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[FONT="Century Gothic"][B]Unknown to almost everyone except to key persons in the military, there exists a division of the Hitler-Jugend that deals solely with paranormal situations. This group is known as the Geist-Jugend.

The group is comprised of those who have supernatural gifts or are supernatural creatures themselves. Only members fourteen to seventeen years old are picked, because anyone older than this cannot see the paranormal without the help of special crystals which are very hard to manufacture. Brunhilde Eckehard, is only one of the members of this group.

Our story starts on her, and the rest of the Geist-Jugend's, very first mission. To stop all supernatural entities that would stand in the way of the German army and to obtain any powers or relics that can aid their country along the way. The year is 1939, in Potsdam, Brandenburg. The Geist-Jugend has just been created, and is in need of more members. It is Brunhilde's and her fellow members mission to enlarge the group, after their training is completed. But who or what will they discover along the way?[/B][/FONT]

[B]OOC: (Okay everyone, the RP has started. Here is where your characters will start out. However, if you want a different starting location feel free to say so in the backstage thread or by PMing me.)[/B]

[B]Cell 3: Tetra of Sound, Drizzt
Cell 2: Zephyr, Lunar
Cell 1: Cheese Master, myself
Outside of base: Dragons Wolfie, (possible other player)
Hidden location: Lonley Fighter


[FONT="Century Gothic"]Uschi slowly opened her eyes and sat up. However, this sent a sharp pain in her arm and her head so she lay back down. All of her clothes were missing, and looking over to the side she saw that the boy that was asleep in the cell with her wasn't wearing anything either. She would have blushed if she wasn't a vampire and also if she wasn't in so much pain.

[I]"...You might feel a sharp pain in your arms and head, but this is normal. Just try to get some rest before we test out the effects of the serum on you and your friend..."[/I]

That's right, Dr. Gereon was testing a special serum on her and apparently on another vampire. It was supposed to cure them of their weakness of the sun. But the scientist had expressed that he would just be glad if it didn't kill the two of them. His lack of confidence worried her, but the pain made her forget all about it. However, as the pain faded she sat up in the cot. This new experimental drug was also being tested on the other members of Geist-Jugend, but the doctor was hoping for different results with all of them of course. If they all survived the tests, it should make them all resistant to their various weaknesses.

Uschi stood up and put on her socks and her boots. They were the only clothing that she and the boy were given, since the doctor said that he would need to see the full effects of the sun on their bodies. A light turned on on the wall opposite her, followed by a small burst of static. The static soon gave way though, to an old man's voice on an intercom box below the light. It was Dr. Gereon.

"Uschi, we will soon be trying out some marches in about an hour, when the clouds should clear. If your friend is not awake, please inform him of this also. Please confirm that you have received this message."

Uschi tried to speak, but that long sleep had made it difficult for her to talk. It seemed like she hadn't used her voice in years. She just gave the doctor a beep to confirm that she had heard his message and sat back down and cleared her throat. She looked over at her cellmate as he started to stir.[/FONT]

[B]OOC: Okay guys, we'll all be doing various tests. So be creative with them and PM me for questions or if you need any ideas on troubles with the serum or any of the tests that you guys might be put through. Also, just so we're not too strong in the game to start out with, the serum might not work at all or it might have negative effects on us instead. Have fun everyone.[/B]
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[COLOR="DarkRed"]A scream of fear echoed through the small confines of the cell and was followed shortly thereafter by heavy rapid breaths. Engel looked around the room, trying to get his bearings, as the effects of the nightmare wore off. As the fear faded from his mind he tried to reach over to wipe the sweat from his brow, only to find that his hand would not move. Once more he was gripped by fear as he noticed his wrists were bound, holding him securely face-down on the bed.

"Please remain calm," a voice from overhead crackled through the room's speaker. "We had to restrain you so that you did not harm yourself."

Engel was confused for a moment by that last part. How could have hurt himself? The nightmares were bad, but never that bad. As these thoughts, and many others, flooded his mind a sharp pain in his arms became apparent to him. Looking over as best he could Engel noticed the shredded remains of his shirt, still hanging partially off of his shoulders and back, and the dried blood around the cuts on his upper arms. Cuts that looked like they were made by finger's scraped against flesh. A quick glance at his blood-caked fingertips confirmed this.

"It seems the serum was not effective, and had strong side-effects." The voice was cold, monotone. "Increased nightmares, pain in the upper and mid back, both leading to a strong instinct to fight back. If not for the restraints you may have hurt yourself or your roommate."

At the mention of that last part Engel's head popped up and scanned the room. Across from him, lying on a bed was the form of a young, dark-skinned girl. Trying to get a closer look, worried that he may have caused her harm at some point, he propped himself up on his elbows, and immediately fell forward with a yelp. His back felt like it was on fire, and the skin was ripping itself apart. As he collapsed back onto the pillow a memory clicked into place.

The 'serum' mentioned was supposed to help his with his memory loss, in theory. It was still experimental, and no one knew if it would work. It seems that it had not helped. In fact the opposite, his back started to burn and ache, his nightmares became stronger and even started to plague his mind while awake. His mouth tasted of copper as he recalled biting into one of the nurses trying to bind his wrists. The pit in his stomach seemed to expand at these realizations, and he slumped back down onto the bed, waiting until they decided he could be let go.[/COLOR]
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Gustave hated cell; due to years upon years of being forced to live in them you would have thought he would grow accustom to their "secuity". This wasn't the case though, no not with Gustave. The walls seemed to close in on him more and more every second, plus to make matters worse he was sharing this one with another, a girl that stunk of dog.

