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[size=1]Reasons for: You can buy a t-shirt for around 2 or 5 pounds and create the exact design you want. Or, you could buy a pre-designed t-shirt for around thirty to forty quid, that properly doesn't fit properly, and probably has at least something you don't like.

Bad points: I suppose you have to be a tiny bit good at art, haha.

Materials aren't a problem - bleach and marker pens work amasingly well!

So, anyway, I'm sure at some point everyone has made their own clothes. I do quite often for the simple fact I rarely have the money to buy those fancy designs. And since I'm relatively good at replicating fonts from my computer onto t-shirts, it turns out alright.

Unfortunately, my best piece of clothing I've misplaced (yeah I'm devastated) so I couldn't get a picture. Basically it had a phrase me and my friends found on a window ledge ('This is Manchester - We're all Gay!') on the back with a Goat skull underneath. On the front it had a bit of obscenity on the pocket (it was a shirt by the way). The collar is painted in checkers, as well. On the front, at the bottom, is the BLITZ (I make a zed-rule exception for proper nouns) logo (google the band or somet') and the Marilyn Manson Eat Me Drink Me logo above that is massive (which is basically two long dripping M's). Nothing on the other side though - it's all in black fabric paint.

I don't have pictures of my new stuff because we've moved house and I've packed them away somewhere... so I only have my old, faded crap. And the bleached trousers... that's one of my favourite styles to do.

[B][URL=http://c1.ac-images.myspacecdn.com/images02/62/l_0f2eef446a354d0489e8f06fd3c4a5f0.jpg]Exploited T-Shirt[/url][/b] - Black t-shirt. The logo is an iron transfer and the xip was just sewn on.

[B][url=http://c2.ac-images.myspacecdn.com/images02/20/l_85f62c2307b24f7c8acce94569e0e909.jpg]Black and White[/url][/b] - These went with my black and blonde hair. They're just two different trousers stuck together... can't see them all too well though.

[B][url=http://c1.ac-images.myspacecdn.com/images02/20/l_4971d6bb9c07431eb2b46668e4193628.jpg]Bleachage[/url][/b] - What I normally do to my jeans haha. These were free since they were my brothers so I decided to hang them outside one day and grabbed a bottle of bleach. They don't look all too much on the floor but, apparently, they look rather nice when worn.

[B][URL=http://c3.ac-images.myspacecdn.com/images02/10/l_78215984f6c94d2ba471e9b781d57e86.jpg]Bleachage 2[/url][/b] - Actually these were the first trousers I ever made. Like normal I only bleached one leg after I had accidentally torn the right leg (and further rips followed bar the left leg). The underneath of it is a pair of trousers I bought for 30 pounds and, the next day, ripped on my in the most awkward places (crouch and near all the xips). I was insanely pissed so I just took the undamaged material and attached it to the underside of these bleached, ripped jeans. The back of the jeans are pretty torn up as well but I'm too lazy to take a picture of them...

[B][URL=http://c1.ac-images.myspacecdn.com/images02/50/l_7c34868d49544f06b372b6c30ab81a20.jpg]Viva Shirt[/url][/b] - This is probably pretty crap compared to my current stuff. It's the first t-shirt I did and I was probably pretty young when I did it, 14 or so. It actually looks pretty good when it's worn, and consequently [i]is[/i] pretty worn in itself. It needs to be thrown away, really, haha.

I'll have to find my painted stuff again at some point which is pretty damn excellent compared to this junk. I did a really, really good Gorillaz shirt once - I'll have to upload that... I also make a few patches when things rip because I have the tendency to not care about my clothes.

Anyway, this isn't a showcase thread for me. Anyone else tried their hand at making their own stuff?[/size]
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[COLOR="Sienna"]Heck yeah! I'm an expert with the needle and thread..........my first creation was in third grade when I ironed bugs onto a t-shirt. Ah............those were the days. I used to knit alot, I duuno why I stopped, I just made alot of barbie clothes and armbands for myself which I still wear.:catgirl: as for jeans, I bedazzle them(don't laugh) it makes them look cool. I tried embroidering, but it didn't work. I had this awesome jacket that I ironed a little flower on, cut off the sleeves. I wore it at home for a minute.........I wonder what happened to it. I decorated two pairs of sandles, too. I made my own bandannas, which I'm pretty fond of. You know, red ones, blue ones, black ones, grey ones, white ones..........anyways, it's amazing what you can do with a t-shirt, an iron, and crayons!:p[/COLOR]
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[size=1]I think the closest I ever came to embroidering were studs, haha. I don't use studs though unless there's another layer between the said stud and my leg because the prongs cut you up to hell.

Iron on's are the best. People complain they don't last long, but if you turn your shirt inside out and don't wash it on the tumble wash they can last for years and years. And drying it with heat can melt it off sometimes... I once had a massive smiley RAVE face that melted into... well actually it looked cooler than before XD

I actually made something else about an hour ago - completely hand made, no stencils or references except for my head. And it's very difficult to do (I messed up copying one of the symbols for the right side so I just improvised that a bit and I like it).

And yes, I am obsessed with this phrase. It's like when people wear crosses, I guess =p.


Needs to be done over again with the fabric markers though so it looks solid instead of a bit patchy (and I'm royally pissed off that the dots went a bit wonky).[/size]
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