even got free food out of it some times. She looked around to make sure no one was looking down the alley and shifted, shaking out her fur her head jerked around as she heard a silky voice.
"Interesting power, I've heard of it but never seen it."
She growled and showed her teeth.
"You smell disgusting. Who are you?"
"My name is irrelevant, but I'll tell you anyway."
She pricked up her ears listening.
"I'm like you, but different."
"What is that supposed to mean?"
"I'm artificial. We'll meet again."
She watched him and go and blinked.
"Odd, what did he mean by that?"
She sighed and headed home to her apartment and write it down to remember so she could ask a few of the others like her that she knew but got distracted and went to sleep instead, not uncommon for her. [/FONT][/COLOR]
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Name: Valence

Age: 311

Appearance: [url=http://i49.photobucket.com/albums/f262/gernev/DemonAnime.jpg]Valence[/url], but his right eye is the normal vampire blue and the left eye is red with tribal and symbolic tattoos covering his body.

Personality: The most confusing of pure bloods to figure out and a twisted sadistic side. Always has a smile even when he is serious. Has a major weakness for tattoos, which plays a big part in choosing his victims. He is exiled though and lives away from the other vampires because of the use of his powers.

Weapons: two claws strapped to his wrists with five black blades . The blades flip back when not deployed.

Powers: His left red eye allows him to control anothers mind with no inturuptions whether it be vampire or human thought purebloods are an exception as well as some humans without any strain to him but the only thing he must make direct contact with them and can only do one person at a time

Bio: Valence lounged back in his chair as several girls with only black leather collars around their throat surrounded him rubbing their hands all over him.

“Easy I had a hard day”

He suddenly leaned forward to where another human sat chained to a wall just a couple feet away from him.

“Whats wrong my love”

The girl kept her head low to the ground where a puddle from her tears had formed. Her shoulders heaved with her sobs. He suddenly got down on all fours as he crawled over and sat right next to her.

“Aww come on, we will have lots of fun together…”

He put his arm around her but she quickly flinched and back away to the end of her chain. Valence smiled as he stood up and walked up over to her and knelt down in front of her and tilted her head up even though she tried to pull away he had her jaw held firm. He slightly tilted his head as he gazed into her eyes with his one blue.

“You know we can do this one way or the other. It is up to you."

Her eyes glistened as tears well up. Valence ran his tongue across her cheek tasting the salt.

"You can either take me openly or i can slowly chew your skin off in little bitty shreds while i do other things to your frail little body"

The girl slowly began to turn her neck as the tears began to fall more and Valence smiled as he moved in for the vein. Suddenly he felt links disappearing in his mind. He quickly stood up looking around, nothing was out of the ordinary his six girls that always stayed in his room where crowding around his bed freaked out of their minds.


Valence held up a finger as his eyes roamed around the room. Links where disappearing fast as he caught a smell.

"Fakes, lots of them. Time to go"

He spun around and knelt in front of the girl.

"You can either stay or come with me"

He held out his hand and she slowly reached out and grabbed it as Valence suddenly grabbed her wrist and slit it open causing her to scream and licked her blood.

"Not my style to carry luggage"
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Name: Shin Takayanagi

Age: 412

Appearance: [URL="http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/thumb/4/43/Bunshichi_5.jpg/180px-Bunshichi_5.jpg"]Shin[/URL]

Personality: he fights only for his own sake, he would rather live a peaceful existant but since that peaceful existant is threatened is the reason that he fights.

Weapons: Shin has no weapons on him per se unless you count the high amount of scented needles he has

Powers: Shin's Power is the ability to flow his energy to other objects through scent particles and dust. By doing so he can shape his energy around the object to make something new, most commonly he changes needles into blades.

Bio: A scream echoed from an alleyway.

"V-Vampire" a man screamed out as he ran out of the alleyway into the almost abandoned street.

Following behind him was a vampire, he was about 6' tall with long brown hair who yelled "your next" and followed the man

Grabbing the man from behind he let out a small laugh "pathetic"

The man was instantly cut into 3 and fell to the vampires feet

The vampire in shock looked up to see a man, "you dare attack my prey"

"i think you have it wrong, you are the one attacking my prey, as you can see this is all Takayanagi territory, not only that you aren't very discreet in your feeding, who are you"

"i'm an artificial one of you, a better vampire then you, if i kill you then this would be my territory correct"

"i think you missunderstood i asked who you where not what you are, but either way i very well doubt you'll take this territory from me" Shin said, as he swept his out. 3 blades apeared in bid air slicing through the vampire in an instant.