"Are you okay?" Her voice pierced the darkness, apparently the sounds he heard were not just in his head this time, they were instead coming from him. All he could muster was a gruntlike sound he determined was a "Fine". "I don't think we'll be here for very long." Something in her voice calmed Gustave, though he couldn't pin point exactally what, that something seemed to pull him out of his personal prison the Germans had created for him.

"Malice" He managed to grunt out towards her in a pitiful attempt at introducing himself. He was surprised he had another cell mate, the last 5 had been torn to shreds. Hell he didn't even give the others a chance to learn his name....well at least his nickname. Nobody new his real name, and probably nobody ever would. He would only reveal it to a person who he could truly care about....and he had never met anyone like that.

The girl didn't answer right away, most likely due to the inaudible words he was spewing. She must be strong to be placed in this cell with him. He would not attempt to strike at her, no he would use her to once again find his human side...if he still had one. Not wanting to push her away with grunts and moans, Malice decided to wait and see if the girl would attempt to speak with him again.
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"I-I'm Kurenai... N-n-nice to m-meet you..." She was nervous. She wasn't used ot anything other than her own kind and what humans she had been around. Her ears were lowered.

"I-I'm sorry for my b-b-behavior... I-I'm a little... uh... nervous..." She didn't mean any harm. She wasn't very social, even before she traveled. Her ears suddenly jolted up.

"I hear somebody! Who is it?!"
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Draco's Diary. April 12, 1939

It was a cold errie night. No clouds, no noise, not even the moon was out. Mother and father where eating dinner when they showed up. Nazi Storm Troopers, a full battalion of them. They said they had enough evidence of them being non-german blood and where here to take them out.

I've seen their kind in town while getting supplies a few days ago. All the Jewish shops and house where ransacked and burned to the ground for they think the Jews are the cause of evil. Killing people with a different belief won't stop the things they are being accused for. Ruthless Nazis who could only think when ordered to.
But why was their a whole battalion of Nazis outside for just 2 people? Maybe they wheren't here for my parents. Maybe they where here because of me.

I watched them tear the house appart to find something but they didn't find anything. I watched has they tied my parents up to a tree and shoot them. I couldn't controll the anger I felt to them. Killing unarmed people is wrong.

I killed them, every last one. They deserved no mercy for what they have done. Inocent people died at their hands. My mother and my father where just in their mid 50's. They where the only family I have ever known. Now they were gone. Gone forever.

I burried them in the back yard with tombstones carved from the house foundation. It reads, "Here lies the souls of my Parents. May the rest in peace. may heaven give give me strength to continue my life."

I collected my katana and supplies. More nazis would come look for a whole battalion soon. So I set fire to the house only saving the photo book of my parents. Walking in the dark and hiding during the day for a week. Tired and hungry I collapsed on the ground.

I was out for days it seems when I hear tanks passing by. The sound of germans talking about things. I couldn't move, they caught me. I tried to get up but one of them hit me in the head with a gun. I blacked out.

Draco's Diary, April 20, 1939

I was convicted of killing the Nazis at my house and was sentenced to death by firing squad in 3 days. Sitting in a cell wondering if this is how I am going to die. Missing my parents and still hungry. I lie on the floor.

(OoC: I did this little diary entre with a date because I didnt see when Geist was created. Soo I hope this is good.)
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[COLOR="DarkOrange"]"Well, I'm not sure if you noticed or not, but you emit strong magical powers. I take it you don't remember what happened yesterday........"

This thought passed through her mind as Neith lay her eyes on the ceiling. She was so confused. What magical powers? She tried to scan her thoughts but found she was too weak to even think clearly. Her body felt like it weighed a ton. No matter how hard she tried, she couldn't move.

She opened her eyes wide, finding it hard. The walls were a freezing stone that was a deep grey. She was beginning to panic. She realized she was in a cell. What was worse was she didn't know where the cell was, how she had got there and what had made her so weak.

"What's wrong with me?" she whispered, trying her hardest to move. She stopped when she heard an anguished scream.

She looked to her left and saw a pale boy on the other side of the room. She wasn't alone here. His screams of pain made her want to get up and help, but she couldn't, no matter how hard she tried. What had made her like this?
"It seems the serum was not effective........."


Neith felt a sharp pain shoot up her arm. She looked down. A small hole was in her wrist. A burning sensation was beginning to run through her veins. She could feel it coursing through her body. She screamed and tried to stand up and run or just move, but she couldn't.

"What is this serum supposed to be doing?!" she yelled.

"It seems as if the serum was not effective on you either. You still do not remember what happened. Remain calm, please."

"How do you expect me to stay calm?!" she yelled in the direction the speaker was.

She lay still, waiting for a reply and trying to figure out what the serum was supposed to do. She remembered vaguely being injected with it, the nurses telling her to remain calm, that it was just to help her realize the power that she possessed.
It seemed like it did the opposite. It was even harder for her to remember what had taken place the day before and she was unable to move.

The more she moved, the more the burning sensation increased and moved throughout her body. She stopped, realizing that there was no point and just lay still, waiting for her chance at freedom. If in fact, that was what they were planning for her.[/COLOR]
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OOC: Sorry for the short post. Studying for an exam:animesmil

"Amelia!" Xavier shot up from his slumber and looked around. A young looking vampire girl was the only other thing he saw in the room, other than a pair of shoes next to him. He sighed and walked over to the girl. It wasn't till he got close that he noticed her nudity, he stopped abruptly and scanned himself. He was actually quite nervious about being naked infront of others, he might be a vampire, but he has many scars from when he was human. Puting his looks aside, he leaned against the bars and turned towards the girl.

