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[SIZE="1"]Alright, so I'm in this group at school called Oklahoma Students for Uganda. We work to raise money for the organization "Invisible Children," which helps rebuild schools in Uganda among many other things...

We had our first meeting today and one of the main topics of conversation is what we could do for fundraising. Something original and creative...

I'm not much of the idea person, so I come to OtakuBoards with a question: What can I do?

Every year, OSFU hold an event called Elevator Music, in which we get live guitarists and violinists, etc. to ride the elevators at the dorms for a few hours and take donations. Apparently last year, they raised about $300 dollars in a few short hours off of freshmen pocket change...

We're also going to be having a benefit concert for the organization with a screening of the new IC movie. And there are several events set up throughout the school year at restaurants where between a certain period of time, we get 15% of the revenue that the restaurant makes.

Also, this isn't just about money. Invisible Children has also started a book drive so any ideas on how to get used books would be much appreciated... One girl in the meeting came up with the idea of having admission to one of the events be a book. (Things like that)

So, if you have any ideas, please feel free to drop them here and I would much appreciate it, along with IC and OSFU!

Here's a link to their site: [URL="http://www.invisiblechildren.com/home.php"]Invisible Children[/URL][/SIZE]
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[color=#9933ff]Okay you've kinda come tothe right place. I work at a Senior Living Community and we do a lot of fundraising for Demensia and Alzheimers research. They tend to raise a lot of money for it too. The most recent one was a clam bake- the cost was about 9$ per person and included one dozen clams, corn on the cob some salt potatos and a drink. They opened it to the public and ran an ad in the paper and raised a decent amount of money.

They also did a Lollypop Farm fundraiser with a cookout where you made a donation and got food out of it. For some reason most senior places I work at involve food.

I wonder if you could also try a garage sale- that seems to work for churches.

Maybe if you did a clam bake or something you could include the cost of the ticket to be a book and a monetary donation?

I'm not really good at this kind of thing either, I just figured I'd throw out what they do at work and see where that gets you.[/color]
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One thing you could always do (not the most creative idea in the world) is a recycling drive. You'd be surprised how many people are willing to drop their recyclable's off, or save them for you to pick up. Don't limit to just cans though, utilize the faculty to get old shreded tests, reports, etc.

You could always mimic the riding musicians, though get some of the biggest guys you can find and do a riding bully thon. Price for admission, lunch money.
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[size=1]That is funny that you mention it, because a podcast I listen to addictively has just started a fundraising for a children's hospital that handles cancer. The fundraising will be a 24 hour game marathon and the participants should get sponsors for every hour. Or well, click the signature for info. The idea is a bit odd, but I liked it anyway. Marathons of anything work pretty well a lot of the time.

I guess the best go for the books is to just go by people's houses and ask them for books, really. Or maybe the libraries near you have some left overs that they would share.

You can take jackets and bags for a little bit of money, which should also give some profit if you can make a system so that it actually works with finding the stuff back and making sure things do not get stolen and all.[/size]
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Arts and crafts fundraiser would be interesting to do. You could sell anything from paintings to beaded jewelry. I for one love to go to those types of things. I think there fun to see all the different items that others have made. I once say some once sell hand painted glass. I would suggest an assortment of all sorts ranging from jewelry, paintings/sketches, to little dolls or puppets for children. A little of something for all ages.
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