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Anime Art- Critique please?


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Hi everyone :)

I havn't uploaded anything here in a while so here's another older fan art.

I still havn't drawn anything new recently... (so busy with school ew...)

This drawing is a fan art of Tukiji Nao's art. I used her art to reference for the drawing but I didn't give it justice ;_;

Done with copic sketch markers :3


Fan art of Gravitation YAY SHUICHI :)!! Used a reference, made a simple background for more color.

Done with prisma colored pencils :)


Hope you guys like it!

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[COLOR="Indigo"]Really good! i really like the hair on the first picture and the guy on the second picture is cool. my favorite is the second picture because it reminds me of my favorite anime, rave master. keep up the good work!:catgirl:[/COLOR]
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[quote name='Jeremy'][SIZE="1"]These are really nice, only thing I'd work on is the hair and the features in the face such as the eyes and their placement. But that shouldn't take long to improve on. Nice work![/SIZE][/QUOTE]

Thanks :3
um... the hair??? really? like the outline or the coloring... I was sorta happy with the coloring on these, but i def. see what you're talking about with the eye placement. I tend to fail at that lol
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[quote name='Eclipsed Dreamer'][COLOR="Indigo"]question......what colors are you using? i need to know. currently i'm using colored pencils and pens, i need some more vivid stuff.:catgirl:[/COLOR][/QUOTE]

well copic markers: what ever colors are in set a, b, and c XD (i really want D but i have no time to do art now, so parents are not letting me get yet lol).

prisma colored pencils: GET THEM ALL!! It's so worth it and they last really really long :)

But specific colors, I can't tell you off the top of my head because I cant remember lol, but if you really want me to I can check lol.
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they're both really nice :D
the only thing i'd change is in the first one, the eye placement as Jeremy said earlier.. and eye work in general. Maybe it's just me, but her eyes look a little too big (the iris part)
i love the way you did the background in the second one! the sparkle and shine makes it good awesomee
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I like the color and the shading is done well. You can use the cross to line up eyes and experiment with having one eye one size and the other a different size to help with the illusion of depth and also when the face is skewed or tilted. Hope this helps some and hope you find time to keep up the good work!
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