"Whose Amelia?" The girl sat down next to him with a questioned looked on her face.


"Amelia, you woke up screaming her name."

Xavier thought for a moment and shruged. " I can't remeber but..." Suddenly, an excrutiating pain hit him. His eyes widened as he looked at his arms. His veines were splitting open, profusly pouring dark blood onto the floor. "Damn..."
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[FONT="Century Gothic"]Uschi jumped up, surprised at the blood pouring from her cell mate's arms. She hit the intercom button three times, the code signal for an emergency.

"This is Dr. Gereon, what's wrong in there?"

Uschi was distracted by the worry she had for her cell mate, but she quickly responded to the doctor's question.

"It's my cell mate, doctor. He just started bleeding and badly."

The doctor swore, and gave instructions to Uschi.

"Reach under the cot and get out the medical kit. Someone will be in there shortly to take over, but for now I need you to stop the bleeding and get Xavier's mind off of it."

Uschi pressed the intercom signal once to show that she understood, and quickly opened the medical kit. She applied some bandages to Xavier's wounds and tried to stop the bleeding. However, she still needed to get his mind off of all of this.

"So your name is Xavier?" She asked.

He just nodded. She tried a more drastic method and started to tease him.

"Hey, I didn't choose to be naked, so keep your eyes on my face please."

He tried to chuckle, but it was weak.

"You don't have to worry about me, I'm gay." Xavier answered.

Uschi was surprised. She would have never guessed. He didn't seem like the type.

"Oh really? I guess I have nothing to worry about then." She said, trying to act sexy before getting back to stopping the bleeding.

This got another chuckle out of Xavier. However, their cell door opened and a man in a medical uniform and mask stepped in.

"I'll take it from here. You're wanted outside, Uschi." The medic said.

Uschi stood up and walked out of the cell. She looked back as the medic tried to help Xavier's bleeding, then she closed the door. She was now under a roof and looking out into a large, open area. There was snow on the ground, and large steel walls enclosing the area. She shivered a little.

"Okay, Uschi. This is Dr. Gereon again. I want you to step out from under the shadows and into the sun. Just march around for me and see how you do." The doctor's voice instructed her from an unseen speaker.

Uschi took a deep breath. This would practically be suicide, if the doctor's serum didn't work. Closing her eyes, she stepped out from under the little roof. Then, she slowly opened her eyes. Nothing had happened. Well, besides a slight tingle to her skin. She marched around naked, despite the snow, just like the doctor had ordered.

"Uschi, forget the test for now. I'm going to have to delay all testing. There is a young man that is going to be executed. I need you and the rest of the Geist-Jugend to go rescue him."

Uschi looked around, but still couldn't see the speaker.

"But why the Geist-Jugend? Why are we going on a rescue mission?" She asked, not sure if the doctor could hear her or not.

"Because he is not a normal young man. Also, you will have to kill soldiers from our own army to get to him. And only you and the Geist-Jugend can do this without anyone knowing who rescued him."

Uschi sighed. That explained a lot. Still, this would be a first for the Geist-Jugend. They never did rescue missions, and they especially never killed their own men. She headed indoors to the debriefing room, wondering what the rest of the Geist-Jugend would think of their new mission.

[B]OOC: Yeah, it was fine Wolfie. Also guys, testing is over for now. So finish up with whatever recoveries you need to make. (For example, Cheese Master needs to stop bleeding, etc.) We'll all meet up in the debriefing room and plan out how to rescue Wolfie. However, feel free to be kept in a cell for some reason if you want to spend more time in there right now. (For example, Lunar might be told that she's not ready for a mission. Thanks to her reaction with the serum. Same with Zephyr, etc.) If you have any questions though, PM me or post in the backstage thread.[/B][/FONT]
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The medic sighed and handed Xavier his clothes. " Put these on, then I'll sew up your arms."

Xavier quickly slipped on his uniform, except for the jacket and out-stretched his arms to the medic. The medic slowly stitched up his wounds and wrapped them.
" These will surfice for now, since you will start regeneration soon, we have nothing to worry about. I suggest you get someone to eat though, it will make your healing process much quicker." The medic put his equipment away and left.

Laying on his back, he smiled and held his stomach. * I am quite hungry...but I can't just kill people anymore...hmmm...* Folding his arms behind his head, he sighed and starred at the ceiling. He was snapped out of his thoughts by the creaking of an opening door. Before he could sit up, a warm figure crawled on top of him. "Alex? What are yo..." He was immediately cut off by a pair of soft lips against his.

Alex sat up and rubbed X's cheek. "I was talking to the Doc. about a new mission when Uschi came over the com. I heard you were in trouble, so I snuck down here to see if you were ok. What happened anyway?"

"Well, Dr. Gereon was testing a new serum on us. I suppose my body rejected it...wait what new mission?"

"Oh, apparently were going on a rescue mission. What a drag. Personally I was in the mood for some hunting, oh well."

" Rescue mission? No thanks, I'll stay here."

"I don't think you have a choice Xavier."