As Shin walked away he said "damn thats the third one this week, these are getting annoying"
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Name: Sabien

Age: 200


Personality: Sabien embraced the gift he was given. He always felt he was above those around him. As he traveled the world he's realized he's no more powerful than any other pureblood. He still looks at himself as "above" humans and the new "artificial vamps" But as far as his fellow purebloods go. He'll do anything to help those willing to help him.

Weapons: A glimmering long sword with a golden cross hilt he got to mock the humans "god". He keeps a dirk strapped to his leg in the rare occasion one weapon isn't enough.

Powers: Cryokenesis, Sabien can control the moisture in the air, to an extent. He cannot create moisture, meaning he cannot turn a room into a freezer. But he can draw water vapor from nearby rooms/areas. Though that can require a lot of concentration.

Bio: Sabien was looking for a particular meal that night. He lept from rooftop to rooftop scanning the area for the "perfect" meal.

He noticed at once the woman jogging through the nearby park. She was beautiful, the perfect meal. Sabien lept to the ground, and using his enhanced speed he ran ahead of her and waited by the fountain. He thought it a perfect chance to tear the humans spirit apart before tearing her apart.

As she drew close to the fountain Sabien summoned his powers, drawing forth the moisture from the fountain, slowly using small ice crystals to lower the temperature.

The human noticed right off, the cold, her breath in the air. As she breathed out, Sabien turned the vapor she emmited into a small rose of ice. "How beautiful." The girl exclaimed as she reached for the rose. As she touched it, the shards shattered and lept into her face. Sabien was careful not to damage her eyes, as he wanted to look into them as the life ran out of her.

The girl screamed and cried, stumbled to the fountain and collapsed into it. Sabien froze the water around her, leaving her legs frozen in the ice. "Oh my god what is this?" Sabien froze the ground around her, using it he skated up towards her. "My girl, this is ultimate power. True power, and I can give it to you. All you have to do is ask for it." He smiled, allowing her to see his elongated Canine teeth. "Wh...What are you?" The girl stammered. She was even more beautiful up close. "What I am is of no concern. You only have a few seconds before your blood becomes frozen and you lose your legs. Now beg for power and I shall give it to you."

The girls eyes light up, he new from just seeing her. She was one of those humans who would do anything to live forever. To taste the power only a few possessed. A dagger of ice appearad in Sabien's hand and he held it in the air. As she saw it as he figured she begged. "Please....master....give me power" She smiled seductively as she said this. Humans, what fickle creatures. Sabien pulled the dagger across her throat, slitting the corodid artery. Opening his mouth and engorging himself in the beautiful blood spray.

As he planned, though her face was badly wounded from the ice shards, he watched the life slowly seep out of her beautiful blue eyes. As her last breath past, he whispered in her ear. "You are not going to heave, or hell. You just don't exsist anymore, you are nothing but food." he smiled as he said this. He usually said that to add some dispair before they died. But he was so caught up in her beautiful blue eyes he forgot. He left her and the ice, to give the humans a little mystery to try to solve. Sabien dissapeared intot he night, completly satisfied with his meal.
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[B]Name[/B]: Kieran

[B]Age[/B]: 376

[B]Appearance[/B]: Tall, slender and sleek. Standing at 6? 5? Kieran dwarfs many people. While having a defined muscle tone he is still rather thin, with arms and legs slightly longer than the average for his size. Amber colored eyes look out from a relatively average face, which is topped by raven black hair trimmed to a short business style. His day to day attire consists of business suits, normally grey jacket/pants with a black shirt.

[B]Personality[/B]: Keiran?s personality can be hard to gauge. Most of the time he has a straightforward, business attitude (needed to run his own business). He can appear somewhat smug, and has an interest ?only in things of beauty.? At the same time he has a reputation as a playboy, and most consider it normal to see him slip into a back room with a new person each night (most never knowing about the feedings that occur).

[B]Weapons[/B]: While he prefers hand-to-hand fighting, Kieran is still keeps a dagger hidden in the lining of his jacket. He also keeps a silver .357 revolver in a shoulder holster (hidden by the jacket), which he claims is ?just for decoration and beauty.?

