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Christmas Banner Competition 2008


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[center][size=6]Christmas Banner Competition[/size]
[size=10][color=red]2 0 0 8[/color][/size][/center]

[font=franklin gothic medium]It's that time of the year again! :catgirl:

Admittedly I'm a bit late this year, but I hope we'll still have enough time to see some fun entries.

Basically it works like this: any and all members are welcome to submit Christmas-themed banners for OtakuBoards (the banner being the image at the top of the page with our logo on it).

The winner's banner will be displayed on [b]all[/b] skins up until New Year's Eve.

You can submit as many banners as you want and you can ask questions in this thread too if you have any.

Here is a basic list of requirements:

[*]The banner [b]must[/b] be exactly 597 x 127 pixels in size.
[*]It must contain a 1 pixel thick black border on the bottom and sides (but [b]not[/b] the top).
[*]The theme is Christmas, but please feel free to interpret this however you like. You can be traditional or you can do something totally different. Also try to keep to Christmas colours if you can (I guess you can make an exception if you have a really stellar design). Remember, your banner will be used on all skins so it won't match one particular skin anyway.
[*]Make it stand out! The banner should be bold, fun and welcoming.
[*]And uh...that's it I think. Oh! Actually, the format must be JPEG. Try to keep it relatively uncompressed, so that the image quality doesn't suck.

So there you have it. Hopefully I have put enough details in there. But again if you have questions, just ask here.

I will be looking to choose a banner by the weekend and as mentioned above, it will remain up until NYE.

So not long, but hopefully it'll be a fun challenge for you guys. I would like to have another "official" challenge like this in the new year, so watch out for that (with a bit more preparation time!) :catgirl:

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[quote name='jigglyness'][size=1]Count me in. :D
When do the submissions need to be in by? [like a certain day/time][/size][/QUOTE]

[font=franklin gothic medium]No specific time as such, but I am likely to be choosing a submission this coming Sunday. That way it can be put up for next week and we can display it until New Year's Eve.

So for you guys in America that'd be Saturday night - let's say midnight on Saturday or something. Is that ok?

Hopefully I am leaving you with enough time.[/font] :catgirl:
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[SIZE="1"]This was always fun.

I spent hours on this thing and I eventually got tired of it. Lol. So now I'm not happy with it. XD


EDIT: I forgot to mention, the Japanese says Merry Christmas, or something of the sort. I wiki'd it.[/SIZE]
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[font=franklin gothic medium]Wow, I'm so impressed! All of these entries are so great. You guys are making it difficult for me to choose, haha.

There's a couple more days for entries so that should be enough time for everyone I think. Thanks for your work so far everyone![/font]
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i didn't kwno what color to choose haha xD



here's another one heh 8)

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