Xavier smirked and rolled him over, laying on top of him. " Alright, but I need a snack first." Quickly sinking his fangs into the soft flesh, he hungrilly began to drink. The hot blood flowed down his throat like a river, warming his body and healing his wounds. It had been a while since he had eaten, since he joined the guild, he couldn't kill as often to his dismay.

Suddenly, Uschi entered the room. " Uhh...who are you?"

"Hi, I'm Alexander. Errr...he was hungry." Wincing at the pain, he hit him over the head angrilly. "Ow! Don't bite harder you dick!"

Smiling, Xavier got up and wiped his mouth. "Hey, so your Uschi huh? This is my Bo. Isn't he cute?" He said happily hugging him. "So, when do we start the mission?"
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[FONT="Century Gothic"]Uschi smiled at seeing Xavier with Alex. Although the two of them didn't know that smiling was a rare thing for her to do. Although it was a bit rare for any vampire. Maybe this feeling of happiness was a side effect of the serum they gave her. Xavier's question broke her away from her thoughts.

"So when do we start the mission?" Xavier asked.

"Oh, you heard?" Uschi was surprised that he knew.

"Yeah, Alex told me. So when do we start?"

Uschi looked at the two of them before answering. They were a cute couple. She then realized that they were both naked, just like she was. However, they didn't seem to notice or mind it though so she didn't either, discovering that they were both in love with each other, she knew they wouldn't bother her about her current state of undress.

"I'm not sure, but it will probably be pretty soon. The doctor just needs to check on the others and inform them of the mission. If everyone is in a good condition to go, we'll start heading out. The good news is, we'll be able to feed on this mission it sounds like."

Uschi sat down on her cot, thinking about the last time she fed. She then smiled again. However, this was much different than her first smile. It looked like she was planning something evil.

"You know, you guys will probably have time to say your goodbyes. Who knows when you will get another chance." She said, smiling evilly.

Alex and Xavier both looked a little confused.

"You know what I mean. Don't force me to order you. Oh and don't worry about me. I don't mind seeing any 'goodbyes'."[/FONT]

[B]OOC: Guys, if you can. Check out the backstage thread and post if you want to leave on this rescue mission or not. I don't want to pull everyone from their cells, if it's too soon or anything.

Here's the link. [URL="http://www.otakuboards.com/showthread.php?t=59872http://www.otakuboards.com/showthread.php?t=59872"]Geist-Jugend backstage thread[/URL][/B]
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[COLOR="DarkRed"]Engel looked to other side of the cell where his dark-skinned cell mate lay, restless trying to move. A look of sadness, cut occasionally by a twitch from the pain in his back, crossed his face at the look of her plight. Where he had been shackled down by force she had been effectively shackled down by the serum they had given her. Engel opened his mouth to say something, but was cut off by the sound of the cell's door opening.

From outside two men in white uniforms, wearing white masks and carrying leather bags, stepped in and split off to either side of the cell. Both of the proceeded to start taking medical measurements of Engel and the young girl. Heart rate, blood pressure, and a list of other tests. At the same time they asked a barrage of questions regarding how either of them felt, what pain where they experiencing, so on and so forth for what seemed like hours. When all was said and done both turned toward Engel and the one who had been taking his measurements spoke to him.

"We've been ordered to release your bindings, but due to your behavior earlier we wont take any chances. I'm going to be holding your head and body down to keep you from getting out of control. Do you understand?"

Engel managed a quiet "Yes", his voice sounding ragged.

As he said that the man placed one hand on his head, holding it firmly to the pillow, and one knee against his lower back, pinning him down while the other one removed the bindings on his wrists. Once he was done the first man stepped down and helped Engel into a sitting position while the other one left the cell momentarily to retrieve a pair of water buckets which he set next to each bed.

"There have been orders for the Geist-Jugend to move out on a mission," the man spoke loudly enough to be heard by everyone in the cell. "However due to your current state you are not required to leave, and as a medical professional I would advise you not to. The same goes for both of you." With that he stood up and tossed a pair of cloths on Engel's bed. "Take some time to wash up and decide," he said as he took his leave.

Looking down at his reflection in the water's surface for a moment Engel thought about what was just mentioned. After a moment or two of contemplation his attention turned to the blood still staining his hands and arms. The blood was his own, he knew that, but he still felt like it was tainted with the blood of others, and his reflection seemed to mock him for it. Those thoughts were broken as he dunked his hands into the bucket, and washed the blood and the memories away.

As his mind cleared he remembered the girl on the other side of the cell and looked up at her. She was still working to get up, and having little luck with it. Standing up, despite the arching pain his back, Engel made his way over and wordlessly placed an arm behind her shoulders to help her up.

OOC: Lunar, I'll leave it open here just so that I am not forcing your character's next action.
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Malice noted the ears on his cellmate long before she apologized. It was obvious she wasn't as used to this sort've life as he was. A normal person would try to figure out what was wrong wouldn't they? Well perhaps it was time for him to start.

"Well Kurenai I don't know what brought you here but I hope to god you enjoy this cell. They've been keeping me here for..." A clink sound snapped Malice's attention away; for the first time since Kerenai arrived the key in the lock was turning. Suddenly a man walked in, Malice recognized him but his name was lost.

"I'm Dr. Gereon. You two have been choosen to serve your country. The basics is that it is a rescue mission. The details you will learn in the debriefing room. If you'd like to leave these confines, please feel free to follow Hans to meet up with your squad. If not, rot in this cell." Without another word the man exited the room and turned towards the other cells.