[B]Powers[/B]: ?His words are like sweet venom.? Kieran can create, within the minds of others, a strong emotion or belief with only his voice. Traditional emotions such as happiness and fear can be created along with beliefs such as ?your loyalties belong to me.?

[B]Bio[/B]: Music pulsed through the back rooms of the nightclub that Kieran had ordered built. The main building was actually the remains of an old church that had suffered a fire on the anniversary of its construction, and ?accidental? fire. Kieran always got a laugh at that thought, a vampire owning his own church and converting it into a gothic nightclub, lovely irony.

The]door to one of the clubs private rooms burst open as Kieran and a young female patron of the club slammed through it. The young lady?s back hit the back wall of the room rather hard as the two of them remained locked in a deep kiss, and her hands were currently being restrained above her head at the wrists by one of Kieran?s hands. He twisted them and the girl let out a little shriek. ?Ow! That hurts, damn it.?

Kieran, not letting up the pressure, leaned forward and whispered into her ear. ?Pain is ecstasy.? For a moment her eyes turned cloudy as the effects of his power took hold. A moment later she began to shriek again, this time in pure delight of the pain. Kieran smiled and for a few minutes toyed with her, twisting her wrists a bit more, until it sounded like she would die of pleasure. At that moment he sunk his teeth into the flesh of her neck, and she collapsed as the feelings of pleasure over-exerted her body.

When he was done Kieran set the young woman down in one of the room?s large couches and stood back up. ?Are you done sulking in the shadows, child?? In the corner of the room a shadow rippled and another young woman appeared.

?My apologies, sire.? The lithe vampire dropped to one knee, looking down. ?I did not mean to spy.? Kieran knew this was a lie, she always loved to spy on others. That was part of why he kept her around. He was about to leave the room when he voice stopped him. ?May I ask one thing? Why do you allow your food to feel pleasure? I thought you liked the look of fear they get.?

Kieran paused for a moment on the reply. ?If you have to ask then I question why I bothered to sire you as a vampire.? She looked down once again in shame, and Kieran walked over and lifted her up, gazing into her eyes. ?The reason is simple, fear spoils the blood. I hate the taste of blood gone sour.?

With that Kieran leaned forward and kissed the younger vampire, sharing a taste of the blood he had just taken. A moment later he turned and headed to the door, stopping before closing it. ?Remember that taste, it is the taste of true pleasure that you will likely never again know.? With that he shut the door to the room and walked away.

:animeswea The bio kind of got away from me there. Let me know if there is anything you want changed.
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[I]Sorry for the long wait, I should have the actual thread up tonight.
Sorry for my ridiculously long bio too, got carried away.[/I]

[B]Name:[/B] Alucin Archionez

[B]Age:[/B] 420

[B]Appearance:[/B] [URL="http://i28.photobucket.com/albums/c211/mtnut2/Hellsing/619c2fc4.jpg"]Alucin[/URL]

[B]Personality:[/B] Alucin is an extremely confusing individual. He lives for the hunt and loves nothing more than to see pure horror on his victim's faces before he delivers the finishing blow, or bite as it were. He has fun mocking other younger vampires, often believing they are not using their power's potential, and is utterly disgusted by the idea of artificials.

[B]Weapons:[/B] Micro-filament gloves. Almost invisibly thin, razor sharp wire, wielded with lethal accuracy.

[B]Powers:[/B] Alucin had the terrifying ability of falsifying reality. In short, he can create a range of illusions, and in his peak, chose who can see them and who can't.

[B]Bio:[/B] Alucin sat in the grubby subway train as it squealed around turns and screeched loudly as the far too old breaks met with the wheels. After a dangerously long sliding period the doors eventually lined up along the station exit zone and slid open. Alucin casually stepped off, scanning the station for his next prey. He found it easily enough, three young girls. They seemed to be arguing about something, to get a better idea of his food to come Alucin focussed and used his enhanced senses to eaves drop n their conversation.

"Do we have to take the subway?" one of the girls complained, she seemed to have the least clothes on of the three, and oddly also appeared to be the youngest.
"Yes! We'll never make it to Jackson?s party on time if we just walk." Explained the oldest girl.
"Ya doesn't he live like across town or something?" added the middle girl, wearing all pink.