[I]"Finally time to stretch my legs"[/I] Malice thought to himself.

"Come pup, lets go" Malice growled at Kurenai. He knew she was scared, or rather nervous would be a better word. But he was sure Gereon would be true to his word and leave whoever didn't come willingly in the cell to rot.

Malice rose up, walked to Hans and waited for Kurenai to follow.
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Kurenai ran after Malice. For now, he was all she had, so she decided not to be left alone.

"I'm coming!" She quickly took her Kitsune form.

"This will at least feel more comfortable to me if I'm like this..." Kurenai walked behind Malice and Hans. She could smell others. It appeared to be there were two others like Malice at least.

"I smell more people... Are they friends?"
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[B]"Lord Vasya...the boy has been found..." whispered a fairly good looking woman covered in a red shroud.
"Good...I shall take my leave my [I]pahdrooga[/I]" Vasya replied will seemigly vanishing into thin air.

"The [I]hund[/I] will die like a [I]hund [/I]soon, yes? laughed a german soldier as he banged his rifle against the cell walls.
"Yes, he will die in 3 days by this rifle..." the soldier said caressing the muzzle of his rifle. The man in side--if you could call him that--was sulking on the cell floor listening to the two men of his fate.
"Is this...how it ends..." the man said weakly as he began to close his eyes, but instead was rudely awaken by the muffled screams of the two german soldiers outside his cell. As the man pressed his ears against the cold cell walls he could hear what sounded like the tearing of clothes and flesh.

"What in th-" he stopped his mental thought as the steel door of his cell flew just a foot shy from his body. The man quickly got to his feet, but by insticts he cautiously exited.

What he saw next would stain his memory forever...

"...Draco Alero..." a sinister voice echoed inside Draco's head. As he looked around to find this voice he nearly fled upon seeing its owner. A man nearly as big as himself if not bigger with pale-looking skin was holding one of the german soldiers with what appeared to be nothing but his teeth in mid-air. Blood streaming down from the twitching soldiers neck as well as body onto the metal floor.
"...Your instict does not betray you wolf, but today is a good day for you..." the man said dropping the lifeless and bloodied body of the soldier. Draco tried to muster up words but to no avail. It was as if his entire body was under pressure by an invisible force.
"Draco...in time you will know me...until then you'd best make yourself vanish..." the pale man said with slight humor to his voice. Draco dashed of almost immediatly. The danger he sensed from the pale man was something he had never felt before.

"Run little wolf...you will see me again under diffrent circumstances..." Vasya said as he picked up the two broken soldiers and vanished.[/B]
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[Color="DarkRed"]Draco: "Who was that thing? I must be carefull."[/COLOR]

I got up off the floor and walked over to the dropped weapons that thing left. Picking one up and grabbing any ammo that I could. If I was to vanish, I would need food, water, and any cloths I could grab. For food I would have to raid the pantry in the mess hall. Their was too many germans to kill so I made up my mind. I would kill anybody with out the weapon so not to make a noise.

Moving through the hallways, hidding in any place that I could fit in to avoid recapture. As I closed in on the pantry, a german spotted me. He reached for his Walter P38. By the time he got it out of its holster, I was already in front of him. I grabbed his hand and snapped it. The gun fell to the floor and so did he. Dragging the body into the pantry, I stuff him into an empty cupboard and stuffed any food that wouldn't spoil quickly into a burlap sack. I also grabbed several canteens and filled them with water.

Next was to gather cloths from barracks which would be very difficult to enter and exit. Eventually someone would discover the dead body in the pantry and that I escaped my cell. So I would try to sneak in and steal blankets, shoes that would fit, shirts, pants, and over coats if I can find any. I could hear sleeping soldiers inside. I had to be quick. Other wise I would be either recaptured or killed on the spot. I slip and go to an unoccupied bed and take the anything I can use. Then I slowly move towards lockers. My hightened hearing allows me to pick locks faster and quieter than normal people. After 5-10 minutes picking the locks I gather coats and a hand mirror.

As I start to exit the base, an alarm sounded. The whole base sprang to life. I knew I had to get out of here before I am spotted again. I narrowly escaped the base and made my way back to my home. Bleeding slightly from my fight arm from a sharp shooters bullet while jumping over the wall. It wouldn't stop bleeding even after I sewed it up. At least I could was slow it down to where it wasn't noticable to normal humans. A few drops even several minutes. They would think it was a small animal thats been wounded. In 4 hours since my escape, I was already 12 miles away. The sun was coming up soon and I had to make a makeshift fox hole to hid and sleep in.
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  • 2 weeks later...
[B]OOC: Sorry guys for my absence. The ones that are able to come on the rescue mission, come to the debriefing room. Lunar and Zephyr and anyone else that isn't in a condition to come with us, will have a little surprise waiting for them while everyone else is on this mission. As usual, PM me if you have any questions or post in the backstage thread. Oh and Wolfie, I'll send you a PM about how we will find you. For now, let's get things started.


[FONT="Century Gothic"]Still naked, Uschi entered the debriefing room where Dr. Gereon greeted her.

"Ah, hello Little She-bear. I will call the others, and as soon as they come we will get started. However, I am sorry to say that you will be short a few members for today. I am advising Engel and Neith to stay here for further recovery."

Uschi just nodded to show that she understood. She would be expected to lead the Geist-Jugend. But could she do it? She was not much of a soldier yet. And even the most experienced soldier would have a hard time leading such a group, considering all of its unique members. She listened as Dr. Gereon made his announcement over the loudspeakers that everyone should report in to the debriefing room.

Soon, all of the members of Geist-Jugend, besides Engel and Neith, were all assembled and ready for their orders. Uschi took one look at all of them before speaking. She noticed that Xavier and Alex were as naked as she was, showing that they had not been given time to dress either. She just hoped that she could command enough respect out of all of them, despite being naked.

"Okay everyone, we're going on our first mission. It's a rescue mission, but that doesn't mean we won't see much combat. Unfortunately though, we'll be fighting our own men. So try to avoid any casualties. However, anyone who sees us must die. No one must know that we have been there. We don't exist to them, so we're going to try to keep it that way. Also, to make up for two of our members being detained, we'll have Alex join us. If you prove yourself today, Alex, you'll become a full member. Okay, everyone, make preparations to leave, and then we'll all meet at our transportation out of here in the main courtyard. Now, any questions?"

Uschi saw a hand come up, but she didn't take notice of who it belonged to. She pointed to the hand and Malice stood up.

"Yes, I was just wondering, what's so special about this person that we are rescuing?" Malice asked and sat back down.

"Well, according to reports, he is possibly part wolf. If not, we will not make contact with the target. However, if we are seen by the target and he is not someone we will want to rescue, then we will have to terminate him. Okay everyone, you are dismissed. Meet me in ten minutes in the main courtyard and we will head out." Uschi said, saluting everyone as they all left.[/FONT]

[B]OOC: Okay guys, suit up and grab your weapons. We'll be heading out now.[/B]
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[COLOR="DarkRed"]Draco: "I should have took the med kit. At least that would of have some gage. Now if I smell the air I might pick up the sent of my trail."[/COLOR]

I sniff the air hoping to find any part of my scent I left earlier before I blacked out but I couldn't find any. I figured that the germans might travel the roads to find me and search the woods in the morning so I steared away from the woods. Deeper and deeper I went into these woods.

3 hours later I found a tree that could be suitable for me to climb up and sleep during the day time. Maybe I could eat the german food rashions. But I decided to wait till I could wait anymore. Conservation was key to survival in the wild.

I had my katana but my .357 was empty and the Gewr had only a full clip left. Not much to take out a full strength division but good enough to take out 8 or 10 of them if I am discovered.

For now I rest, hoping the bleeding would stop by morning.

(OoC: Finally, welcome back Nessija. I have missed you. Oh I did this so you might have a clue to find me.)
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Malice was still unsure about looking at Uschi. Sure it was mostly due to her nakedness and just glancing in her direction made him blush. A small part was resentment though, resentment for the way he'd been treated by the Nazi's and their scientists. Part of him just wanted to run when he had the chance, but he was what he was now a killing machine.

Kurenai was following close behind him once more. He was glad to have her in truth. Though the reason why he was unsure of. He did know he felt a brotherly bond towards this young girl, a bond that he hoped wouldn't come back to bite him in the ass once the shit hit the fan.

The two didn't speak a word as they followed the escort guard to their weapons and mission gear.
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Walking over to a nearby table, Xavier discovered his uniform and weapon. Swiftly slipping into his snug clothing ( leaving the coat unbuttoned), he then picked up his sword and after swinging it around a few times, sheathed it back unto his back. Handing Alex his uniform, he smiled slightly and sat in the corner patiently.

"Hurry and get ready, we need to get going."

Smiling happily, Alex took the uniform and quickly changed from his current nude state. Buttoning up his coat, he walked over to Xavier with a questioned look on his face. "Where are my bagh nakhs and chain whip?" He looked around frantically, searching for his misplaced weapons.

Sighing, he stood up and walked over to Alex. "I have no idea, but I'm sure someone will find them. I suppose they put them in the wrong pile. Oh, wear this." Placing the old field cap on his head, he grinned and started to pull him to the next room to look for his weapons. He was suddenly stopped by Alex jerking away and throwing the hat.

"I'm not wearing that."

"Why not? You look so cute in it."

"It's just...I haven't worn one since I was a Kriegsgefangener."

"...A what?"

"Oh, um...that means prisoner of war in German. It was the only thing I had to keep my head warm while I was captive. Now it kinda brings bad memories." Turning his head sadly, he quickly walked out of the room.

Bowing his head, Xavier was about to go after him, when he noticed something shimmer under an unused uniform. Lifting the clothes, he discovered Alex's weapons. *[I]There you are ^.^[/I]* Instantly running out of the room, he searched the nearby rooms with no luck. *Where did he go?* Remembering the time he perked up. *[I]Damn! I was supposed to be in the courtyard two minutes ago.[/I]* Arriving at the courtyard a short time later, he saw everyone look at him, they had been waiting patiently for him to arrive so they could get going. Handing the weapons over to Alex, he watched him strap them on, and hugged him tightly.

"Your late. I expect my orders to obeyed Xavier. When I tell you to be somewhere, be there! I did not tell you to arrive whenever the fuck you feel like it. This better not happen again." Crossing her arms, Uschi grunted and scoped everyone over.

" Whatever... I'm not a perfect little soldier like Alex. Don't expect me to unquestionable follow orders like a dog. I do what I want, when I want. Your lucky I'm even going."