As they approached the train Alucin used his powers to create a figment just for them. A tall shadowy figure dressed with a deep hood and long black trench coat stood in the doorway as they approached. his face as completely hidden aside from the dimly glowing red eyes glaring from within his dark hood.
"Uhh let's take the next one kay?" The oldest girl said, the other two agreed instantly with nods. As the train doors closed the girls began sheepishly whispering about how creepy the hooded man looked, the desired result of Alucin when he created the image.

As they waited the middle girl said "I like totally hafta go to the washroom, be back in a sec." The oldest optioned to go with her, but the youngest demanded not to be left alone. In the end the middle girl left alone. As she walked away, Alucin did as well. he walked into the maintenance room a half second after the worker himself. The worker had barely a moment before a stn hand rasped his head and chin forcing them opposite each other in a sickening crack. Alucin soon after walked out of the room with a sec of keys in hand, using his illusionary talents to shade his own image with that of a middle aged woman. As a finely dressed man entering the girls subway bathroom would attract some unneeded attention.

Upon entering the washroom, Alucin was happy to notice the young girl was the only girl in there. Using the key from the maintenance guy to lock the door, Alucin lowered the image from around him to reveal his true self. The girl was just washing her hands as Alucin entered, giving him the opportunity to scare her a little more. As the girl stood up the same hooded man stood mere feet behind her, she turned fast to look, verifying his reflection, but when she turned he was not there.

"It's only your imagination Jen get a hold of yourself." the girl mumbled. She took a step toward the door before seeing a human shaped blur sweep past her. "What was that??" she asked the apparently empty room. Alucin however, gave her an answer.
"I'm sorry, you do not get the privilege of being my dinner. You are just a pawn.
"Who said that?! Who's there?!" the girl demanded. Alucin pulled the wrist of his glove tightening it's grip around his hand. With a quick wave of his had the wires on his gloves flashed through the air. Only visible for a second as the light gleamed off them.

Jen rushed to the door, and rattled the handle to no avail. She next tried banging on the door to get someone's attention. Or tried anyway, her hand raised high began it's way to the center of the door, but was interrupted by a thin wire as it slid across her forearm. She pulled her hand back and almost yelled, when Alucin darted behind her covering her mouth. A swift crack stopped her slender body from fighting back as he dropped her limply to the floor. Meanwhile the two other girls were getting concerned. The oldest had come to see what was taking so long.

Alucin quickly unlocked the door as he heard her coming, judging from the sound coming from her footsteps he deduced it was indeed the oldest of the three girls. She opened the door and rushed toward her friend?s lifeless body exclaiming "Oh my god! Je-" before a wire caught her across the throat. Sliced to the bone the older girl couldn't do much more than gurgle blood. The plan was set, and the pieces in motion. The train came and left before the girls returned, causing the youngest to be quite scared. She checked the bathroom only to find "out of order" written on a note on the door. She tried the knob just in case but found it to be locked. She waited about another five minutes before deciding the party wasn't worth it and heading home. On the way she saw the shadowy hooded man several times. In the end of an alley, sitting on a bench across the road, and even once walking towards her as she rounded a corner, every time glaring with those red eyes.

She was getting more and more frightened, the perfect moment to leave her some grisly evidence. As she got home there were two pictures pinned to her door. One was of her friends bodies on the bathroom floor. The other of the hooded man sitting in her living room. She checked the clock in the picture's time with her own watch to find he was probably still there. Of coarse there were no real pictures, but as long as her mind believed there were, who could tell the difference?

She ran from her home, now horrified at her awaiting doom. Running as hard as she could she soon made her way to the old school, to hang out on the jungle-gym as she used to when she was scared. Alucin now approached her himself.
"What's wrong my dear girl?" he asked kindly.
"Th-there were my friends, a-a-and these pictures! we have to get help!" the girl stuttered, still in shock.
"Now, now calm down, I'll take care of you." Alucin comforted as he walked closer, opening his arms for a hug. The girl took one step out from the jungle-gym and let Alucin embrace her gently. "We all have scary times" Alucin noted "Even me, I killed these two teenagers today, and when I as waiting for the youngest, she never showed up back home." The young girl's eyes widened, she tried to break free but Alucin's firm grip on her arms held strong. She pulled away enough to look at his face again "I was terrified" he said "I almost thought she'd gotten away." Alucin concluded. The girl was scared senseless, the only thing she could wrap her mind around was trying to fool herself this mysterious man wasn't the killer. But when she gazed upon his face, all she could see was his blood red eyes.

The girl let out a blood curdling scream before Alucin swiftly drove his sharp fangs deep into her neck. She fought and struggled, but soon the scream subsided, and the resistance slowed to a twitch.
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OOC: Thanks for letting get in a write-up on the vampire Kieran sired, The Enemy. I think I had a bit too much fun on this write-up though. :animesmil

[B]Name:[/B] Melissa ?Raven? Hunter

[B]Age:[/B] 23 (newly turned)

[B]Appearance:[/B] Melissa by all rights should be considered beautiful, however her insistence on overdone piercings and heavily Goth/Punk inspired look ruins the image for many. She stands at 5? 10?, with a lithe and curvy frame. Shoulder-length hair the color of midnight, and the source of her nickname, eyes a vibrant, icy blue. Her ears are pierced at least five times each, and slight marks indicate piercing previously in her nose and eyebrows (which Kieran forced her to remove after being sired). She wears heavy black eyeliner, lipstick and nail polish. Her usual clothing consists of a heavy jean-jacket with frayed cuffs at the elbows, a T-shirt emblazoned with the name of the latest hit band in the clubs, tattered jeans covered in various arcane symbols and anarchic slogans, and thick, knee-high, black leather boots.

[B]Personality[/B]: A sadist at heart, Melissa loves to see people writhe in pain, distress, disgust, or at nearly anything. Seeing the fear in the eyes of her ?food? gives her a thrill, and she has been know to hunt one meal for hours, or until Kieran stops her. She is completely loyal to Kieran, whom she sees as having given her new life, power, and an eternity to play games of pain in.

[B]Weapons:[/B] Melissa has a love of blades, and keeps two small daggers sheathed inside of her boots. She also keeps about a half dozen finger-length needles with her, which are often dipped in various toxins.

[B]Powers:[/B] ?Eyes in the darkness.? Melissa?s powers have manifested in a control of shadows. She is able to use connecting shadows to travel from point to point, and can cloak herself and a limited number of other people in shadows for a short period.

[B]Bio:[/B] A small scream of pain mixed with pleasure echoed through the room in the back of the nightclub, drowned out by the music after only a few feet outside the door. Knowing full well they could get caught and tossed out of the nightclub only made the evening more exciting for Melissa and the ?gentleman? she had convinced to follow her.

A string of screams lasting nearly fifteen minutes continued to emanate from the room as she took out her frustrations, for her own pleasure more than anything. She was just lining up for another strike when the door burst open and the exit was shadowed by a tall figure in a business suit glaring at them with cold eyes. ?Use of the private spaces is likely to get you banned from this club,? Kieran spoke quietly, barely audible above the music now pulsing in loudly.

?Who the fuck are you,? the now bruising young man said in a ragged voice, ?and why the hell should I even care?? He stood up and approached Kieran in a threaten manner, a bad mistake.

?I am the owner of this club,? Kieran replied sternly, ?and as for why you should care?? He bared his fangs at the couple. Continuing to stare coldly he regarded the now shocked man. ?Cower.? In an instant the ?punching bag? of an insolent human hit the ground and backed into the corner, overcome by a supernatural fear.

?What the fuck?!? Melissa now spoke up, having broken through the momentary shock of what had just happened. Looking over at her Kieran entered the room and shut the door. ?It seems you have a love of pain and torture,? he spoke slowly, staring directly at her eyes. ?Perhaps we should see just how much you like pain, child. I can give you an eternity to test new pain in, and the power to exceed the weak attempts at pain you know now. All you have to do is give yourself and your future over to me, willingly. If not, well?? Kieran looked over at the human backed against the wall.

A length of time passed as the thoughts passed through her mind, her face twisting through stages of emotion. Fear, confusion, anger, and finally excitement ending in a feral grin and she looked from Kieran to her previous playmate. ?An eternity of pain, eh? Sounds like fun to me. So, how do we do this??

A slight chuckle leaped Kieran?s lips as he approached her. ?If you were anyone else I would say ?close your eyes, it will all be over soon?, but I want you to look at the second present you will have waiting for you when it is over.? Kieran now stood behind Melissa and pointed past her to the frightened mass of human on the floor. With his left hand Kieran moved the hair from the right side of Melissa?s neck and leaned in for the bite. As his fangs pierced flesh a small moan escaped her throat.

Several minutes later the screams of a man could be heard from the room, once more drowned out by the pulsating music outside in the club.
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