Laughing, Alex flicked Xavier's nose. " You guys need to chill. I know it's been a while since you guys got to eat, but I'm sure there will be some stupid soldiers for you two to feed on when we find the wolf. Plus, you two have good potential for partners when I'm not around, so don't be at each others throats for no good reason." [I]Walking over to Uschi he looked at everyone. [/I]"I know I'm new to this, but I happen to be quite skilled with the knowledge of the military's tactics. If we work together on this, we can easily counter anything they have. It shouldn't be that hard to find a wolf anyway, I can smell one of my kind from miles away." [I]Sniffing the air, he caught a small scent and grinned.[/I] "Actually, when they're hurt it's much easier." He looked to the sky and smiled, his eyes glowing bright yellow.
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"That's odd... I can smell him too.. That way." Kurenai pointed in the direction of a military facility. "If you need me to do anything at all other than combat, just let me know..."

Since it was cold, she had snagged a blanket and wrapped it over the clothing she had. She wasn't used to this kind of weather.

"Brrr..... " She stepped closer to Malice to get warmer. "How do humans manage to survive in this weather...?" Kurenai was so used to the warmer climate of her homeland.
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I mess around with my wound for a bit slowing down the bleeding to a drop every 5 minutes and changed where I was at in the woods. Surely the germans should have left this area but I didn't want to take the chance.

[COLOR="DarkRed"]Draco: "Lets see about the food. Theirs sausage thats uncoocked. Thats no good. [ I broke it apart and threw it all over the forrest floor for the wild animals to eat.] Crackers, some candy, and few other commen type of foods. Well that will have to do for now."[/COLOR]

I sit their looking at the food knowing that this won't last more than a day or so. I put it back even though my stomach says to eat it. Looking at the trees I see animals that live in them. Squirrels, chipmonks, birds at rest, and the insects that live in the trees too.

Life is so peacefull underr the moon.
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  • 2 weeks later...
[FONT="Century Gothic"]Uschi led everyone through the old tunnels. They hadn't been used in years, and no one, not even the soldiers who guarded the base where the wolf was being imprisoned, knew about them. No one except for Uschi and the doctor of course. Finally, they reached the last door.

"Okay everyone, we're here. Remember, this is a stealth mission. So stay out of sight if possible and only kill our soldiers when necessary." Uschi whispered.

She looked at her group. It was a group of great strength and even greater variety. She would enjoy working with all of them. They were like family to her. However, this was no time to get sentimental, so she finished up with her orders.

"Now, we should be coming out into a storeroom, so we shouldn't be spotted right away. So everyone just follow me and file into the next room as quietly as you can. Now, let's move out." She ordered, still whispering.

Uschi opened the door and moved into the storeroom. She was wearing nothing but her FG42 and a bandoleer of ammo, and she now got the FG42 ready, just in case. However, what she saw next almost made her drop her weapon on the ground.

The storeroom was filled with blood and body parts. All of them belonging to German soldiers. Inspection of the hallways that were connected to the storeroom just revealed more dead soldiers. Someone had killed all of the men in this base.

Before Uschi could give the order to split out and search the place for signs of the prisoner, something reached out and bit off her right arm, just below the elbow. She gritted her teeth and fell to the floor. She heard her men yell wolf and start to open fire. Someone ran up to her to see if she was okay. However, Uschi was going to need fresh blood to try to heal and reattach her arm. And with all of the dead soldiers, that didn't look like it was going to happen, unless someone volunteered to give her some of their own. She couldn't see who, but some of the group moved out of the storeroom to hunt for what attacked her while the others stayed behind to watch after her. Things were not going as planned. Not at all.

[B]OOC: Okay guys, sorry for my long absence. I hope this is enough of a kick to get this RP going again. I'll let you guys decide who went after the attacker and who stayed behind. I'll also let you decide on the volunteer for giving blood. (It won't be a lot, so don't worry.)

Well, have fun posting. PM me or post in the Backstage thread if you have any questions or need help.[/B][/FONT]
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Malice was right behind Uschi as the black blur seperated her arm from her body. Dispite the gunfire he caught her as she toppled to the ground.

Something his Malice as he watched the blood pour from her arm. A rage he hadn't felt in years sprang up inside him, it moved through his body as though it was something tangible, running through his veins. Spreading itself to every inch of his being.

The only thing keeping him from running into the fray, scimitars slashing everything in sight was the woman who was starting to go limp in his arms. Malice quickly rolled up his sleeves and placed his wrist to her mouth. "Take what you need for now, just try to keep us both conscious."

Malice yelld for the others who had already started to pour into the storeroom. Some concerned for the soldiers and their guns, others chasing the black blur. "Alex," Malice yelled towards the one who was sired by Xavier, "make sure you guys bring back a couple of live ones. We're going to need something to get both our strengths up."

With that it was just Uschi and Malice. Malice noticed Uschi's body regaining some strength, but at the same time his was waivering. Hopefully they would get back soon...
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Alex nodded his head and headed out the door, Xavier close behind. Catching the wolf's scent, he pointed in the direction he took off in. " You follow that wolf. I'm going to find the prisoner." Starting to take off, he was stopped by Xavier.

" You shouldn't go out there alone, we can find him together once we kill this thing."

"We don't have the time, plus you need to bring back some food for Uschi." He smiled when Xavier let him go, and turned towards the woods. "Don't worry about me. I'll bring the target back." With that he dashed into the forest.

Sighing, Xavier quickly leapt into offensive. It didn't take long for him to catch up to the creature. The large fuzzball was munching down on a couple of guards, it's fur completely drenched in fresh blood. The scent of fresh blood filled his nostrils, it was very hard to bare, especially when he was so fucking hungry. Normally he would quickly dispose of the beast and grab a few bites for himself, but he wasn't working alone anymore, not to mention the thought of Alex facing an unknown prisoner by himself. Resting his palm upon the hilt of his sword, he approached the beast cautiously. "Well, well...someone's been a bad doggy."

The wolf immediately backed away from it's meal snarling and exposing it's fangs. It definitely wasn't happy about being interrupted. The wolf lunged at the vampire with full force, only to hit nothing. Landing on all fours, the confused animal looked around frantically. Upon finding it's target, it instantly stood on it's hind legs and growled. Boiling with anger, the wolf lunged at the vamp again, this time jumping high into the air and swiftly digging it's claws into the boy's soft flesh. Landing behind the boy, the wolf smiled and licked the blood from it's fingers. Happily chuckling, it prepared to attack again when the boy did something strange. He walked up to it without care. There wasn't even a scent of fear on him. Not trusting the vampire, it went into a defensive stance, but didn't attack.

Xavier ignored the pain coursing through his back as he approached the beast. "Mutatio...homo homini lupus."

The wolf's eyes widened as he spoke. How would this boy know to say that. "Veni vidi vici."


The wolf smirked and complied. The transformation was quite painful, but it needed to be done. The fur quickly started to intrude back in place, the eyes became small, and then it's body became smooth and shapely. As the claws turned to fingernails, it curled it's fingers into a fist and placed them by it's side.

" Thank you. Now we can talk rationally without you continually trying to kill me."

"I never promised that." The girl laughed, her naked body glistening from the warm crimson smeared across her body. "Tell me young one, how did you know what to say in order to get through to me. I'm usually quite sporadic and uncontrollable when I transform."

"I'm not as young as you think, so I happen to know a lot about your kind. Including how to keep them under control if they get out of hand, but onto business. Why are you here?"

The girl thought for a moment then shrugged. "I'm not really sure. I was sedated most the time, so I can't really remember much. All I really remember was waking up this morning and being extremely hungry. So I decide to have a "few" snacks when I escaped. What about you?"

" I can't give you that information, but let's just say your fucked if you don't get out of here."

"Your letting me go?"

" Why not? I don't give a shit if you killed these soldiers, hell I planned on doing the same thing to a couple of them. The only reason I came after you was because you attacked a partner of mine, but you didn't kill her, so whatever." He smiled and started to walk away.



"I feel kinda bad about your friend. I would like to help out if I could."

"That's not really my call to make, but I suppose you could ask Uschi. Follow me." Picking up a few unconscious guards on the way, he lead the girl back to the storage room. He quickly entered the room and sat the guards on the floor. "Here's some munchies and the wolf that attacked you. As he said it, the girl walked into the room.

"Sorry about your arm. I can't control myself when I'm hungry."

Suddenly remembering Alex, he ran out of the room towards the woods.
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I sat thier listening to the wind while munching down on what the package said was chocolate but tasted like chalk. I spat it out, washing my mouth down with water when I heard a noise. Something far off in the distance.

The prison which he was being held at. Screams and gun fire. Something was happening but if I go back I might be recaught so I decided not to go. Their was a scent of blood and a wolf fur. I knew this smell from when I was still a pup. His clan from the wolf was their.

They rearly came out to feed no-less attack a prison. They where looking for me, I knew it but I did not want to go back to their place. Being mocked for having a human mother and not beind able to transform into either one. I would never go back to them.

Then I heard a tree branch snap about 456 feet off to my right.

[COLOR="DarkRed"]Draco: "Who's their? Answer me or I will shoot you."[/COLOR]

I waited in the silince for an answer. I sniffed the air and took the gun in my hands.

[COLOR="DarkRed"]Draco: "Go away vampire, I'm no easy prey. IF you head to my left and about several miles you can kill till you had your fill at the prison."[/COLOR]

A voice came from the darkness and it was a male voice.

[COLOR="Blue"]Voice: Thats where I just came from."[/COLOR]

[COLOR="DarkRed"]Draco: "Oh really, I didn't know vampires have joined the Were-Wolves. Maybe you can go raid another prison. I'm not on the menu today."[/COLOR]

[COLOR="Blue"]Voice: "So, how did you know that their was a prison that way?"[/COLOR]

[COLOR="DarkRed"]Draco: "First I need a name vampire then come out of the darkness. If you swear not to kill me I will lower my gun."[/COLOR]

[COLOR="Blue"]Voice: "My name is Xavier and I will not kill you. Know could you intro duece your self and also come out from hiding?"[/COLOR]

Xavier comes down from the trees and lands in a clearing near my hiding place.

[COLOR="DarkRed"]Draco: "The name is Draco R. Alero and I'll put my gun down. Just stay where you are Xavier."[/COLOR]

I jump down with the gun and supplies and set them by the tree and walk into the light.

[COLOR="Blue"]Xavier: "So your the prisoner that we came for."[/COLOR]

[COLOR="DarkRed"]Draco: "Your not with the Were-Wolves, you smell of humans, vampires, and someother creatures. You came all this way to find me and now you have. What do you want?"[/COLOR]

We just stared at each other thinking what move might he make. He didn't seem to want to attack and smelt of german food. I would have to wait and see what he says next.

[OoC: Hey guys and girls, I'm sorry I was abbsent too. Moved into a new house and had to wait for the internet to be hooked up. I included Xavier in this one so Cheese Master, what happens next is up to you.]
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